Ballard County, Kentucky
Ballard Deed Book A:  Index and Extracted Pages  Complete

Ballard Deed Book B:  Index

Ballard Deed Book C:  Index and Extracted Pages  Complete

Ballard Deed Book D:  Index  - Coming soon

Early Land Patents:  Names included on Ballard County land patentees listed on KY Land Office website. See the complete file for more information.

Deeds & Land Records

A fire destroyed Ballard County Deeds in 1880. Deed Books A - D re-record many of those early land records from the County formation in 1842 up to 1880. The deeds are listed here alphabetically by name of Grantor.
Last Name First Name M.I. Yr.
Barren James 1822
Belcher John G. 1857
Belcher Margaret A. 1857
Biddle Clement 1784-1850
Brown Stanley 1857
Brummel Elijah 1850
Brummel Josiah 1857
Calhoun J. C. ca 1856
Carbett Jacob ca 1856
Coffee F. J. 1857
Crittenden & Lyon Co. 1861?
Croghan William Surveyor
Elliott Henry 1857
Flornoy A. F. 1859
Flornoy T. H. 1859
Harrill M. B. 1857
Harris J. F. ca 1856
Keen James M. 1857
Lyon & Crittenden Co. 1861?
Marshall Charles S. 1857
Mason Gen. Stephen T. (heirs) 1861?
McKee Samuel Surveyor
Meyers Jacob Conflict
Norton James 1858
Parsons William 1872
Reeves Jonathan 1858
Williams Jessee C. 1856
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