Ballard County, Kentucky

Individual Records
Willis White

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1840 US Census McCracken County, KY: p. 85
Males  0 2 1 0 0 1
Females 1 1 2 0 0 1
Total: 9
Agriculture: 2

1850  US Census Ballard County, KY: 16 Aug 1850, p. 279
406 406 Willis White 45 M Minister Bap $1500 KY
               Harriett White 26 F                                 KY
               Wilson White 21 M  Farmer                   KY
               Sarah White 17 F                                   KY
               Mary White 14 F                                     KY
               Thomas White 9 M                                 KY
               Ann Richmon 6 F                                    KY
               William Richmon 4 M                              KY

1860 US Census Clinton, Hickman County, KY: 28 July 1860, p. 517
545 522 Willis White 55 M   Minister U.B.  $2000  $500  N. Carolina
               Harriett T. White 36 F                            $1200     Tenn.
               Wilson W. White 31 M  Plasterer                         Ky
               Thomas B. White 20 M Student at law                  "          in school
               Robert T. White 10 M                                             "          in school
               Hattie B. White 7 F                                                  "          in school
               Mettie W. White 3 F                                                "
               Annie E. Richmond 16 F                                         "          in school
               William Richmond 12 M                                          "          in school
               Elizabeth Via 54 F                                                  Tenn
               Mary Smith 40 F                           $1500 $3400      "
               Chesley Smith 5 M                                                  Ky
               Sallie J. Thompson 23 F             $1000  $3500    "

1870 US Census  Clinton, Hickman County, KY: 4 Aug 1870
38 38 White, Willis 65 MW Minister $3000 $1500  NC
               Harriett T. 46 FW Keeping House Tennessee
               Robert T. 19  MW at home KY
               Hattie       17  FW at home Ky
                Mettie     12   FW at school Ky
               William Richmond 23 MW ____hand  600 125  Ky
               _____________   8   MW at school Ky

KHS Kentucky Historical Markers:
Clinton College

See "Baptist Education in Kentucky's Jackson Purchase"
By R. Charles Blair [on the Baptist History site]

From the out of print book, “Vital Statistics, Never Before Published Records of Far Western KY”,
by M. Juliette Magee.

Based on the Journal of Ed Horr a Ballard Co. storekeeper.

1.  Andy SULLIVAN shot August 3, 1901 by Jeff D. EVANS at Wickliffe
(Note:  Andrew Sullivan was born June 4, 1878 in Ballard Co. to George Washington Sullivan and Melinda Elizabeth ALLEN.  On the 1900 Census of Wickliffe, Andrew was single, living in the household of his parents, and working as a farm laborer)

2.  Jeff D. EVANS, shot on public road by John DUNN, Saturday, December 29, 1906, age 44 years, 8 months, 24 days.
(Note:  1900 Census of Blandville, Ballard Co. shows J. D. Evans, born April 1862 in TN, a farmer with wife Ann and 7 children)

3.  John DUNN, son of Sam, 25 years old, suicided by shooting, October 27, 1907.
(Note:  1900 Census of Barlow, Ballard Co. lists John Dunn, born April 1878 in TN, single, farm laborer.
John Dunn, the son of J. Samuel Dunn and Margaret EVANS, was born in Robertson Co. TN)

From the same book about the parents of John Dunn:

J. Sam Dunn, born January 9, 1852, in Robertson Co. TN, died January 29, 1928 in Ballard Co.
(buried Wickliffe Cemetery)

Wife of Sam Dunn (Margaret Evans) died March 20, 1890 in Ballard Co.


COMMENT - It would appear that neither Jeff Evans or John Dunn were sent to prison for these shootings.

WHY NOT???????



The (Notes) are research done by Kathleen Hill

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Daniel and Sarah Ashbrook

1850 District 2, Graves, Kentucky
Daniel Ashbrook 36  Farmer Property worth $1600  b. VA  married within the year
Sarah Ashbrook 23 

1860 Milburn, Ballard, Kentucky p. 84
Daniel Ashbrook 48  Real Estate worth $5200 Personal Property worth $3800 b. VA
Sarah Ashbrook 35  b. VA
Nancy M Ashbrook 9  b. KY attended school within the year
James R Ashbrook 3  b. KY
1870 Milburn, Ballard, Kentucky, p. 484
Daniel Ashbrook 56  Farmer. Property worth $4500 b. VA
Sarah Ashbrook 45  Keeping House, b. KY
Nancy Ashbrook 19  Attended school with the year b. KY
Robert Ashbrook 14    Attended school with the year b. KY
Sally Ashbrook 8   Attended school with the year b. KY
Lee Ashbrook 6   Attended school with the year b. KY
Mary Ashbrook 4    Attended school with the year b. KY

1880 Milburn, Ballard, Kentucky p. 13
Sarah Ashbrook 55  Widow, keeping house,  b. VA, father born VA, mother born VA
Robert Ashbrook 23  Working on farm b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA
Sallie Ashbrook 18  at school, b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA
Lee Ashbrook 16  at school, b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA
Marey Ashbrook 14  at school, b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA

13 July 1887    Carlisle Deed Bk A, pps. 439 to 449
Ashbrook, Sarah A, Robt., Sallie, and H.L., and Nannie Jones and Wm. Jones her husband, and May Asbrook, being the widow and the children of Daniel Ashbrook Dec'd    
Deeds among themselves to divide the land of Daniel Ashbrook, dec'd    
SE quarter of Sec 15 and the NW quarter of Sec 23 T4 R2West
Vaughan and Northington

I just finished reading the 1862 Tax List, Part 2, North Of Mayfield.  My family had a fairly large plantation and a business in Ballard County and and their names appear on that list.

On that list you have:

Vaughan, E. W. was Edward Walton Vaughan.
Vaughan, Gransen. -- was Grandison Vaughan.
Vaughan, Quint. --  Quentin Durward Vaughan. (Number 1 if you will)

You also have a Northington, G. H. or A. – His full name was Gustavus Aldolphus Northington and he married a Vaughan girl.

The Vaughan & Northington shown on that list was probably Edward W. Vaughan and Gustavus A. Northington, but it could have been Joshua Pennington Vaughan (Quentin and Edward’s older brother—all three were sons of Grandison) and Gustavus A. Northington.  I’m not 100% certain either way.

Grandison lived in Ballard County until 1866 when his wife, Elizabeth Whitley (nee Neville) Vaughan died. He and most of the rest of the family moved to Paducah, Owensboro and Louisville where they established tobacco processing facilities.


Paducah, KY Home of
Quentin D. Vaughan
from the 1800's
William and Martha Floro Family
Submitted by Joe

Ballard Co., KY Tax Records
1843 William Flora no land, 1 children 5-16
1843 John Vaniton voter
1844 William Flora no land 2 children 6-16
1845 William Floren no land
1846 William Floro (?) 20 acres has 2 children and 1 cow
1846 John Vaneaton Voter no property
1847 William Flora 20 acres on Mayfield worth $40, 1 horse valued $15, 3 children
1847 John Vaneaton Voter no property
1850 Martha Floro no property

1850 Census
Ballard county, part of, Ballard, Kentucky, United States
Dwelling House Number: 278 Family Number: 278 Line Number: 19
M Flora F 46 b. KY
M Flora F 18 b. KY
J Flora M 11 b. KY
N Flora F 10 b. KY
C Flora  M  5 b. KY

1852 Martha Floro 20 acres Mayfield $80
1853 Martha Florio 20 acres Mayfield $80 1 Horse valued $30 & 4 Children 5 to 18 yrs TOTAL $110

1870 Census
Mason Co., IL
Martha Floro  F 70y
Isaac Floro M 32y

Here is the M, I(J), N, C from the 1850 census
1)  Sister, Mathilda Floro (1836–1877) married Samuel Vanetten in Mason County, IL. Samuel  migrated from Pennsylvania to the Easton area. She is also buried in the New Lebanon.  Samuel is listed as John Vaneaton’s brother in law and executor in the Mason County IL probate records. 
2)  Brother, Isaac (1939–1911) lived in the Bath area and the last historical record for him is in the 1880 census.  He was single at the time, living with his sister Nancy and her family. When Nancy moved out West, he is not listed on any census reports but his death certificate shows he died at the Mason County Poor Farm located near Teheran Illinois. He never married.
3)  Sister, Nancy Floro (1840-1925) married a widower, Martin Beebe, and lived in Bath Illinois. He was a Civil War Veteran who served in the 33rd Illinois Infantry.  Nancy received a pension from his war injuries.  After his death, she later married another Mason County resident  Harmon Little.  She left Mason County to live with one of her daughters and died in Washington State.
4) Brother, Cadmus Floro, (1845-1864) born in Kentucky but raised in the Bath, Illinois area joined the Union Army in 1862.  He was killed in the battle for Atlanta in 1864 and is buried in the military cemetery at Marietta Georgia. He served with the 85th Illinois Infantry Regiment, which was comprised of mainly Mason County residents.