Casey  County Cemetery Newsletter



VOL. 3   AUGUST 2007


 DID YOU KNOW . . . . . .

 Tapscott Cemetery was known as Saltsman Cemetery

 Luttrell Cemetery on Merritt Ridge was known as Verge Hill Cemetery

 Whited Cemetery was known as White Oak Cemetery

 Rich Hill Cemetery was known as Poplar Hill Cemetery

 Fair Cemetery is known as Walnut Hill Cemetery

 Austin Cemetery was known as Riffe Creek Cemetery

                    Good progress is being made on adding names & photographs to the Find a Grave website. Since the last newsletter the following have been completed:

 Luttrell Cemetery on Turner Ridge

Raney Cemetery

Combest Cemetery

Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery (Dunnville)

Thomas Family Cemetery

Watson Chapel Cemetery

Wilkerson Cemetery  (Russell Co.)

Tapscott Cemetery

Caney Fork

Casey Memorial Garden

Grove Ridge Cemetery

Spaw Cemetery

Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Nickols-Patterson Cemetery

Patterson Family Cemetery

Hill Family Cemetery

 RICHARD HOLLIS has posted his photos for Carson Cemetery, Riggins and Riggins-Drake  Cemeteries and they are complete.

 RHONDA WATHEN is in the process of updating Cold Springs Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery with names and photos.

 Thanks to VALERIE THOMPSON who has given her permission to post her photos of the May-Rogers Cemetery to Find-a-Grave.

 Thanks to MIKE DENIS who has volunteered to do Butchertown and perhaps some more.

 With new volunteer photographers, this project will hopefully be completed by June 2008. I believe there to be approximately 320 cemeteries and family burial grounds in the county. However, as the cemeteries get larger, it takes much longer to do the postings.

 In a joint effort between SONNY COLEMAN and myself, we now have the 1961-1972 obits available to post to Find a Grave. I copied the obits, Sonny scanned them and then I cropped. There were 1570 files when all was said and done. Thanks, Sonny.

 And now for the BAD news… As you have probably read, SONNY COLEMAN reports destruction of stones at the Green River Cemetery at Lake Liberty and ROBERTA TAYLOR JONES reports destruction at the Old Ben Tapscott Cemetery.

 Just about a year ago the cemetery in Junction City was vandalized. See the following articles:

 The boys who did this were charged with Class D felonies.

 The possibility of vandalism is not the only reason our project is so important. There are of course other problems that can occur. In the Middleton Cemetery in Shelby Co., IN (where some of my grandparents are buried) a giant oak tree fell over into the middle of the cemetery crushing every stone in its path. Also in Shelby Co. at the Simmon's Cemetery, I photographed great grandparent’s stones in 1974. I unfortunately took Polaroid pictures which have faded. Last fall I decided to return to take digital photos and was shocked to see that the cemetery fence had been opened up and cows had been allowed to trample the stones into very small pieces.

 Prior to 1911 in Kentucky, birth and death records are very scarce. Other than Bible records, tombstone inscriptions may be the only record available for our ancestors



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