Casey  County Death Records


NEW  1918 - 1919 & 1920  Casey County Deaths During the Influenza Outbreak


Casey Co. 1918

*NL: Not Listed
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Sinkhome, Cora Bell 14 14-Oct-18 Cardiac Failute due to Spanish Flu
Adams, Maudy 19 22-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Seward, George P. 17 26-Oct-18 Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Alstott, May 24 26-Oct-18 Miscarriage due to Spanish Flu
Lutrell, ? 2 26-Oct-18 Flu
Daralls, Mamie 41 28-Oct-18 Childbirth Spanish Influenza
Murphy, Earl 2 28-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Murphy, Ben H. 33 30-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Wheeler, Edgar 26 30-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Goods, Bessie K. 6 mth 1-Nov-18 No doctor Influenza
Bastin, D 5 3-Nov-18 (too light to read) Influenza
Thompson, Norman 17 3-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Randolph, Charley Preston 1 4-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Deves, Mattie Myrtle 8 5-Nov-18 Spanish influenza Bronchitis & Weak Heart
Hannah, Russell D. 9 mth 16-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Westley, Cyrus 36 21-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Richards, Clarice 12 21-Nov-18 No Physician Probably Flu
Shaw, Martha E. 38 24-Nov-18 Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Haggard, Taylor 25 26-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Thompson, Eva 16 29-Nov-18 Flu Pneumonia
Baldock, James M. 61 4-Dec-18 Flu Pneumonia
Hacker, Delice *NL 5-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Beales, M. Ann 24 14-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Tucker, Lillian Pearl 2 17-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Mays, Ethel Pauline 33 28-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Watson, Emma 42 28-Dec-18 Influenza Pneumonia & Catarrah
Westley, Lamar 4 Nov 23. 1918 Influenza





Casey Co. 1919

*NL: Not Listed
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Napier, Sallie Kate 17 3-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Snow, Peneta Clyde 13 3-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Land, Lutie P. 24 8-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Ashley, Rosa 13 9-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Baker, Sallie 32 11-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Godbey, Serena 21 13-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Moran, Linnie 30 13-Jan-19 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Hatter, Arthur 5 21-Jan-19 Influenza Complications
Withington, Joseph 17 21-Jan-19 Spanish Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Carmicle, John 29 22-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Phillips, Billie 11 mth 22-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Hites, Mary R. 25 24-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Ellis, Ada I. 24 28-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Wells, Talitha 55 2-Feb-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Brown, Flossie 22 3-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Miller, Lydia J. 70 27-Feb-19 Influenza General Disabilities
Measl?, Eugene 35 4-Mar-19 Acute Edema of Lungs Influenza
Withington, Elizabeth 82 10-Mar-19 Influenza Old Age
Gilpin, Myrtie 22 29-Nov-19 Nephtitis Influenza





Casey Co. 1920

*NL: Not Listed
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Shankling, Claude 11 days 11-Feb-20 Suppose to be Influenza No doctor present
Coulter, Jas. C. 66 16-Feb-20 Influenza Organic Heart Disease
Wilson, Dollie 39 17-Feb-20 Influenza Childbirth & Pneumonia
Sharp, Nancy 78 18-Feb-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Shanktin, Susan 59 19-Feb-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Cochrun, William O. 44 21-Feb-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Selch, Ester Ellen 3 22-Feb-20 Flu
Williams, J. Frank 55 23-Feb-20 Flu Pneumonia
Jeffries, Carie Lee 1 24-Feb-20 Flu Pneumonia
Dodson, Willie R. 8 mth 26-Feb-20 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Emerson, Lula 31 1-Mar-20 Influenza Premature birth & Pneumonia
Deringer, Frank 30 3-Mar-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Tapscott, Flony 63 5-Mar-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Caldwell, Stella Bell 29 7-Mar-20 Acute Nephritis Influenza
Wall, Fay Maxine 8 mth 8-Mar-20 Flu Pneumonia
Bryant, Chas. P. 33 12-Mar-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Lane, James 70 14-Mar-20 Influenza Old age
Clements, Carolina 63 20-Mar-20 Tuberculosis Influenza
Clements, Ida Bell 32 1-Apr-20 Pulmonary Tuburculosis Flu
Lynn, Artie 23 9-Sep-20 Abcess of Right Lung Flu


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