This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note using the MAIL link below.

Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

GANON, Add 1, born 2 Feb 1918, mother Jessie Hancock.

GARNER, Estell G., born 18 May 1916, mother Julia Garner.

GARNER, Johnnie C., male, born 29 Aug 1915, mother Cora Bruton.

GARNER, Judie, female, b. 20 Nov 1895.

GARNER, Maggie, female, b. 15 Oct 1891.

GARNER, Theodore V., male, born 8 Aug 1907, mother Maud Crow.

GARRETT, Edgar, male, born 26 Jan 1918, mother Caroline Shoopman.

GARRETT, Edgar H., male, born 25 Mar 1916, mother Caroline Shoopman.

GARRETT, Edith, female, born 3 Aug 1912, mother Lula Rains.

GARRETT, James T., male, born 9 Jun 1914, mother Bessie Wilkerson.

GARRETT, Ryan, male, born 30 Aug 1911, mother Mary Barber.

GARRINER, William, male, born 8 Oct 1912, mother Mary Bruton.

GENTLE, Preston, male, born 22 Jan 1912, mother Mandia Noris.

GIBBONS, Alxis D., born 23 Mar 1920, mother Martha Crabtree.

GIBBONS, Tom 2, male, born 16 Jul 1913, mother Martha Crabtree.

GIBSON, Cora L., female, born 24 Jul 1916, mother Martha Gains.

GIBSON, Della O., female, born 29 Nov 1903, mother Gertie Carter.

GIBSON, Earnest, male, born 25 May 1912, mother Flossie Norris.

GIBSON, Eugene P., male, born 23 Feb 1913, mother Margerrette Rush.

GIBSON, Gifford, male, born 22 Aug 1912, mother Clyde Gentle.

GIBSON, Gordon, male, born 24 May 1912, mother Sarah Smith.

GIBSON, Grace S., female, born 4 Sep 1912, mother Lizzie Booker.

GIBSON, Granville E., male, born 9 Nov 1916, mother Bessie Piercey.

GIBSON, Hubert E., male, born 16 Dec 1912, mother Martha Guinn.

GIBSON, James B., male, born 1 Oct 1856, father R. Gibson, mother Nancy Wooten.

GIBSON, James B., male, born 6 Mar 1916, mother Eldora Gibson.

GIBSON, James R., male, born 27 Feb 1900, mother Flossie Norris.

GIBSON, Jesse 1, male, born 7 Jan 1918, mother Bessie Piercey.

GIBSON, John S., male, born 16 Dec 1918, mother Allie Gentle.

GIBSON, Leah M., female, born 11 Aug 1913, mother Vela Paige.

GIBSON, Leren, born 1 Jul 1919, mother Sarah Smith.

GIBSON, Lorine, born 19 Mar 1919, mother Ivar Gibson.

GIBSON, Madru, born 15 Jan 1915, mother Clyde Gentle.

GIBSON, Mariba M., female, born 28 Oct 1915, mother Gertie Garter.

GIBSON, Ozias 1, male, born 3 Jan 1913, mother Mary Gibson.

GIBSON, Paul K., male, born 24 May 1912, mother Sarah Smith.

GIBSON, Ruby P., female, born 20 Jul 1919, mother Alelora Gibson.

GIBSON, Stanley P., male, born 29 Jun 1919, mother Martha Guinn.

GIBSON, Woodrow F., male, born 21 Feb 1920, mother Bonnie Bertrom.

GILBERT, Charles W., male, born 6 Aug 1912, mother S. Hoover.

GISH, Lewis 1, male, born 19 Mar 1915, mother Lizzie Burchett.

GIST, Kindeth R., born 13 Oct 1916, mother Lizzie Burchett.

GIST, Mary L., female, born 29 Feb 1916, mother Edna Lee.

GIST, Nell N., female, born 11 Jan 1918, mother Bertie Lee.

GIST, Newel J., born 22 Feb 1911, mother Varina Bertram.

GIST, Roy E., male, born 8 Sep 1912, mother Varina Bertram.

GLIDEWELL, A.W., male, born 27 Oct 1856, father Anderson Glidewell, mother Sally Aure.

GLIDEWELL, Lela, female, born 7 Nov 1917, mother Mattie Melton.

GLIDEWELL, Lender P., born 11 Jul 1919, mother M. Garner.

GLIDEWELL, Prmtus V., born 22 Aug 1913, mother Minnie Cross.

GLIDEWELL, Ruby N., female, born 17 Feb 1920, mother Dove Melton.

GLIDEWELL, Vealer P., born 13 Mar 1920, mother Mattie Melton.

GLIDEWELL, Zora M., female, born 20 Mar 1916, mother Mattie Melton.

GLIDWELL, Bessie E., female, born 2 Jul 1911, mother Minnie Cross.

GLIDWELL, Luthur P., male, born 1 Mar 1918, mother Dovie Melton.

GLIDWELL, Waymon C., male, born 28 Jun 1914, mother Mauda Perkins.

GOODMAN, Mertie M., born 20 Apr 1914, mother Mary Goodman.

GOODMAN, Porter, male, born 8 Dec 1918, mother Lueta Agee.

GOODMAN, Willie, male, born 2 Mar 1920, mother Ella Agee.

GOODMAN, Wm R., male, born Aug 1856, mother Rachael Goodman.

GRACE, David J., male, born 24 Jan 1920, mother Myrtie Shelley.

GRACE, James R., male, born 15 Sep 1912, mother Ota Cowan.

GRACE, Lola E., female, born 16 Sep 1918, mother Edna Thurman.

GRAHAM, Lula, b. 27 Nov 1891.

GRAHAM, Oran, b. 21 Jan 1901.

GRAHAM, Paul, male, born 29 Aug 1912, mother Lena Smith.

GRAHAM, Robert, b. 31 Aug 1898.

GRAHAM, Roy E., male, born 23 Apr 1914, mother Ethel Albertson.

GRAHAM, Sallie, female, born 5 Dec 1915, mother Ethel Albertson.

GRAHAM, William, b. 9 Jun 1895.

GRAY, James P., male, born 9 Jul 1917, mother Bell Beaty.

GRAY, Job 2, male, born 4 Feb 1912, mother Mary Beath.

GREDER, Julia F., female, born 9 Mar 1918, mother Luvela Jones.

GRIDER, Amie, b. 16 Nov 1897.

GRIDER, Amrie A., born 13 Aug 1911, mother Sallie Parreyin.

GRIDER, Edna, female, b. 20 Sep 1895.

GRIDER, Eva L., female, born 17 Mar 1918, mother Mar Harper.

GRIDER, Frances G., female, born 19 Aug 1907, mother Sally Grider.

GRIDER, Gay, female, born 14 Jan 1918, mother Zelma Burris.

GRIDER, George 1, male, born 25 Mar 1916, mother Myrtie Duvall.

GRIDER, George W., male, born 20 Aug 1914, mother Sallie Parriyin.

GRIDER, James O., male, b. 20 Apr 1893.

GRIDER, James T., male, b. 15 Mar 1895.

GRIDER, James W., male, born 10 Aug 1919, mother Zelma Burris.

GRIDER, John, male, b. 22 Aug 1902.

GRIDER, Kendrick, male, b. 6 Feb 1900.

GRIDER, Lottie, female, born 10 Jan 1910, mother Sallie Wells.

GRIDER, Nina J., female, b. 14 Jun 1898.

GRIDER, Otha 2, male, born 15 Jun 1916, mother Ina Harper.

GRIDER, William J., male, born 24 Nov 1906, mother Nannie McKinley.

GRIFFIN, Izora B., born 28 Jan 1913, mother Bettie Griffin.

GRIFFIN, John S., male, born 11 Jan 1914, mother Ida Wright.

GRIFFIN, Joseph 1, male, born 1 May 1912, mother Mary Lee.

GRIFFIN, Mary, female, born 12 Sep 1912, mother Ollie Ragan.

GRIFFIN, Mary, female, born 22 Sep 1913, mother Ethel Tallatt.

GRIFFIN, Mary E., female, born 28 Oct 1918, mother Mary Lee.

GRIFFIN, Ora G., born 8 Jul 1913, mother Mary Lee.

GRIFFIN, Reable B., female, born 9 Jun 1918, mother Maudie Glidewell.

GRIFFIN, Reba B., female, born 25 May 1918, mother Maudie Glidewell.

GRIFFIN, Robert L., male, born 5 Aug 1915, mother Rettie Griffin.

GRIFFIN, Rubie, female, born 14 Dec 1915, mother Mary Lee.

GRIFFIN, Ruby, female, born 1 Oct 1918, mother Loretta Griffin.

GRIFFIN, Stella N., female, born 30 Aug 1913, mother Ethel Talbott.

GRIFFIN, Thomas 1, male, born 17 Jun 1916, mother Maude Glidewell.

GRIFFIN, Vanda G., female, born 16 Aug 1917, mother Ethel Talbott.

GRIFFIN, Vennie M., born 14 May 1920, mother Myrtle Means.

GRIFFIN, Virginia L., female, born 28 Mar 1912, mother Ida Wright.

GRIFFIN, Warren G., male, born 20 Nov 1920, mother Maude Glidewell.

GROCE, Bercia G., female, born 21 Jan 1917, mother Nannie Mitchel.

GROCE, Dortha L., female, born 5 May 1915, mother Lillie Groce.

GROCE, Ella M., female, born 16 Apr 1917, mother Eliza Green.

GROCE, Elvin R., born 27 Nov 1916, mother Myrtie Shelley.*

GROCE, Elvin R., born 27 Nov 1916, mother Myrtie Shelley.*

GROCE, Gladys I., female, born 24 Dec 1912, mother Edna Thurman.

GROCE, J.A., male, born 25 Aug 1856, father Asa Groce, mother N. Taylor.

GROCE, James C., male, born 31 Aug 1914, mother Nannie Mitchel.

GROCE, John D., male, born 22 Jul 1919, mother Nannie Mitchel.

GROCE, John J., male, born 21 Dec 1919, mother Anglen Green.

GROCE, M.H., female, born 13 Oct 1856, father Pleas Groce, mother Martha Lee.

GROCE, Melvin J., male, born 25 Jan 1918, mother Myrtie Shelley.

GROCE, Riley A., female, born 14 Apr 1856, father David Groce, mother Tabitha Janis.

GROCE, Ruby A., female, born 11 Jul 1911, mother Lee Lowhorn.

GROCE, Walter S., male, born 30 Mar 1916, mother Ethel Cowan.

GROSS, Clarence O., male, born 23 Sep 1911, mother Hattie Green.

GROSS, George, male, born 20 Jan 1913, mother Lelor Huff.

GROSS, Stl E., born 19 Nov 1915, mother Fannie Summers.

GRUFFEY, Newell E., male, born 4 Jul 1911, mother Zerohia Gruffey.

GUFFEY, Allie V., female, born 2 Jul 1917, mother Ada Stewart.

GUFFEY, Arnold, male, born 12 Dec 1919, mother Maggie Acree.

GUFFEY, Arnold H., male, born 23 Dec 1916, mother Sephronie Baker.

GUFFEY, Beatrice A., female, born 12 Mar 1917, mother Dora Clark.

GUFFEY, Bethe B., female, born 21 Apr 1915, mother Doscie Ayers.

GUFFEY, Carl W., male, born 25 Jul 1920, mother Nora Marcum.

GUFFEY, Chester, male, born 8 Sep 1919, mother Ella Wairner.

GUFFEY, Clarence L., male, born 14 Feb 1920, mother Doria Ayers.

GUFFEY, Clay, male, b. 23 May 1891.

GUFFEY, Dudley W., male, born 14 Mar 1920, mother Hadia Neal.

GUFFEY, Edna, female, born 24 Aug 1917, mother Maggie Acrey.

GUFFEY, Emma E., female, born 15 Oct 1913, mother Erma Pruit.

GUFFEY, Ethel, female, born 14 Apr 1882.

GUFFEY, Ethel T., male, born 5 Dec 1918, mother Verdie Glutten.

GUFFEY, Eva L., female, born 28 APr 1915, mother Maggie Acrey.

GUFFEY, Gladys E., female, born 13 Apr 1916, mother Minda Guffey.

GUFFEY, Herbert, male, born 31 Oct 1918, mother Bessie Marsh.

GUFFEY, Hershell H., male, born 15 Oct 1919, mother Mollie Pruitt.

GUFFEY, Iva S., born 6 Jun 1913, mother Zuchia Guffey.

GUFFEY, J.M., male, born 26 Aug 1878, father J. M. Guffey, father's place of birth Clinton Co., Ky, mother Rebecca Englam, mother's place of birth White Co., Tenn.

GUFFEY, Jessie L., born 26 Sep 1913, mother Minnie Marsh.

GUFFEY, Jewel, female, born 3 Jul 1912, mother Virtie Shelton.

GUFFEY, John 2, male, born 2 Mar 1913, mother Winnie Shelton.

GUFFEY, John P., male, born 11 Sep 1911, mother Arminda Marsh.

GUFFEY, Kate Snow, female, born 4 Apr 1920, mother Lillie Bell.

GUFFEY, L. 2, born 3 Jul 1912, mother M. Marcum.

GUFFEY, Lee A., born 18 Oct 1912, mother Eimern Pruett.

GUFFEY, Lucy M., female, born 4 May 1914, mother Mary Guffey.

GUFFEY, Mable M., female, born 23 Jan 1917, mother Cora Clark.

GUFFEY, Martha 1, female, born 28 Apr 1911, mother Martha Guffey.

GUFFEY, Mary E., female, born 1 May 1919, mother Minnie Marsh.

GUFFEY, Maud, female, born 5 May 1911, mother Maggie Gerie.

GUFFEY, Myrtie, female, b. 23 Oct 1892.

GUFFEY, Roy E., male, born 16 Apr 1917, mother Alpha Jones.

GUFFEY, Tampsie J., born 28 May 1913, mother Maggie Acrewy.

GUFFEY, Verdie, born 25 Mar 1915, mother Bessie Marsh.

GUFFEY, Walter, male, born 28 Mar 1912, other Bessie Morris.

GUFFEY, Wesley G., male, born 12 Jul 1912, mother Doris Ayers.

GUFFEY, WIlliam S., male, born 2 Oct 1918, mother Lillie Bell.

GUFFEY, Willie, male, born 16 Aug 1919, mother Dora Clark.

GUFFEY, Willie M., male, born 27 Feb 1912, mother Pearl Neal.

GUFFEY, Zelma, female, born 16 Oct 1914, mother Alphie Jones.

GUFFIE, Elsie, female, born 20 Aug 1916, mother Bessie Mash.

GUFFY, Berl V., male, born 15 Sep 1918, mother Nora Marcum.

GUFFY, Fred, male, born 26 Dec 1913, mother Dora Clark.

GUFFY, Leo, male, born 28 Dec 1856, father John Guffy, mother Matilda Morrison.

GUFFY, M. P., born 19 Sep 1920, mother Cora Clark.

GUFFY, Sandis E., born 10 Aug 1913, mother Ellie Guffy.

GUIDER, Polly, female, born 25 Jan 1913, mother Sarah Wells.

GUINN, female child, born 26 Nov 1911, mother Ida Bulland, father Brown Guinn.

GUINN, Albert Paul, male, born 26 Nov 1903, mother Ella Stewart.

GUINN, Cora e., female, born 17 Aug 1901, mother Mary Evans.

GUINN, Dexter, male, born 23 Nov 1911, mother Lena Bullard.

GUINN, Dora Lena, female, born 9 Aug 1919, mother Anna Mathews.

GUINN, Dorothy L., female, born 16 Jul 1913, mother Sarah Stewart.

GUINN, Dulcie J., born 14 Mar 1918, mother Allie Brown.

GUINN, James R., male, born 8 Apr 1920, mother Ada Braswell.

GUINN, Lee W., born 14 Feb 1914, mother Allie Brown.

GUINN, Lexie M., female, born 7 Nov 1913, mother Ova Byers.

GUINN, Luther S., male, born 19 Dec 1917, mother Alice Penticuff.

GUINN, Minnie E., female, born 17 Apr 1911, mother Mary Evans.

GUINN, Rad B., born 21 Mar 1918, mother Mary Evans.

GUINN, Rube L., born 26 Nov 1919, mother Mary Howard.

GUINN, Vela M., female, born 5 Mar 1916, mother Allie Brown.

GUINN, Velma P., female, born 29 Aug 1917, mother Sarah Stewart.

GUINN, Worley O., born 1 Jun 1913, mother Eller Stewart.

GULHILL, Windell K., born 1 Apr 1919, mother Fanny McCoy.

GUTHERY, no name given, male, b. Mar 1856, father Adam Guthery (b. abt. 1818 in Cumberland Co., KY), mother Mary E. Vance (b. 13 Aug 1823 in Cumberland Co., KY).

GUTHRIE, Alexander B., male, born 1 Jun 1915, mother Lucy McCoy.

GUTHRIE, Annie Elizabeth, female, born 6 Aug 1917, mother Emma Dyer.

GUTHRIE, Audrie K., born 22 Nov 1912, mother Sadie Staton.

GUTHRIE, Clarence E., male, born 5 Mar 1919, mother Mary Beaty.

GUTHRIE, Cyrus, male, born 16 Feb 1902, mother Martha Beck.

GUTHRIE, David F., male, born 10 Jan 1916, mother Sadie Staton.

GUTHRIE, Ethel B., female, born 16 Apr 1913, mother Emma Dyer.

GUTHRIE, Georgia A., female, born 5 Jul 1912, mother Fannie McCoy.

GUTHRIE, Helen L., female, born 12 Oct 1911, mother Eliza Ferrel.

GUTHRIE, James, male, born 27 Feb 1905, mother Emily Dyer.

GUTHRIE, Joe H., male, born 2 Jul 1911, mother Emma Dyer.

GUTHRIE, John J., male, born 9 Sep 1920, mother Eulus Taylor.

GUTHRIE, Kendrick, male, born 14 Dec 1914, mother Ernest Bealy.

GUTHRIE, Lillie, female, b. 23 Mar 1891.

GUTHRIE, Mary E., female, born 25 Aug 1920, mother Emma Dyer.

GUTHRIE, Myrl, born 24 Nov 1912, mother Alma Taylor.

GUTHRIE, Ray R., male, born 24 Jun 1916, mother Emma Dyer.

GUTHRIE, Willie K., male, born 6 Jun 1915, mother Mary Million.

GUTHERY, (no name given), male, born Mar 1856, father A. Guthery, mother M. E. Vance.

GUTHRIE, S.T., female, born 13 Aug 1878, father John Guthrie, father's place of birth Russell Co., Ky, mother A. Southerland, mother's place of birth Clinton Co., Ky.

GWINN, Rod B., male, born 21 Mar 1918, mother Mary Evans.

GWINN, Wavie F., born 15 Apr 1912, mother Mary Evans.

GWINN, Webster S., born 17 Sep 1915, mother Mary Evans.

* These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings in either the child's name and/or mother's name, or slightly different birth dates. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.


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