1910 Clinton County Census - Albany District 1 (Microfilm Roll #T624-471)

ED# 60 (Does not include Town of Albany)

Enumerated by James E. Parrigin April/May 1910.

Husband Abston, William M 44, Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth 34, Kentucky
Son Francis L 17, Kentucky
Son James M 15, Kentucky
Son Robert A 13, Kentucky
Daughter Lackie C 10, Kentucky
Son Georgie P 07, Kentucky
Son Charlie Ps 04, Kentucky
Son Sammie E 02, Kentucky

Husband Aaron, Ethedge S. 37, Kentucky
Wife Martha A 35, Kentucky
Son Lewis L 16, Kentucky
Son James A 14, Kentucky
Daughter Nancy E 10, Kentucky
Daughter Maggie P 07, Kentucky
Son Roy E 05, Kentucky
Son Elmer Rose 03, Kentucky
Daughter Nova E NR, Kentucky

Husband Buck, J.C. 59, Kentucky
Wife Nancy 57, Kentucky
Daughter Clarinda J 27, Kentucky
Laborer Asberry, Sherman 20, Kentucky

Husband Butter, Bennie F. 39, Kentucky
Wife Sarah E 32, Kentucky
Daughter Marguerette L 15, Kentucky
Son John A 12, Kentucky
Daughter Nina M 09, Kentucky
Son Daise F 08, Kentucky
Son Claud E 06, Kentucky

Husband Butter, William A. 73, Kentucky
Wife Margarette E 64, Kentucky
Son William E 24, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Nannie B 22, Kentucky
Grandson Charlie M Lowhom 11, Texas
Granddaughter Zilpha I Lowhom 10, Texas

Husband Bilbrey, Cur M. 35, Tennessee
Wife Sarah 39, Tennessee
Son Marion 14, Kentucky
Son Corlous 12, Kentucky
Daughter Mabel 10, Kentucky
Son Hascal 09, Kentucky
Daughter Estey 05, Kentucky
Daughter Winnie 02, Kentucky

Husband Ballenger, James F. 20, Kentucky
Wife Fannie C 25, Kentucky
Mother Cyntha C 56, Kentucky
Sister Fannie L 27, Kentucky

Husband Ballenger, James T. 58, Kentucky
Wife Mary H 43, Kentucky

Husband Ballenger, William L. 34, Kentucky
Wife Maggie G 24, Tennessee
Daughter Nancy C 03, Kentucky
Son Lee Herbert 02, Kentucky

Husband Bullard, Isaac A. 31, Kentucky
Wife Frona S 20, Kentucky
Daughter Susa L 03, Kentucky
Son Rosco M 01, Kentucky

Husband Burchett, Alfred 51, Tennessee
Wife Victoria 52, Kentucky
Son Johnie A 21, Kentucky

Wife Ada C 27, Kentucky
Daughter Gladys E 05, Kentucky
Daughter Mary L 04, Kentucky
Daughter Clara G 02, Kentucky
Servant Carmun, Florence 15, Kentucky

Husband Burchett, William A. 59, Tennessee
Wife Cyntha A 57, Kentucky
Daughter Leona 25, Kentucky
Son Ambrose F 21, Kentucky
Daughter Eula 19, Kentucky
Daughter Lula 19, Kentucky

Husband Beard, George W. 24, Kentucky
Wife Mary 22, Kentucky
Son William R 03, Kentucky
Daughter Alla E 01, Kentucky
Laborer Claud Stockton 20, Kentucky

Husband Bertram, Robert M. 22, Kentucky
Wife Eva 24, Kentucky
Son Jolia 03, Kentucky
Daughter Jewel 02, Kentucky
Daughter Maggie 01, Kentucky

Husband Brown, Abner SR. 59, Tennessee
Daughter Liza J 26, Kentucky
Son Abner, Jr 23, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Maggie 21, Kentucky
Grandson James H 03, Kentucky

Husband Brown, James G. 28, Kentucky
Wife Minnie 25, Kentucky
Daughter Maudell NR, Kentucky

Husband Brown, Luther F. 20, Kentucky
Wife Maudie B 16, Tennessee
Mother-in-law Amy E Rains 46, Kentucky

Husband Burns, Ransom H. 32, Kentucky
Wife Mattie K 30, Kentucky
Son James C 10, Kentucky
Son Charlie R 07, Kentucky
Son Rosco A 05, Kentucky

Head of Household Brents, Malissa J. 48, Kentucky
Son Samuel V 28, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Annie L 22, Kentucky
Son Thomas F 22, Kentucky

Head of Household Brumett, Sarah J. 61, Kentucky
Son Johnie W 25, Kentucky
Daughter Dora E 21, Kentucky
Granddaughter Eva J 14, Kentucky

Husband Branum, James R. 29, Kentucky
Wife Martha E 29, Kentucky
Daughter Jessie P 09, Kentucky
Daughter Vada 04, Kentucky
Daughter Bonie A NR, Kentucky

Husband Coffee, John H. NR NR
Wife Catharnie 64, Kentucky
Son Morton P 18, Kentucky

Husband Coop, Pitser 70, Virginia
Wife Gracy A 66, Kentucky
Daughter Jemima 36, Kentucky
Granddaughter Mirtie Crawford 12, Kentucky
Granddaughter Vera 03, Kentucky

Husband Coop, Samuel 44, Kentucky
Wife Roselie 35, Kentucky
Daughter Lula 10, Kentucky
Daughter Grace A 08, Kentucky
Daughter Cora E 05, Kentucky
Daughter Lola M 03, Kentucky
Son John W NR, Kentucky

Husband Cook, David L. 33, Kentucky
Wife Mollie A 26, Tennessee
Daughter Ethie R 07, Kentucky
Son Frank P NR, Kentucky
Mother Martha J Cook 62, Kentucky
Servant Wright, Victoria 34 Kentucky

Husband Cooksey, William A. 33, Kentucky
Wife Etter 32, Kentucky
Son Ruy 08, Kentucky
Daughter Emara 06, Kentucky
Daughter Ama 06, Kentucky
Daughter Nannie P 03, Kentucky
Daughter Mable NR, Kentucky
Daughter Marilda B NR, Kentucky

Husband Cecil, Clay 36, Kentucky
Wife Lone 37, Kentucky
Son Charlie 03, Kentucky

Husband Cecil, Milam 30, Kentucky
Wife Cloe M 19, Kentucky

Husband Cecil, Sheb 49, Kentucky
Wife Mary A 48, Kentucky
Daughter Maggie 25, Kentucky
Daughter Emerine 18, Kentucky
Daughter Victoria 16, Kentucky
Son Samuel 14, Kentucky
Son Dan 12, Kentucky
Daughter Florence 09, Kentucky
Daughter Neoma 06, Kentucky

Husband Catron, George A. 67, Kentucky
Wife Lee A 70, Kentucky
Daughter Emily E 37, Kentucky

Husband Catron, James J. 38, Kentucky
Wife Abbie J 42, Kentucky
Son Joe T 13, Kentucky
Daughter Docia D 10, Kentucky
Son Otha B 08, Kentucky

Husband Cole, John M. 32, Kentucky
Wife Nina E 25, Kentucky
Daughter Vera E 03, Kentucky
Laborer Kennedy, Solomon 15 Kentucky

Husband Cole, Samuel L. 67 Kentucky
Wife Charlotte 66, Tennessee
Daughter Lou Ettie 35, Kentucky

Husband Clayborn, Robert P. 50, Tennessee
Wife Luda 46, Tennessee
Son William 16, Tennessee
Daughter Cloe 12, Tennessee
Son Russell 08, Tennessee
Son Floyd 04, Tennessee
Daughter Mallie NR, Kentucky

Husband Clark, Granville C. 36, Kentucky
Wife Esther E 34, Kentucky
Son Garrett L 11, Kentucky
Daughter Edith K 09, Kentucky
Daughter Thelma A 08, Kentucky
Son Ray 06, Kentucky
Son Ernest 04, Kentucky
Daughter Georgia A NR, Kentucky

Husband Cowan, Andrew P. 52, Kentucky
Wife Hale A 53, Kentucky
Mother Polly 86, Kentucky

Husband Cowan, David C. 52, Kentucky
Wife Susan A 47, Kentucky
Son Arson 21, Kentucky
Son Homer N 18, Kentucky
Brother James P 60, Kentucky

Husband Cowan, James W. H. 19, Kentucky
Wife Halie W 23, Kentucky
Aunt Bird Kelley 76, Kentucky

Husband Cowan, William C. 50, Kentucky
Daughter Bertha 20, Kentucky
Son John L 19, Kentucky
Son George T 13, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah H 10, Kentucky
Daughter Della 07, Kentucky
Daughter Daisey 05, Kentucky

Husband Campbell, Andrew B. 58, Kentucky
Daughter Tursie E 17, Missouri
Daughter Ethie A 15, Missouri
Daughter Ada M 13, Missouri

Husband Campbell, Daries S. 43, Kentucky
Wife Mattie 28, Kentucky
Daughter Eva L NR, Kentucky
Sister Margarette 68, Kentucky

Husband Campbell, Mathew S. 37, Kentucky
Wife Rachel A 34, Kentucky
Daughter Ruby 11, Kentucky
Daughter Lillie 09, Kentucky
Daughter Ada 04, Kentucky
Son Charlie NR, Kentucky
Mother-in-law Sallie Tuggle 54, Kentucky

Head of Household Campbell, Sallie 63, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Cannon,  Charlie N. 27, Kentucky
Wife Lula F 24, Kentucky
Son George B NR, Kentucky
Brother George H 24, Kentucky

Head of Household Carr, Sarah S. 60, Kentucky
Daughter Leona A 39, Kentucky
Son Vache D 29, Kentucky

Husband Carr, Thomas A. 68, Tennessee
Wife Sarah A 59, Tennessee
Grandson Eugene C Carter 19, Kentucky
Granddaughter Laura M G 04, Kentucky

Husband Carr, Thomas R. 37, Kentucky
Wife Ollie M 39, Kentucky
Son Belden H 19, Kentucky
Son Barnell C 16, Kentucky
Son Ed O 14, Kentucky
Son Dewey Huff 11, Kentucky
Daughter Mary M 09, Kentucky
Son Marvin L 08, Kentucky
Daughter Pauline 05, Kentucky
Son Roscoe 02, Kentucky
Daughter Girtie L NR, Kentucky

Husband Craft, Henry 66, Kentucky
Daughter Donnie 30, Kentucky
Son Thomas 18, Kentucky
Grandson Virgil 11, Kentucky
Boarder Grider, Fred 23 Kentucky

Husband Crabtree, Isaac F. 30, Tennessee
Wife Sarah A 35, Kentucky

Husband Craft, William 35, Kentucky
Wife Eula 29, Kentucky

Husband Craft, William C. 50, Kentucky
Wife Lela A 34, Kentucky
Daughter Mary R 08, Kentucky
Son Oliver J 07, Kentucky
Daughter Estelle C 05, Kentucky
Daughter Lola M 03, Kentucky
Son William T NR, Kentucky
Daughter Nettie NR, Kentucky

Husband Crabtree, William 35, Tennessee
Wife Sallie 35, Tennessee
Daughter Dessie E 12, Tennessee
Daughter Effie T 11, Tennessee
Son Virgil E 09, Tennessee
Son Jola 05, Kentucky
Daughter Becca 03, Kentucky
Son Allen NR, Kentucky

Head of Household Craig, Emily 61, Kentucky
Grandson Dicken, Willie L 16, Kentucky

Husband Craig, Isral E. 50, Kentucky
Wife Rebecca J 46, Tennessee
Daughter Sarah S 27, Kentucky
Daughter Anie E 25, Kentucky
Son Ahial L 22, Kentucky
Son John E 19, Kentucky
Son Lewis V 14, Kentucky
Daughter Frona E 12, Kentucky

Husband Craig, James L. 65, Kentucky
Wife Luvina 54, Kentucky
Son Sam H 18, Kentucky
Son William P 16, Kentucky
Daughter Ermine 14, Kentucky
Son Eddie F 10, Kentucky

Husband Craig, James P. 28 Kentucky
Wife Regina 37, Kentucky
Stepdaugther Nannie M Michel 14, Kentucky
Daughter Ina Lee Craig 09, Kentucky
Daughter Willie B 06, Kentucky

Husband Cross, John C. 40, Kentucky
Wife Zela E 34, Kentucky
Son Stanley 10, Kentucky
Son Chide C 02, Kentucky
Daughter Pearl 06, Kentucky
Son Dwight 03, Kentucky

Husband Craig, Johnathon M. 63, Kentucky
Wife Melissa 57, Kentucky
Son James E 32, Kentucky
Daughter Ida Lee 25, Kentucky
Son Jesse C 23, Kentucky
Daughter Eller D 19, Kentucky
Grandson William M 14, Kentucky
Grandson Charlie B 07, Kentucky

Husband Cross, Martin A. 47, Kentucky
Wife Leona J 42, Illinois
Son Noah L 21, Kentucky
Son Lewis H 20, Kentucky
Daughter Bessie G 14, Kentucky
Son James O 10, Kentucky

Husband Craig, Till 25, Kentucky
Wife Mertie M 25, Kentucky
Daughter Viva L 02, Kentucky
Son Herbert NR, Kentucky
Father-in-law Lawson E Pierce 75, Kentucky
Sister-in-law Bessie M 18, Illinois
Brother-in-law Gramiele W 16, Illinois

Husband Cargil, James M. 50, Tennessee
Wife Lillie 40, Tennessee
Daughter Bertha M 13, Tennessee
Daughter Minnie 11, Kentucky
Daughter Willie 06, Kentucky
Son Leo 04, Kentucky
Daughter Pearl 03, Kentucky

Head of Household Carter, Ermine 30 Tennessee
Daughter Ermine C 07, Kentucky
Son James B 02, Kentucky

Husband Carter, William C. 42 Kentucky
Nephew Homer L 12, Kentucky
Nephew William B Carr 18, Kentucky
Laborer Davidson, Ardil C. 19, Kentucky

Husband Carter, William T. 20, Kentucky
Wife Ana I 22, Kentucky

Husband Davidson, Jesse A. 26, Kentucky
Wife Jennie L 23, Kentucky
Daughter Leitha E 02, Kentucky

Husband Duvall, James S. 57, Kentucky
Wife Lochie 46, Kentucky
Son Charlie P 25, Kentucky
Son John A 19, Kentucky
Son Oliver M 14, Kentucky
Daughter Sallie E 11, Kentucky
Daughter Dora D 09, Kentucky
Daughter Ada S 07, Kentucky
Daughter Minnie L 05, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E 03, Kentucky
NR Novella C Clark 24, Kentucky
NR Grace L 02, Kentucky

Husband Duvall, Scott V. 57, Kentucky
Wife Emma E 54, Kentucky
Daughter Nannie M 20, Kentucky
Son Thomas L 18, Kentucky
Son James H 12, Kentucky
Mother Nancy D 79, Kentucky

Husband Dowell, Ulyssus G. 37, Kentucky
Wife Martha E 34, Tennessee
Son William M 12, Kentucky
Daughter Mary L 05, Kentucky
Daughter Lucy M NR, Kentucky

Husband Dowell, William G. 84 Kentucky Living Alone

Head of Household Delk, Laura 44 Tennessee
Son Bates 17, Tennessee
Son Perk 14, Tennessee
Son Oda 10, Tennessee
Daughter Deba 08, Tennessee

Husband Dalton, Isaac L. 42 Kentucky
Wife Lou A 38, Kentucky
Daughter Della E 21, Kentucky
Daughter Ermine E 19, Kentucky
Daughter Mirtie C 14, Kentucky
Son George W 13, Kentucky
Daughter Mary L 09, Kentucky
Son Joe H 07, Kentucky
Son Issac J 05, Kentucky
Son Robert E 02, Kentucky
Brother Joe S 39, Kentucky

Head of Household Denton, Mary E. 41, Kentucky
Son William 16, Kentucky
Daughter Polly A 14, Kentucky
Son George E 13, Kentucky

Head of Household Ewing, Maggie 52, Kentucky
NR Gillie A Brooks 26, Kentucky

Husband Ewing, Robert M. 50, Kentucky
Wife Mary 46, Kentucky
Son William J 18, Kentucky
Son Mathew C 15, Kentucky
Daughter Mariba 14, Kentucky
Daughter Nettie 10, Kentucky
Son John B 08, Kentucky
Daughter Sophia 06, Kentucky
Son Robert 04, Kentucky
Daughter Mary 04, Kentucky
Daughter Ana 02, Kentucky

Husband Felkins, James W. 38, Kentucky
Wife Sarah J 39, Kentucky
Son Nathan S 16, Kentucky
Son Olney 11, Kentucky
Son Elmer J 09, Kentucky
Daughter Hattie J 06, Kentucky
Son James W 04, Kentucky
Daughter Allie A 02, Kentucky

Husband Felkins, Olney S. 40, Kentucky
Wife Bettie 33, Kentucky
Daughter Mabel J 07, Kentucky
Son Martin V 05, Kentucky
Daughter Lena P 02, Kentucky

Head of Household Ferrie, Leona 33, Tennessee
Son Homer O 11, Tennessee
Daughter Mary L 09, Tennessee
Son Stanley L 06, Tennessee

Husband Ferguson, Daniel B. 24, Kentucky
Wife Lucy E 24, Kentucky

Husband Ferguson, Elifa 61 Kentucky
Wife Mary E 53, Tennessee
Daughter Laura A 19, Kentucky
Son Charlie I 18, Kentucky
Son Frank C 16, Kentucky
Daughter Eula V 14, Kentucky
Nephew Robert J 11, Texas

Husband Ferguson, Henry L. 35, Kentucky
Wife Zona 29, Kentucky
Daughter Lillian 11, Kentucky
Daughter Clara P 09, Kentucky
Daughter Arlee 06, Kentucky
Daughter Barney 04, Kentucky
Daughter Nervy 01, Kentucky

Head of Household Ferguson, Rebecca 50, Kentucky
Son Jesse ??9, Kentucky
Daughter Josia 16, Kentucky
Son William 10, Kentucky

Husband Ferguson, William B. 60, Kentucky
Wife Susan A 61, Kentucky
Son Jesse H 20, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Irene 21, Kentucky

Husband JR. Ferguson, William B. 22, Kentucky
Wife Mary E 25, Texas

Husband Forest, John F. 69, Kentucky
Wife Mary E 61, Kentucky
Daughter Minnie D 21, Kentucky

Husband Gibson, Azias 21, Kentucky
Wife Eldora 18, Kentucky

Head of Household Gibson, Martha R. 70, Kentucky
Grand son-in-law Milliard Cecil 28, Kentucky
Granddaughter Della Cecil 24, Kentucky
Great granddaughter Dora M Cecil 06, Kentucky
Great grandson Claud Cecil 03, Kentucky
Great granddaughter Alma I Cecil NR, Kentucky

Husband Gibson, Stephenson 42, Tennessee
Wife Sarah J 40, Kentucky
Son Jessie J 15, Kentucky
Son William M 13, Kentucky
Son Gilbert 11, Kentucky
Son George 08, Kentucky
Daughter Anitha 06, Kentucky
Daughter Hattie P 03, Kentucky

Head of Household Gibson, Elisha 52, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Good, William M. 44, Kentucky
Wife Martha M 39, Tennessee
Son George B 15, Kentucky
Daughter Dorothy E 13, Kentucky
Daughter Cordelia 12, Kentucky
Daughter Bulah B 07, Kentucky

Husband Gwinn, Alex 52, Kentucky
Wife Rebecca 45, Kentucky
Son Rube 12, Kentucky

Husband Gwinn, George R. 24, Kentucky
Wife Ada E 22, Kentucky
Son Exco 06, Kentucky
Son David O 01, Kentucky

Husband SR. Gwinn, George W. 76, Kentucky
Wife Mary E 54, Tennessee
Son George A 41, Kentucky

Husband Gwinn, John 28 Kentucky
Wife Leona A 25, Kentucky
Son Hascal O 05, Kentucky
Son George G 03, Kentucky
Daughter Delta J NR, Kentucky
Sister-in-law Florence B Bookout 28, Kentucky

Husband Gwinn, William 53, Kentucky
Wife Liza 55, Kentucky
Son Sherman 18, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Maud 18, Kentucky

Husband Gunnels, John B. 49 Tennesse
Wife Hester J 49, Tennessee
Servant Flowers, Lillie 19 Tennessee

Husband Garrett, Abraham E. 44, Tennessee
Wife Melissa 38, Kentucky
Son Luther B 17, Tennessee
Daughter Minnie L 13, Tennessee
Son Henry G 11, Tennessee
Daughter Canzt 08, Tennessee
Daughter Nannie G 06, Tennessee
Daughter Versie 04, Tennessee

Husband Garrett, Edward 29, Kentucky
Wife Emma M 24, Kentucky
Daughter Mary A NR, Kentucky
Son Paul 06, Kentucky

Husband Garrett, Elijah 63, Tennessee
Wife Burzelah 39, Tennessee
Son Joseph 38, Tennessee

Head of Household Grider, Amelia 71, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Grider, John J. 45, Kentucky
Wife Mollie E 36, Kentucky
Son Allen M 13, Kentucky
Son John P 11, Kentucky
Son Porter B 10, Kentucky
Son Frank H 08, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E 06, Kentucky
Son Rosco L 04, Kentucky
Son Oliver G 01, Kentucky

Husband Grider, Orestis S. 29, Kentucky
Wife Sallie 25, Kentucky
Son Gentry NR, Kentucky
Daughter Elsie NR, Kentucky

Husband Grider, William J. 47, Kentucky
Wife Mannie E 40, Kentucky
Son Johnie B 20, Kentucky
Son Charlie R 14, Kentucky
Daughter Virgie 10, Kentucky
Daughter Georgie E 07, Kentucky
Son William 03, Kentucky

Husband Hopkins, George D. 44, Kentucky
Wife Rosa A 36, Kentucky
Son Les F 20, Kentucky
Son James E 16, Kentucky
Daughter Jennie V 13, Kentucky
Son Dewey O 11, Kentucky
Son Carlie M 08, Kentucky
Son Charlie E 06, Kentucky
Son Robert 03, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E 01, Kentucky

Husband Hopkins, Harrison B. 52, Kentucky
Wife Savanah E 28, Kentucky
Daughter Eula 08, Kentucky
Daughter Lula 08, Kentucky
Daughter Bersa 06, Kentucky

Head of Household Hopkins, Martha J. 61, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Hopkins, William 55, Kentucky
Wife Sarah E 48, Tennessee
Son Porter H 26, Kentucky
Son Herbert L 17, Kentucky

Husband Hubbard, Peirce M. 38, Kentucky
Wife Mary M 30, Kentucky
Son Ramey R 13, Kentucky
Daughter Ana L 11, Kentucky
Daughter Virlie M 08, Kentucky
Daughter Eva 06, Kentucky
Son John H 03, Kentucky
Son Jesse 01, Kentucky
Laborer Bell, John 22, Kentucky

Head of Household Hicks, Mary E. 53, Tennessee
Son James E 27, Tennessee
Daughter-in-law Laura 23, Kentucky
Granddaughter Leta M 01, Oklahoma

Husband Hacklan, John T. 26, Kentucky
Wife Ada E 22, Kentucky
Son Arthur 04, Kentucky
Son Walter T 02, Kentucky
Son Floyd NR, Kentucky

Husband Hawkins, Charlie A. 49, North Carolina
Wife Francis 49, Kentucky
Son Homer V 14, Kentucky
Son Charle H 12, Kentucky

Husband Hickman, Andrew 76, Tennessee
Wife Nancy G 61, Kentucky
Son James 23, Kentucky
Daughter Nannie B 18, Kentucky

Husband Hickman, James P. 45, Kentucky
Wife Daisy L 31, Kentucky
Daughter Sallie A 11, Kentucky
Son James A 08, Kentucky
Son Williama R 07, Kentucky
Son Jessie B 05, Kentucky
Son Clarence O 04, Kentucky
Son Elmer E 03, Kentucky
Daughter Arthie E NR, Kentucky

Husband Hickman, Lewis E. 30, Kentucky
Wife Lula H 18, Kentucky
Son William W 05, Kentucky

Husband Hickman, Reason L. 28, Kentucky
Wife Della 25, Kentucky
Son Marvin L 02, Kentucky
Daughter Mary D NR, Kentucky

Husband Hudson, Robert 52, Kentucky
Wife Rachel 60, Tennessee
Daughter Mary S 25, Kentucky
Son James W 23, Kentucky
Daughter Martha E 22, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah A 14, Kentucky

Husband Huddleston, Andrew J. 44, Kentucky
Wife Paradim 40, Illinois
Daughter Myria L 16, Kentucky
Son James P 15, Kentucky
Daughter Jerusa J 12, Kentucky
Daughter Vera E 09, Kentucky
Son Wesley A 05, Kentucky
Son Sam E 03, Kentucky
Son Robert C NR, Kentucky

Husband Huddleston, John G. 48 Tennessee
Wife Loretta 43, Kentucky
Daughter Lucy E 19, Kentucky
Son Johnie 17, Kentucky
Son William R 14, Kentucky
Daughter Virgil L 06, Kentucky
Daughter Othello 03, Kentucky
Son Lewis H NR, Kentucky

Husband Huddleston, Killie E. 52, Tennessee
Wife Mary E 45, Kentucky
Daughter Amelia A 19, Kentucky
Son Elija L 17, Kentucky
Son Andrewc 15, Kentucky
Daughter Hanah E 13, Kentucky
Daughter Audra E 11, Kentucky
Daughter Roxie L 09, Kentucky
Son Killie E 07, Kentucky
Daughter Jimmie 04, Kentucky

Husband Huddleston, Lewis P. 53, Tennessee
Wife Mollie C 52, Kentucky

Husband Holsapple, Anbrose B. 61, Kentucky
Wife Lou 55, Georgia
Son Fred K 15, Kentucky
Son Peter 11, Kentucky

Husband Holsapple, John C. 58, Kentucky
Wife Jemima 54, Kentucky

Husband Honeycutt, Nathan A. 50, Tennessee
Wife Thenia 38, Kentucky
Son John W 12, Kentucky
Son Samuel S 08, Kentucky
Daughter Susie C 05, Kentucky

Head of Household Hammond, Mary L. J. 61, Tennessee
Son John A 25, Tennessee
Daughter-in-law Mabel E 22, Kentucky
Grandson James M 02, Kentucky
Granddaughter Dellie V NR, Kentucky

Husband Harvey, William P. 30, Kentucky
Wife Neoma 29, Kentucky
Son Paul 09, Kentucky
Daughter Cloelile 06, Kentucky
Daughter Lucile 05, Kentucky
Son Robert 03, Kentucky
Son Edgar 01, Kentucky

Husband Jones, Isaac J. 55, Tennessee
Wife Rebecca 54, Tennessee
Son Elbert C 30, Tennessee
Son William J 29, Tennessee
Son Samuel S 27, Tennessee
Daughter Sarah E 21, Kentucky
Daughter Nanette S 17, Kentucky

Husband Johnson George D. 30, Kentucky
Wife Ethel 20, Kentucky
Daughter Pearl 02, Kentucky

Husband Johnson, James B. 62, Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth 64, Kentucky

Husband Jarvis, George L. 32, Kentucky
Wife Sarah L B 31, Kentucky
Son Arthur N 01, Kentucky
Stepson Hershel E Talbott 09, Kentucky

Husband Key, William F. 65, Kentucky
Wife Sarah A 60, Tennessee
Granddaughter Dora L Anderson 12, Kentucky
Grandson William F 16, Tennessee

Husband Kelsey, Joshua 30, Kentucky
Wife Addie M 32, Kentucky
Daughter Ruby M 09, Kentucky
Son Jacob C 04, Kentucky

Head of Household Kennedy, Eunice 39, Tennessee
Daughter Merica 13, Kentucky
Son Exco 09, Kentucky
Daughter Jewel 06, Kentucky
Son Mcclane 04, Kentucky

Husband Kennedy, Joe 70, Kentucky
Son James N 34, Kentucky
Daughter Luella 27, Kentucky

Husband Lee, John V. 48, Kentucky
Wife Rutha E 47, Kentucky
Son William B 13, Kentucky
Son Jesse H 10, Kentucky
Daughter Lillie I 06, Kentucky

Husband Lee, William F. 32, Kentucy
Wife Diasey E 32, Tennessee
Son Corlis 11, Kentucky
Daughter Rebecca 10, Tennessee
Son Elias 04, Tennessee
Daughter Pearl 02, Kentucky
Daughter Louise NR, Kentucky

Husband Lovlace, John C. 43, Tennessee
Mother Lucinda 74, Tennessee
Sister Roxie D 23, Kentucky
Niece Rosa M Keeton 10, Kentucky
Nephew Ampia Lovlace 15, Iowa

Husband Looper, John M. 65, Kentucky
Wife Mary V 64, Kentucky
Daughter Emma L 19, Kentucky
Granddaughter Elizabeth 02, Kentucky
Daughter Theresa E Pittman 36, Kentucky
Grandson Vergil C Pittman14, Kentucky

Husband Logston, William M. 32, Kentucky
Wife Lucy 25, Kentucky
Son Samuel P 05, Kentucky
Son John R 02, Kentucky

Husband Leslie, Scott 53, Kentucky
Wife O C 49, Tennessee
Daughter Rethie 23, Kentucky
Daughter Nannie E 15, Kentucky

Husband Lawson, Andrew H. 44, Kentucky
Wife Julia A 35, Kentucky
Son Robert W 15, Kentucky
Daughter Mary M 13, Oklahoma
Daughter Alma R 09, Kentucky
Son Horace C NR, Tennessee
Son Homer L NR, Tennessee
Son Fred S 20, Kentucky

Husband Lawhorn, McKager 64, Kentucky
Wife Minnie 25, Kentucky
Daughter Bessie 10, Tennessee
Son Bennie 07, Tennessee
Daughter Eva 05, Kentucky
Son Paul 03, Kentucky
Daughter Arpah NR, Kentucky

Head of Household May, Helen M. 59, Kentucky
Son Charlie E 21, Kentucky
Stepdaugther Sarah E 34, Kentucky

Husband Maupin, John 49, Tennessee
Daughter Ada L 21, Kentucky
Son Orvil M 14, Kentucky
Son John A 09, Kentucky

Head of Household McDinney, Buna V. 42, Tennessee
Son Doc 10, Tennessee
Son Eugene 08, Tennessee
Daughter Mary E 01, Kentucky

Husband McGill, James I. 27, Tennessee
Wife Helen A 30, Kentucky

Husband McCluer, Charlie V. 27, Kentucky
Wife Viola S 24, Texas
Son Jesse W 07, Texas
Daughter Nellie M 06, Kentucky
Son Chester W 04, Kentucky
Daughter Ruth 03, Kentucky
Son Oral J NR, Kentucky

Husband McClure, William M. 60, Kentucky
Wife Rutha E 55, Kentucky
Daughter Mollie D 25, Kentucky
Daughter Marjme P 10, Kentucky

Husband Means, Azil E. NR, Kentucky
Wife Eva M NR, Kentucky
Daughter Vivian E 06, Kentucky
Daughter Mary ?? 02, Kentucky

Husband Means, James E. 27, Kentucky
Wife Daisey B 24, Kentucky
Son Bennie L 06, Kentucky
Daughter Fo**** M 02, Kentucky

Husband Means, William A. 30, Kentucky
Wife Della 28, Kentucky
Son Hershal 08, Kentucky
Daughter Pauline 06, Kentucky
Son John L 04, Kentucky
Son Cordell NR, Kentucky
Father-in-law John A Craig 58, Kentucky

Husband Moles, John 51, Kentucky
Wife Cyntha 43, Tennessee
Son Charlie 17, Kentucky
Son Jesse V 07, Kentucky
Daughter Dorothy D 02, Kentucky

Husband Melton, Albert W. 59, Kentucky
Daughter Roda A 32, Kentucky
Daughter Barbara K 19, Kentucky

Husband Melton, Richard L. 27, Kentucky
Wife Nannie B 21, Kentucky
Son Thomas J 02, Kentucky
Father James J 70, Kentucky

Husband McWhorter, James E. I. 38, Kentucky
Wife Ida 33, Kentucky
Son Printis 16, Kentucky
Daughter Susan 08, Kentucky
Daughter Addie 06, Kentucky
Daughter Pansy 04, Kentucky
Daughter Josie 02, Kentucky

Husband JR. McWhorter, Thomas F. 57, Kentucky
Wife Caroline 52, Kentucky
Son Jesse 22, Kentucky
Daughter Florence 21, Kentucky

Husband SR. McWhorter, Thomas F. 64, Kentucky
Wife Susan 57, Kentucky
Son Grover C 24, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Dora 17, Kentucky
Grandson Charlie 13, Kentucky
Grandson Claud 11, Kentucky
Granddaughter Maggie 09, Kentucky

Husband McWhorter, Thomas M. 32, Kentucky
Wife Fannie 26, Kentucky
Daughter Mary 03, Kentucky
Son Robert G NR, Kentucky

Husband Marlow, William F. 32, Kentucky
Wife Vibie 17, Kentucky
Son Goodson S 01, Kentucky

Husband Neal, Leo H. 25, Kentucky
Wife Ina 21, Tennessee
Daughter Dollie M 04, Kentucky
Daughter Lillie V 02, Kentucky
Daughter Mandy C NR, Kentucky

Husband Norris, Abe 66, Tennessee
Wife Sarah B 56, Kentucky
Daughter Bell 32, Kentucky
Daughter Alta L 25, Kentucky
Daughter Abbie L 23, Kentucky
Daughter Bessie E 16, Kentucky
Granddaughter Iba Colter 03, Kentucky
Grandson Charlie 01, Kentucky

Husband Norris, Alvis H. 30, Kentucky
Wife Lizzie 32, Kentucky
Daughter Maggie L 06, Kentucky
Son James A 03, Kentucky
Daughter Effie M 01, Kentucky

Husband Norris, George W. 42, Kentucky
Wife Alean 42, Tennessee
Son William J 08, Tennessee
Daughter Ruth 06, Tennessee

Husband Norris, James A. 59, Tennessee
Daughter Effie L 20, Kentucky

Husband Norris, Oscar 41, Kentucky
Wife Betsey J 38, Kentucky
Son Eddie S 17, Kentucky
Daughter Mollie E 12, Kentucky
Son Mcdinley 09, Kentucky
Daughter William L 07, Kentucky
Daughter Emma E 05, Kentucky
Son Oscar A NR, Kentucky

Husband Norris, William H. 50, Kentucky
Wife Hanah L 48, Kentucky
Daughter Mary A 26, Kentucky
Son David G 18, Kentucky
Son Adis K 16, Kentucky
Son Paul M 14, Kentucky
Daughter Sadie E 11, Kentucky
Son John F 09, Kentucky
Father James T 77, Kentucky

Husband Petty, Willis E. 32, Kentucky
Wife Ruby E 17, Texas

Head of Household Pittman, Diana 70, Kentucky
Grandson Richard C Honeycutt 21, Kentucky
Granddaughter Lena 15, Kentucky

Husband Pittman, George W. 46, Tennessee
Wife Lucy 42, Georgia
Son Ralph 15, Kentucky
Son Bennie F 13, Kentucky
Daughter Jennie L 10, Kentucky
Daughter Mary A 08, Kentucky

Husband Pittman, Johnny G. 62, Kentucky
Wife Eunice E 41, Kentucky
Son Hulbert W 20, Kentucky
Son Hilbert D 18, Tennessee
Son Corbett H 14, Kentucky
Son Herbert D 14, Kentucky
Daughter Lillian G 12, Kentucky
Son Elmer S 08, Kentucky

Head of Household Pittman, Mary E. 53, Kentucky
Servant Moles, Elizabeth 27, Tennessee
Boarder Bronstetter, William E.21, Tennesseee

Husband Polston, Robert S. 32, Kentucky
Wife Cora 25, Kentucky
Son Charlie 05, Kentucky
Daughter Retha 02, Kentucky
Sister Bell 12, Kentucky
Sister Will E 10, Kentucky
Brother David G. NR, Kentucky

Husband Peirce, Ambrose C. 56, Kentucky
Wife Caroline 55, Kentucky
Son Sherley 31, Kentucky
Daughter Allie 17, Kentucky

Husband Paris, James 60, Tennessee
Son Mathew 33, Kentucky

Husband Peirce, Joe A. 32, Kentucky
Wife Mary L 37, Tennessee
Daughter Jennie 06, Kentucky
Daughter Goldie 04, Kentucky
Son Johnie 02, Kentucky

Head of Household Peirce, Lizzie 36, Kentucky
Son Homer R Cole NR, NR
Daughter Edna Pierce 07, Kentucky
Daughter Ilah 05, Kentucky

Husband Peirce, Robert 32, Tennessee
Wife Helen 30, Kentucky
Daughter Robie 07, Kentucky
Daughter Rubie 05, Kentucky
Son Eliga 03, Kentucky
Son John 03, Kentucky
Daughter Dorothy NR, Kentucky

Husband Peirce, William A. 41, Kentucky
Wife Ellen J 42, Kentucky
Son Walter E 18, Kentucky
Son Sayler M 17, Kentucky
Son Henry 13, Kentucky
Daughter Lizzie P 11, Kentucky
Daughter Willie E 05, Kentucky

Husband Parrigin, Able J. 23, Kentucky
Wife Nancy E 18, Kentucky

Husband Parrigin, Cyrus B. 62, Virginia
Wife Mary M 56, Kentucky
Cousin Mary A 22, Kentucky
Laborer Canon, William M. 60 Kentucky
Laborer Logston, Robert M. 14 Kentucky

Husband Parrigin, Frank W. 47, Kentucky
Son George C 19, Kentucky
Son Jimmie 17, Kentucky
Son Ivin 15, Kentucky
Son Dewey S 12, Kentucky
Son Roy B 10, Kentucky
Daughter Elizabeth 07, Kentucky
Son Earl 05, Kentucky

Husband Parrigin, James B. 28, Kentucky
Wife Mattie 26, Kentucky
Daughter Mary W 04, Kentucky
Son Walter NR, Kentucky

Husband Perrigin, James E. 33, Kentucky
Wife Ada M 29, Kentucky
Son Cletis W 08, Kentucky
Daughter Iennie W 06, Kentucky
Son Phillip B NR, Kentucky
Mother-in-law Melissa M Smith 67, Kentucky

Husband Perkins, James A. 62, Kentucky
Wife Arminda 62, Kentucky
Daughter Lela 22, Kentucky

Husband Perrigin, John W. 57, Kentucky
Wife Caroline 56, Kentucky
Son Walter D 23, Kentucky

Husband Perkins, Oliver P. 36, Kentucky
Wife Juliet 33, Kentucky
Daughter Liliane M 06, Kentucky
Daughter Mabel L NR, Kentucky

Husband Pruett, James R. 25, Kentucky
Wife Bertha 22, Kentucky
Daughter Delzada 06, Kentucky

Head of Household Perdew, Thursa 70, Kentucky Living Alone

Head of Household Perdeen, Exonia 26, Kentucky
Daughter Minnie L 05, Kentucky

Husband Parmley, James S. 74, Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth A 73, Kentucky
Granddaughter Varina E Bertram 20, Kentucky
Great grandson Roy NR, Kentucky

Head of Household Pryor, Susan B. 40, Kentucky
Daughter Leonia 14, Kentucky
Daughter Willie 09, Kentucky

Husband Roberts, William J. 48, Kentucky
Wife Nannie R 44, Kentucky
Niece Nannie B Cargile 17, Tennessee
Niece Bessie Gumels 10, Kentucky

Husband Ragan, Samuel 46, Tennessee
Wife Thalitha E 34, Kentucky
Son Zeno E 15, Kentucky

Husband Rogers, Isaac R. 62, Tennessee
Wife Sarah A 59, Tennessee
Son Vergil B 21, Kentucky
Son Hershal C 20, Kentucky
Servant West, Ora 11 Kentucky

Husband Rogers, Charley T. 26, Kentucky
Wife Maggie L 19, Kentucky

Husband Riddle, Richard A. 39, Kentucky
Wife Mary L 35, Kentucky
Son Porter H 16, Kentucky
Daughter Juda F 14, Kentucky
Daughter Malissa A 12, Kentucky
Son Tensil F 09, Kentucky
Daughter Pearlie J 07, Kentucky
Daughter Della C 05, Kentucky
Daughter Ruby E 03, Kentucky
Mother-in-law Eliza M Austin 60, Tennessee

Husband Rains, William 23, Kentucky
Wife Lizzie 23, Kentucky
Daughter Goldie 05, Kentucky
Daughter Antha NR, Kentucky
Sister-in-law Mollie Williams 15, Kentucky

Husband Suffey, William 22, Kentucky
Wife Bessie 18, Kentucky
Daughter Edith 01, Kentucky
Mother Darcus 56, Kentucky
Sister Minda 19, Kentucky

Husband Savage, John L. 45, Kentucky
Wife Lee 34, Kentucky
Son James M 03, Tennessee
Stepdaughter Annie Sumpter 14, Kentucky
Stepson Ralph T 09, Kentucky

Husband Sheffield, John H. 34, Kentucky
Wife Lula 33, Kentucky
Daughter Sophia 10, Kentucky

Head of Household Shipley, Nancy 45, Kentucky
NR Henry R Gibson 11, Kentucky
Grandson August Lee 05, Kentucky
Boarder Gibson, Arch B 46 Kentucky

Husband Sheffield, Isaac N. 68, Kentucky
Son Isaac M 36, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Emerine 24, Kentucky
Granddaughter Lizzie M 03, Kentucky
Granddaughter Willie E NR, Kentucky
Servant Dalton, Edna 16 Kentucky

Head of Household Sheffield, Nanie 47, Kentucky
Daughter Minnie 18, Kentucky
Son Marvin 14, Kentucky

Husband Shoopman, Alonzo E. 22, Kentucky
Wife Mary 25, Kentucky
Daughter Sallie 02, Kentucky

Husband Shoopman, George W. 34, Kentucky
Wife Flora 32, Tennessee
Son John S 13, Kentucky
Daughter Emma M 11, Kentucky
Son James W 07, Kentucky
Daughter Josie V 04, Kentucky

Husband Shoopman, John 76, Tennessee
Daughter Ida B 25, Kentucky
Son William 23, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Arlena 25, Kentucky
Son Bennie 19, Kentucky
Daughter Caroline 19, Kentucky
Daughter Hester 16, Kentucky

Husband Sevratt, Abraham 60, Tennessee
Wife Frona 37, Kentucky
Daughter Thursa B 02, Kentucky
Stepdaugther Tresa B Barber 15, Kentucky
Stepson Herlin Barber 13, Kentucky
Stepson Clarance Barber 07, Kentucky
Other Burchett, James T. 87, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Robert E. 38, Kentucky
Wife Pairgettie S 40, Kentucky
Daughter Clarice M 12, Kentucky
Daughter Pearl 11, Kentucky
Daughter Nina G 06, Kentucky

Husband Stephenson, Leander 45, Kentucky
Wife Sarah L 37, Kentucky
Servant Farmer, Corda 14 Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Bill 36, Kentucky
Wife Maranda E 32, Kentucky
Daughter Leta P 08, Kentucky
Son Robert D 06, Kentucky
Son John W 04, Kentucky
Daughter Litha E 02, Kentucky
Daughter Nora A NR, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Fred R. 25, Kentucky
Wife Nola 22, Kentucky
Daughter Dora L 04, Kentucky
Daughter Mary V 02, Kentucky
Daughter Hattie NR, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, General 40, Kentucky
Sister Mary J 48, Kentucky
Sister Susan A 46, Kentucky
Sister Rosa A 37, Kentucky
Boarder Savage, Sterla Savage 8, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, George D. 49, Kentucky
Wife Mary C 33, Tennessee
Son Monta C 17, Kentucky
Son Robert H 15, Kentucky
Son Jesse O 13, Kentucky
Son John M 11, Kentucky
Daughter Edna F 02, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, James O. 58, Kentucky
Wife Martha J 48, Kentucky
Son John S 22, Kentucky
Daughter Laura A 20, Kentucky
Son William H 17, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Jesse G. 68, Kentucky
Wife Sarah J 65, Kentucky
Daughter Agnes M 28, Kentucky
Son Lewis P 26, Kentucky
Daughter Alta C 21, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Levy Y. 60, Kentucky
Wife Martha E 57, Kentucky
Son James I 18, Kentucky
Son William A 14, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Mac C 33, Kentucky
Wife Lou 18, Kentucky
Son Robert L NR, Kentucky

Head of Household Stockton, Nancy B. 68, Kentucky
Cousin Hershal Stockton NR, Kentucky
Laborer Ryan Sidwell 30, Kentucky
Servant Stockton, Mollie C. 30 Kentucky

Head of Household Stockton, Sherman 45, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Stockton, Walter A. 53, Kentucky
Wife Barbara 40, Kentucky
Son Herbert 19, Kentucky
Daughter Mary G 14, Kentucky
Daughter Gracie 11, Kentucky
Son Imon 08, Kentucky
Daughter Deffie 06, Kentucky
Son Bennie 04, Kentucky
Son Samuel 02, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, William P. 34, Kentucky
Wife Julia A 30, Kentucky
Son William B 10, Kentucky
Daughter Jennie M 08, Kentucky
Daughter Stella G 07, Kentucky
Son John H 05, Kentucky
Daughter Louis W 03, Kentucky

Husband Staton, James W. 45, Kentucky
Wife Parethenie E 42, Kentucky
Daughter Eva 23, Kentucky
Daughter Della 22, Kentucky
Daughter Cora 20, Kentucky
Daughter Sadie 19, Kentucky
Son William C 17, Kentucky
Son James A 13, Kentucky
Son John R 11, Kentucky
Son Roy L 07, Kentucky
Son Hubert 05, Kentucky
Son Herbert 05, Kentucky
Daughter Mary A NR, Kentucky

Husband Stailey, Ed 79, North Carolina
Wife Bettie 63, Tennessee

Husband Stailey, El 25 Kentucky
Wife Bell Z 20, Kentucky

Husband Stailey, Felix A. 35, Kentucky
Wife Nettie 22, Kentucky
Son Charles M NR, Kentucky

Husband Stailey, Jerry D. 61, Kentucky
Wife Nancy R 58, Tennessee
Son William M 15, Kentucky
Daughter Dora A 13, Kentucky
Grandson Tas A 15, Kentucky

Husband Stailey, John M. 41, Kentucky
Wife Mary A 39, Kentucky
Daughter Della M 13, Kentucky
Daughter Lillian P 12, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah E 07, Kentucky
Daughter Annie R 06, Kentucky
Daughter Clara B 04, Kentucky
Daughter Nettie A NR, Kentucky

Husband Stone, Otho C. 30, Kentucky
Wife Lee M 30, Kentucky
Daughter Eva E 08, Kentucky
Son Willie H 03, Kentucky
Son Lee H NR, Kentucky

Husband Stone, William L. 35, Kentucky
Wife Viola B 30, Kentucky
Brother-in-law Osco Neal 17, Tennessee

Husband Steward, John M. 58, Tennessee
Wife Clara 32, Kentucky
Son Printis B 23, Kentucky
Son Thomas P 20, Kentucky
Daughter Della V 08, Kentucky
Daughter Effie P 04, Kentucky
Mother Susan A 80, Tennessee

Husband Stearns, John T. 57, Kentucky
Wife Rosana 56, Tennessee
Daughter Lorina C 24, Kentucky
Son Samuel C 23, Kentucky
Son Ivin T 20, Kentucky

Husband Sloan, Robert 39, Kentucky
Wife Juda A 35, Tennessee
Son Roscoe 16, Kentucky
Daughter Euria M 14, Kentucky
Son Choem L 11, Kentucky
Son Rubie R 08, Kentucky
Daughter Thursey E 06, Kentucky
Daughter Laura E 05, Kentucky
Daughter Fannie B 02, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Anga B. 31, Kentucky
Wife Lela A 30, Kentucky
Daughter Clara 07, Kentucky
Daughter Bulah 05, Kentucky
Son Vergil 02, Kentucky
Mother Mary 60, Tennessee

Husband Smith, James D. 37, Kentucky
Wife Remember C 42, Kentucky
Daughter Mertie M 14, Texas
Son Simeon S 09, Kentucky
Daughter Millie E 07, Kentucky
Son Roy 05, Kentucky
Son Paul 04, Kentucky
Daughter Martha C 02, Kentucky
Daughter Ada M NR, Kentucky

Husband Smith, James 60, Kentucky
Wife Lysia 57, Kentucky
Daughter Bell 27, Kentucky
Daughter Joe A 24, Kentucky
Grandson Uris C Reece 13, Kentucky
Granddaughter Glafey B 10, Kentucky

Husband Smith, James E. 49, Kentucky
Wife Alice F 45, Kentucky
Son Granville S 21, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Cora A 26, Kentucky
Son James F 15, Kentucky

Husband Smith, William L. 55, Tennessee
Wife Piera A 48, Kentucky
Laborer Cannon, Herbert 18, Kentucky

Husband Smithers, William K. 41, Kentucky
Wife Josie E 38, Tennessee
Cousin Velva Reagan 08, Tennessee

Husband Sawyers, William F. 60, Kentucky
Wife Rebecca D 42, Kentucky
Daughter Flossie D 16, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah E 14, Kentucky
Son John M 11, Kentucky
Son David H 09, Kentucky
Daughter Willie M 06, Kentucky
Son Daniel L 04, Kentucky
Daughter Blanche NR, Kentucky

Husband Tabor, Francis A. 64, Kentucky
Wife Mary E 48, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah E 13, Kentucky
Son Thomas A 12, Kentucky
Daughter Della B 10, Kentucky
Son William D 06, Kentucky
Daughter Laura A 04, Kentucky
Daughter Gertrude 23, Kentucky

Husband Talbott, Clarence J. 23, Kentucky
Wife Jennie 19, Tennessee
Daughter Nola B NR, Kentucky

Husband Talbott, Joseph G. 57, Kentucky
Wife Lucinda 55, Tennessee
Son Lemuel R 17, Kentucky
Daughter Vera C 14, Kentucky

Head of Household Talbott, Palitine 61, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Talbott, Rude H. 27, Kentucky
Wife Bulah M 21, Kentucky
Daughter Jennie M 03, Kentucky
Son Jesse E 02, Kentucky

Husband Talbott, Thomas C. 43, Kentucky
Wife Laura W 40, Kentucky
Daughter Ethel W 17, Kentucky
Son John F 15, Kentucky
Daughter Lucy E 11, Kentucky
Son Hoscal T 10, Kentucky
Daughter Mary J 08, Kentucky
Son Thomas L 05, Kentucky
Daughter Laula B 03, Kentucky
Daughter Lula C 02, Kentucky
Son Charlie C NR, Kentucky

Husband Taylor, Henry S. 48, Kentucky
Wife Mary J 52, Kentucky
Son Oscar E 16, Kentucky

Husband Taylor, Isaac C. 37, Tennessee
Wife Bettie A 27, Kentucky
Daughter Jessie L 09, Kentucky
Daughter Hattie P 07, Kentucky
Son Willie R 05, Kentucky
Son Roy C 02, Kentucky

Husband Taylor, Jesse M. 21, Kentucky
Wife Erbie M 21, Kentucky
Son William NR, Kentucky

Head of Household Taylor, Rebecca 66, Kentucky
Son John V 42, Kentucky

Husband Taylor, Thomas P. 37, Kentucky
Wife Mertie E 35, Kentucky
Son Bennie E 17, Kentucky
Daughter Emma L 16, Kentucky
Son Jimmie P 13, Kentucky
Daughter Clarice L 10, Kentucky
Daughter Stella M 07, Kentucky
Daughter Lottie S 01, Kentucky

Husband Tompkins, Ed C. 34, Kentucky
Wife Ethie C 25, Kentucky
Daughter Vivian 04, Kentucky
Daughter Treva 02, Kentucky
Sister-in-law Luza Taylor 27, Kentucky
Laborer Taylor, Balum  26 Tennessee

Head of Household Thompson, Jane 52, Kentucky
Son William H 26, Kentucky
Son John C 17, Kentucky

Husband Travis, Joe 64, Tennessee
Son Henry 25, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, Alonzo O. 36, Kentucky
Wife Sallie 27, Kentucky
Daughter Wilma 10, Kentucky
Son Willie E 09, Kentucky
Daughter Dora L 07, Kentucky
Daughter Ana B 02, Kentucky
Son Charlie NR, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, James F. 29, Kentucky
Wife Amy 27, Kentucky
Son Elmer 08, Kentucky
Son Edwin 05, Kentucky
Son Claton NR, Kentucky
Sister-in-law Fannie Hancock 16, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, Jesse H. 67, Tennessee
Wife Martha C 61, Kentucky
Daughter Antha C 23, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, John C. 62, Tennessee
Wife Ellen J 53, Kentucky
Daughter Ollie B 26, Kentucky
Daughter Della L 23, Kentucky
Granddaughter Avie 12, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, John R. 28, Kentucky
Wife Emma L 25, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E NR, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, Walter W. 28, Kentucky
Wife Maggie 28, Kentucky
Daughter Daisey B NR, Kentucky

Husband Upchurch, Ahial 66, Kentucky
Wife Elviria 68, Kentucky
Mother-in-law Lila Young 86, Kentucky

Husband Thrasher, William 73, Kentucky
Wife Sarah A 66, Kentucky
Son Frank B 26, Kentucky
Daughter Nina D 23, Kentucky

Head of Household White, Elizabeth 68, Kentucky
Son John S 34, Kentucky

Husband Hood, Elvin W. 34, Kentucky
Wife Florence R 33, Kentucky
Daughter Nancy E 11, Kentucky
Son James B 09, Kentucky
Daughter Senora M 07, Kentucky
Son Horace E 05, Kentucky

Head of Household Woods, Lizza C. 51, Kentucky Living Alone

Husband Wallace, George W. 39, Kentucky
Wife Elusta 30, Kentucky
Daughter Dora E 17, Kentucky
Daughter Mattie L 14, Kentucky
Daughter Maudia M 11, Kentucky
Son James P 09, Kentucky
Son Calvin M 04, Kentucky
Son Jesse F 01, Kentucky

Husband Wells, Simon C. 23, Kentucky
Wife May E 23, Kentucky
Son Jessie R 04, Kentucky
Son William S 02, Kentucky
Daughter Maudie P NR, Kentucky

Husband Willen, John A. 32, Kentucky
Wife Hala 28, Kentucky

Husband Wray, Francis W. 48, Kentucky
Wife Florence 23, Tennessee
Son Samuel L 03, Kentucky

Husband Wray, John S. 48, Kentucky
Wife Mollie C 46, Kentucky
Son George H 21, Kentucky
Son Arthur R 17, Kentucky
Daughter Dora J 16, Kentucky
Son Clarance 13, Kentucky
Son Marvin 11, Kentucky
Daughter Dellie M 09, Kentucky
Daughter Victoria E 07, Kentucky
Son Roy O 03, Kentucky

Husband Wray, Samuel J. 47, Kentucky
Wife Temie C 32, Kentucky
Daughter Dora A 17, Kentucky
Daughter Sallie M 15, Kentucky
Daughter Maudie E 12, Kentucky
Son Ball M 09, Kentucky
Daughter Scottie H 07, Kentucky
Son John W 05, Kentucky
Daughter Ruthella 02, Kentucky

Husband Wright, Leo G. 26, Kentucky
Wife Lou E 27, Kentucky
Son Jaimmie P 04, Kentucky
Son Charlie M NR, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E 02, Kentucky
Laborer Peircy, Benjamin 80, Kentucky

Head of Household Wright, Patty 76, Kentucky
Daughter Leisa J 51, Kentucky
Daughter Ellen 37, Kentucky
Grandson James M Ferguson 17, Texas

Husband Yates, Samuel A. 65, Kentucky
Wife Rachel 61, Kentucky
Granddaughter Dora P Mcwhorter 15, Kentucky
Grandson Willie L 03, Kentucky

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