Ballard County, Kentucky
Deed Book B
After the 1880 Courthouse fire, many deeds were re-recorded in Ballard Co.

This index contains many of those Deeds. The deed book pages are difficult to read. Therefore, names and page numbers may be incorrect. Please send me any corrections you have. I will be more fully indexing these records as time permits and hope to make corrections as I go along. Thanks.

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Crystal Dingler - County Coordinator
Copyright 2008
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Name Spouse Name Type Page Date  or Court Date in Document
Adair, T. Grandsier, Thos. B-310
Adair, Thos, et al. Turk, W.R. B-568
Adams, J.G. Hughes, W.R. B-72
Adams, J.G. Trustee Law, J.B.A. B-346
Adams, W.F. Shepherd, M. B-268
Aldridge, T. Holt, T.N. B-410
Allen, W.G., et al. Violett, H.W. B-54
Archer, A.B. Bbrown, Thos. B-109
Armstrong, D.W. Mansfield, J.A. B-131
Artherton, H. Atherton, M.H. B-153
Ashbrook, T. Holt, T.N., et al. B-409
Ashbrook, T. Green, A.G., et al. B-409
Ashley, Heirs Tisdale, J.M. B-393
Ashley, J.B. Tisdale, J.M. B-390
Ashley, J.B. Tisdale, J.M. B-392
Ashley, W.E. Tisdale, J.M. B-394
Ashworth, H.H. Armstrong, C. B-571
Atherton, A.B. Melton, H.P. B-467
Atherton, C.G. Harper, B.C. Heirs B-88
Atherton, D.C. Bennedick, M. B-200
Atherton, Ellen Peacock, J.W., et al. B-499
Atherton, Ellen Epperson, L.A., et al. B-499
Atherton, H. Carroll, T. B-85
Austin, A. Pearsall, Chas. B-421
Badger, G.S., et al. Gajam, M.A. B-460
Bailey, F.D. Newman, I. B-451
Bailey, F.D. Williams, Susan B-497
Bean, Betal Watson, E. B-197
Bean, Betal Richardson, R. B-258
Beck, R.M. Magruder, A. B-537
Belcher, M.B. Stovall, Jas. B-441
Bennedick, M. Ragsdale, J.B. B-202
Bennet, R. Atherton, G. B-239
Berrys, H._. Stevens, A.J. B-425
Billlington, L. Stahl, W.L. B-459
Bishop, B.H. Pleasant Hill Ch. B-380
Bishop, N. Pile, C.R. B-285
Bondurant, J.N. Hendricks, N.E. B-529
Boswell, I.R. Holt, T.N. B-13
Boswell, I.R. Lockridge, M.C. B-430
Boswell, Jas. Emmas [Emmaus] Church B-135
Bourland, R. Wilson, W.V.R. B-256
Boyd, J.W. Davis, J.T. B-157
Boyd, Ray Hite, J.S. B-528
Bradley, S.R. Wilson, P. B-539
Brown, T. Glenn, Brit. B-495
Bryant, J.J., et al. Gajam, M.A. B-460
Buckner & Terrell Hook, S. B-129
Bugg, G.W. Turner, D.N. 228
Bugg, J.W., Atty in fact for C.H. Blake, et al. Nanse, D. B-281
Bugg, Z.W. Bugg, M.A. B-449
Bugg, Z.W. Melton, H.P. B-490
Bugg, Z.W., Comn. Wray, Joe B-536
Burrow, N. Shepherd, M. B-268
Byron, W.W. Atherton, G. B-239
Melcher, M.A. Powell, M.L. B-376
Campbell, T.D. Bodkins, Chs. Trust. B-407
Canewith (?) of Ky Sloan, T. B-305
Carey, P.G.M. [or Caney] Violett, A.W. B-50
Carpenter, C.A. Stanley, J.T. B-160
Carrington, E.L. Carrington, W.L. B-4
Carrington, T., Martin, M.C., Venable, P.C., and Woody, J.R. Carrintgon, W.J. B-1
Carrington's Heirss by Comr. Myers, J.M. B-279
Cash. L.A. Willett, A.B. B-203
Cate, A.W. Elliston, W.B. B-389
Chenault, E.S. Chenault, J.W. B-445
Chetwood, Wm., et al. Gajam, M.A. B-460
Chnault, M.C. Holder, Sarah B-6
Clay, B.J. Morgan, C.E. B-124
Coffee, C.M. Coffee, A. (?) N. B-260
Coinwith of Ky Sams, Wm. B-304
Cook, M.A. Wilson, W.V.R. B-256
Cookendofer, C.H. Glenn, T.S. B-366
Cookendofer, Chas. Glenn, T.S. B-368
Coplin, W.R., et al. Pile, C.R. B-300
Corbell, J. Melton, H.P. B-474
Corbell, J. Rich, N.A. B-588
Corbett, J.  Corbett, T.W. B-252
Corbett, J.  Donaldson, T.R. B-273
Coturn, D Melton, H.P. B-470
Coturn, D Melton, H.P. B-487
Coturn, D Melton, H.P. B-489
Crouch, John Stahl, W.L. B-455
Cummins, M. Porter, J.N. B-530
Curd, Chas., et al. McCutchin, V.R. B-326
Davis, J.H., et al. Tackett, Wm. B-493
Davis, L. Pile, C.R. B-297
Davis, W.H. Stovall, Jas. B-442
Davis, W.H.& R.C. Shelby, A.A. B-115
Desmukes, E.P. Odonley, J.P. (?) B-161
Dills, Wm., Comr. Hamilton, Hance [or Hamilton House] B-447
Dodge, D. Stephens, I. B-196
Dodson, D.W., et al. Turk, I.R. B-562
Dudley, C. Gardener, Thos. B-308
Dulin, E.J. Pearsall, Chas. B-422
Dulin, Wm. Boswell, H. Trustee B-182
Dupayster, J.C. Russell, P. B-353
Edrington, S.H. Lovelace, J.M. B-586
Edrington, W.J. Hutson, S.H. B-521
Edwards, H.S., et al. Gholson, R.D. B-232 or 202
Edwards, L. Reid, H. B-137
Edwards, R.H. Viollett, H.W. B-52
Edwards, Ths. Bradly, Belle B-576
Elliott, Wm. Fink, T.R. B-561
Ellis, P. Johnson, S.E. B-198
Farmer, B.F. Baker, T. B-207
Farmer, C. Farmer, R. B-69
Flournoy, T.H. Flournoy, M.A. B-212
Flugle, J. Hodges, M.L. B-435
Force, Joshua Hall, E.R. B-70
Force, Joshua Hall, E.R. B-78
Frazier, J.M. Melton, H.P. B-486
Garlan, E.B., et al. Hughes, W.B. B-70
George, B. Reid, H. B-138
George, R. Stephens, I. B-194
George, R. Baptist Church (Col) B-302
Geviden, W.J. Dickison, A.J. B-524
Gibson, A. Pile, C.R. B-289
Gibson, L. Pile, C.R. B-291
Gill, A.D. Stubblefield, B.W. B-271
Glenn, J.C. Henderson, J. B-100
Glenn, T.L. Cookendofer, Chas. B-366
Glenn, T.L. Cookendofer, Chas. B-368
Glenn, T.L. Comr. Rowland, T.E. B-384
Glenn, T.L. Comr. Rowland, H.G. B-386
Glenn, T.S. Ross, H.C. B-364
Goforth, J.M. Wilson, T.J. B-404
Goode, A.J. Atherton, W.C. B-208
Goode, Jas. Wilson, J.P. B-172
Goodman, J.W. Glenn, J.A. B-99
Goodman, J.W. Payne, W.G. B-119
Gray, j.D. (?) Thomas, W.S. B-540
Grey, B.E. Jennings, L.T. B-15
Griffin, W.P. Hookk, S., et al. B-126
Griffin, W.P. Trice, G.W., et al. B-126
Griffin, W.P. Wray, J. B-554
Hall, W.E. Holt, G.N., B-16
Hall, W.E. Glenn, J.A. B-102
Harkless, D.J. Green, R.J. B-248
Harper, B.C. Atherton, G. B-238
Harrison, F. Hudson,  B-553
Hayden, J.C. Harper, J.W. B-356
Hays, J.W. Hays, N.V. B-374
Heath, A.J., et al. Suiter, F.J. B-215
Heath, W.H. & Senter, W.D. & S.H. Agreement B-12
Helfin, S.A. Shelby, A.M. B-94
Helm, Thos. Hall, W.G. B-28
Hendricks, W.C. Hughes, Wm. Trust. B-219
Hinkle, C.J. Hinkle, C. B-311
Hollingsworth, H. Harp, H.C. B-261
Holt, S., et al. Holder, E. B-148
Holt, Simon Holt, Peter B-418
Holt, T.N. Holt, Hettie B-18
Hook, A. Senter [or Suiter], S. B-306
Hook, E. Hook. S. B-122
Hook, E. Hook, H., et al. B-123
Hook, F. Pile, C.R. B-284
Housen, J. Kidd, Wm. B-177
Howle (?), G.W. Pile, C.R. B-56
Howle, G.L. Adams, D.S. B-97
James, L. Reid, E.B. B-147
James, L. Ward, B.A. B-437
Jenkins, H.H. Wilson, W.F.R. B-253
Jenkins, H.H. Wilson, W.F.R. B-257
Jenkins, S.H. Moon, B.L. B-57
Jenkins, S.H. Comr. Melton, H.P. B-465
Jenkins, S.H. Comr. Pile, R. B-582
Jenkins, T.J. ____ of C. Terrell Pace, Martha B-163
Jenksin, W.W., Comr. Hodges, & Co. B-83
Jennings, J.L. Turk, W.R. B-565
Jennings, L.T. Hodge, Jos. [or Jas.] B-549
Johnson, P. B. & R.H., Comr. Johnson, W.R. & N.J. B-225
Jones (?), Geo. L. Mosby, Wm B-334
Jones (?), Geo. L. Mosby, Wm B-335
Jones, A. Holder, D.C. B-87
Jones, D.B. Newman, S. B-44
Jones, J.W. Violett, A.W. B-51
King, D.F. Reid, E.O. B-144
King, E.J. Reid, E.O. B-145
Kirkpatrick, R.G. Sanford, J.N. B-504
Lack, G.A. Corbett, T.H. B-250
Lambeck (?), E. Morison, I. [or S] B-237
Less, D.T. Reeves, W.J. B-354
Lewis, C._. Anderson, G.C. B-535
Lockridge, J.B. Farmer, Jno. B-590
Lockridge, M.C. Boswell, I.R. B-430
Lovelace, A. Holt, W.B. B-572 [or 522]
Lovelace, S.E. Stanley,  B-187
Lovelaceville Plat of Town B-189
Lyon, T.A. Melton, H.P. B-481
Lyons Heirs Melton, H.P. B-478
Madale, Jas. Tisdale, J.M. B-395
Madale, Jas. Stahl, W.L. B-453
Mansfield, J.A. Mansfield, M.P. B-130
Maple, E. Pile, C.R. B-294
March, M.S. Boyd, J.W. B-155
Mare, J._. Comr. Summers, E.B. B-41
Markle, J. Hodge, Jos. B-547
Marshall, C.S. Hendricks, W.C. B-217
Martin, J.D. Shelby, A.M. B-112
Martin, J.D. Thompson, M.A. B-230
Martin, J.D. Semple, J.R. B-351
Martin, M.C. et al. Carrington, W.J. B-1
Matt, Thos. Holt, Peter B-416
Matt, Thos. Holt, Peter B-417
Mellon, J.S. Reeves, M.E. B-239
Melton, H.P. Rich, L.J. B-307
Melton, H.P. Cobb, S.E. B-542
Merriweather, D. Hines, G.W. B-525
Milburn, R.T. Edrington, M.E. B-399
Millman (?), E.R., et al. Ware, J.P. B-22
Moon, A.J. Moon, S. B-320
Moore, J.D. Comr. Simmons, L.A. B-107
Morgan, E.P. Hobbs, J.M. B-503
Morgan, W. Atherton,  B-239
Murrell, S.F. American Gen. Nat. Bank, Ky. B-575 [or 578]
Nanse Penn, T.L. B-331
Neal, John Buchannan, J.H. B-378
Nevill, R.B. Patterson, M.R. & Read, P Q. B-79
Newman, A. Newman, I.L. B-464
Newman, J.J. Stahl, W.L. B-456
Newman, W.D. Tavisdale, A. B-92
Nichols, O.F., Comr. Melton, H.P. B-492
Norris, A.M. Pease, W.J. B-227
Norton,m W.F. et al. Nix, E.L. B-328
Oliphant, J.S. Baker, S. B-206
Owen, E. Hayden, J.A. B-323
Pace, L.E., et al. Richardson, R. B-258
Paine, T.J. Halder, Elias B-114
Parrott, W.W. Chenault, M.J. B-244
Parrott, W.W. Chenault, M.J. B-245
Pase, L.E., et al. Watson, E. B-197
Patterson, M.R. Read, P.Q. B-81
Patterson, M.R. Read, P.Q. B-82
Payne, J. Atherton, G. B-239
Peebles, J. Heirs Peebles, W.H. & R.F. B-321
Peebles, J.F. Pile, C.B. B-293
Peebles, J.S. Glenn, T.S. B-358
Peters, J.H. West,  L.M. B-32
Philips, John Odouley, J.T> B-162
Pickett, H.S. Richardson, R. B-247
Pile, B. Pile, Elick (?) B-581
Pile, C.R. Ware, J.P. B-21
Pile, W. Heirs  Pile, W.R. B-578
Pile, W.H. & B., et al. Ware, J.P. B-197
Pile, Wm. Rowland, Green B-387
Pile, Wm. (?), Heirs by Comr. Pile, C.R. B-282
Pugh,  Lewis, Heirs, by Comr. Tucker, Wm. B-358
Ray F.M., atty in fact for J.C. Gordon, et al Hogencamp, A. B-105
Ray, W.C. Hughes, Wm. B-73 or 79
Reddick, W.F. Comr. Pile, W.R. B-584
Reddick, W.T. B-24
Reddick, Wm., Heirs Stone, G.W. B-7
Reddick, Wm., Heirs Stephens, S. B-190
Reeves, W.H. Reeves, G.H. B-336
Reeves, W.H. Pense, W.H. B-276
Reeves, W.H., et al Comr. Bird, Stephen E__ B-451
Reeves, W.R. Atherton, G B-239
Reid, I. Hudson, J.S. B-551
Reid, L.R., et al. Ware, J.P. B-22
Reines, C.C. Rich, L.J. B-25
Richardson, S., et al. C.R. Pile B-300
Richey, M.J. Beeler, J.F. B-518
Ringo, W.L. C.R. Pile & Co. B-299
Roark, W.R. Armistead, J.M. B-371
Robertson, D.D. Deweese, L.P. B-519
Robertson, R.C. Wooley, P. B-205
Rollings, J.A. Simmons, J.C. B-427
Ross, H.C. Glenn, T.S. B-359
Ross, J.L. McElyea (?), G.S. B-205
Rowand, H.G. Rowland, T.E. B-382
Rudd, H. Pile, C.R. B-292
Rudd, S. Atherton, G B-239
Russell, W.J. Tucker, Wm. B-31
Ryan, H. Hobbs, W>B. B-514
Sams, N. Melton, H.P. B-483
Sanford, C. Pushkin, Wm. B-33
Sanford, J.N. Stephens, I. B-193
Seigler, R. Stahl, W.B. [or D.] B-457
Senter, E.F., et al. Senter F.J. B-215
Senter, M.F. Musky, Wm. B-339
Senter, S.H. & W.D., & Heath, W.H. Agreement B-12
Senter, W.D. Senter, E.F. B-211
Shaffer, H. Boswell, W.H. B-558
Shelby, A.M. Shelby, A.W. B-102
Shelton, A.M. Pense, W.H. B-277
Shelton, R.M. Newman, T.L. B-95
Shelton, R.M. Gardner, M.J. B-318
Shelton, R.M., assignee of Wm. Walden Hinkle, C. B-312
Shepherd, W.H. Shepherd, M. B-263
Shepherd, W.H. Shepherd, M. B-264
Shepherd, W.H. Shepherd, M. B-265
Ship, E. [or Shipp (?)] Finnil (?), A.J. B-544
Simmons, A.J. Davis, J. B-181
Simmons, J.R. Davis, J. B-179
Simmons, N.J. Pearceall, Chas. B-420
Skinner, W.L. Simmons, A.J. B-178
Slain, G., et al. Holder, E. B-148
Slaughter, M.J., et al. Hudgens W. B. B-70
Smith, H.D. Stahl, W.L. B-452
Smith, H.S. Howard, E. B-11
Smith, Hugh Plat of Land B-168
Soliman, J. Hook, S. B-120
Sparkman, W. Blanks, Jas. B-317
Stanley, T.L. Stephens, I. B-191
Staten, J.J., et al. Senter, F.J. B-215
Stephens, R.M.M. Redford, M.A. B-183
Stephens, W.W. Porter, G.S. B-445
Stevenson, E.W., et al. Hudgens, W.B B-70
Stevenson, M.J. & __ Trewalla, M.J. B-241
Stokes, J.S. Hook, S. B-119
Stone, F.B. Boswell, H. B-61
Stone, M.C. Stone, F. B-357
Stone, Wm. Melton, H.P. B-476
Stratton, A.M. Willingham, J.B. B-349
Stratton, A.M. Willingham, J.B. B-350
Sullenger, W.J. Carlis, P.G. B-95
Summers, S.H., et al. Ware, J.P. B-19
Wilson, E. B-340
Talley, E. Reid, E. O. B-143
Taylor, A.S. Davis, J.T. B-158
Taylor, F.T. Mosby, William B-332
Taylor, F.T. Comr. Pickett, Thos. B-249
Taylor, M.A. Wilson, T.J. B-400
Tegetoff, E.E. Moon, B.L. B-59
Terrell & Buckner (?) Hook, S. B-129
Terrell, J.H. Laws, B.A. B-348
Terrell, T.F. Exr of C. Terrell Pace, Martha B-163
Terrell, T.F. Exr of C. Terrell Pace, Martha B-166
Tharp, J. Gholson, J.M. B-234
Thomas, B.W. Stephens, W.F. B-154
Thomas, B.W. Risford [or Ruford], M.A. B-185
Thomas, J.M. Tucker, Wm. B-38
Thomas, N.C. Dudley, C. B-506
Thomas, R. = Trustees  School Dist.No 36 B-90
Thomas, Robb Tucker, Wm. B-30
Thomas, T. Dudley, C. B-507
Tice, G.W. Hook, S. B-128
Trewalla, W.B. Fortson, C.R. B-438
Tucker, W.G. Peebles, J.S. B-91
Tucker, Wm. Goin, J.H. B-40
Tucker, H. Tucker, F.W. B-295
Turk, J.C. Turk, W.R. B-564
Turk, J.W. Turk, W.R. B-566
Turner, D.D. Simmons, J.C. B-429
Turner, O., et al. Wix, E.L. B-328
Vaughn, Jas. Melton, H. P. B-484
Venable, P.C., et al. Carrington, W.J. B-1
Violett, A.W. Adair, Thos., et al. B-569
Reeve, W.H., et al., Comr. Rich, Stephen Ex. B-451
White, J.D. Hendricks, W.C. B-218
White, J.D., Comr. Tisdale, J.M. B-396
White, J.D., Comr. Tisdale, J.M. B-398
White, J.D., Comr. Bondurant, J.A. B-402
White, Jas. Hook, S. B-121
White, P.B., Comr. Glenn, T.L. B-150
White, T.B., Comr. Senter, L.L. B-221
Wickliffe, N. Melton, H.P. B-471
Williams Trust (?) Matt [or Mott], J.W. B-424
Williams, D.T. Buchannan, J.H. B-379
Williams, J.M. Shaffer, H. B-343
Williams, Jas. Williams, J.C. B-103
Williams, M.J. Shaffer, H. B-345
Williams, W.J. Shaffer, H. B-342
Willingham, R.G. Richardson, J.H. B-589
Wilson, E., et al. Boswell, H. B-63
Wilson, E., et al. Boswell, H. B-66
Wilson, J.R., et al. Boswell, H. B-64
Wilson, J.R., et al. Boswell, H. B-67
Wilson, S. Suiter, W.D. & Mark B-209
Wilson, W.H. Hodge, Jas. B-545
Winchester, M.C. Burkhead, M. B-324
Wood, J.R., et al. Carrington, W.J. B-1
Wright, P. Edrigton, W.J. B-400
Young, Wm. Young, W.E. B-46