Lineage of Robert Reynolds and Agnes Hall


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19. Robert Reynolds was born in 1586 in Kent Co, Eng.4

Robert married Mary Pulleyne in 1611 in Lavenham, Suffolk Co, Eng.

Children from this marriage were:

   42 F    i. Ruth Reynolds was born in 1623.

   43 F    ii. Tabitha Reynolds was born in 1625.

   44 M    iii. Nathaniel Reynolds was born in 1627.

   45 F    iv. Sarah Reynolds was born in 1629.

   46 F    v. Mary Reynolds was born in 1630.

21. Thomas Reynolds 5 was born in 1590 in Lavenham, Suffolk Co, Eng.

General Notes: This one woman could not be married in 1620 and still having childr en in 1 675... this needs some research

Noted events in his life were:

• Note: Jul 2002.

Thomas married Mary about 1620. Mary was born about 1600.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 47 M    i. Henry Reynolds was born in 1624 in Isle Of Wight Co, VA and died between 9 Jun 1681 and 0018 in Isle Of Wight Co, VA.

   48 M    ii. Richard Reynolds was born in 1624.

   49 F    iii. Rachel Reynolds was born about 1630.

   50 F    iv. Mary Reynolds was born about 1630.

   51 F    v. Elizabeth Reynolds was born about 1640.

   52 F    vi. Jane Reynolds was born about 1640.

   53 M    vii. Cornelius Reynolds was born about 1650.

   54 M    viii. William Reynolds was born in 1655.

   55 M    ix. Thomas Reynolds was born about 1660.

   56 M    x. Edward Reynolds was born in 1675.

22. Christopher Reynolds was born in 1611 in Gravesend, Eng and died in 1654 in Isle Of Wight Co, VA at age 43.

General Notes: Dorsetshire, Eng
To Isle of Wight Co, VA
Isle of Wight Co, VA; Probate records (bk A-46); of Christopher Reyno ld s, Planter, names son; Christopher, John, Richard, dau; Abbasha, Elizab et h, Jane; and names George Rivers; unborn child, and wif
Rod Stucker, jul 2002;
In addition to the family of Richard Reynolds, Sr., and Elizabeth S ha rp e, we also located the following for Christopher Reynolds, Sr., t he imm igr ant who was the father of Richard Reynolds, Sr.:
Christopher Reynolds, Sr., the immigrant was born in Engl an d. In 16 22 he emigrated to Virginia as an indentured servant of Mr. Ed wa rd Benne tt arriving aboard the John & Francis and settled in Warrosquy oa ke Bay, Wa rrosquyoake Co, Virginia (Doc.#131w). On 16 Feb 1623 Christo ph er Reynold s, Sr., was among thirty three inhabitants listed in a cens us f or Warrasco yack [Warrosquyoake County], Virginia (Doc.#131v).
16 Feb 1623, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, Virgi ni a, by Jo hn B. Boddie, p. 37, Chr. Reinholds [Christopher Reynolds] w as am ong 33 in habitants listed in a census for Warrascoyack [Warrosquyoa ke Cou nty], Virg inia (Doc.#131v):
John Batt, Henry Pinffe, Wassell Weblin, Anthony Read, Franc es Wo od son, Henry Phillips, Peter Collins, Chr. Reinold’s, Edward Mabi n, Jo hn Mal dman, Thomas Collins, George Rushmore, Thomas Spencer, Geor ge Clark e, Ric h. Bartlett, Frances Anthony, Franse, Margrett, negroes; J ohn Benne tt, Nic holas Skinner, John Atkins, John Pollentin, Margrett Pol lentin, Ma ry, a ma id, Henry Woodward, Thomas Sawyer, Thomas, a boye. Tot al 33, incl uding 4 n egroes (Doc.#131v,169a)
Notice that there is a boy named Thomas listed in this 1623 c en su s. However, Christopher Reynolds, Sr.,who is listed as “Chr. Rei no ld ” (si milar to the 1635 listing on the Speedwell) in this censu s, is n ot list ed as a boy even though he would have been only thirteen y ears ol d. Th is is based on the information that he was born in 1610 as i ndicat ed by h is age in the passenger ship list for the Speedwell which a rriv ed in Virgi nia in 1635. However, the term “boye” as it used above ap pea rs to ref er to a Negro boy named Thomas. Notice that no surname was l ist ed for Thom as. This corresponds with the listing of the other three N egro es named Fra nse, Margrett and Mary the maid, none of whom are list ed wi th surnames. Si nce Christopher Reynolds was not a Negro, he was n ot list ed as a “boy” ev en though he was only twelve years old accordi ng to the S peedwell. The fa ct that this census lists all inhabitants ind icates th at it was not concer ned with either the age or the color of t he inhabitan ts, i.e. all inhabita nts were listed regardless of age or ra ce.
A few years later on 25 Feb 1625, Christopher Reynolds, Sr ., w as li sted in a muster of the inhabitants of Wariscoyack [Warrosquyoa ke Co unty ], Virginia, who were servants of Mr. Edward Bennett (Doc.#131v ):
1625 - Total inhabitants of Virginia - 1,095
Muster of the Inhabitants at Wariscoyack, Virgini a, T ak en 7 Feb 1625
The Muster of Mr. Edward Bennett’s Servants.
Henry Pinke came in the London Marchannt 161 9, Jo hn Ba te in the Addam 1621, Peter Collins in the Addam 1621, Wasse ll Webbl ing, A ntonio, a negro, in the James 1621, Christopher Reynold’ s, Luke Cha ppma n, Edward Maybank, in the John & Francis 1622, John Attki ns, Willi am Denu m, Francis Banks, in the Guifte 1623, Mary, a negro woma n, in t he Margre tt & John 1622 (Doc.#162a)
This muster reveals that Christopher Reynolds, Sr., began re si di ng in Warrosquyoake County within a year after arriving in the Co lo ny of V irginia. Since he was a servant or “employee” of Mr. Edward Ben net t, who o wned a considerably large amount of land in Warrosquyoa ke C o, it appea rs he originally settled in the Warrosquyoake Bay settlem ent w hich was loc ated on the Pagan River. Christopher Reynolds, Sr ., or his fa mily may ha ve known Edward Bennett and resided in the same g eneral ar ea of England pr ior to emigrating to Virginia as one of Mr. Ben nett’s ser vants. These reco rds reveal that Christopher Reynolds, Sr., be gan residi ng in Warrosquyoa ke County in 1622 after arriving in the Colo ny of Virgin ia. Further resear ch into the origins of Edward Bennett a nd his servan ts may allow us to con firm Christopher Reynolds, Sr.’s pla ce of orig in in England.
The fact that Christopher Reynolds, Sr., was listed in the 16 25 m il itary muster for Warrosquyoake reveals that he survived the pri or Indi an a ttacks on the Colonial Virginia settlements and was an acti ve memb er of t he Colonial Virginia militia in Warrosquyoake.
13 Mar 1625/6, Minutes of the Council and General Court of Vir gi ni a, 2nd Edition, published in 1979, Richmond, Edited by H.R. McIlwa in e; Bef ore the General Court at Jamestown, Virginia: 'Christopher Reigh nal ls, swo rne and examined sayeth that he did see and read Peter Colli ns ind enture a nd that he was bound to serve Mr. Bennett four years.'
Notice the spelling of Christopher’s name in this deposition: ' Ch ri stopher Reighnalls, sworne and examined sayeth that he did see a nd re ad Pe ter Collins indenture and that he was bound to serve Mr. Benne tt fo ur year s.' Notice that it is an unusual spelling for the Reynolds s urna me whi ch no doubt many previous researchers had not discovered.
The above deposition indicates that at least some, poss ib ly a ll of the servants of Edward Bennett’s tobacco plantation at Warro squ yoa ke were indentured to him for a period of about four years in o rd er to p ay for their passage to Virginia and provide employment on ce th ey arrive d. No doubt Christopher Reynolds was also an indentured se rvan t. Accordi ng to the 1625 muster listed above which lists: “Peter Col li ns in the Add am 1621,' Peter Collins immigrated to Virginia as an inde ntu red serva nt of Edward Bennett in 1621. Hence, Peter Collins would ha ve fu lfilled h is indenture agreement in 1625, the same year that Christo pher R eynolds pr ovided his deposition. This indicates that Christopher R eynolds ’s depositi on was in favor of Peter Collins who appears to have r ecent ly completed h is indentured service to Mr. Edward Bennett.
Though some Reynolds family genealogists have interpret ed t he fa ct that Christopher Reynolds “...did see and read Peter Colli ns inde ntures ...” to indicate that he was the secretary to Mr. Bennet t, Christop her Rey nolds merely provided his testimony in this depositio n. As indicat ed abov e, this testimony appears to have been against Mr. E dward Benne tt and in f avor of Peter Collins who appears to have recent ly completed h is indentur ed service to Mr. Edward Bennett. There is no r eference to Chr istoph er as having been the secretary to Mr. Bennett. The re is also no re feren ce to Christopher Reynolds traveling to England wi th Mr. Benne tt as his se cretary to secure a monopoly in the tobacco tra de as suggest ed by some Rey nolds family genealogists.
It is interesting to note that according to the above deposit io n, C hristopher Reynolds appears to have been able to read. This indic at es th at he received some education. If this was the same Christopher R eyn olds w ho was born in 1611, i.e. age twenty four when he transport ed ni ne servan ts to Virginia aboard the Speedwell in 1635, then he wou ld ha ve been age f ourteen or fifteen when he provided this deposition. P rovid ed that Christo pher Reynolds was also bound to Edward Bennett for f our ye ars of indentur ed service, from the date of his original arriv al in Virgi nia aboard the J ohn & Francis in 1622, Christopher Reynold s, Sr., the imm igrant would ha ve fulfilled his indentured service someti me in 1626/7. Ho wever, it is pos sible that he was obligated for a peri od longer than fo ur years.
On 21 Dec 1634, Christopher Reynolds of Warwickqueak [Warrosq uy oa ke County] obtained a 100 acre patent from Robert Sabine of Warrisq ui ck Ba y, [Warrosquyoake County] (Doc.#131ac,135b)
This is the first record of Christopher Reynolds, Sr., the imm ig ra nt obtaining land in Virginia. From the year of Christopher Reynold s, S r. ’s arrival in Virginia in 1622, it was twelve years later in 16 34 be fo re he purchased land. This information and the information abo ve app ea rs to confirm that Christopher Reynolds, Sr., the immigrant, w as an ind ent ured servant of Mr. Edward Bennett. This also appears to sup port the t heo ry that Christopher Reynolds, Sr., originally immigrat ed to Colonial V irgi nia as an eleven year old child, who was possib ly an orphan, in 16 22 aboa rd the John & Francis. Christopher Reynolds, S r., the immigrant ap pea rs to have sold this land five years later: 1 M ay 1639, Isle of Wig ht Coun ty Deeds, Bk. A, p.103; Christopher Reynol ds sold 100 acre pate nt in Warri squack [Warwicke Squeake or Warrosquyoak e] Bay to Peter Hull [ Hill], Witne sses: John Spackman and John Oliver (D oc.#131ac, 135b ). In a patent issu ed to John Mungoe (Virginia Land Offi ce Patents, B k. 7, p. 417), dat ed 21 Oct 1684, it lists that this 100 hu ndred acres wh ich Robert Sabine o riginally sold to Christopher Reynol ds on 21 Dec 163 4, was located on t he south side of Hutchinson’s Cree k: 21 Oct 1684, Virg inia Land Office Pat ents, Bk. 4, p. 417; Christoph er Reynolds of Is le of Wight Co, Virginia li sted as having bought land f rom Robert Sabi ne on 21 Dec 1634, 100 acres lo cated on the south si de of Hutchison’s Cre ek, which Christopher Reynolds t hen sold to Peter H ill/Hull on 1 May 1639 .
On 28 May 1635, Christopher Reynolds, Sr. appears to have be en li st ed as a passenger aboard the ship Speedwell as follow s: “ The is und er-written names are to be transported to Virgin ia imbarqued in t he Speedw ell of London JO: Chappell Mr: being examin ed by the Minist er of Gravese nd of their conformitie to the orders & dis cipline of the Ch urch of Engla nd & have taken the oath of Allegeance.
[Chri: Reinolds group]
Kathryn Richard’s...19
Marie Sedgwick.....20
Elizabeth Biggs......10
Dorothie Wyncott..40
Ann Wyncott..........16
Phillipp Biggs.........6 mo.
Elizabeth Pew.........20
Francis Langworth..25
Chri: Reinholds.......24
Abram Poore..........20
Elizabeth Tuttell.....25
It is interesting to note that the majority of these passen ge rs we re women, most of them in their early twenties. The only two mal es a re lis ted as Christopher Reinholds [Reynolds] and a six month old ch ild n amed Ph illipp Biggs. Phillip may have been the younger brother of E lizabe th Bigg s, age ten, both of whom appear to have been orphans. As in dicat ed through out this report, the Biggs families resided in the sa me ar ea as the Reynol ds families in Isle of Wight County. The majori ty of the se passengers aboa rd the Speedwell appear to have been broug ht to Virgin ia in order to provi de wives for the men of the Warrosquyoa ke Bay settlem ent. Notice that thr ee of these females were named Elizabe th, i.e. the sa me name listed as t he wife of Christopher Reynolds, Sr ., in his will dat ed 1654. Hence, Chris topher Reynolds, Sr., may have ma rried one of the se female passengers nam ed Elizabeth.
From the passenger list of the Speedwell which arrived in Vi rg in ia in 1635, The Reynolds Family Association and others have calcul at ed Chr istopher Reynolds, Sr., as having been born in 1611 in Gravesen d, C ounty K ent, England. This is based on the listing of “Chri: Reinho ld - 2 4' indica ting that Christopher Reynolds, Sr., was age twenty fo ur in 163 5. If Chris topher Reynolds, Sr., was the same individual as t he Chris. Re inhold, a ge 24, who arrived aboard the Speedwell in 163 5, he would have b een only e leven years old when he arrived in Coloni al Virginia aboard t he John & Fra ncis in 1622. Though this seems unlike ly since Christopher R eynolds, Sr ., is listed the following year in t he 1623 census as one of t he thirty th ree original residents of Warrosqu yoake Co, notice that the 1 623 census, w hich is listed above, lists chil dren as well as adults. Thou gh censuses us ually refer to tithables, i. e. white persons above age twen ty one yea rs of age, that was not the ca se in these early colonial Is le of Wight cen suses and muster rolls. Henc e, it is possible that Christo pher Reynolds, S r., who arrived in Coloni al Virginia in 1622 aboard the J ohn & Franci s, is the same person as “Ch ri: Reinhold,” age 24, who arriv ed in Virgin ia in 1635 aboard the Speedw ell with nine other persons. Noti ce that the t ime period in which “Chr i: Reinhold” and his group of nine p ersons arriv ed in Virginia in 1635 a board the Speedwell corresponds wi th the 450 ac re patent that Christoph er Reynolds, Sr., received the follo wing year in W arrosquyoake County “f or transporting nine servants” as lis ted below.
On 15 Sep 1636, less than a year after the arrival of “Chris: R ei nh old, age twenty four and his group of nine servants aboard the Speed we ll ,” Christopher Reynolds, Sr., obtained a 450 acre patent on t he wa te rs of Pagan Shore “for transporting nine servants” to the Virgin ia Col on y: 15 Sep 1636, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co, Virgi ni a, by Jo hn B. Boddie, p. 659; The Library of Virginia, Virginia Land O ffi ce Paten ts No. 1, 1623-1643, p.382; Christopher Reynolds obtained a 4 50 a cre pate nt “bounded with a back creek running eastward behind Pag an Sho re some thr ee miles upward, the land lying on the south side of t he cre ek in Warrasqu inoke [Warrosquyoake ] County for transporting 9 ser vants ( Doc.# 131w,131a y, 142h).
Christopher Reynolds, Sr., the immigrant, appears to ha ve be en a Bu rgess for Isle of Wight County in 1652 according to the foll owin g: On 25 N ov 1652, Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, Vo l. V I, p. 253; Statu es at Large, by William W. Henning, Vol. I, p. 37 3; “T he names of the Burg esses for the several plantations, Nov 25, 1652 ...Is le of Wight County - M r. Charles Reynolds” (Doc.#170b). This listi ng f or Charles Reynolds as a B urgess in Isle of Wight County is interest ing s ince there are no other ref erences to a Charles Burgess in the Colo nial I sle of Wight County record s. The Virginia Magazine of History & Bi ograp hy reference to Charles Reyno lds as Burgess appears in connection w ith t he wills of Christopher Reynold s, Sr., and his descendants. Howeve r, t he original source for this informa tion is found printed in Statu es at La rge, by William W. Henning, Vo l. I, p. 373. This reference by He nning w as obtained from the Thomas Jeffe rson Manuscript Collection, appa rently p art of the Rand Manuscript collect ion according to the source in formatio n. Thomas Jefferson is listed as hav ing purchased his collecti on from t he estate of William Bland. Thomas Jeff erson’s Manuscript Colle ction is c urrently held at the Library of Congres s. Our research revea ls that the re are no references to Charles Reynolds l isted in the Libra ry of Virgini a’s online index to Wills and Administratio ns of Isle of Wi ght County a nd only two references in the Virginia Land Of fice Paten ts & Grants da ta base for the years 1789 and 1793 in Amherst Cou nty whi ch appear unrela ted. Since the given name of Christopher Reynold s, Sr ., is often abbrevia ted as “Chr:,” which could have been misinterpr et ed as an abbreviation f or Charles, this reference to Charles Reynol ds w as probably for Christoph er Reynolds, Sr., Burgess of Isle of Wig ht Co, Vi rginia in 1652. In Colon ial Virginia, a Burgess was a represent ative in t he popular branch of t he legislature. The Thomas Jefferson Man uscript Coll ection at the Libra ry of Congress should be examined in ord er to verify th is information.
Christopher Reynolds, Sr., wrote his will on 1 M ay 16 54 in Is le of Wight Co, Virginia, a copy of which is transcribed ab ove fr om Is le of Wight Co, Virginia Wills, Bk. 1, pp. 46-8, (Doc.#148, 1 70a-b).
In the name of God, Amen. The first day of May 1654. I Chris to ph er Reynolds [Sr.]of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia, planter, b ei ng h ealthful in body and sound in mind & memory make this my last Wi ll a nd Tes tament in manner and form as followeth. First, I give and bequ ea th my so ul unto the hands of God my Creator and Maker and my bo dy to be b uri ed in sure and certain hope of Resurrection and Eternal Li fe through t he o nly merit and satisfaction of Jesus Christ my only Savi or and Redeeme r. Im premis: I give and bequeath unto my son Christopher R eynolds [Jr .] a ll my land on the southerly side of the Freshest swamp th at Richard J ord an [son-in-law who married daughter Elizabeth Reynolds] n ow liveth upo n. A nd I give unto my son John, all my lands on the norther ly side of t he Fres hest Swamp, and one cow, and he to enjoy the said la nd at Twenty o ne yea rs of age. And unto my son Richard, I give all my la nd I now live th upon a nd one cow and he to enjoy the said land at Twen ty one yea rs of age. A nd my daughter Abbasha, I have give her a porti on already whi ch was two co ws and two calves. And I give unto my daught er Elizabeth o ne heifer of t wo years old besides the stock I gave her fo rmerly. And un to my daughter J ane I give one cow and one yearling heife r. And I gi ve to [step son] Geor ge Rivers one yearling heifer. And I gi ve unto the c hild my wife now goe th with if it lives two cows to enjoy t hem at three y ears old. And if a ny of my children dye my will is that t he other shou ld succeed what esta te they leave. And unto Elizabeth my lo ving wife, I g ive all the re st of my estate both goods and chattels move able and unmove able and deb ts that are due to me from any person or pers ons whatsoever a nd my two ser vants she paying all my debts truly and jus tly. And I do con stitute and or dain Elizabeth my loving wife my whole a nd sole Executri x. And my wi ll is that my wife Elizabeth shall have t he ordering and brin ging up Jo hn and Richard my sons until they be sixte en years of age, a nd Elizabeth a nd Jane until they be fifteen years of a ge. In witness wher eof I Christoph er Reynolds do hereunto set my hand a nd seal the day and y ear first abo ve written.
Signed: Christ. Reynolds Witnesseses: Sylvester Bullen, A nt ho ny Matthews Isle of Wight Co, Virginia Wills, Bk. 1, pp.46- 8, ( Doc .#148, 170a-b)
According to the above will, Christopher Reynolds, Sr., marri ed E li zabeth Rivers, the widow of Mr. Rivers and the mother of George a nd Eli zab eth Rivers. This appears to have been a second marriage for bo th Chris toph er Reynolds, Sr., and widow Elizabeth Rivers. Some individua ls list t hat E lizabeth Rivers was the widow of George Rivers, Sr.
Isle of Wight County probate records reveal that Christopher Re yn ol ds, Sr.’s step son, George Rivers whom he lists as an heir in his w il l, ma rried a woman named Mary. George and Mary had two daughter s, Ma ry & Sar ah Rivers. George Rivers made out his will on 16 Mar 1706 /7 a nd it was rec orded on 9 Apr 1707 in Isle of Wight County (Doc.#163a- b).
According to Isle of Wight County records and the will of Chris to ph er Reynolds, Sr., he had the following children: \\\\ See; 'Ances to rs of Christopher of Isle of Wight VA' by Sybil R. Taylor, c opyright R eyn olds Family Association. is_4.h tm l. .... note (gkvi 2004) This is regarding the grandson of THIS Christ oph er. .. listed here as son of George, son of this Christopher. See als o, T he Birthplace and wife (wives) of Christopher Reynolds of Is le of Wi ght V A; chapter 4.1; ml . .. presen ted by the Reynolds Family Association and apparently comp il ed by Lee Tay lor <>. \\\\

Noted events in his life were:

• Alt. Birth: 1604.

• Immigration: 1622. 7,8

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

Christopher married Elizabeth Matthews about 1640. Elizabeth was born in 1614 in Eng.

Noted events in her life were:

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

Children from this marriage were:

   57 M    i. Christopher Reynolds was born about 1632 in Warrosquyoake Bay, Warrosquyoake, VA and died on 11 Mar 1667 about age 35.

Noted events in his life were:

• Alt. Birth: 1644.

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

Christopher married Ann Coleman about 1655 in Lower Parrish, Isle Of Wight Co, VA. Ann was born about 1634 in Lower Parrish, Isle Of Wight Co, VA.

+ 58 M    ii. Richard Reynolds was born in 1641 in Cypress Creek, Lower Parrish, Isle Of Wight Co, VA and died before 27 Jun 1711 in Newport Parrish, Isle Of Wight, VA.

   59 M    iii. John Reynolds was born in 1644 in VA and died before 3 May 1669 in Isle Of Wight, VA.

Noted events in his life were:

• Alt. Birth: Abt 1640.

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

   60 F    iv. Abbasha Reynolds was born in 1644 in VA.

Noted events in her life were:

• Alt. Birth: Abt 1634.

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

   61 F    v. Elizabeth Reynolds was born in 1648 in VA.

Noted events in her life were:

• Alt. Birth: Abt 1638.

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

Elizabeth married Richard Jordan about 1663 in Cypress Creek, Isle Of Wight Co, VA. Richard was born about 1635.

   62 F    vi. Jane Reynolds was born about 1650 in Cypress Creek, Lower Parrish, Isle Of Wight Co, VA and died about 1668 about age 18.

Noted events in her life were:

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

   63 M    vii. Thomas Reynolds was born about 1654 in VA.

Noted events in his life were:

• Probate: 1 May 1654.

23. John Reynolds 6 was born about 1612 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England and died on 31 Aug 1662 in Saybrook, Connecticut about age 50.

General Notes: Wayne Reynolds says he was born in 1590 Over with Saltonstall and Jo hn Wi nthrop in 1630 (On ships Arabella, Jewel l, Ambrose, and Talbot) Joh ns bro ther, Robert, was with Winthrops group And settled Boston. Johns gr oup, u nder Saltonstall founded Watertown. and John Reynolds w as a co-fo und er of Wethersfield. Also helped found Stamford 1641. Eventually he m ov ed to Greenwich, Ct. Freeman 5/6/1635 Torrey says married 'by 1634' a nd gi ves 1662 as death date !It is just pos sible that we are descended f rom Ro bert rather than John. If the later Jo hn Reynolds married Hanna S utton r ather than Hanna Jessup, this could be t he case. Robert return ed to Bost on where he died 4/27/1659. His wife was M ary and they had chi ldren; Nath aniel, Ruth, Tabitha, Sarah and Mary. Natha niel had Joseph (S ee letter fr om Mrs. Brice Martin 12/28/92 in the Reynol ds file) Savage v ol.3 p525 His t. & Desc. of John & Sara Reynolds p26by Marion C. Reynol ds American Genea logist (1958) Vol.34 #1 p26Vol.33 (1957) pp50-52 John Re ynolds of Watertow nby Marion Reynolds (1924) Reynolds Recollections Vol .1 #2 (RFA)D.A.R. Lin eage Book Vol.77 p267; Vol. 133 p293 American Geneal ogist (1955) Vol.31 p2 07'John Reynolds of Greewich '-McCracken NEHGR Vol. 11 p133 Pioneers of Mas sachusetts by Charles Henry Pope p.383 Reynolds Fa mily Hist ory by J. Mont gomery Seaver \\\ The History and Descendan ts of John and Sarah Reynol ds ; Author: Mari on H. Reynolds; Call Numbe r: CS71.R464 The progenit or of that branch of the Reynolds Family which s ettled in Gree nwich, Conn ., was John Reynolds, born in England probab ly about 1612. The re is no au thority for this date. His wife, Sarah, w as born about 1614; a nd their th ree known children were Elizabeth, Jonat han and John. It is tho ught th at John Reynolds sailed from the Port of L ondon or Ipswich. In Amer ica, t he first recorded mention of him is in Wa tertown, Mass., on his bei ng ma de a Freeman, May 6, 1635. Watertown, 163 4. He may have come with the seve ral hundred colonists und er Sir Richa rd Saltonstall and John Winthrop w ho crossed during April-Jun e, 163 0, in the ships Arbella, Jewell, Ambro se and Talbot. In the first f ew we eks after their arrival they stopp ed at Salem and Charlestown a nd th en in July divided into two parties. On e, under Governor John Winth rop, se ttled Boston in July, 1630; and in t he same month, the remaind er of the im migrants under Sir Richard Saltonst all founded Watertown. Fr om the Waterto wn colonists came the first settle rs of Wethersfield, Con n. They were Puri tans or Non-Conformists; not Pilg rims, or Separatist s, or Brownists. The F irst Church at Watertown was gat hered on August 2 7, 1630, under the Rev. G eorge Phillips as Pastor. In En gland(+) he h ad been 'minister at Boxfo rd in the County of Essex. Mo st of them wer e, probably, the people of h is former charge and from the s ame county .' Robert Reynolds (1580?-1659) of Boston who was mentioned in c onnecti on wi th Watertown at this time, and who 'from 'well-authenticat ed priva te recor ds of long ago,' was known to have been in Boston in 1632 ,' w as probab ly a brother, uncle or cousin of John Reynolds. There is so me t radition, i ndeed, supported by an occasional similarity of family nam e s, that possib ly James of North Kingstown and William of Providence m ig ht also be John 's brothers. But this relationship would seem to be ext rem ely doubtful. 'Sarah Reynolds, aged 20,' believed?? to be John's wif e, w as a passeng er on the ship Elizabeth, sailing from Ipswich, Mr. Will iam A ndrews, Maste r, 'bound for new EngLand the last of Aprill 1634'; b ut Jo hn Reynolds' na me is not on the passenger list. Sarah's name appea rs alo ne between 'Robe rt Day and his wife' and 'Robert Goodall and his w ife'-- it is barely possi ble she might have accompanied either family. Ho weve r, it is more interest ing to note that on that very ship came John S herma n, Thurston Raynor a nd his wife, Isaac Mixer and his wife, and othe rs so on after associated wi th our John at Watertown, Wethersfield and St amfor d. And it is even more i mportant that (+)Trumbull: History of Conne cticu t, I: 23, 26. Rev. M. T. Runnels: Runnels-Reynolds Family, pub. 187 3, p. 2 53. We do n ot know why Runnels make this statement so positivel y, nor w hy he emphasizes know n, but it seems significant. ??John C. Hot ten: Orig inal Lists, Emigrants to America, 1600-1700, pub. 18 74, pp. 280 -81.

Noted events in his life were:

• Alt. Birth: 1612.

John married Sarah Chesterfield about 1634 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Sarah was born in 1614 in Suffolk, England and died on 31 Aug 1657 in Greenwich, Connecticut at age 43. Another name for Sarah was Sara Chesterfield.

Noted events in her life were:

• Alt. Death: 1657.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 64 F    i. Elizabeth Reynolds 9 was born about 1635 in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut and died in 1703 in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut about age 68.

   65 M    ii. David Reynolds was born about 1635.

+ 66 M    iii. Jonathan Reynolds 9 was born between 1635 and 1637 in Wethersfield, Connecticut and died about 13 Jan 1673 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

+ 67 M    iv. John Reynolds 9 was born in 1638 in Wethersfield, Connecticut6 and died in 1701 in Greenwich, Connecticut at age 63.

+ 68 M    v. John Reynolds was born in 1646.

24. Stephen Reynolds was born about 1601. Another name for Stephen was Stephen Runnells.

Stephen married Sarah Bradford. Sarah was born about 1600.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 69 M    i. John Reynolds was born about 1620 and died on 22 Jul 1702 in Norwich, CT about age 82.

27. William Reynolds was born in 1613 and died on 10 Apr 1675 at age 62. Another name for William was William Runnells.

General Notes: Sandra <>, Runnells GenForum; nov 1999; I have a Wm Rey no lds,dob-abt 1613? in Kennebunk, abt 1647. m. Alice Kits on had 5 heir s. .. job, john, samuel, willim, and mary (Langley).? I need c onfirmati on a nd or disprove that Mary (Langley) was Wm's daughter. I ha ve a seco nd sou rce that lists Mary as Wm's granddaughter. My second sour ce also l is ts as heirs, Jane and hope, but not mary. Looks like Wm. also h ad a br oth er John, at the Isles of Shoals. Anyone with additional info, ,, plea se l et me know. Thx. (seems wm came down from Nova Scotia) Ronda S. Vaide an; r eply Researching the Runnells/Runals/Reynolds name also. I ha ve Wm Reynol ds B. 1613 D. April 10, 1675. Married Alice Kitson 30 Aug. 16 38 Plymouth M A. Their children were Hope, a nother female name ?, Jane, W illiam, John a nd Job. Do a family search wi th the Latter Day Saints si te with Ancestr al File. \\\\ William and Alice (Kitson) Reynolds of Duxbu ry, MD and Ca pe Porpoise, ME ( Piscataqua): by Susan Rogers Clement, copy right by The R eynolds Family Ass ociation, 1992; fa/line13/index .html WILLIAM REYNOLDS, son of William (4162) and Esther ( Ruth or Roth) Re ynold s, m. 30 August 1638 Alice Kitson, and settled Kenn ebunk, Me. Th is li ne is described fully in Meserve's History of Durha m, New Hampshir e, a nd in the book Runnels AND Reynolds Families, by t he Rev. M. T. Runne ls. I ssue: John b. 1641, Job, Alice who m. John Bus s, Jr.: Mary who m. Ja mes La ngley: Sarah who m. 1st - Head, and 2d 3 Sep tember 1718 Richard Bla nchar d: Hopestill who m 1st 23 October 1664 Thom as Sanders and 2d Eli Dem erit t: Martha Jane who m. William Wormwood: a nd Samuel, b. 1674. These a re n ot necessarily listed in order of birt h. There appear to be significa nt discrepancies in Tillman's account a bo ve of the family of William Reyn olds when compared with other acco un ts of this family. This is not surpri sing based on the complexity of t he e xtant documents which give various i nformation about William and h is child ren and grandchildren. The followi ng information on William's fa mily is ex cerpted from Genealogical Diction ary of Maine and New Hampshir e, by Syb il Noyes, Charles Thornton Libby, a nd Walter Goodwin Davis, 193 9; The Pion eers of Maine and New Hampshire 16 23 to 1660 by Charles Hen ry Pope, 190 8; and History of the Town of Durha m, New Hampshire by Evere tt S. Stackpo le and Winthrop S. Meserve. The mar riage of William and Ali ce is record ed in Plymouth Colony Vital Recor ds by George Ernest Bowma n. William first appeared at Kennebec [ME] with J ohn Howland in 163 4. He w as granted land in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony 6 F eb 1637. He marri ed in Plym outh 30 Aug 1638 Alice Kitson. In Cape Porpois e. where he m ay have remov ed as early as 1640, he had a 200 acre grant fr om George Cl eeve in 1654, b ought Peter Turbat's house and 200 acres on t he East si de of the Kennebu nk river in 1657 and kept the ferry there, bei ng licens ed as late as 167 3. He took the oath of allegiance in 1653. In 1 675 Will iam settled his whole property on his son John in return for l i fe suppo rt for his aged parents, John giving money to his brothers Wil li am and J ob before signing the deed. John was aged about 30 in 168 1. He so ld h is father's original 100 acre plantation to Peter Randa ll in 168 4. He w as appointed ferryman in 1687. John died without issue, p robably unmarrie d, and intestate. By law his hei rs were his nephews and n ieces, and a se ries of deeds beginning in 1718 na me eight of them, althou gh it is impos sible to determine from these dee ds the actual number of Wi lliam Reynold s' grandchildren and the parenta ge of some of them. Job Reyn olds, John R enalds, James Langley and his wife Mary, all of Dove r, quitcl aim their r ight 21 June 1718, and sold to Thomas Perkins of Ports mouth, 2 00 acr es in Arundel (the old name of Kennebunk) [York Deeds X:130 ]. Jo hn Reyno lds sold to Stephen Harding right to land which was his fathe rs a nd gran dfathers in Cape Porpoise 30 July 1720 [York Deeds X:57], as d id S amu el Reynolds on 15 July 1720 in a separate deed to Thomas Perkins, n a mi ng his honored grandfather William Renalds of Cape Porpoise [York D ee ds X :130]. This Samuel became administrator of his grandfather's and u nc le 's estates in 1721. A number of legal arguments arose as a resu lt of t he se claims, and in 1722 arbitrators became involved to determi ne lawf ul own ership. At this same time, on 11 July 1722, John Buss and A lice h is wif e, Richard Blanchard and Sarah his wife, all of Dover appea r, decla ring th emselves to be nieces of John Reynolds, and sold la nd to Stephen H ardi ng of Arundel, alias Cape Porpoise, one sixth pa rt of land formerly b elong ing to their uncle John Runalds, decease d. In 1725 Hope Demeritt a nd Willi am Wormwood, niece and nephew, quitcla im their right. The followi ng is the outline of William Reynolds' childr en and grandchildr en accordi ng to the sources cited above: WILLIAM REYNO LDS m. Plymouth 30 Aug 1638 Al ice Kitson from Pope: had children John, Sa muel, Job, William, Mary m. Jam es Langle y, Jane m. Thomas Wormwood. fr om Noyes, had childre n: 1 JOHN REYNOLDS unmarried, died before 17 18 without issue 2 WILLIAM REY NOLDS m. ---, lived Pemaquid [ME]; had s on SAMUEL REYNOLDS w ho m. Abiga il Middleton, lived Bradford MA 3 JOB REY NOLDS d. by 1696, m. 1692 widow S arah (Wiley) Crawford. They liv ed Ports mouth [NH] and Cape Elizabeth [ME ]; had children JOB REYNOLDS m. w idow H annah (Huckins) Chesley, lived Oys ter River; MARY REYNOLDS m. Jam es Lang ley; JOHN REYNOLDS m. 1718 Hannah C lark, lived Oyster River. 4 daughte r, possibly SARAH REYNOLDS m. Arthur He ad; had children ALICE HE AD m. Jo hn Buss; SARAH HEAD m. 1719 Richard Blan chard. 5 daughter, m. --- Wormwo od (Stackpole and Meserve name this daught er Ja ne and state that she mar ried Thomas Wormwood) 6 very probably, HO PE REYNOLDS m 1) Saco [ME] 16 64 Thomas Sanders, m 2) Jo hn Cleg Clearly, c opies of the original docume nts mentioned above are needed for t he R FA to undertake further stu dy of this family. There may be addition al doc uments as well that cou ld provide help in solving some of the confus ion a nd mystery. \\\\

William married Alice Kitson on 30 Aug 1638 in Plymouth, Mass. Alice was born in 1617.

Children from this marriage were:

   70 M    i. William Reynolds was born about 1640. Another name for William was William Runnells.

+ 71 M    ii. John Reynolds was born in 1641 and died in 1721 at age 80.

   72 F    iii. Mary Reynolds was born about 1645. Another name for Mary was Mary Runnells.

Mary married James Langley. James was born about 1640.

+ 73 M    iv. Job Reynolds was born in 1645.

   74 F    v. Hope Reynolds was born about 1648. Other names for Hope were Hopestill Reynolds and Hope Runnells.

Hope married Thomas Sanders on 23 Oct 1664. Thomas was born about 1645.

Hope next married Eli Demeritt after 1664. Eli was born about 1645.

Hope next married John Cleg after 1665. John was born about 1645.

   75 F    vi. Martha Jane Reynolds was born about 1650. Another name for Martha was Jane Runnells.

Martha married William Wormwood. William was born about 1645.

   76 F    vii. Alice Reynolds was born about 1650.

Alice married John Buss. John was born about 1645.

   77 F    viii. Sarah Reynolds was born about 1660.

Sarah married ? Head about 1680. ? was born about 1650.

Sarah next married Richard Blanchard on 3 Sep 1718. Richard was born about 1650.

   78 M    ix. Samuel Reynolds was born in 1674. Another name for Samuel was Samuel Runnells.

31. James Reynolds 3 was born on 13 May 1625 in Westerly, Washington Co, RI and died between 1699 and 1700 in N. Kingston, Washington Co, RI.

James married Deborah Sweete. Deborah was born about 1625 and died in 1692 about age 67.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 79 M    i. John Reynolds was born on 12 Oct 1646 and died in 1675 at age 29.

+ 80 M    ii. James Reynolds was born on 28 Oct 1650 and died in 1712 at age 62.

+ 81 M    iii. Joseph Reynolds 3 was born on 27 Nov 1652.

   82 M    iv. Henry Reynolds was born on 1 Jul 1656 and died in 1716 at age 60.

Henry married Sarah Greene. Sarah was born about 1655.

   83 F    v. Deborah Reynolds was born on 12 Feb 1657.

Deborah married John Sweet. John was born about 1655.

+ 84 M    vi. Francis Reynolds was born on 2 Oct 1662.

   85 F    vii. Mercy Reynolds was born on 22 Dec 1664 and died in 1738 at age 74.

Mercy married Thomas Nichols. Thomas was born about 1665.

   86 M    viii. Robert Reynolds was born between 1665 and 1666 and died between 1714 and 1715.

Robert married Deliverance Smith. Deliverance was born about 1670.

   87 M    ix. Benjamin Reynolds was born between 1668 and 1669.

   88 F    x. Elizabeth Reynolds was born between 1670 and 1671.

32. William Reynolds was born in 1606 in County Kent, Eng and died on 19 Feb 1667 in Chichester?, Eng at age 61.

General Notes: Chichester?, ENG

Noted events in his life were:

• Alt. Death: 19 Feb 1668.

William married Margaret Exton on 6 Mar 1643 in County Sussex Co, Eng. Margaret was born about 1620 in Kent Co, Eng and died in 1688 in Chester Co, PA about age 68.

Marriage Notes: County Sussex Co, ENG

Noted events in their marriage were:

• Alt. Marriage: 6 Mar 1644.

Children from this marriage were:

   89 F    i. Margaret Reynolds was born on 4 Dec 1645 in Chichester, Sussex, Eng.

Margaret married John Kinch. John was born about 1640.

   90 F    ii. Elizabeth Reynolds was born in Feb 1646 in Chichester, Sussex, Eng and died on 26 Dec 1647 in Chichester, Sussex, Eng at age 1.

   91 M    iii. James Reynolds was born about 1647.

   92 M    iv. Robert Reynolds was born about 1648.

+ 93 M    v. Henry Reynolds was born on 1 May 1650 in County Sussex, Eng, died on 7 Aug 1724 in Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co, PA at age 74, and was buried in Burlington, Burlington Co, NJ.

+ 94 M    vi. Francis Joseph Reynolds was born in 1652 and died in 1747 in Lancaster Co, PA at age 95.

   95 M    vii. Thomas Reynolds was born about 1654.

+ 96 M    viii. John Reynolds was born about 1656 in Eng and died about 1690 about age 34.

   97 F    ix. Mary Reynolds was born in 1657 and died before 1660.

+ 98 M    x. William Reynolds was born about 1658 and died in 1727 about age 69.

   99 M    xi. Samuel Reynolds was born about 1660.

33. Robert Reynolds was born in 1607 in York Co, VA and died WFT Est 1632-1697 in Bermuda at age 25.

General Notes: Note; sources for this Robert were dated Aug 2001 and compiled by G ay le El lingsworth <>

Robert married Margery Powell on 1 May 1626 in Eng. Margery was born WFT Est 1586-1612 in Eng and died WFT Est 1631-1701 in Bermuda at age 45.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 100 M    i. John Reynolds was born about 1627 in Eng and died WFT Est 1665-1718 in Bermuda about age 38.

35. Nicholas Reynolds was born in 1610 in York Co, VA.

General Notes: Franklin Co, Kentucky Biographies y/ fr anklin/index/Reynoldsfam.html Reynolds Family ; Descendants of Nich ol as Reynolds and Alice Gregory of Vi rginia The Obituary of Thom as M. S. Re ynolds states his ancestry came from Scotla nd and settl ed in Virginia a nd were supporters of the American Independenc e. Thoma s, the sixth s on of Washington Reynolds was born in Orange Co, Vi rgini a, February 2, 18 18. As a young man, he migrated to Kentucky and set tl ed near Louisvill e, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth H. Seaton on Ju ly 2 9, 1841. Thomas le ft Kentucky in 1860 and settled in western Missou ri a nd later on to Nebr aska. He died at his home near Lincoln on Janua ry 9, 18 98. According to h is obituary, his grandfather Joseph Reynolds w as a soldi er in the Revolut ionary War. Joseph Reynolds had two sons, t he younger, W ashington Reynol ds was born 1775 and married Catherine De nt Swann, of Mar yland in Oran ge Co, Virginia on March 1, 1805. They we re the parents of ei ght childre n, however the names of all the childr en are unknown. Old fami ly stori es say their eldest son, William Washing ton Reynolds migrated to S helby C o, Kentucky and married Mary Elizabe th Cardin on January 2, 1838. S he w as only fourteen years of age. Ma ry was born on July 19, 1823 near S imp sonville, Kentucky . Her family op erated the Inn on the old Louisvil le ro ad in Shelby County. William a nd Mary had eight children: Catheri ne Jan e, was born on October 12, 18 38 and died March 2, 1914; John Thoma s, bo rn November 6, 1840; Mary Ade laide, born May 30, 1843, died Februa ry 1 4, 1905; Benjamin Franklin, bo rn November 7, 1845, died March 7, 191 8; Lu cy A., born October 10, 184 8, died February 14, 1905; William H., bo rn Ju ly 7, 1851, died June 3, 1 860; George W., born April 3, 1854, died Ma r ch 12, 1929 and Ogden Hoffma n, born June 10, 1857, died August 20, 1 91 8, where he is buried in the F rankfort Cemetery. On September 26, 189 0, W illiam W. Reynolds purchas ed lots 468, Section P in the Cave Hill Cem eter y, Louisville, Kentuck y. He was laid to rest on August 10, 1891 besi de h is wife, Mary Elizabet h. Other family members buried at Cave Hill ar e: chi ldren of B. F. Reyno lds, April 27, 1893; Miss Mary A. Reynolds, Feb ruary 1 6, 1905; Mrs. Ka te J. Edwards, March 4, 1914; Benjamin Franklin R eynold s, March 9, 191 8; Christina Reynolds Peiper, March 24, 1919; Geor ge W. Rey nolds, Mar ch 14, 1929; and Miss Jessie Hamilton Reynolds, Septem ber 1, 193 0 ------ ------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- --- --- Ogden Hoffman Reynolds, born June 10, 1857 in Shel by Co, Kentuck y, s on of William Washington Reynolds and Mary Elizabeth Ca rdin, beca me a prom inent doctor in Frankfort. He died August 20, 1918 f rom a fre ak accide nt with a pin. Although no tombstone inscription exis t, recor ds of the Fra nkfort Cemetery show that O. H. Reynolds was buri ed the re on August 23, 19 18 in a plot owned by his in-laws, the Harancou rt fam ily. Lillian Harancou rt Reynolds died on August 26, 1947 and was bu ri ed the next day beside h er husband. Peter Herancourt, one of the li ne al descendants of the Huguenot Jean de He rancourt, who left Nantes, Fr an ce on the 22nd of October 1865 and settl ed at Muhlhefen Reinphalz. P et er was born on January 4, 1821, at Muhlhef en and later migrated to Ame ri ca in 1835. He stopped in Columbus, Ohio a nd stayed for three year s. Th ere he learned the brewing trade. Afterwa rd he established breweri es in S t. Louis, Missouri, Muscahine, Iowa and Ci ncinnati, Ohio. On Apr il 23, 1 854, in Cincinnati, Peter married Cathari ne Traub. Born in Germ any, s he was the daughter of Erhart and Eva Bye Tra ub. In October of 18 67, Pet er Herancourt came to Frankfort, Kentucky a nd established the Fra nkfort M alt House, which he operated until his dea th in March of 188 4. Cathari ne Traub Herancourt died on February 7, 19 17 at the a ge of 78 and is buri ed beside her husband. Peter and Cathari ne had thr ee children; Carrie, O scar and Lillian. --------------------------------- ----------------------- ---------------- -- ------ William S. Edwards w as born November 4, 180 4. He came to Louisville fr om Southold, Long Isl and. William marri ed on April 14, 1838 in Franklin Co unty to Ellen Morri s, born about 18 20 in Shelby Co, Kentucky. Source: Information on the Re ynold's family su bmitted by: Albert Edwar ds <>.

Nicholas married Alice Gregory. Alice was born about 1610.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 101 M    i. Robert Reynolds was born in 1642.

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