Our Adair County Ancestors

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Luvenia R. Wolford, nee Blair, 

the wife of Sheriff George Milton Wolford.  During the time my ggrandfather was sheriff , or jailer, he was out of the office and there was a jail break.  My grandmother, Theresa, who was nine, threw a skillet at the man and her brother, Almon, who was 11, grabbed a rifle and chased him through the fields.  As the jail breaker was going over a rail fence, Almon drew a bead on him and shot him in the leg, capturing him.  At the inquest (citizens aren't allowed to shoot prisoners) the lawyers ask him whether he was just aiming to wing him.  His reply was " I was aiming just where his galluses (suspenders) crossed!"  George's uncle was Frank Lane Wolford, Colonel in the Union Army.  He was jailed several times and finally discharged for speaking out against blacks serving in the Union army.  The Governor of KY made him a General of the KY militia.  He was a lawyer in Columbia and a Congressman from KY.  While he was in the Union Army, he lead one of the units after Morgan's Raiders.  When Morgan was captured in northern Ohio, Colonel Wolford was charged with taking him to the Columbus, OH prison.  He must have treated General Morgan with some respect because Morgan gave him his silver spurs.  There is a bronze plaque dedicated to Col. Wolford on the Adair Courthouse lawn.

Submitted By: Morris and Lavelle Shepherd

Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" Judd Holt

Submitted By:  Roberta "Bert" Dooley

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