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Posted 05/04/2017 Surname: Wilson

David Wilson is my 6X Great Grandfather. He lived in Carroll Co. around the time it was first settled. He was a scout for the Army in the forts along the Ohio River. He had between 45-47 children. I have found articles about these children but I canít find anything on wives.  I know of 2 children for certain, Alexander & Thomas.  Thomas also lived in Carroll Co. Ky. Some of his children are buried there. Have no idea on when Thomas died, last thing I know about him. He was in the 1880 census with one of his sonís. In a letter written by Thomas granddaughter, he lived to be 102 years old. Meaning he would have died in 1899, possibly 1900. Assuming he didnít make the 1900 census. His second wife was Ellen Southard or Suddith, no idea on the first wive. Only know he was married once before is from the same letter by his granddaughter saying that he has my 4th great grandmother Eliza Wilson by his first wife. I have tried to figure out wives of David Wilson & death dates on Thomas or Ellen. I have hit a brick wall! Any help appreciated!  April Waters,

Posted 03/14/2017 Surname: Duncan

Hello. My name is Kevin Duncan. My ggg-grandfather Micajah Duncan is suppose to have migrated through Carroll County in the early to mid 1800s. His father was Charles F. Duncan. Are there any records of his family? I need to prove Micajah is a son of Charles. Thanks, Kevin

Posted 04/13/2015 Surname: McEndre

I'm searching for information about the parents of my 3rd Great Grandfather born around 1808.  His name is Robert McEndre.  I've searched using and seen the family name spelled in a variety of ways through the generations: McEndree/McAndre/McCandree.  Any of these might be used for Robert's name. Robert married Catherine Dunn in Henry Co. in 1831, and fathered George M McEndre (b. 1833), John Ruben McEndre (b. 1835), James D McEndre (b. 1841), and several more children subsequently.  John Ruben, my 2nd Great Grandfather, fathered a son named Robert Layton McEndre (b. 1862). I have found records of a Bunyan McAndre (b. 1765) in the area that I am hopeful may be connected.  Bunyan fathered Reuben McAndre (b. 1780), John McAndre (b. 1784), and several more children subsequently.  Reuben married Elizabeth Sullinger in 1800, and fathered Layton McAndre (b. 1805).  I have not been able to find any records that connect Robert to this family.  But Robert's birth date would fit easily into Reuben's family.  Furthermore, it's very interesting that the names Ruben, John, and Layton appear in the names of my ancestors as well as in the names of the Bunyan McAndre family.
There is a death record in the "Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953" for a man named Robt McEndre, which is the basis for the death date you cited: 29 May 1856.  I've not seen any other source for his death date.  The death record shows very little about Robt McEndre - nothing about his age, occupation, cause of death, place of birth or residence Place of death is Carroll Co.  But of the few things it recorded about him, it included a name for Parent: "Wm Winan" which creates more questions than it answers... The death date 1856 fits the census records: Robert is listed with his wife and children in the 1850 census, and he is not included with his wife and children in the 1860 census. Any help with this would be very appreciated, thanks, Chris,

Posted 09/24/2014 Surname: Waller

My husbands' Waller line is Mina Ellen Waller b. 1885 in Missouri and d. 1970 in Missouri. Her father was John Douglas Waller b. 1861 in Ill. d.
1932 in El Dorado springs Missouri. Her mother was Mary Alice Hale. John D. Wallers' father was John Arthur Waller.  b.1828 in Carroll County
Ky to William Waller b. ? in Maryland and unknown Anderson. d.1910 in El Dorado Springs Missouri.  m. Nancy Devore 1850 in Carroll County Ky.
they show on the 1850 census in Carroll County with a 4 yr old boy named Norvin Neulsizer.   Anyone with any information on this William Waller?
Or who Norvin was and where he ended up? Any help will be appreciated. JoAnne Sherman,

Posted 09/08/2014 Surname: Pryor

I am looking for Alonzo Pryor and his daughter Lydia or Lyda [b 1877] who I believe moved to Worthville in 1900.  Thanks, Bob Heightchew,

Posted 11/14/2013 Surname: Davis

Looking for information on Mary E. Davis b. Dec 9, 1876/1878 in Carroll Co., KY. Her father was James Davis b. 26 Feb 1854 in KY and her mother was Christina A. Wise b 05 Mar. 1855/1859 in KY. They were married 1874 in Carroll Co., KY. This would be my grand mother Mary E. Davis family .Any help with brothers & sisters of Mary E. Davis (also known as Lizzie ) would be very appreciated... thank you, Milly,

Posted 09/30/2013 Surname: Duncan

I'm looking for information on my G.G.G.Grndfather, Micajah Wright Duncan Born 8 Jan 1813 in Carroll, Carrollton, KY- death 6 Mar 1893 in California, Moniteau, MO. Was a Baptist minister. Thanks for any help, Elizabeth Airheart,

Posted 03/20/2013 Surname: Craig

I am looking for information re: the Craig family that lived in Ghent and Carrollton. Maybe also Jett, KY. My Great-Grandmother was Annie Alice Craig born around 1872 and I would love to know about her parents or other family members. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks, Florence Page,

Posted 08/01/2012 Surname: Davis

Looking for information on Henry Davis b. abt. 1850 in Carroll County, Ky. or OH. married Louisa (Wise) Morrison March 16, 1875 Carroll County, KY.  I don't know Henry's parents names.  Louisa Wise, Father's name was, John Wise.  Louisa Wise married James Richard Morrison 1st; August 28, 1870 Carroll County, Ky. had a son John Morrison married Ida Martin.
Henry Davis and Louisa Wise Morrison Davis had a son named: Isaac Willard Davis born abt. 1880/81.  Louisa Wise was born abt. 1852 in Carroll County, Ky or in Ohio. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, Connie Foster,

Posted 06/22/2012 Surname: Davis

Searching for my great great grandfather, William Davis born in Ghent, Kentucky in 1845 according to his daughter Edna's birth records from Jennings County, Indiana. He lists his occupation as "Laborer" (My assumption is my
gggrandmother was not his first wife, as they were married in 1894 in Jennings County, Indiana. They had six children, Maggie, James, Edna, Nellie, Ethel and Henry and were divorced in 1911, again in Jennings County, Indiana. I have absolutely no other info on him. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks, Kimberly Davis,

Posted 05/19/2012 Surname: McKim / Roberts

I am searching for info on children of John James McKim and Nancy Ann Roberts who lived in Carrollton approx 1870-1915.  Just found them on your site deceased as John McKiss in 1911 and Nancy McKinn in 1915.  I'm specifically looking for info on their son Robert b 1859 - 1861.  Our Robert Bruce McKim (my husband's gr-grandfather) lived in Arkansas in 1888-1906.  Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Cindy (Carder) McKimm,

Posted 01/24/2012 Surname: Wheeler

Looking for info about my grandfather.  He was a Wheeler from Ghent KY. He married a Smith woman who died young and left three children; Howard (plug), Donna (punk) and Dodi (cush). All are deceased.  My dad, Howard, was born in 1918.  Thanks any help appreciated!

Posted 01/03/2012 Surname: Brown

I am looking for my ggg-grandmother Sarah Louvina Brown, born in Kentucky. Some have posted her birth year as 1792 some say 1803 to 1813.  She married my maternal ggg-grandfather Hiram William Henderson who was born abt. 1789 to 1808. The last census he was alive was in Bates County, Missouri. I know he died 1855, in that area.  Any help please, will be appreciated. Thanks, Sandy Wyse,

Posted 12/20/2011 Surname: Powell

I am looking for information about my deceased father's first wife, Catherine Josephine Powell and her daughter, Annette Austin.  My father's name was Louis Coghill.  He died March 30, 1999.  I am pretty sure she has passed away as well. Thanks, Alice Messer,

Posted 11/14/2011 Surname: Arnold/Hall

I am looking for any information about my Great Great Grandmother, Cynthia Arnold. So far all I can find is an obit in my local paper from 1903 that said she was born and married her husband in Carroll County her name was Cynthia Ann Arnold
she was born in 1836. After she and my Great Great Grandfather married, they moved to Texas. First in San Antonio then to Corpus Christi , his name was Edward Hall any information would be helpful thank you, Joseph Padilla,

Posted 06/28/2011 Surname: Hamilton

I am seeking information on William Henry Hamilton born April 8, 1873 in OH and died July 30, 1951 in Carroll County, KY. He is buried at Ghent. According to his death certificate his parents were Jeremiah Hamilton and
Susan Longsdorf. I am assuming that they would have both been from Ohio, however, I cannot find any information on them. According to family stories, William's mother died when he was a boy. His father re-married.
While his father was away during the Spanish American War (I believe), his step-mother (not so nice) told his father he had died and put him in an orphan's home in Logan County, Bellefontaine, OH. He was supposedly
taken in and lived with Albert Tandy at Whites Run in Carroll County, Ky, however, I have not found record of this. He did finally locate his father and his 1/2 siblings, Charles and Gertrude. I would appreciate
hearing from anyone with information on this family or with suggestions on where I could search. Thank you, Karen Frans,

Posted 06/20/2011 Surname: Skidmore

I am seeking information on my great-grandmother, Annie E. Skidmore (Cook). I believe she was born in Henry County, KY about Dec 1880. Her parents were Elza Skidmore and Susannah Aldridge. She married Levi Cook, my great-grandfather, in 1900 in Henry County. After that, I cannot find any trace of her. Levi shows up on the 1910 census living in Owen County with his status as divorced. My grandmother, Lena Cook is living with him. Most of Annie's family moved from Henry County to Carroll County but there is no trace of Annie. Her parents are buried in the English cemetery.  I would like to hear from anyone with information on this
Skidmore family who lived in Carroll County. Thanks, Karen Frans,

Posted 06/04/2011 Surname: McIntyre

Searching for information on Elijah McIntyre (1803-?) and his son Perry Sherman McIntyre, my maternal great great grandfather.  Thanks, Robert Burton,

Posted 05/15/2011 Surname: Davis

I am looking for information on Amanda Davis born October 1875 in Carroll County, KY.
Thanks, Jim Randall,

Posted 04/03/2011 Surname: Matthews Bros. Photography

I am looking for information on the years that the Matthews Bros Photography was in business. Thanks, Jane Wright,

Posted 03/01/2011 Surname: Humble

Am looking for a list of those buried in Cull cemetery on Cull Ridge Road in Carroll County, Kentucky. I am trying to locate the grave of my wife's grandfather, John J. Humble who may have been buried in Cull cemetery. Any help will be appreciated. Jack Averitt,

Posted 02/27/2011 Surname: Baxter

I believe I have located my great grandparents, A. W Baxter and Nancy Edwards Baxter in the 1880 Carroll Co., KY census.  Pg 50, Supervisor district #4, Enumeration District 34, and Jordan M.D. All the surrounding pages indicate Ghent.  I cannot locate Jordan in Carroll Co. on current or historical maps, nor can I find any mention of Jordan.  Does anybody have any knowledge of Jordan, where was it located, etc?  Additionally, anyone with knowledge of A. W. Baxter or Nancy Edwards, I would like to hear from you. Thanks, Pam Baxter,

Posted 02/13/2011 Surname: Howell

I'm looking for anyone with the last name Howell, in Carroll County, and Worthville.  I've never met my grandfather or any of his family.  Amey Howell was his name.  I don't know if you can help, if not maybe you can help point me in the right direction.  Thank you so much for your time. Angel Madden

Posted 11/19/2010 Surname: Arnold / Hall

I'm Looking for information about my Great Great Grandmother, Cythin Ann Arnold, I know from her Obituary that she came to Texas from Carroll county after marring Edward Hall about the 1850's any information would
be very helpful, thank you, Joseph Padilla,

Posted 11/18/2010 Surname: Osborne / McDonald

I found my great grandparents, Walker Osborne and Daisy McDonald but I would like to find Daisy McDonald's mothers maiden name and Walker Osborne's mothers maiden name to search further back.  I believe they may
be the first of the family in Carroll County. Thanks for any help, Beth Lavallee,

Posted 11/11/2010 Surname: Wright

Elizabeth Ingram 1792/1876,originally from Culpeper Va. married unknown Wright. She later moved to Carroll Co area with 4 children and later married William Waller. Parents were unknown first name Ingram and Nancy Ingram. Looking for info on Elizabeth's first husband, "unknown Wright". Who is he ? Have data on his children, grandchildren, etc. Any leads will help ! Thanks, Ted Wright,

Posted 11/06/2010 Surname: Bradley

Looking for the parents of Thomas Bradley, b. 1809 or 1810 in Maryland. 1880 residence listed as Locust, Carroll, Kentucky. I believe he came to Kentucky as early as the 1820s. Appears several times in articles about his two sons in the 4th Kentucky Cav.  Also once had an obit in the Historical Section of the Carrollton Democrat, referring to him as "Uncle Tommy Bradley."  Need help finding where he was born in Maryland and his parents names.
Any help will be appreciated, William Bradley,

Posted 10/12/2010 Surname: Stewart

I am looking for information on the family of John Duncan Stewart: On I found a Mill Creek, Carroll County, Kentucky online birth record for John Duncan Stewart b. 14 Dec 1853. His parents are listed as John Stewart and Rhoda Eldridge. I also found this record at the Carroll County KyGenWeb site. -- -- I also found the 1850 census record for John Stewart, 25, his wife Rhoda J, 24, and male child Dewit, 3 months old. (page 192B family # 12) -- -- I found what I believe to be the same family on in the 1860 Kentucky, Carroll, Mill Creek, US Census, page 3, family 395. It appears that John
has remarried. (Stewart John and Nevill Matilda J 1859 02-138 W. -- --) The family is listed as: John Stewart, 35, male, born in Kentucky; Matilda J. Steward, 27, female, born in Kentucky, Dewitt C. Steward, 10, male, born
in Kentucky; Lindsay W. Steward, 8, male, born in Kentucky; John D. Steward, 6, born in Kentucky; and Nancy E. Steward, 4, female, born in Kentucky. -- John is not living with the family in the 1870 census. There
is a John Duncan Stewart living in Muhlenberg County in 1870 that some people believe to be the same person as listed above. I'm trying to prove or disprove that theory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Harold Stewart,

Posted 09/14/2010 Surname: Garvey / Bourn

I am looking for info on Susie Garvey married Robert Bourn abt. 1920? My Grandmother Hattie Ann Anderson was born in Sparta, Kentucky between 1885-1889 and married Henry Sanders who was born in Tennessee but his brother is listed in the census in Sanders, Ky.  I am trying to find her mother with only knowing her last name of Anderson.  I know when she was 18 she was a servant for 2 different families one in Sparta with a daughter named Susie Garvey who taught her to read and write. One in Newcastle with a family named Odair; Carter Odair, Annie Odair and Mattiline M. Odair. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Remell Jennings,


Posted 07/01/2010 Surnames: Lewis / Hunt

Looking for parents & any other information on Sarah A. Lewis & Richard L. Hunt, who married Sep. 16, 1852 in Carroll Co.  Sarah was born ca 1825 in Gallatin Co. & died in 1884 in Carroll Co.  Richard was born in June
1828 in Gallatin Co. & died after 1900, probably in Carroll Co.  He was in the 1900 census in Carroll Co.  Their children, all born in Carroll Co., were Lucy E.,  John Henry, George Sylvester, Albert Whitson, Mary, James W., & Lewis R. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Nancy Domjanovich,

Posted 07/01/2010 Surnames: Foster

I am trying to find out about Andrew J. Foster and his parents Daniel B. (this is my great-grandfather and great-great grandmother. My grandfather was Raymond Foster. And I grew up in Carrollton. My maiden name is
Foster. So I am trying to did any information that I can on them and their families. If they were in any services or not. Can you help me. Thanks for any help, Devella C. Nichelson,

Posted 06/13/2010 Surnames: Stanton

My g-g-grandfather was born in Carroll County, KY, on June 14, 1839.  His brother, Andrew, was born in KY in 1841.  I cannot find Stantons in Carroll County, except a marriage, Edwin Stanton, in 1863.  Any help
would be appreciated.  Thanks, David Stanton,

Posted 06/04/2010 Surnames: Meadows

Looking for William James Meadows married Frances Ann ------ abt 1846.  They had a daughter Malissa (Linsey 1850) married Alphonso Hall 1870's?  Would like to know something about this line of Meadows in Henry/Carroll county. Any help will be appreciated, Oscar Meadows,

Posted 05/10/10 Surnames: Wheeler

I am looking for information on Louis and Margaret Wheeler family. William L. Wheeler and wife Emma had 3 children in Ghent, Ky. William Louis and Margert are buried at Ghent Masonic cemetery. William Died 1953 Where and when I do not know. Any help would be appreciated, Donna Nigg,

Posted 05/05/10 Surnames: Hall

I am looking for any info on August(a) Hall. HE married Elizabeth Mason in 1860 Carroll Co., Ky. A later census record says he was born in Indiana around 1825. Eliz. is buried in the Ghent Masonic Cemetery alone. She died in 1919. Any leads will be appreciated. Thanks, Amy Hall McLeod,

Posted 04/05/10 Surnames: Martin

I am looking for information on Pamilla Rose Martin from Carroll County, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Pete and Ida Martin. Anyone who remembers her or has any information please email me. She has 2 sisters from that area Linda Phillips who is married to Robert Phillips and a sister Mamie Wallace. She has a son born on 12-13-1969 and he would like to know if anyone has any information about his birth father. Possibly Wendell Cardwell, Caldwell or Perry. Thanks, Tracy Phillips,

Posted 03/10/10 Surnames: Anderson

I am getting ready to start on an ANDERSON surname line and thought I would check to see if anyone had done any work on this line. My great-grandmother was Lola Barton ANDERSON (Armstrong), according to
her death certificate she was born in Henry County. I have since seen her born in Owen County as well.
Lola's father was Richard ANDERSON, per his death certificate: born 30 January 1852 in Kentucky; died 3 November 1933 in Mercer Co., KY; His father was Richard ANDERSON born in VA; His mother was Lucretia URTON born in OH. Lola's mother was Frances STEWARD (Anderson), per her death certificate:
born 21 January 1856 in Gallatin Co., KY; died 14 June 1948 in Mercer Co., KY; Her father was John STEWARD, location unknown; Her mother was Lucinda HENRY, location unknown. According to the 1860 Census for Gallatin County in the location of Warsaw there was a household with Richard ANDERSON (50) and Lucretia
(33), William H. (14), Anna Bell (11), Richard (7), Runkin W. (5) and Lydia (1). According to 1870 Census for Carroll County in the location of Jordan there was a household with Richard ANDERSON (60), Lucretia (45), Richard
(18), Bell (16), Franklin (14), Lidia (11), Lucinda (9), Catherine (7) and Elijah (3). Previous household was a William H. ANDERSON (24), Mary J. (22) and Firsh (sp?, female child). According to the 1860 Census for Gallatin County in the location of Warsaw there was a household for a John M. STEWART (ending with 't', not
'd'), Lucinda (25), Elizabeth (14), James B. (9), Robert F. (7), Francis (3) and Edward (2). If any of this interlinks with your ANDERSON research please let me know. Paul Gregory, Paul Gregory,


Posted 03/03/10 Surnames: Smith

Looking for info on Travis Archie Smith. Found in 1860 Carroll county census. Know his son Archie was born in 1853 in Owen (next to Carroll) county. Travis is listed as coming from NC. Am stuck in Carroll county as
I can't find the link in North Carolina with so many SMITHs! Census has Travis as a widower as his with children Nancy L. Eddy Ann, Archie A. (O'Neal in Family Bible), and Thomas J. Wife Margaret Johnson Smith is
buried in White's Run Church Cemetary( KY). Anyone out there with a clue or 2? Travis served in the TN 3rd Regiment Mounted Infantry (CSA) under Lillard. THANKS! Maribeth Wood,


Posted 02/08/10 Surnames: Preston / Workman

Still trying to find information on George Washington Preston who married Nancy Elmyra Workman both from Carroll County KY. Preston lived from 1855-1878 and Workman later married James Kidwell. Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks, Marilyn Stevens,

Posted 01/28/10 Surnames: Waller / Wright

Based on the Carroll Co Census records a William Waller b 1813 married Elizabeth Wright b 1794, in 1835. Previous Census from Henry Co Ky show a woman with the same age with three children ( all born 1810-1820). I think
this Elizabeth Wright is the mother of Charles W. Wright 1820-1906(the one who is buried in the English Cemetery). Family stories have it at Charles mother, a widow, came to Ky with threes children. Elizabeth Wright husband died and she probably moved to Ky to be her husband family (lots of Wrights in Carroll and Henry Co). Anyone have any connections of a widow moving to Ky to have family support ? They all lived in the Wrights Ridge area of Carroll Co Ky. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ted Wright,

Posted 12/31/2009 Surnames: Watson

Looking for Watsons living in Carroll County around Locust Hill in 1850-60s.  Malinda listed with Thomas and several children in census. Rumored that Malinda's fathers name was also Thomas Watson. My GGr was William,
shown in 1860 and I believe he was born there. Any help will be appreciated, Larry Watson,

Posted 12/28/2009 Surnames: Horner/Rowlett

I am looking for the following people John and Willma or LuAnn Horner.... Birdie N. Browning Rowlett.. Cynthia A Rowlett. Creed Totton Rowlett... Emma Lee Horner Rowlett.. Roy Clinton Rowlett. If you can help me I would really appreciate it and would be really Grateful... these are my grand parents and Great Grand parents. Emma's grand parents names I know on her mom's side her dad's name was Andrew Walter McDowel and on the dads side Her grand fathers name was Joshua Horner. My great grandfather John W Horner come from St Louis when he was a kid. I do know that the Rowletts came Trimble Co., Kentucky. Any help would be appreciated,  Amanda Rowlett Dietz

Posted 12/19/2009 Surnames: Duncan

I am a descendant of Micajah Wright Duncan, who was born in Carroll County, Kentucky to R. Duncan in 1813.  R. Duncan was a slave owner.  Micajah had a falling out with his father and took two slaves and some land.  He sold
the land and moved to Moniteau County Missouri.  He also freed the slaves.  I would like information about either man for our family tree. Several have tried but none have been able to go deeper than Micajah.
Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Kevin Duncan,

Posted 12/16/2009 Surnames: Potts

My maternal g-grandmother:  Gracie Early "Potts" Smith was born Mar. 29, 1910 in Carroll Co., KY and died Dec. 7, 1985 in the same. From family records her father is John Potts of Carroll Co., KY. He married Mary Louvinia Aldridge (b. Oct. 27,1868 in Owen Co. KY-d. Sept. 7, 1956). They were married (2nd for both?) on Aug. 27, 1901. There is a possibility of John Potts being adopted- not sure. Does anyone have any info. on her
parents?? Thank You So Much In Advance, Sherry Jones,

Posted 11/12/2009 Surnames: Baker / Hicks / Griffith / Hanks / Tandy

I have many ancestors and relatives from Carroll Co., in particular, Eagle Station and Whites Run, neither of which now exists! 1.  My great2 grandmother, Mary Ellen Hicks Baker, widow of John E. Baker, b. Jan. 1, 1824, d. Mar. 28, 1890.   Rice Hicks was her brother and he has descendants still in Carroll Co.
2.  Her daughter: George Ann Baker Cleveland (Butler Cleveland) b. 1843, d. 1883.

My great grandmother, Mary Allan Griffith Baker, was a tot during the Civil War. She was  sitting on her living room floor in their Carroll Co. house on an Ohio river bluff when a Union boat on the river shot a cannon ball that took off the corner of the room, leaving her sitting in the open but unhurt!   I have many such stories! Also her Griffith brothers' descendants still live in the area.

My great3 grandparents, Capt. Thomas Hanks, b. Mar. 1791, d. Jan. 1882 and Sallie Tandy, b. 1791, d. 1862, lived in Whites Run where he gave the land for the church.  They had 11 children and both of them died in Carroll Co. I am also looking for an obituary for
Mary Ellen Baker in 1890. I would like to contact some of the people researching these lines. Thanks so much! Elizabeth Kasper

Posted 11/04/2009 Surnames: Davis

I'm looking for information on Willard Davis, he married Matilda Imel in Jefferson Co., In. He had a daughter named Charlotte. His son, Alfred, was born in Jefferson Co., In in 1880, his daughter Nelly Blanche was born in Carroll Co. in 1884.All I know about Charlotte is what my great aunt said, Charlotte died young. I need some serious help with this family. Thanks, Cleo Jackson

Posted 10/25/2009 Surnames: Davis

Searching for the family of Robert Davis.  He was born in Ky 1800-1810. He is on the Carroll Co. 1840 Federal Census along with his wife: Lucinda Harris and his four children:  Marion Francis P. Davis, Oliver Perry
Davis, Rachel Elizabeth Davis and Eliza Davis.  These children were born in Carroll Co. Ky.  The family moved after 1840 and before 1843 to Madison, Jefferson Co. Indiana.  Robert Davis may have died in Carroll
Co. after 1840 and before 1843.  Robert married Lucinda Harris in 1830 in Ripley co. Indiana.  Does anyone know how he might be related to the other Carroll Co. Ky Davis families? Thanks! Yvonne McCown, Philadelphia, MS,

Posted 10/25/2009 Surnames: Harper

I am researching my ex-husband's family for our son. If anyone knows anything about a Mariah Harper born and died in Carroll County, I believe her father was Timothy Harper and her mother was a Laura Mariah married Isiah
Smith, also of Carroll County. I would really appreciate any help. Sheila Gilbert,

Posted 09/01/2009 Surnames: Riley

I am looking for Allen Riley b 1865 married Betty Nora Harvey b 1878. Allen is the son of Sam Riley b 1820 children are Isaac b 1891 Lucinda b 1897 Dallas b 1899 these people lived in Carroll co., KY in the 1900 census
they lived on Locust Road in Carroll co., KY. Dallas is my grandfather and need help finding his people. any help or websites u can help me out on will be greatly appreciated thanks Debbie,

Posted 08/06/2009 Surnames: Easton

I am looking for any information regarding Stephen Easton.  According to his obituary, he came to Carrolton, Ky in 1827.  After his father died, he made his home with a Mr. Dugan until 1838 when he departed for
Newcastle, Kentucky. His parents names are not mentioned in the obituary and I honestly do not know how accurate this information is. Any help would be appreciated! Connie Easton Gold,

Posted 07/27/2009 Surnames: Hummell

My fathers name was Homer Hummell and I am trying to find out about him; He was born in Carroll, Ohio in or around Aug 20, 1989-1890; I would like to find out more about him and his family. Any help will be appreciated,
Mary Banks

Posted 06/07/2009 Surnames:  Butler

I am descended from Daniel Norcross Butler, who appears with most of his family in the Carroll Co. 1850 census. I know that Daniel died in or about 1855, and his widow, Elizabeth "Betsy" Francis Butler, then married Jonathan Yates on Jul 10,1856.  Sadly, he too died about 1857.
Daniel and Elizabeth lived on the East side of Four Mile Creek about 4 miles from Carrollton following the Ohio R. road, and then about 2 or 3 miles along Four Mile Creek and on the far side of the creek. I have a map from 1883 showing that this property belonged then to Elizabeth ("Eliz th" on the map) Yates. That is the last date for which I have found any proof of her, except for the date in the family Bible which states that she died Jan 9, 1893 at the home of her daughter, Sally Butler Wade in Buffalo, Pike, Missouri.  No burial has yet been found for her, though much of the family was buried at Buffalo Jordan Cemetery near by.
I would especially like to know where Daniel was buried. Also, I have been unable to track their youngest children, Julia Ann Butler, born in Jan of 1850 and Joel Butler born Aug of 1853. I have been unable to discover if they died in childhood, or if they were raised by other family members. Any help with these questions would be very much appreciated.
Thank you very much, Cerelle Bolon,

Posted 06/07/2009 Surnames:  Backus-Wright-Sherman-Pulliam families of Locust Creek

In my possession I have a memorial to Mrs. Ann Pulliam who passed January 7, 1902 at the age of 70 years.  It was given to me by my cousin, Crystal, who was a resident of Carroll Co.  I was born on Locust Creek, but never resided there.  Went back across the river to Madison at the age of two weeks. Thank you for your help on any of the above families, Druscilla Hill,

Posted 05/18/2009 Surnames: Jewell

Unable to locate any records on William Jewell, from Carroll County, KY Died 1880, lived in Turner's Station in 1940-50.  Had a son Edward Jewell b. 4 April 1864. Edward's death certificate was completed by his wife Ida, who stated she did not know the name of her mother-in-law!  Unbelievable! It is believed that after William died, his wife remarried.
Please help! Thanks, Jackie (Jewell) Reising,

Posted 04/29/2009 Surnames: Lindsay

I am doing genealogy on Anthony Lindsay and his descendants.  I would like to get in touch with any of the family members. Thanks, Velma Lindsay Hammer,

Posted 04/29/2009 Surnames: Saxton

I am looking for information on Seldon Saxton, b 1827 moved to Carroll Co Kentucky by 1850. He married Sarah Ann Lewellyn. I cannot locate any information on his parents. Does anyone have any resources or information? Thanks, Liz Meyer

Posted 02/26/2009 Surnames: Meek

I am researching the Meek family Ė John Wesley Meek born 1801 and wife Elizabeth Claxon.  They had five children, who each had families which lived in Carrollton for at least three generations.  I have the family line from John Wesley Meek forward if anyone wants that.  I am having trouble, however, finding the parents of John Wesley. Ancestry researchers believe he is related to Thomas Meek b 1708 in Washington County, MD, but so far the links in between are not clear. If you have anyone interested in this family line, please donít hesitate to let me know. Any help appreciated, Deborah Meek

Posted 01/29/2009 Surnames: Brim

I am looking for information on the family of  Walter Scott and Emma Imel Brim of Carrollton. Believe Emma was from Madison, IN. Think he owned Brim Furniture Co. Any help would be appreciated and I would love to hear from anyone researching this family. Thanks, Jim

Posted 01/25/2009 Surnames: Donaldson

I am looking for any information on Allen Donaldson's parents. He was born 1820-22 in Ohio and died August 5,1894 in Carrollton, Carroll County, Kentucky. He was married to Amanda Foster, born 1825 in Kentucky and died January 14, 1900 in Carrollton, Carroll County, Kentucky. Any Info on any of these folks would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Fawna Hunt,

Posted 01/25/2009 Surnames: Mylor/Miler

My grandfather, John BEALE Mylor, was born in Carroll, Co. in 1890. His father was James E. Mylor, who was born in Gallatin, Co. around 1855. James married "Frankie" Beale in 1885. They had 3 boys, and 1 baby girl who died shortly after birth. Frankie died in 1897, and James died in 1903. The two youngest sons (one being my grandfather John) were put up for adoption, and ended up here in Lexington. James married a Mattie Stafford after Frankie died, and I'm trying to find out what happened to her, or why she couldn't keep James' 2 boys. I'm also trying to find a lead on who the parents of James were. There are some Mylors in the Warsaw area, but evidently, there is no connection. I think James and Frankie lived around the Eagle Station area. Thank you!! Lucy Eisenbeis,

Posted 12/24/2008 Surnames: Sutherland

The person I am looking for is Letitia (tish) Ann Willis Sutherland., my great grand mother. She was born 22 Jan 1861, She is buried in Worthville, or so the older family members say, but I canít find her. Any help would be appreciated. Regards & Thanks, Carolyn Sutherland

Posted 12/18/2008 Surnames: Fenske / Huhn

I am trying to locate information on Rosina Theresa Fenske, born 1 Oct 1835 in Posen and died 11 May 1903 in Carroll Co. Burial in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Carrollton. I am trying to setermine the parents of Rosina. She married Frederick Ferdinand Huhn. Would love to see a death certificate because hopefully, that would give her parents' names. I am trying to connect her to Joseph & Theresa Hinz Fenske. Thanks for any help, Jim Fenske JHFINC@AOL.COM


Posted 11/23/2008 Surnames: Patton / Elston / Gividen / Dunn

I am looking for information on the following families; Patton, Elston, Gividen, Dunn these are the last names of All my gr gr grandmothers sisters. I am still looking for more information on the Adams families that lived in Carroll Co Ky and also Henry Co. Ky I'm trying to figure out how they are related to each other. Thanks for any help, Carolyn Memmott,

Posted 11/23/2008 Surnames: Breeck

I am researching my Breeck Ancestors who lived and worked in Gallatin County during the 1870-80's in both Gallatin and Carroll Counties...Ludwig Breeck b. abt. 1815 in Melle, Germany arrived in the U.S. 1874 - Sons: John Martin, Frederick, Henry and Joseph a daughter, Elizabeth lived, I believe in Kenton County, Ky., about that same time. I would appreciate learning anything I can about them. Thank you, Betty Breeck-Stewart, Breeck37@Aol.Com

Posted 11/02/2008 Surnames: Donathan / Sherman

My great grandparents, Robert H. Donathan and Caroline Josephine Sherman Donathan
were married in Carroll County in 1897.  I believe both were born in KY and Robert is buried in the Donathan Cemetery in or near Carroll County. Robert is the son of Martin Van Buren Donathan and Elizabeth Hamilton.  I can find no information for Caroline (Carrie) Sherman.  Any information relating any of these people will be appreciated.  Thank you, Melanie Horton,

Posted 10/26/2008 Surnames: Stivers

I am looking for a death record, cause of death and burial information for James Harvey Stivers (1865-1910). He died sometime between April 1910 and late 1910. His residence from 1897 through 1910 was English, Kentucky. He was married to the Alice Gullion Stivers Hays (1871-1963) and was the father of Roy Stivers (1904-1969). Both were
lifelong residents of Carroll County. Any help will be appreciated, Phillip Jackson,


Posted 10/12/2008 Surnames: Giltner / Donaldson

Susie Ione Giltner Donaldson was my GG-Grandmother and I am wondering if anyone might have a picture of her that they would be willing to scan to me. Thank you, Bibby,

Posted 09/11/2008 Surnames: Woods

I am searching for info on the family of three orphans who were listed in the 1860 Henry Co. Ky. census, one was born in Carroll Co. Ky. ca 1855. They were Buford Woods 1847, Wakefield Woods 1851 and Nancy
Jennie Woods b. abt. 1855 in Carroll Co. Ky. Their father may have been a Thomas or William Thomas Woods and mother unknown. In what records I do have none of the siblings knew who their parents were which is very odd
indeed. Any help would be appreciated. Email Thanks, Marilyn M Fair


Posted 08/20/2008 Surnames: Martin

I am researching my Martin ancestors who lived in that part of Gallatin Co. that became Carroll Co. I would like to correspond with any persons descended from William C. or Moses Martin. William C. Martin of Carroll County is a brother of my gg grandfather Moses. My brick wall is my ggg grandfather. My research indicates he is the William Martin who married Jennie Peak in 1793. Many thanks in advance, William A. Martin

Posted 07/06/2008 Surnames: Brown / Owen

Looking for help with John Brown (b. @1796)and wife Mary Ann Owen (b. @1830) married 1851 in Carroll County. Four children: Sarah Jane, James W., Martha Ann and John A. BROWN.  Martha (b. 1859) my great-grandmother married Joseph L. Brinson, January 1879 in Jefferson County, Indiana--just across the river. Their son, Louis Deedrick Brinson was born in Dec 1879. Louis
was later adopted by Edward and Bettie Fox of Carroll Co. Where can I find death record for Joseph who supposedly died in November 1879. Anyone with leads on BROWN, OWEN, BRINSON surnames would be most helpful. I cannot find Martha and son, Louis in 1880 census. Where did they go? Martha's sister, Sarah Jane married Walter S. Russell. Anyone out there connected to any of these? Any help will be appreciated... Becky Jakoby,


Posted 05/16/2008 Surnames: Louden / Garrett

Does anyone have any information on the Southworth Hotel that use to be in Carrollton?  My g grandparents, Sallie Garrett and Walter E. Louden were married in 1906 in Carrollton at the Southworth Hotel.  Her sister Mollie Chilton was married there as well.  Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Tonya Akera,

Posted 05/05/2008 Surnames: Abbott

I am hoping I can find someone to help me by doing some research for me in Carroll County. My family tree has hit a stopping point on this branch. Permelia Francis Abbott born June 10 1852.  Parents John L (1836-1917) and Sallie Sullivan (1836). Permelia married Greenville Breeden in 1877, but by 1900 he is gone and she has remarried a Hartman. This is pretty much what I have and I am hoping I could pay someone to do some research. Most records say Carroll County with a couple of Henry County references thrown in. Really hope someone can help me! Thanks for your time, Susan Ing


Posted 02/26/2008 Surnames: Anderson

I am looking for the parents of William Perrin Anderson, b. 1823 in Carroll Co, KY. He had a brother, or perhaps cousin, George Washington Anderson, born in KY in 1830, presumably also in Carroll Co. Any help would be appreciated, Dr Dina Neal,

Posted 01/31/2008 Surnames: Welch/Welsh & Satchwell/Satchwill

I'm searching for a marriage between John Welch born abt 1902 (son of Edward Welch/Welsh and Jane (Nannie) Hill - Owen and Gallatin counties) and Ollie Mae Satchwell/will born abt 1906 (daughter of Frank Satchwell
and Myrtle Jane Eckler - married in Carroll county). Would also like to find info about their firstborn son Frank Welch/Welsh born August 1927 in Carroll County (died 1998 in MO). This family moved back and forth
between KY, OH and IN so they've been a real bear to track.
1870  Census from Kenton County says there were 3 Welsh children living with a Hennaberry family (from Ireland). Thanks for ANY help you can give, Deborah ,

Posted 12/21/2007 Surnames: Graham

George Washington Graham was born in Ghent, Gallatin Co KY in April 1826 (via 1850-1860 census); he married 15 July 1849 in Carroll Co to Elizabeth P. Lyons; he died 2 Dec 1868 in Carroll Co KY). All five of their children were born in Ghent but after Gallatin-Carroll Co line changed. In Gallatin Co Order Bk 6, p 205, 8 Oct 1832, an "Indenture of Apprenticeship, Washington Graham, orphan [aged 6 as of past April]...bind Washington Graham a poor orphan to MOSES SPICER to learn the trade...of a cooper, he...being aged seven years on the [no entry] day of April next." This "Indenture of Apprenticeship" was recorded in Gallatin Co Deed Bk H, p 199 on 8 Oct 1832, signed by Richard L. Butter and MOSES SPICER. I find no Graham surname in Gallatin Co 1830 census. Does anyone have access to the Gallatin Co TAX LISTS from 1826 through 1832? WHO WERE WASHINGTON GRAHAM'S PARENTS?  What relation, if any, was Moses Spicer to Washington Graham? Thanks, Dorothy Donnell Steers and/or


Posted 10/20/2007 Surnames: Sutherly

By accident we ran across a letter on the Internet from someone looking for his or her brothers, Richard Sutherly, William Sutherly and Jimmy Sutherly, near Lima Ohio.  We have been told that our mother gave a baby up for adoption years ago and it seems that he or she is now searching for their brothers. If anyone sees this with information we would very much like hearing from you. Thanks, Jim Sutherly,

Posted 10/20/2007 Surnames: Matthews

I am looking for more information in regards to our family history: Rodger Matthews, died 7/15/1993. His parents were Lewis Matthews and Sarah Williams. He had three children; RaShawnda, Melissa & Rodger, Jr. Any help would really be appreciated, RaShawnda,

Posted 10/01/2007 Surnames: McVeigh / McVey / McVay

We are seeking information on the parents of William Wallace McVeigh (McVey, McVay), b.10Nov1850 in, we believe, Prestonville, Carroll Co. Married Eliza Wentworth, b. 15Aug1850, Prestonville. Three of their children were
born in Kentucky: Elsie, 1876, Mary Catherine, 1877, and Lora, 1882. They moved to Arkansas between 1882 and 1886. Eliza died there and William remarried to Louisa Ann Parker. Any help appreciated, Don Ramey,


Posted 10/01/2007 Surnames: Banks

I am trying to locate any living members of the Banks family from Locust Community of Carroll County. My great great grandparents where born in Carroll County. Even though they moved to Springfield, Missouri, some of their family remained. Surnames that I have researched so far are Banks, Daily, Ginn, Thompson and Taylor. On a recent visit, I was driven to and took pictures of the Banks cemetery on Fairview Ridge Road in the old Locust Community. I plan to come back in the future and look forward to talking with my kin. I would appreciate any help, Sally T. Quinn,      (Bank Photos)

Posted 10/01/2007 Surnames: Adams

I'm looking for a family member in Carroll co Ky that is related to Henry Gitner Adams born 1864 died 1937 his sister Elvessie Adams Briddle is my gr gr grandmother. Thanks, Carolyn Memmott,

Posted 09/14/2007 Surnames: Roman / Chapman

I am looking for any information on Romans or Chapman families in Carroll County. Any help will be appreciated... Thanks, Calvin Romans,

Posted 08/02/2007 Surnames: Sneed/Seed

Looking for a Sneed/Seed family on the Carroll County census of 1850. William D. and Nancy had 7 children, all girls.  I believe one of them is Joicy Chenault Sneed.  Any information appreciated. Shirley Pigg,

Posted 08/20/2007 Surnames: McMurray

I am searching for a birth record of Lee Edward McMurray who was born in Carrolton, Carroll county KY Feb 20, 1885. His parents were Edward McMurray and  Emma (maiden name unknown) Thank so much, Helen Johnson,

Posted 07/27/2007 Surnames: Alcorn

I am looking for: Elizabeth Alcorn  b. 28 May 1892 in Carrollton, Ky, Mother:  Susan A. Hummel  b. March 1858  Henry Co., KY D 11 Oct 1938, Father:  James Eli "Mack" McGain Alcorn b. Dec 1847 d. 1907 Henry Co, KY. I KNOW  Elizabeth "Lizzie" Alcorn was born in Carroll Co. It even states it on her death certificate and in her Bible.   I don't know why I can't seem to find anything on them.  James and Susan are supposed to be buried in Henry Co., but can't find anything there either. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Annette Wiese

Posted 07/24/2007 Surnames: May

I am trying to put together a family tree for the May family of Carroll Co. My grand parents were William M. May  and Julia Ellen Skidmore. I no longer live in Carroll Co. but still have family there and would appreciate any help. Thanks, Billy May

Posted 06/18/2007 Surnames: Ransom

Mary A Ransom, 74 yrs old, posted as Ranson in the 1880 census records lived with her son Seth A Doan and his family in Worthville,  Carroll Co.   She died in 1884 but I have not been able to find where.   A son John A Doan also lived in Carroll County at that time and he and wife are buried in the Worthville Masonic Cemetery.  Any leads
appreciated. Sondra,

Posted 05/23/2007 Surnames: Burke

I am looking for information on the Burke family that was in Carroll county in the early 1900. The parents died and left 3 children. one was Elizabeth and one of the other one was raised by the Shirley family. Thanks, Jerri,

Posted 05/16/2007 Surnames: Hudgins / Hedgens

Looking for information on a Mary Etta Hudgins/Hudgens who married a Hewitt.  I believe she may have been born about 1914. Alice Lauderback,

Posted 05/16/2007 Surnames: Deatherage

Hello, I am researching any information available on the Deatherage Family.  My name is Joyce Deatherage Kirkendall. My father was George Elwyn Deatherage, & his father was David Tilden Deatherage.  They both lived in or around Sanders, in Carroll County, KY.  My great grandfather George William Deatherage lived just outside Sanders, near Eagle Station, & his father Granville Deatherage also.  Granville was the 1st to come to Ky from NC.  Any other information I would really appreciate. Thanks for this website! Joyce,

Posted 04/19/2007 Surnames: Nevils

My husband's family starts with Ben Willie Nevils md. to Laura Katherine Sander from Ghent KY. Their son Gilbert Nevils md. Katherine Mathews d/o Louis Mathews and Sara Bell Williams my husband is Gilbert Nevils,  Jr. If anyone has information to share on this family please let me know. Thanks Mable Nevils,

Posted 03/29/2007 Surnames: Marshall/Powell & Demaree

I need to find the family of William Marshall and Nancy Smyser Powell. I am descended from William Edward/Edmund Powell and 2nd wife Sarah Demaree. Need connection to DAR record under William E's brother John Dale by proof that John and William were brothers. Anyone with the lineage of any of the Powell families, please email me! Let's exchange info! Jaye Martz, Thanks!

Posted 03/29/2007 Surnames: Anderson/Thomas/Miller & Mefford

I am looking for David William Anderson, Oliver Thomas, Sarah Minnie Miller. Alos Nannie, Mary James Rosa Mefford of Carrollton or Switzerland County, Indiana. If you can help, please email me. Thanks, Hope BLINKYFELIX@YAHOO.COM

Posted 03/04/2007 Surnames: Wright

Does anyone know the origin and history of Wrights Ridge in northwest Carroll County near the Trimble County line? Any known families that settled that area? Ted Wright,

Posted 03/04/2007 Surnames: Wright

Searching for the parents of Charles W. Wright 1820-1906, married in 1845 Mariah Simm. Lived in Mill Creek area and buried in the English Cemetery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ted Wright,

Posted 03/04/2007 Surnames: Scott

I am searching for Barney Fred or Fred Barney Scott, my great-grandfather. He married Mary Jane Liter, and later married Adaline Jones, who later married Ben McKay.  I believe he had two brothers, William and George Scott.  He was born in Carroll county, I was told he was  born in  1855,but that makes him only 4 when my grandmother was
born. ???  Can Any One HELP Please!!!! Ginger Stockdale,

Posted 01/21/2007 Surnames: Leach

I am attempting to locate my grandfather's burial site, his name was Curtis B. Leach, he died in Carroll Co. on December 10, 1924. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Thomas Carney,

Posted 01/21/2007 Surnames: Williams

I would like to get in touch with anyone researching the Williams surname in Trimble or Carroll Co. My g-g grandfather was James B. Williams, b. 1827, m. Sarah Miles and were on the 1860 census in Trimble Co. Their son, Alonzo Lawson Williams came to Carroll Co. and married Susannah Coleman. Any info would really be appreciated. Thanks, Suzanne Shephard

Posted 12/26/2006 Surnames: Deatherage / Anderson

I am trying to locate a marriage record of Elizabeth Deatherage and Richard Mullins Anderson. They had to have married somewhere between 1850 and 1860. Any help would be appreciated, Frances Wood,

Posted 7/22/2006 Surnames: Tandy

In preparation for the Aug. 13, 2006 Tandy reunion in IL., I am trying to fill in blank spots in my Tandy tree.

1. I found MO. info re: a Henry P. Tandy originally from KY., a Christian Church minister, who mar. Mary Jane White. Children: William G., b. 1868, Margaret, Lena, and Lucinda. This is a common name in my tree.  Who was his father please?
2. I found a Calvin Tandy, b. in Whites Run, d. in IA. with parents listed as John H. and Elizabeth Johnson. I have NO John H. in my tree. Who were John's parents please?
Thanks! Elizabeth Kaspar,

Posted 6/21/2006 Surnames: Starkey

Hugh K. Starkey owned property on Locust Road, Locust, Carroll Co according to the 1883 Historical Atlas published by Bill Davis (page 7, right above the east fork.) I would like to know who owned this property before Hugh (are there records at the courthouse?) and since.  I believe there is a Taylor living there now, and I am wondering if she is related to the Taylor who m. James Starkey early 1800's. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Roslyn,

Posted 4/29/2006 Surnames: Peyton

I'm looking for the PEYTON family.  Lawrence Washington Peyton and Joseph Peyton... any help would be appreciated,  thank you, Deborah

Posted 4/29/2006 Surnames: Burns

Looking for Robert Burns and his wife Katie who was born in Indiana. Robert was born in 1854. Any help will be appreciated, Jack Nelson,

Posted 4/20/2006 Surnames: Burns

Looking for birth, marriage, death records of Robert Burns born in 1854. His wife was Katie _____? Had children named Daisy, Nellie, and George. Any help will be appreciated, Jack Nelson,

Posted 3/27/2006 Surnames: Montgomery

I am searching for information about James Walker Montgomery born in Adair Co. in 1823. Would like to know who his parents were and where they were born. I know he married Martha Jane Dickey in Putnam Co., IL , in 1853 0r 1855. My grand father is Harry Dickey Montgomery of Menard Co., IL and Sagamon Co.,
IL. Any help appreciated, Polly (Mary Douglass),

Posted 3/27/2006 Surnames: Aubrey

Researching; Aubrey, Aldridge, Crawford, Clark, Henry Looking for Aubrey relatives. Marion Aubrey and Sarah (Aldridge) were great grandparents. Daughters Mary, Minnie, Helen (married John Crawford), Lizzie (married Ervin Henry). Helen and John Crawford had two children, Roy and Thelma. Were supposedly
share croppers. Marion and John are buried in Gap Hill Cemetery in unmarked graves but unknown about any of the others. Any more help would be appreciated. Dan Prow,

Posted 3/27/2006 Surnames: Aubrey

Surnames: Aubrey, Henry, Crawford I'm looking for more info on my Aubrey family. Francis Marion Aubrey is
buried in Gap Hill Cemetery but I can't find anything on his wife Sarah (Aldridge) nor his daughters Mary, Minnie, Helen (married John Crawford), and Lizzie (married Ervin Henry). I'd like to find Helen's children Roy
and Thelma Crawford, and perhaps another connection to the Henry's. I noticed that Howard and Pearl Henry witnessed Lizzie and Ervin's marriage. Dan Prow,

Posted 3/27/2006 Surnames: Aubrey/Awbrey

Researching: Aubrey, Awbrey, Aldridge, Boyer, Ervin, Crawford Trying to find more info on family. My great grandfather Francis Marion Aubrey married Sarah Aldridge, their children, Mary, Minnie, Helen,
George and Lizzie. I believe Marion had a prior marriage to Myrtle (?). Marion was son of John Awbrey and Michae Roby Irvin, he was born in Scott County, Ky. I believe his children were born in Lockport (Henry Co., Ky.) they later moved to Carrollton, Ky. Where Helen married John Crawford, Lizzie married Henry Ervin. George (my grandfather) had nothing to do with his family after he left home and went to work on the I'm told. He met and married my grandmother Lillian Thompson from Newburgh, In. but I can't find a record of their marriage. There is supposedly a Native American connection but I can't find that
either. Dan Prow,


Posted 3/19/2006 Surnames: McIntyre / Ivey

I am searching for the parents of Perry Sherman McIntyre, b. 3 March, 1863, D. 27 Mar, 1952 in Carson, Carroll Co., Also William Ivey and Margaret Lay, parents of Tennessee Florence, wife of Perry.
Thanks, Robert Burton,


Posted 3/12/2006 Surnames: Myers

I have been searching for Joseph & Mable Myers born abt 1849. They had two sons I know of DENNY & TAYLOR Myers. The brothers married sisters. Denny married Cassie Perkins and Taylor married Hattie Perkins. I sure could use some help! Thanks, Diana Sketo,

Posted 2/09/2006 Surnames: Lanham / Overstreet

Looking for info on Cora LANHAM OVERSTREET d/o Rhoda LANHAM, who married Jesse OVERSTREET in 1898, had two kids, and divorced him in 1902...charging bigamy (have newspaper article)...discovered he was also married to Aletha SMITH OVERSTREET in 1898 in Owen County, KY... They appear in a 1900 Census in Switzerland County, IN. with Rhoda (mother-in-law)...Thanks! Claire (Overstreet) McKean,

Posted 1/14/2006 Surnames: Miller

I am looking for any info or photos of David and Minnie Miller of Carrollton.  David died