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Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

FAIRCHILD, Hendrick I., male, born 15 May 1920, mother Nellie Young.

FAIRCHILD, James E., male, born 16 Jul 1917, mother Nelly Young.

FAIRCHILD, Lucille, female, born 12 Nov 1914, mother Nellie Young.

FARMER, Charley R., male, born 19 Oct 1918, mother Eula Cross.

FARMER, Cora, female, b. 25 May 1895.

FARMER, Vida, female, born 8 Apr 1916, mother Eula Cross.

FARR, Martin W., male, born 27 Jun 1903, mother Amanda Carlton.

FARR, Matilda C., female, born 14 May 1909, mother Amanda Carlton.

FARR, Rilda, born 17 May 1917, mother Manda Carlton.

FEEKINS, Ollie, born 11 Dec 1916, mother Betty Hickman.

FELKINS, Edna M., female, born 12 Jul 1911, mother Betty Hickman.

FELKINS, Mary E., female, born 31 Oct 1913, mother Elizabeth Hicks.

FELKINS, Willie S., male, born 9 Jan 1912, mother Sarah Smith.

FERGESON, Otis, male, born 5 Mar 1915, mother Susie Abston.

FERGUSON, Anna, female, born 13 Jan 1916, mother Vertie Malone.

FERGUSON, Annie E., female, born 9 Jun 1916, mother Mary Grider.

FERGUSON, Arlie, b. 6 Feb 1903.

FERGUSON, Audie T., born 9 Sep 1915, mother Paralee Flowers.

FERGUSON, Audra L, female, born 16 Dec 1915, mother Mary Huddleston.

FERGUSON, Ben W., male, born 10 May 1918, mother Mary Huddleston.

FERGUSON, Bertha, female, b. 6 Nov 1897.

FERGUSON, Bill, b. 28 May 1899.

FERGUSON, CHester, male, b. 5 Feb 1901.

FERGUSON, Clara, b. 30 Aug 1901.

FERGUSON, Daniel 2, male, born 26 Jan 1919, mother Lucy Jones.

FERGUSON, Edna O., female, born 1 Aug 1912, mother Ethel Johnson.

FERGUSON, Elizabeth C., female, born 1 Jul 1915, mother Lena Cumming.

FERGUSON, Elsie, female, born 24 Jul 1916, mother Irene Craig.

FERGUSON, Flonnie T., female, born 6 May 1917, mother Lucy Jones.

FERGUSON, Flora G., female, born 14 Oct 1911, mother Zona Ceriag.

FERGUSON, Frank T., male, born 29 Nov 1912, mother Corra Gamblin.

FERGUSON, George, male, b. 20 Feb 1899.

FERGUSON, George H., male, born 20 Sep 1913, mother Mary Huddleston.

FERGUSON, Georgia W., female, born 16 Jul 1907, mother Sarah Cooksey.

FERGUSON, Glen, male, born 9 Jul 1913, mother Irene Craig.

FERGUSON, Glenda H., female, born 25 Sep 1911, mother Irean Craig.

FERGUSON, Hoyle I., male, born 18 Jun 1917, mother Altie Cross.

FERGUSON, James, male, born 3 May 1916, mother Zona Craig.

FERGUSON, James, male, born 31 Jan 1920, mother Mary Huddleson.

FERGUSON, James A., male, born 5 Nov 1912, mother Bettie Cooksey.

FERGUSON, James E., male, born 29 Nov 1912, mother Cora Gamblin.

FERGUSON, Jessie, b. 1 Sep 1890.

FERGUSON, Josie, b. 6 Mar 1895.

FERGUSON, Laura B., female, born 10 Sep 1915, mother Bettie Cooksey.

FERGUSON, Leonard, male, b. 18 Jan 1894.

FERGUSON, Lewis, male, b. 5 Oct 1902.

FERGUSON, Lilian, b. 12 May 1899.

FERGUSON, Lily, female, born 22 Oct 1918, mother Zola Brown.

FERGUSON, Louise, female, orn 23 Jul 1919, mother Pearl Lueinda.

FERGUSON, Luther, male, b. 23 Dec 1903.

FERGUSON, Mary E., female, born 25 May 1920, mother Mary Grider.

FERGUSON, Mary Maxine, female, born 7 Mar 1919, mother Alta Cross.

FERGUSON, Nannie, female, b. 1 Feb 1901.

FERGUSON, Nannie D., female, born 30 Dec 1916, mother Mary CUmmings.

FERGUSON, Orestus, male, born 25 Jun 1918, mother Mary Grider.

FERGUSON, Ray L., born 30 Apr 1919, mother Vertie Malone.

FERGUSON, Reed, male, born 29 Nov 1914, mother Lucy Jones.

FERGUSON, Sallie, female, b. 15 Aug 1899.

FERGUSON, Vivian E., female, born 22 Mar 1912, mother Bertha Mosbey.

FERGUSON, Will D., male, born 12 Jun 1919, mother Irene Craig.

FERGUSON, Willie, male, b. 15 Nov 1893.

FERGUSON, Willie E., male, born 17 Oct 1920, mother May Stockton.

FERGUSON, Willie P., male, born 26 Jun 1919, mother Mary Huddleston.

FERGUSSON, Brooks L., born 8 Jun 1916, mother Neva Cross.

FERREL, Millie J., female, born 16 Sep 1913, mother Mary Dickerson.

FERREL, Zana B., born 16 Jan 1914, mother Eliza Bawls.

FERRELL, Marie, female, born 1 Apr 1920, mother Allice Ferrell.

FERRELL, Willie F., male, born 2 Aug 1919, mother Bessie Keamey.

FERRILL, Malvie L., born 11 Feb 1915, mother Edna Maupin.

FITZGEARLDS, Salie A., female, born 19 Jan 1920, mother Malindia Scrogins.

FLOWERS, Alvin C., male, born 21 Aug 1920, mother Ida Dowdy.

FLOWERS, Creole U., born 14 Jun 1917, mother Pearl William.

FLOWERS, Effie, female, born 28 Dec 1912, mother Allice Roger.

FLOWERS, Eidth, female, born 31 Dec 1913, mother Mira Davidson.

FLOWERS, Hermon, male, born 18 Mar 1920, mother Cassie Pemberton.

FLOWERS, Hobert H., male, born 10 Apr 1919, mother Flonnie Lovelace.

FLOWERS, John, male, born 31 Oct 1911, mother Miria Davidson.

FLOWERS, Lula M., female, born 19 Nov 1917, mother Mollie Flowers.

FLOWERS, Nora, female, born 28 Dec 1912, mother Allice Roger.

FLOWERS, Nora B., female, born 14 Mar 1917, mother Myra Davidson.

FLOWERS, Orestus, male, born 7 Sep 1920, mother M. Davidson.

FLOWERS, Peggy A., female, born 28 Aug 1909, mother Mabel Willingham.

FLOWERS, Retha A., female, born 27 Jul 1919, mother Ida Littrell.

FLOWERS, Roy C., male, born 18 Dec 1918, mother An Davidson.

FLOWERS, Roy P., male, born 14 Oct 1918, mother Florence Bird.

FLOWERS, Samuel R., male, born 1 Jul 1917, mother Ida Littrell.

FLOWERS, William, male, born 26 Dec 1916, mother Jennie Walls.

FLOWERS, Willie E., male, born 30 Jun 1919, mother Lula Wilburn.

FORD, Preston, male, born 1 Dec 1853, father J.H. Ford, mother Eliza Leslie.

FORD, Sarah A., female, born Apr 1856, father T. H. Ford, mother Eliza Leslie.

FORD, Sophrina F., female, born 29 May 1858, father James H. Ford, mother Eliza Leslie.

FOSTER, Ethel, female, born 12 Jul 1908, mother Betty Foster.

FOSTER, Rosie L., female, born 27 Feb 1918, mother Elizabeth Neal.

FOSTER, Theo, male, born 29 May 1920, mother Elizabeth Neal.

FOSTER, Tom W., male, born 5 Oct 1914, mother Silvan Odair.

FOWLER, John L., male, born 15 Jul 1913, mother Florance Fowler.

FRANK, Antha P., born 23 Feb 1906, mother Lillie Huddleston.

FRANKLIN, Charley R., born 21 Feb 1919, mother Clara Belle.

FRANKLIN, Ora C., born 25 Aug 1913, mother Nathie Duvall.

FRAST, Dortha M., female, born 30 Mar 1911, mother Lila Stinson.

FROGGE, John A., male, born 6 May 1919, mother Bertha Smith.

FROGGE, Lillian I., female, born 21 Jul 1901, mother Effie Bohou.

FROGGE, Verlie, born 6 May 1914, mother Laura Andrews.

FROST, Claud G., male, born 20 Jan 1916, mother Mattie Masingale.

FROST, Killus W., born 20 Nov 1913, mother Lula Stinson.

FROST, Lee O., born 22 Mar 1918, mother Winnie Purcy.

FROST, Obie J., born 8 Jan 1913, mother Nannie Massengale.

FROST, Paul M., male, born 20 Jan 1916, mother Mattie Masingale.

FROST, Rex F., male, born 1 Apr 1920, mother Winnie Purcy.

FROST, Shoff 1, male, born 29 Jan 1920, mother Bertha Rains.

FURGERSON, Sam 2, male, born 26 Nov 1918, mother Mary Bertram.

FURGUSON, James R., male, born 1 May 1919, mother Birdie Malon.


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