Casey County
1883 Pensioners

This list of pensioners came from the report printed by the U.S. Government in 1883. It includes War of 1812 pensioners as well as Civil War.
Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which pensioned
Allen, Elizabeth A. Poplar Hill widow
Allen, William Liberty disease of lungs
Austin, Naomi J. Dunnville widow
Baugh, Sally Humphrey dependant mother
Beatty, Martha Liberty widow
Bell, Robert A. Liberty consumption & heart disease
Belton, Atterson Liberty loss left arm above elbow
Branson, Benjamin F. Liberty bronchitis
Brown, John L. Liberty fracture & injury to left wrist
Brown, Beverly L. Humphrey wound left breast
Brown, Daniel Liberty injury left leg
Clements, James A. Liberty injury to abdomen
Coffman, Mary A. Power's Store widow
Cole, Malissa C. Liberty dependant mother
Crutcher, Frances R. Liberty dependant mother
Done, Eliza J. Liberty widow
Douglas, Spice Humphrey dependant mother
Drye, George W. Power's Store fractured mid third femur
Dye, Catharine Middleburgh dependant mother
Earles, George W. Liberty wound head & small pox
Earls, Mary Liberty widow
Edwards, Elizabeth Liberty widow
Ellison, Susannah Shackelford dependant mother
Estes, John Liberty wound right arm
Gadberry, John C. Liberty injury of right leg
Gadbury, James W. Dunnville wound right shoulder
Hahan, Samuel Power's Store wound left hand
Hill, Nancy Power's Store dependant mother
Hughes, Martha J. Phil widow
Jeffers, Salley J. Middleburgh dependant mother
Jeffries, Samuel Liberty wound left leg
Jeffries, Calvin H. Liberty chronic diarrhea
Johnson, Elias Liberty chronic bronchitis
King, Elizabeth Liberty dependant mother
Lanham, Keziah Liberty dependant mother
Luster, Martha J. Liberty widow
Lynn, Ready  Liberty injury to abdomen
Maratin, Sally R. Middleburgh widow
Martin, James M. Liberty chronic diarrhea
McCombs, Martha J. Liberty widow
McWhorter, Tobert Liberty partial loss of left midfinger & chronic diarrhea
Meeks, Elizabeth Dunnville widow
Moore, William Shermanville survivor 1812
Moore, Elizabeth C. Humphrey widow
Morgan, Nancy F. Humphrey widow
Noe, James Liberty shell wound of right lower jaw & concussion of head, curv. of spine & disease legs
Parnell, Candis Liberty dependant mother
Peach, Elizabeth Middleburgh dependant mother
Peyton, Thomas J. Power's Store wound in neck, paralyzed
Polston, Andrew J. William's Store fracture left arm
Richardson, Joseph Middleburgh bedsore right hip
Roberts, Nancy M. Dunnville widow
Rogers, Nancy A. Liberty widow
Saddler, Samuel Middleburgh dependant father
Shackelford, Zach. Liberty  
Simpson, Milly Power's Store widow
Stafford, Martha Liberty widow 1812
Taylor, John Power's Store fractured frontal bone left forearm
Thompson, Sarah A. Liberty widow
Trowbridge, Nancy J. Humphrey widow
Tucker, Joshua B. Liberty curv. of spine & disease legs
Tucker, Nancy Liberty dependant mother
Ward, Dorinda Liberty widow
Wells, Elbert Middleburgh wound of left arm
Wesley, Sarah J. Humphrey widow
Wilcher, John T. Liberty loss left arm above elbor
Wilcher, Levi Liberty gunshot wound of left hand
Wilkinson, Stith Humphrey injury to abdomen
Williams, Syntha Liberty widow
Wolford, Frank Liberty gunshot wound of left hip & right leg
Young, Sampson Liberty chronic bronchitis
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