Our Adair County Ancestors

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Baptizing in Russell Creek - 1918

Montra Harmon is the young girl (14 yrs.) in the middle. 

Submitted By: Morris and Lavelle Shepherd

William Thomas Shepherd and Theresa B. Shepherd, nee Wolford.  

Theresa's father, George Milton Wolford, was the Sheriff of Adair Co. KY in 1884 when he hung the last two men to be hung in Adair Co.  There were 7000 people who came to witness the hanging, including 1000 women.

Submitted By: Morris and Lavelle Shepherd


Farris - McLean Families

Joseph Lynn Mclean, Mildred Dohoney, Virginia Morgan, nee Mclean, William Morgan, Ed Hamilton, Lula Hamilton, nee Mclean, Clem Hunt, Fannie Hunt, nee Hamilton, Lavelle Farris (my wife), Frances Farris, nee Mclean, Anita Farris in arms, Mary Johnston Mclean, nee Butler and Lynn Mclean in arms.  This picture was taken in Columbia about 1936. 

Submitted By: Morris and Lavelle Shepherd


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