This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note using the MAIL link below.

Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

CAMPBELL, (no name given), male, born 15 Jun 1856, father A. W. Campbell, mother Lucinda Cook.

CAMPBELL, Blain 2, born 25 Aug 1915, mother Ella Andrew.

CAMPBELL, Cora N., female, born 10 Oct 1916, mother Nanie Marcum.

CAMPBELL, Cynthia Ann, female, born 30 Jul 1892.

CAMPBELL, Edna P., female, born 3 Feb 1919, mother Ida Parmstrong.

CAMPBELL, Eula, female, born 21 Oct 1913, mother Mattie Dalton.

CAMPBELL, J.G. Blaine, male, born 23 Jun 1883.

CAMPBELL, James E., male, born 18 Nov 1920, mother Ella Andrews.

CAMPBELL, John G., male, born 19 Nov 1911, mother Ella Andrew.

CAMPBELL, Johnnie A., male, born 18 May 1877.

CAMPBELL, Julia A., female, b. 5 Nov 1890.

CAMPBELL, Kenneth, male, born 20 Jun 1917, mother Ida Armstrong.

CAMPBELL, Lewis Garnett, male, b. 30 Jul 1896.

CAMPBELL, Louis Granville, male, born 8 Jan 1854, mother unknown, father Benjamin Campbell.

CAMPBELL, Maud May, female, b. 24 Jul 1898.

CAMPBELL, Mary S., female, born 30 Aug 1916, mother Bonnie Drontsoc.

CAMPBELL, Maude M., female, born 24 Jul 1898, mother Margaret Guthrie.

CAMPBELL, Paul, male, born 22 Feb 1912, mother Matta Dalton.

CAMPBELL, Robert Jennings, male, born 20 Aug 1901.

CAMPBELL, Ruby E., female, born 20 Mar 1917, mother Ella Andrew.

CAMPBELL, Sara M., foemale, born 28 Aug 1915, mother Ella Andrews.

CAMPBELL, Sherman 2, born 3 Nov 1915, mother Mattie Dalton.

CAMPBELL, William H., male, born 16 Mar 1911, mother Minae Morowen.

CAMPELL, Stanley, male, born 13 Dec 1918, mother Mattie Dalton.

CANADY, Lucinda, female, born 7 Mar 1856, father R. Canady, mother Rebecca Vanover.

CANGO, Delfie L., born 2 Jul 1915, mother Lottie Ponton.

CAPPS, Bernice, female, born 21 Dec 1918, mother Ora Bow.

CAPPS, Dary D., born 17 Jan 1916, mother Ora Bon.

CAPPS, William H., male, born 15 Oct 1911, mother Anna Capps.

CARELTON, Mary C., female, born 20 Jul 1913, mother Elizabeth Guffey.

CARLTON, Brenda P., female, born 9 Deac 1913, mother Myrtie Cross.

CARLTON, Camel, b. 17 Jun 1893.

CARLTON, Frank, male, b. 8 Jun 1891.

CARLTON, Friedy R., born 12 Sep 1911, mother Elizabeth Guffrey.

CARLTON, Ida, female, b. 29 Dec 1898.

CARLTON, Pleasant, b. 15 Jun 1895.

CARMACK, Lou R., born 6 Sep 1912, mother Cordelia Davis.

CARMACK, Zella A., female, born 25 Oct 1913, mother Cordelia Davis.

CARR, Arlie D., born 2 Nov 1918, mother Letha Stailey.

CARR, Eula S., female, born 21 Feb 1912, mother Ollie Brock.

CARR, Ima M., female, born 1 May 1911, mother Letha Staile.

CARR, Mary L., female, born 17 Jan 1916, mother Letha Stailey.

CARR, Natter S., born 9 Sep 1911, mother Rettie Pierce.

CARR, Wilma R., female, born 4 Sep 1913, mother Letha Stailey.

CARTER, Coin, b. 30 May 1902.

CARTER, Eva W., female, born 29 Jan 1917, mother Easter Huddleston.

CARTER, Fannie L., female, born 4 Aug 1915, mother Easter Huddleston.

CARTER, James P., male, born 30 Jul 1918, mother M. Jones.

CARTER, James W., male, born 1 Jul 1913, mother Ester Huddleston.

CARTER, John E., male, born 7 Jun 1912, mother Annie Piercy.

CARTER, Leah B., female, born 10 Jul 1913, mother Annie Piercey.

CARTER, Nancy, female, born 29 Jan 1856, father F. Carter, mother Fanny Felkins.

CARTER, Sarilda C., female, born 27 Feb 1854 in Russell Co., father S.C. Carter, mother Nancy C. Hunter.

CARTER, T.B., male, born 7 Mar 1856, father John Carter, mother E. Flowers.

CARTER, Vach L., born 23 May 1920, mother Easter Huddleston.

CARTER, William, male, born 8 Nov 1918, mother Malinda Jones.

CARTER, William L., male, born 4 May 1916, mother Mamie McClure.

CARTER, Willie V., male, born 25 Dec 1915, mother M. Jones.

CARVER, Omagene, female, born 18 Apr 1913, mother Sallie Hatcher.

CASH, Christiana, female, born 7 Apr 1916, mother Lula Burchett.

CASH, Elsie A., female, born 25 Jun 1920, mother Sadie Collins.

CASH, Flora Lurdy, female, born 19 Feb 1920, mother Rosie Mooreland.

CASH, Jewell C., female, born 22 Nov 1919, mother Lula Riddle.

CASH, John P., male, born 23 Apr 1916, mother Eula Burchett.

CASH, Lillian P., female, born 5 Jan 1918, mother Pearl Smith.

CASH, Nathan J., male, b. 20 Oct 1888, mother Susan Brown, father William Cash.

CATRON, Eva N., female, born 27 May 1920, mother Cassie Vitato.

CATRON, James L., male, born 4 Oct 1915, mother Florence Hammons.

CATRON, Lyman, male, born 21 Jul 1912, mother Florence Harmon.

CATRON, Paul W., Male, born 23 Feb 1912, mother Cassie Vittotoe.

CATRON, Ray E., male, born 13 May 1927, mother Victoria Wray, father Joseph Catron.

CATRON, Robert, male, born 20 Sep 1917, mother Hattie Pyle.

CATRON, Rosco, male, born 23 Jul 1915, mother Hattie Pyle.

CATRON, Stanley, male, born 12 Jan 1920, mother Hattie Pile.

CATRON, Thomas 1, male, born 23 Aug 1915, mother Cassie Vittatoe.

CECIL, James L., male, born 13 Apr 1915, mother Belle Polston.

CECIL, L.E., female, born 27 Dec 1878, father Rus Cecil, father's place of birth Wayne Co., Ky, mother N. E. Alexander, mother's place of birth Wayne Co., Ky.

CECIL, Lewis W., male, born 25 Nov 1912, mother Chloe Polston.

CHOATE, Haida M., female, born 25 Sep 1920, mother Rebecca Neal.

CHOATE, James C., male, born 7 Aug 1918, mother Hettie Murphey.

CHRISWELL, James C., male, born 5 Oct 1913, mother Altie Marcum.

CLABORN, James W., male, born 2 Apr 1916, mother Emma Taylor.*

CLAIBORN, Creed, male, born 28 Mar 1918, mother Emma Taylor.

CLAIBORN, Jas W., male, born 2 Apr 1916, mother Emma Taylor.*

CLARK, Ada C., female, born 25 Dec 1919, mother Florence Bell.

CLARK, Alonzo L., male, born 23 Dec 1912, mother H. Dill.

CLARK, Arnold Garvin, male, born 6 Mar 1921, mother Mary Ryan Brown, father Daniel Webster Clark.

CLARK, Arnold R., male, born 20 Aug 1918, mother Mahala Shelton.

CLARK, Barbara Josephine, female, born 30 Apr 1940, mother Mary Ryan Brown, father Daniel Webster Clark.

CLARK, Cecil G., male, born 18 Dec 1919, mother Ida Wallen.

CLARK, Dallous Kendel, male, born 12 May 1925, mother Mary Ryan Brown, father Daniel Webster Clark.

CLARK, David W., male, born 15 Aug 1919, mother Maggie Brown.

CLARK, Dorwin Clayton, male, born 7 Aug 1934, mother Mary Ryan Brown, father Daniel Webster Clark.

CLARK, Edie N., female, born 6 Apr 1912, mother Ida Walters.

CLARK, Essie M., female, born 21 Aug 1916, mother Maggie Marcum.

CLARK, Francis V., born 29 May 1919, mother Ida Bell.

CLARK, Fred, male, born 28 Dec 1919, mother Mabel Taylor.

CLARK, Geadis, born 27 Jan 1919, mother May Clark.

CLARK, Ida G., female, born 30 Jul 1917, mother Florence Bell.

CLARK, Jessie E., born 12 Jan 1914, mother Ida Walden.

CLARK, Jessie P., born 16 Mar 1917, mother Maggie Guffey.

CLARK, Juanita A., female, born 11 Nov 1915, mother Edna Koger.

CLARK, Laura M., female, born 15 Jun 1911, mother Dora Clark.

CLARK, Lawrence D., male, born 30 Oct 1916, mother Parkey Shelton.

CLARK, Leina, female, born 1 Mar 1919, mother Mabel Craig.

CLARK, Lorena, female, born 20 Oct 1915, mother Marola Jones.

CLARK, Lowell, male, born 15 Feb 1915, mother Florence Bill.

CLARK, Lulu M., female, born 25 Apr 1913, mother Mahola Jones.

CLARK, Margaret Pauline, female, born 23 April 1928, mother Mary Ryan Brown, father Daniel Webster Clark.

CLARK, Marjorie F., female, born 9 Jul 1917, mother Ida Wallen.

CLARK, Mary, female, born 26 Jun 1911, mother Dora Clark.

CLARK, Mary C., female, born 29 Sep 1883, mother Seely Franklin.

CLARK, Myrtle, female, born 19 Jul 1915, mother America Owens.

CLARK, Netta B., female, born 28 Oct 1918, mother Maggie Marcum.

CLARK, Pebble, born 24 Jun 1915, mother Louisie Tork.

CLARK, Peble, born 21 Jan 1915, mother Ema York.

CLARK, Roy L., male, born 20 Dec 1919, mother Ida Walden.

CLARK, Ruby C., female, born 4 Nov 1916, mother May Kogor.

CLARK, Samuel B., male, born 26 Oct 1918, mother Florence Davis.

CLARK, Samuel B., male, born 12 Oct 1919, mother Maggie Guffey.

CLARK, Sillvan R., born 28 Jan 1913, mother Maggie Riteman.

CLARK, Willie Orvil, male, born 30 Jul 1919, mother Mary Ryan Brown, father Daniel Webster Clark.

CLAYBORN, Bob, male, born 20 Sep 1905, mother Forbie Neal.

COLE, Charly 1, born 8 Jun 1911, mother Ida Bullard.

COLE, George V., male, born 14 May 1912, mother Ida Bullard.

COLE, John, male, born 24 Sep 1914, mother Ida Bullard.

COLE, Opal M., female, born 10 Nov 1917, mother Nina Graham.

COLE, T.A.C., female, born 20 Feb 1856, father F. M. Cole, mother Sarah Riley.

COLE, Virgil P., male, born 8 Aug 1911, mother Laura Lee.

COLLINS, Earl, male, born 14 Jun 1918, mother Rosa Shootman.

COLLINS, Frank E., male, born 24 May 1915, mother Thessie Brown.

COLLINS, Robert, male, born 21 Jun 1917, mother Leta Summers.

COLLINS, Walter L., male, born 2 Aug 1919, mother Meuta Decken.

COLLINS, William David, male, born 13 Jan 1920, mother Lena Summers.

COLLINS, Willie A., male, born 16 May 1920, mother Mattie Kearney.

COLLINS, Willie D., male, born 12 Dec 1919, mother Lena Sumers.

COMBEST, Eva P., female, born 23 Jun 1913, mother Docie Vitatoe.

COMBEST, Jerry W., male, born 25 Nov 1918, mother Docia Vitotoh.

COMBEST, John E., male, born 13 Mar 1916, mother Docia Vitatoe.

COMBEST, Vibie L, born 14 Mar 1911, mother Dochie Vitatoe.

COMER, Paris, born 14 Dec 1919, mother Surrepta Palston.

COMPTON, Carrie May, born 20 May 1886, mother Elizabeth Hunter, father Pinckney Dreidon Compton.

CONNER, Alma A., female, born 29 Sep 1905, mother Polly Davis.

CONNER, Arthur C., male, born 18 Sep 1916, mother Nancy Pierce.

CONNER, Carmel L., born 19 Nov 1913, mother Polly Davis.

CONNER, Dudley 1, male, born 9 Aug 1913, mother Susie Guffey.

CONNER, Edna E., female, b. 9 Mar 1895.

CONNER, Emma M., female, born 26 Sep 1912, mother Millie Cuffey.

CONNER, Eula A., female, born 22 May 1905, mother Mary Stearns.

CONNER, Gerty E., female, born 3 Feb 1920, mother Louettie Guffey.

CONNER, Harvey T., male, born 2 Dec 1911, mother Polly Davis.

CONNER, Ida L., female, b. 19 Jun 1892.

CONNER, Imer Ople, b. 18 Aug 1897, mother Martha Pierce, father William Lawrence Conner.

CONNER, James T., male, born 20 Mar 1914, mother Evaline Terry.

CONNER, John J., male, born 15 Jun 1920, mother Polly Davis.

CONNER, Luther C., male, born 31 Aug 1916, mother Neva York.

CONNER, Nina M., female, born 16 Apr 1918, mother Polly Davis.

CONNER, Oscar 1, male, born 25 Feb 1918, mother Fannie Milton.

CONNER, Rosie A., female, born 11 May 1911, mother Myrtie Dicker.**

CONNER, Rosie A., female, born 11 May 1912, mother Myrtie Dicken.**

CONNER, Virgil R., male, b. 18 May 1898.

CONNER, Virlea E., female, b. 13 Feb 1890.

CONNER, William Lawrence, male, b. 17 Jul 1861, mother Cynthia Starnes, father Corrillus Conner.

CONNER, Wood R., male, born 23 Mar 1915, mother Mary Stearns.

COOK, Alvin L., male, born 9 Jun 1912, mother Malissa McWhorter.

COOK, Glen B., male, born 26 Aug 1913, mother Mary Burchette.

COOKEY, Edith L., female, born 18 Oct 1914, mother Eney Carmen.

COOKINAOFFER, C.T., male, born 15 Apr 1856, father R. H. Kookinaoffer, mother Elizabeth Ellis.

COOKSEY, Anna L., female, born 21 Mar 1919, mother Barbara Melton.

COOKSEY, Annie I., female, born 22 May 1905, mother Margret Ferguson.

COOKSEY, Cylas 2, male, born 1 Jul 1913, mother Barbra Melton.

COOKSEY, Cylas 2, male, born 16 May 1917, mother Kate Melton.

COOKSEY, Dollie J., female, born 8 Mar 1916, mother Etter Stailey.

COOKSEY, Edna M., female, born 1 Jul 1912, mother Barba Melton.

COOKSEY, Elva E., female, born 3 Jun 1911, mother Bessie Mulkey.

COOKSEY, Emley, female, born 20 Mar 1914, mother Esther Starley.

COOKSEY, Floria, female, born 10 Sep 1904, mother Sallie Shoopman.

COOKSEY, James E., male, born 3 Feb 1915, mother Bessie Neathery.

COOKSEY, Johnnie R., male, born 2 Jan 1918, mother Bessie Neathery.

COOKSEY, Marilda, female, b. 9 Oct 1909, mother Etter Stailey.

COOKSEY, Marlow, male, born 17 Nov 1916, mother Crney Crome.

COOKSEY, Sally M., female, born 4 Jan 1913, mother Margaret Ferguson.

COOKSEY, Sity Grace ,female, born 4 Feb 1912, mother Etter Stailey.

COOKSEY, Willard P., male, born 7 May 1915, mother Margaret Fuguson.

COOP, A.B., b. 4 Feb 1893.

COOP, Leah M., female, born 9 Oct 1914, mother Margarett Prewitt.

COOP, Lula, b. 11 Jul 1899.

COOP, Mack, male, born 7 Nov 1914, mother Della Logan.***

COOP, Mack H., male, born 7 Nov 1915, mother Della Logan.***

COOP, Ova, born 26 Feb 1919, mother Della Logan.

COOPER, Bertie 1, female, born 8 Sep 1918, mother Reba Cook.

COOPER, Ida B., female, born 4 Jul 1919, mother Wayne Caleston.

COOPER, James F., male, born 8 Sep 1918, mother Reba Cook.

COOPER, Millard L., male, born 31 Oct 1920, mother Reba Cook.

COOPER, William 2, female, born 27 Feb 1915, mother Wayne Upchurch, father Sam Cooper.

COPE, Nellie A., female, born 1 Dec 1917, mother Delia Aummatete.

COPER, Wm. B., male, born 13 Mar 1915, mother Syntha Demott.

CORNER, Edna L., female, born 28 Jun 1918, mother Millie Guffey.

COTTEN, Zelma, female, born 20 Sep 1919, mother Lela Bails.

COVEY, Della Farris, female, born 11 Jun 1917, mother Bertha Neal.

COVEY, Gertrude, female, born 25 Sep 1914, mother Bertha O'Neal.

COVEY, William W., meale, born 6 Dec 1913, mother Ethel Duvall.

COWAN, Anna Jewell, female born 9 May 1921, mother Maggie Lee Cumming, father James S. Cowan

COWAN, Bryant, male, born 17 Apr 1920, mother Zilpha Lowhorn.

COWAN, Caddie Opal,, born 25 Mar 1912, mother Maggie Lee Cumming, father James S. Cowan.

COWAN, Dorothy H., female, born 5 May 1914, mother Maggie Lee Cumming, father James S. Cowan.

COWAN, Edw. L., male, born 27 Dec 1916, mother Dellie Smith.

COWAN, Emma Idele, female, born 22 Jul 1919, mother Maggie Lee Cumming, father James S. Cowan.

COWAN, Eva H., female, born 28 Jul 1909, mother Dellie Smith.

COWAN, Grace P., female, born 15 Aug 1915, mother Myrtie Crawford.

COWAN, Harlan, male, born 6 Jan 1918, mother Nannie Cargile.

COWAN, Homer, b. 2 Nov 1891.

COWAN, Homer 1, male, born 3 Jan 1915, mother Bessie Cross.

COWAN, James 2, male, born 25 May 1916, mother Lucy Gunnels.

COWAN, John H., male, born 10 Jun 1911, mother Mahola Moles.

COWAN, Martin V., male, born 5 Jul 1916, mother Bessie Cross.

COWAN, Marvin, male, born 21 Dec 1919, mother Nannie Cargile.

COWAN, Paul D., male, born 9 May 1913, mother Halle Moles.

COWAN, Roxie L., female, born 23 May 1918, mother Lucy Gunnels.

COWAN, Ruby Nell, female born 18 Dec 1923, mother Maggie Cummings, father James S. Cowan.

COWAN, Ruth A., female, born 10 Nov 1915, mother Hollie Moles.

COWAN, William J., male, born 8 Aug 1918, mother Ona Lowhorn.

COWAN, Windell, born 28 May 1917, mother Maggie Lee Cumming, father James S. Cowan.

COX, Lurene A., female, born 2 Sep 1856, father Thomas Cox, mother Sarah A. Clark.

COX, William E., male, born 24 Dec 1915, mother Adeline Riddle.

COX, Zal, born 19 Jan 1914, mother Dealy Riddle.

CRABTREE, Bertha S., female, born 4 Dec 1916, mother Cora Pennycuff.

CRABTREE, James G., male, born 5 Apr 1919, mother Delia Griffin.

CRABTREE, Jerry, male, born 29 May 1912, mother Cora Penycuff.

CRABTREE, Otho C., male, born 2 Aug 1905, mother Mary Huddleston.

CRABTREE, Robert 1, male, born 2 Apr 1911, mother Addie Aultaekton.

CRABTREE, Robert 2, male, born 2 Apr 1911, mother Addie Stocktire.

CRAFT, Albert G., male, born 5 May 1911, mother Lena Phillips.

CRAFT, Arnold K., male, born 1 Jan 1915, mother Lena Phillips.

CRAFT, Carrie, female, born 10 Jan 1913, mother Lena Phillips.

CRAFT, Eula S., female, born 28 Jul 1915, mother Sadie Brown.

CRAFT, Frank H., male, born 2 Jun 1912, mother Sadie Brown.

CRAFT, G.B., male, born 30 Nov 1856, father Anderson Craft, mother Olive Jewett.

CRAFT, Martha J., female, born 27 Jul 1915, mother Sadie Brown.

CRAFT, Mary M., female, born 13 Oct 1920, mother Lena Phillips.

CRAFT, Ola A., born 29 Dec 1912, mother Minnie Huff.

CRAFT, William T., male, born 6 Jun 1908, mother Alice Tuggle.

CRAIG, Anna C., female, born 19 Mar 1913, mother L. Jones.

CRAIG, Carlus F., male, born 19 Jun 1934, mother Birdie Tabor.

CRAIG, Della F., female, born 29 Dec 1928, mother Birdie Tabor.

CRAIG, Dewey L., male, born 25 Jan 1916, mother Lou James.

CRAIG, Elizabeth R., female, born 12 Oct 1931, mother Birdie Tabor.

CRAIG, Ellis G., male, born 17 Mar 1911, mother Myrtie Piercy.

CRAIG, Emma M., female, born 28 Jan 1918, mother Myrta Piercy.

CRAIG, Ermon, born 7 Dec 1915, mother Carrie Griffin.

CRAIG, James, male, born 19 Jun 1915, mother Myrtie Piercey.

CRAIG, Lela M., female, born 20 May 1911, mother Cretha Jones.

CRAIG, Mary D., female, born 22 Sep 1919, mother Dellie Fabor.

CRAIG, Newman E., male, born 4 Nov 1919, mother Carrie Griffin.

CRAIG, Ocia L., female, born 11 Nov 1914, mother Sarah Reece.

CRAIG, Paul M., male, born 27 Aug 1918, mother Sarah Reece.

CRAIG, Ruba L., born 29 Jul 1916, mother ELlen Lark.

CRAIG, Rubie M., female, born 19 Feb 1913, mother Mary Piercey.

CRAIG, Rubin 2, male, born 17 Aug 1918, mother Lethie James.

CRAIG, Ruby P., female, born 1 Jun 1911, mother Sarah Reece.

CRAIG, Sam R., male, born 28 Dec 1918, mother Caira Griffin.

CRAIG, Silas, male, born 10 Jun 1911, mother Nancie Tompson.

CRAIG, William 1, male, born 11 Nov 1914, mother Sarah Reece.

CRAIG, William A., male, born 16 Aug 1915, mother Verlie Malone.

CRAIG, William E., male, born 13 Mar 1937, mother Birdie Tabor.

CRAIGE, Virginia S., female, born 17 Aug 1918, mother Crettie Jones.

CRAVENS, Ruby E., female, born 19 Sep 1920, mother Alpha Lee.

CRAWFORD, Robert L., male, born 28 May 1912, mother Sis Hutchinson.

CRAWLEY, Sallie P., female, born 8 Nov 1912, mother Fannie Booher.

CRIFT, Lela I., female, born 20 May 1911, mother Alice Tuggle.

CROCKETT, Bethel J., born 26 Nov 1915, mother Mary Smith.

CROFT, Dora D., female, born 30 Apr 1916, mother Alice Tuggee.

CRON, James M., male, born 10 May 1912, mother Essie Campbell.

CROS, Elzia, female, born 2 May 1911, mother Dora Smith.

CROSA, Ester G., female, born 10 Feb 1911, mother Mattie Mathuas.

CROSS, Agness, female, born 7 Aug 1913, mother Maud Walice.

CROSS, Annie, female, born 6 Sep 1911, mother Malinda Crocket.

CROSS, Artie E., male, born 14 Mar 1917, mother Lara Smith.

CROSS, Bamell O., born 28 Jun 1918, mother Dora Smith.

CROSS, Bessie C., female, born 22 Dec 1917, mother Mary Dulworth.

CROSS, Butler, male, born 24 May 1916, mother Telitha Beidle.

CROSS, Christene C., female, born 3 Sep 1920, mother Maud Wallace.

CROSS, Claris, born 17 Jan 1920, mother Della Pierce.

CROSS, Clyde, b. 16 Jan 1902.

CROSS, Earl B., male, born 12 Dec 1913, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, Earl K., male, born 6 Mar 1919, mother Litha Riddle.

CROSS, Earnest, male, born 30 Dec 1916, mother Dellie Grace.

CROSS, Edwin, male, born 24 Oct 1915, mother Sis Willen.

CROSS, Effie E., female, born 15 Sep 1911, mother Hortensie Willen.

CROSS, Elisha Anderson, male, born 1 Nov 1861, mother Serena Carolyn Brown, father James Wood Cross.

CROSS, Elma E., born 23 May 1912, mother Della Pierce.

CROSS, Elva, born 18 Jan 1915, mother Dora Smith.

CROSS, Ermon L., male, born 2 Oct 1914, mother Leona Smith.

CROSS, Eula female, born 20 Jun 1920, mother Hortensie Willen.

CROSS, Fred D., male, born 10 Apr 1915, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, George 2, male, born 25 Mar 1914, mother Malinda Crocket.

CROSS, George G., male, born 28 Jun 1919, mother Hattie Huff.

CROSS, Girtie, female, born 1 Jun 1913, mother Hattie Huff.

CROSS, Gladys, female, born 22 Mar 1918, mother Maudie Wallace.

CROSS, Herman H., male, born 6 Feb 1920, mother Annie Bruton.

CROSS, Ina J., female, born 3 Dec 1916, mother Malinda Crockett.

CROSS, Ivan G., male, born 13 Sep 1916, mother Eliza Booker.

CROSS, James 2, male, born 14 Aug 1911, mother Lora Looper.

CROSS, James A., male, born 22 Mar 1912, mother Tabitha Riddle.

CROSS, James C., male, born 7 Jul 1919, mother Elsie Campbell.

CROSS, James H., male, born 17 Nov 1896, mother Lora Looper.

CROSS, James I., male, born 28 Dec 1913, mother Hortensia Willen.

CROSS, James P., male, born 15 Apr 1916, mother Hattie Huff.

CROSS, Jessie, born 10 Dec 1913, mother Tabitha Riddle.

CROSS, Jimmie M., male, born 21 Nov 1913, mother Vera Cross.

CROSS, John, male, born 23 Apr 1913, mother Dora Smith.

CROSS, John M., male, born 17 Sep 1920, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, Josephine, female, born 18 Jun 1915, mother Dora Smith.

CROSS, Lanella W., female, born 22 Apr 1919, mother Bertia Willen.

CROSS, Laura E., female, born 31 Dec 1918, mother Lucia Sears.

CROSS, Laura L., female, born 22 Jun 1919, mother Berta Willen.

CROSS, Leona L., female, born 26 Feb 1918, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, Lizzie M., female, born 20 Jan 1904, mother Mary Booher.

CROSS, Lloyd A., male, born 15 Sep 1916, mother Lora Tooper.

CROSS, Lola A., female, born 8 Jun 1907, mother Hester Smith.

CROSS, Lucy M., female, born 10 Apr 1917, mother Ollie Beaty.

CROSS, Marjorie a., female, born 14 Aug 1915, mother Mollie Smith.

CROSS, Martin D., male, born 16 Jun 1920, mother Gertrude Denton.

CROSS, Mary, female, born 26 Oct 1919, mother Hester Smith.

CROSS, Mary D., female, born 20 Sep 1912, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, Mary I., female, born 14 Feb 1919, mother Laura Smith.

CROSS, Mildred T., female, born 4 Aug 1920, mother Mary York.

CROSS, Monrie C., born 11 Jul 1912, mother Eliza Booker.

CROSS, Nellie Marie, frmale, born 30 Apr 1922, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, Neta C., female, born 20 Aug 1916, mother Lucy Willen.

CROSS, Otto, male, born 23 Aug 1912, mother Esther Smith.

CROSS, Paris O., born 18 Apr 1918, mother Anna Glidewell.

CROSS, Perry O., male, born 15 Sep 1914, mother Della Pierce.***

CROSS, Perry O., male, born 15 Sep 1914, mother Dellia Pierce.***

CROSS, Preston K., male, born 9 Apr 1918, mother Leona Smith.

CROSS, Reed L., male, born 23 Oct 1916, mother Roxie Lovelace, father Noah Cross.

CROSS, Robert E., male, born 2 Jan 1916, mother Laura Smith.

CROSS, Robert G., male, born 6 Mar 1912, mother Martha Cross.

CROSS, Ruby, female, born 23 Nov 1918, mother Gertrude Denton.

CROSS, Ruby C., female, born 16 Mar 1914, mother Malinda Crocket.

CROSS, Ruby N., female, born 10 Dec 1915, mother Maude Wallace.

CROSS, Stanley, b. 21 Aug 1899.

CROSS, Thursie L., born 20 Mar 1909, mother Eliza Booher.

CROSS, Virgil A., male, born 16 Dec 1918, mother Mary Dulorth.

CROSS, Walker, male, born 5 Jun 1892, mother Eliza Ann Booher, father Elisha Anderson Cross.

CROSS, Walker 1, male, born 27 Dec 1918, mother Essie Campbell, father Walker Cross.

CROSS, Walker 1, male, born 28 Dec 1917, mother Essie Campbell, father Walker Cross.

CROSS, Wendell H., male, born 6 Jul 1919, mother Essie Campbell, father Walker Cross..

CROSS, William 1, male, born 24 Oct 1915, mother Hortensia Willis, father William Cross.

CROSS, William 2, male, born 18 Jan 1915, mother Dora Smith, father William Cross.

CROSS, William Dowell, male, born 24 Dec 1858, parents James Woods Cross and Serena Caroline Brown.

CROSS, Willie 1, male, born 28 Sep 1916, mother Dora Smith.

CROSS, Willie B., male, born 4 Jan 1912, mother Alta Lawhorn.

CROSS, Willie N., male, born 12 Aug 1920, mother Carrie Abston.

CROSS, Wilma G., female, born 10 Mar 1914, mother Laura Smith.

CROUCH, Elva, female, born 10 Jan 1907, mother Frona Crouch.

CROUCH, Luther S., male, birn 1 Jan 1912, mother Frona Crouch.

CUMMING, Irvin J., male, born 14 Mar 1916, mother Seph Parson.

CUMMING, Johney, male, born 6 Apr 1915, mother Amelia Cumming.

CUMMING, Martha J., female, born 18 Aug 1911, mother Lou Crass.

CUMMINGS, Albert G., male, born 18 Sep 1916, mother Lou Cross.

CUMMINGS, Clarence, male, born 14 Oct 1919, mother allie Upchurch.

CUMMINGS, Eula M., female, born 16 Apr 1915, mother Meela Cale.

CUMMINGS, Ida E., female, born 29 Aug 1912, mother Seaf Parson.

CUMMINGS, John a., male, born 28 Jul 1913, mother Lou Cross.

CUMMINGS, Marie, female, born 22 Feb 1914, mother Sephe Parson.

CUMMINGS, Murl, born 3 Apr 1911, mother Fancy Dickin.

CUMMINGS, Myrtie B., female, born 29 Jul 1909, mother Jo Cephe Parson.

CUMMINGS, Rubie, female, born 12 Jul 1919, mother Nannie Moody.

CUMMINGS, Vera I., female, born 4 Oct 1912, mother Meba Lee.

*, **, *** These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings in either the child's name and/or mother's name, or slightly different birth dates. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.


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