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Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records and to Janet Cook for the 1852-1859 births. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

AARON, Adison R., male, born 27 Aug 1916, mother Pearl Wolf.

AARON, Charlie, male, born 19 Feb 1919, mother Pearl Wolf.

AARON, Edna H., female, born 21 Apr 1914, mother Martha Barnett.

AARON, Floyd B., male, born 29 Dec 1918, mother Jessie Hancock.

AARON, J. B., born 14 May 1916, mother Jessie Handcock.

AARON, James 2, male, born 15 Dec 1918, mother Etta Rowe.

AARON, Jennie, female, born 14 Dec 1918, mother Etta Rowe.

AARON, Lewis 2, male, born 4 Mar 1915, mother Angie Brown.

AARON, Martha G., female, born 4 Mar 1915, mother Auga Brown.

AARON, Ruby E., female, born 28 Nov 1914, mother Pearl Wolf.

ABSTON, Alva E., male, born 10 Jan 1916, mother Ella Cash.

ABSTON, Clara D., female, born 10 Jun 1916, mother Pelina Murphy.

ABSTON, Clyde, male, born 27 Nov 1905, mother Pelina Murphy.

ABSTON, Delmer, male, born 5 Jan 1912, mother Millie Vaughn.

ABSTON, Elmer, male, born 5 Jan 1912, mother Millie Vaughn.

ABSTON, Floyd, male, born 30 May 1912, mother Fanny Summers.

ABSTON, Frank H., male, born 7 Jan 1918, mother Fannie Summers.

ABSTON, G. D., male, born 19 August 1856, father Wm. Abston, mother Lucy Shelly.

ABSTON, James W., male, born 28 Jun 1856, father Jesse Abston, mother Betty McCurry.

ABSTON, John H., male, born 18 Jul 1913, mother Millie Vaughn.

ABSTON, Lucy D., female, born 29 Sep 1913, mother Fannie Summer.

ABSTON, Otis K., male, born 23 Jan 1919, mother Ella Cash.

ABSTON, Ruby, female, born 28 May 1917, mother Fannie Summers.

ABSTON, Sarah, female, born 9 July 1856, father Frank Abston, mother M. M. Norris.

ABSTON, William L., male, born 27 Aug 1911, mother Susie Huckaby.

ACREE, Edna, female, born 13 Jun 1917, mother Cora Bell.

ACREE, Ina C., female, born 23 Jan 1917, mother Ina Bledsoe.

ACREE, Jack, male, born 3 Nov 1919, mother Ina Bledsoe.

ACREE, Joe W., male, born 5 Jan 1917, mother Jennie Ross.

ACREE, Pearl, female, born 2 Nov 1919, mother Ina Bledsoe.

ACREE, Thomas H., male, born 19 Aug 1915, mother Ina Bledsoe.

ACREY, Silva E., born 6 Nov 1911, mother Veta Thurston.

ADAIR, Robert W., male, born 18 May 1911, mother Sarah Marsh.

ADAIR, William 1, male, born 2 May 1912, mother Maranda Brown.

ADAMS, Mary D., female, born 1 Sep 1911, mother Annie Schiel.

AGEE, Dollie M., female, born 13 May 1913, mother Sarah Polston.

AGEE, Gordon E., male, born 7 Nov 1911, mother Veleria York.

AGEE, Joe, male, born 11 Nov 1911, mother Sara Agee.

AGEE, Luther E., male, born 24 Dec 1913, mother Valeria York.

AGEE, Martha E., female, born 2 Oct 1916, mother Ethel Polston.

AGEE, Nova L., female, b. 11 Dec 1898.

AGEE, Otha A., male, born 17 May 1918, mother Leara York.

AGER, Wm. L., male, born 22 Jun 1911, mother Sarah Polston.

ALBERSTON, Earnest A., male, born 10 Apr 1917, mother Mollie Boiess.

ALBERTSON, Dorothy, female, born 14 Sep 1914, mother Effie Jarvis.

ALBERTSON, Geneva G., female, born 28 May 1918, mother Monta Wallace.

ALBERTSON, George E., male, born 4 Jul 1917, mother Rosa Graham.

ALBERTSON, Gracie P., born 14 Oct 1907, mother Effie Jarvis.

ALBERTSON, Hilda, female, born 9 Dec 1919, mother Effie Jarvis.

ALBERTSON, Jessie E., born 25 Jan 1918, mother Mollie Boils.

ALBERTSON, Juanita, female, born 3 Oct 1916, mother Effie Jarvis.

ALBERTSON, Maggie L., female, born 19 Dec 1911, mother Effie Jarvis.

ALBERTSON, Orville C., male, born 15 Sep 1916, mother Monta Wallace.

ALBERTSON, Prudy J., female, born 5 Jul 1920, mother Monta Wallace.

ALBERTSON, Sally, female, born 5 Jul 1920, mother Montie Wallace.

ALGUR, G. B., male, born 27 Nov 1856, father Riley Algur, mother Stacy Campbell.

ALLEN, male child of Alfonze, born 4 Mar 1917, mother Nora Griffin.

ALLEN, James T., male, born 26 Mar 1920, mother Nora Griffin.

ALLEN, James V., male, born 9 Jan 1915, mother Carrie Getters.

ALLEN, Lucy Ann, female, born 28 Jun 1857, father J.N. Allen, mother Huldah Grider.

ALLEN, Maggie D., female, born 11 Jun 1911, mother Dora Wells.

ALLEN, Matilda, female, born 19 Jan 1859, father Jasper N. Allen, mother Hulda Grider.

ALLEN, Vera, female, born 17 Dec 1915, mother Nora Griffin.*

ALLEN, Vera, female, born 17 Dec 1915, mother Nova Griffin.*

ALLEN, William P., male, born 14 Feb 1917, mother Nora Griffin.

ALLEY, James R., male, born 17 Jul 1911, mother Vernie Guess.

ALLEY, Joe D., male, born 14 Mar 1913, mother Verna Gist.

ALLEY, Martha A., female, born 27 Feb 1919, mother Vernia Gist.

ALLEY, Mattie E., female, born 27 May 1917, mother Verna Gist.

ALLISON, Hazel V., female, born 5 Jan 1913, mother Viola Batman.

ALLLELY, Lydia F., female, born 7 Jul 1911, mother Rosa Vincent.

ANDERSON, Edwin J., male, born 12 Nov 1912, mother Nova Dick.

ANDERSON, Margie G., female, born 16 Jun 1912, mother Mary Griden.**

ANDERSON, Marjorie G., female, born 16 Jun 1912, mother Mary Grider.**

ANDERSON, Nell J., female, born 18 Apr 1918, mother Mary Grider.

ANDREW, John A., male, born 11 Jul 1920, mother Gothie Thomas.

ANDREW, John B., male, born 11 Oct 1910, mother Oshia Bertram.

ANDREW, Lemuel F., male, born 1 Apr 1914, mother Guthie Thomas.

ANDREW, Leslie S., born 20 Oct 1914, mother Fannie York.

ANDREW, Lillian, born 28 Jan 1918, mother Garthia Thomas.

ANDREW, Lova V., born 10 Dec 1903, mother Fannie York.

ANDREW, Robt, male, born 11 Jun 1917, mother Osha Bertram.

ANDREWS, Alta, born 29 Mar 1913, mother Oshey Bertam.

ANDREWS, Essie M., female, born 25 Apr 1915, mother Oshia Bertram.

ANDREWS, Frank M., male, born 6 Jan 1916, mother Gathie Thomas.

ANDREWS, Maud E., female, born 31 Jan 1912, mother Gartha Thomas.

ANGEL, Willard P., male, born 20 Dec 1918, mother May Bowen.

ANTLE, Nita M., female, born 15 May 1919, mother Eman Aaron.

APPLEBY, Alty F., born 13 May 1915, mother Bell Harvey.

APPLEBY, Earl, male, born 1 Nov 1913, mother Girtie Gibson.

APPLEBY, Geneva E., female, born 13 Sep 1918, mother Belle Hardey.

ARICK, Eula L., female, born 1 Feb 1920, mother Bessie Moles.

ARICK, Robert B., male, born 26 Dec 1913, mother Bessie Males.

ARICK, Robert R., male, born 27 May 1912, mother Bessie Molen.

ARMES, John A., male, born 7 Jun 1915, mother Lura Wray.

ARMES, Roxie J., female, born 9 Sep 1919, mother Flora Riddle.***

ARMS, Lura I., female, born 3 Jul 1913, mother Flora Riddle.

ARMS, Marier N., born 21 Sep 1917, mother Flora Riddle.

ARMS, Roxie J., female, born 9 Sep 1919, mother Flora Riddle.***

ARMSTRONG, male child of George, born 27 Apr 1916, mother Annie Tuggle.

ARMSTRONG, Alfredda, female, born 3 Sep 1920, mother Ann Tuggle.

ARMSTRONG, Benton, born 15 Feb 1910, mother Ada Craig.

ARMSTRONG, Clarence C., male, born 19 Nov 1916, mother Monta Stockton.

ARMSTRONG, Georgia Marie, born 23 Sep 1904, mother Ada Craig.

ARMSTRONG, Herman C., male, born 5 Aug 1915, mother Lacora Stockton.

ARMSTRONG, John G., male, born 20 Jan 1917, mother Bessie Miller.

ARMSTRONG, Marvin, male, born 28 Feb 1919, mother Montie Stockton.

ARMSTRONG, Ray, male, born 25 Mar 1919, mother Bessie Miller.

ARMSTRONG, Robert, male, born 6 Apr 1913, mother Montie Stockton.

ASBERRY, Blain, born 29 Mar 1919, mother Ada Campbell.

ASBERRY, Buel N., born 9 Jul 1916, mother Ada Campbell.

ASBERRY, Numan B., born 9 Jul 1916, mother Ada Campbell.

ASBERRY, Prentis R., born 22 Jun 1911, mother Sada Beard.

ASBERRY, Sherman 1, born 9 Jul 1914, mother Regina McKinney.

ASBERRY, Willie, male, born 10 Jun 1914, mother Thuna Campbell.

ASBERY, Mollie, female, born 25 Apr 1913, mother Sadie Lawson.

ASBURY, Allie T., born 7 Apr 1913, mother EXony Tabor.

ASHINGHURST, James F., male, born 22 Feb 1913, mother Burnice Pennycuff.

ASHINTRUST, John O., male, born 19 Feb 1856, father John Ashintrust, mother Sasshira Thrasher.

AVERY, Gaston K., male, born 17 Mar 1916, mother Jane Hammons.

AVERY, Lucille, female, born 8 Aug 1916, mother Joe Hurt.

AVERY, Pamelia L., female, born 18 Dec 1913, mother Eliza Hammonds.

AVERY, Ruby H., female, born 16 Jul 1918, mother Joe Hurt.

AVORY, Glen F., male, born 1 Aug 1912, mother Joe Hurt.

AYERS, Alson E., male, born 4 Apr 1854, father John Ayers, mother Artamisah Hunter.

AYERS, Fanny, female, born 15 Aug 1855, father Henry Ayres, mother Cyntha Hunter.

AYERS, Louisa, female, born 27 Aug 1857, father Henry Ayres, mother Jutha(?) Hunter.

AYRES, C. A., female, born 4 Aug 1878, father Samuel Ayres, father's place of birth Clinton Co., Ky, mother M. C. Hopkins, mother's place of birth Clinton Co., Ky.

AYRES, Sam, male, Apr 1856, father Samuel Ayres, mother Jane Pittman.

*, **, *** These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings either the child's name and/or mother's name. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.


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