Ballard County, Kentucky

Bible Records

The birth dates were taken from the John William Clark family Bible.  They were recorded by John William Clark. The deaths I researched plus mother had a record of most of them in our family Bible– they are accurate.  

Children of John William Clark & Zora Lonus (Harper) Clark:
All children born in & around Bardwell, KY

Child:                         Birth                Death                   Spouse

Willia V.                         09/22/1902         03/25/1985         Jesse Elbert Deweese D: Jan. 21, 1985     

Vertie Ella                       09/01/1906         02/22/1936         Silas Shelbourne  B: March 1900:  D: 03/11/1976

Nola Oneida                    05/00/1907        01-29-1992         Willie O. Minton: B: 28 Feb 1907;  D;:Oct. 1998)

Velma Gladys                 01/20/1910         02/11/1999         Other W. Edging: B: 16 Jan 1920; D: May 23, 1956

Ressie (Resa) May          03/19/1914         Stillborn

Thomas Uriah                 09/10/1915         10/17/1972         Lucille (died May 2008)

Baker Wilson                  04/23/1918         11/19/1986         Bertha Stovall (sister of Cecil Stovall)

Mary Alice “Phoebe”      02/25/1921         04/03/1985         Cecil Stovall – Bob Spears

John Marshall “Jack”      07/24/1925           Living               Mary  Stovall (deceased) – Jean ____ living spouse

Submitted by:  Janace

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"A History of Kentucky Baptists"
by J. H. Spencer

(excerpts relating to Ballard County, KY)

[Vol II, p. 382-383]  "Williams Baldry was born in Logan county, Ky, March 24, 1804....married Jane Hampton, August 26, 1826,....professed religion about the age of 30, and was baptized by Robert T. Anderson.... In 1844 he moved to Ballard county, Ky. Here he was pastor of the churches at Mt. Zion, Newton's Creek, Lovelaceville, and Salem. After laboring faithfully and with a good degree of success in the ministry, he ... [died] in February 5, 1883." Also, Vol. II, p. 284, W.S. Baldry, along with O.H. Morrow and Robert Williams, ordained A.W. Meacham, on Dec. 10, 1839. And, Vol. II, p. 186, William S. Baldry, William D. Baldwin and William Blumberlon ordained William Nowell Chaudoin at Marrowbone church in Davidson Co., TN, in 1851.

[Vol. II: p. 441-447] "J. N. Hall, the greatest debater in the Baptist denomination, was born in Pleasureville, Ky, Feb. 5, 1849. At the age of 7 he went with his parents to Ballard county, Ky, where he grew into manhood.... At the age of 14 he was converted, under the ministry of Elder C.L. Cate, and was baptized by the authority of Cane Run church, Ballard Co., Ky. Later he joined the Hopewell church, same county, where he was licensed to preach on the second Saturday in January 1871, and was ordained the second Sunday in January the same year....  He married Miss Mollie Earle on [p. 443] on the 6th day of July 1871, and after standing by his side in his great work, for twenty-eight years, she died December 12, 1899."

[Vol II, pp. 471-488] "West Union Association:  In no portion of the county have Baptists had more confusion or strife in establishing themselves, than in that part of Kentucky and Tennessee, lying west of the Tennessee River, and known in the early times as the Western District or Jackson's purchase. In the southern part of the territory, the early churches were planted principally by preachers from the Red River Association, and were consequently hyper-Calvanistic and anti-missionary in sentiment. Those in the northern part were gathered by ministers from southern Illinois, and from Little River and Highland Associations of Kentucky.... [p. 472] In 1843, messengers from the following ten churches, as nearly as can be ascertained, met at Gum Spring, in McCracken county: Wadesboro, West Fork of Clark's River and Sinking Spring in Calloway county, Gum Spring and Ohio in McCracken, Trace Creek, Mayfield and Little Obion in Graves, and Emmaus and Clinton in Hickman....formng a new association called Union Association of United Baptists [later changed to West Union Association of United Baptists]. [p. 472] When the association met at Hopewell in Ballard county in 1843, it numbered 29 churches with 1,474 members.... [p. 479] Ohio [church] in Ballard [was constituted] in 1833; Hopewell in Ballard, in 1835...."

[p. 480] "Among the early ministers of this body [West Union Association] were James P. Edwards [In 1843, he moved to Ballard county and joined the Little Obion church and although he subsequently moved away, he later moved back and in 1851 moved to Lovelaceville where he spent the remainder of his life], Stephen Ray, E.A. Daniel, M.S. Wymans [(p. 591 - 592) born in Henry county, Ky, in Aug ust 27, 1808, orphaned young, he married Elizabeth Tharp and was baptized at New Hope church in Washington county, by Isaac Taylor. He was a missionary preacher for three years and visited most of the churches in the Association. He later moved to Graves county and joined the Emmaus church on the Ballard border and was later ordained.], James Bone [raised up to the ministry in Mississippi church in Ballard county in about 1842], H.H. Richardson [born in Tennessee in 1808, he united with the Ohio Baptist church, in Ballard county, Ky, was baptized by James P. Edwards, and was ordained in June 1836 by Durin Alcock], and Joseph Ashbrook."  Willis White [who moved to Ballard in 1833 after his marriage, and was baptized by James P. Edwards in the Mayfield church, in 1834 he was licensed to preach in the Ohio church, and ordained in 1836 at the same time as H. H Richardson by Durin Alcock, and Lewis Goad. White and Richardson preached together and gathered Mississippi church in 1840; Sugar Creek (later Lovelaceville) church in 1841; and Newton's Creek [later Spring Bayou] in 1842. He also helped James P. Edwards gather other churches, including Paducah in 1840.]  [p. 485]  Also see BiographiesWilliam E. Bishop was ... a useful member of the Hopewell church, in Ballard county....and moderator of the Associatoin for the three years preceeding his death...about 1852.  Thomas Henry Porter, an older brother of the well known Elder D.N. Porter, M.D., of Eminence, Ky, and Elder Joseph P. Porter, of Kansas,... gave his membership to Hopewell church in Ballard county, where he was ordained to the ministry, in 1856."

Current Churches

Antioch Baptist Church, Antioch Church Road, Barlow - part of the West Union Association

Bandana Baptist Church, College Drive, Bandana - part of the West Union Association

Barlow First Baptist Church, N. 6th, Barlow - part of the West Union Association

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bethlehem Church Rd., Wickliffe - part of the West Union Association

Blandville Baptist Church, Bethlehem Church Rd., Blandville  - part of the West Union Association

Cane Creek Baptist Church, Slater Rd., Wickliffe  - part of the West Union Association

Faith Baptist Church, Barlow Rd., Wickliffe  - part of the West Union Association

Kevil Baptist Church, Kevil  - part of the West Union Association

La Center Baptist Church, La Center  - part of the West Union Association

Lovelaceville Baptist Church, Lovelaceville  - part of the West Union Association

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant Rd., La Center  - part of the West Union Association

New Hope Baptist Church, Monkey Eyebrow Rd., La Center  - part of the West Union Association

Newton Creek Baptist Church, Ogden Landing Rd., Kevil  - part of the West Union Association

Ohio Valley Baptist Church, Hazelwood Rd., Barlow - part of the West Union Association

Oscar Baptist Church, Oscar Rd., La Center  - part of the West Union Association

Providence Baptist Church, Monkeys Eyebrow Rd., Kevil  - part of the West Union Association

Southside Baptist Church, Oldham Rd., Barlow  - part of the West Union Association

Spring Bayou Baptist Church, Woodville Rd., Kevil  - part of the West Union Association

Wickliffe First Baptist Church, Tennessee St., Wickliffe  - part of the West Union Association