Our Adair County Ancestors

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John Levi McKinney was born around 1841 and married Mar 311, 1870 Permalia England.  They are both buried in the Stotts Cemetery where his brother and other family members are buried.  John and Permalia had 2 children: Felix McKinney born 4-5-1981 that married Luella Williams 12-19-1893 and died 7-17-1937 and another child Larve that married 2-17-1902 her first cousin Ruben Henderson McKinney (son of brother Charles Wesley McKinney) born 3-6-1881 and died 8-7-1919

Submitted By: Roberta "Bert" Dooley

J. W. Fletcher, Gertie McKinney & Leon Rowe. This was taken on the steps of the Breeding School on Independence Ridge Road in Breeding, Adair Co., KY.

Submitted By: Roberta "Bert" Dooley

Jessaphine & Josephine McKinney, daughters of Elroy "ER" and Vergie Mae Hawkins Cawthorn McKinney.

Submitted By: Roberta "Bert" Dooley

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