Marriages CA 1865-1900


These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County, KY Marriages circa 1865 to 1900. Not all the certificates contained in the microfilm have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

Many thanks to Lindsay Nuttall for providing the information for these marriages. He extracted these as they pertained to his research. He was kind enough to type this data into the computer and supply it to the webmaster so it could be posted here. This page isn't indexed, so use the search or find feature of your browser to find items of interest to you. Or you can go to the main page and use the site search there. Also keep in mind that sometimes the names are hard to read, so search for any variations in spelling of the names you are searching for.

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Samuel Castleman (?), 22, (b. Woodford Co.),  md. Oct.5, 1865 Kitty Gist (?), 19, (b. Henry Co.).

C D Crabb, 28, (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 11, 1865, Melissa A. Wilson, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

John Pettit, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 12, 1865,  Drusilla Crawford, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

John Ethington, 21, (b. Franklin Co.), md. Oct. 12, 1865, Emily Russell, 17, (b. Owen Co.).

W. M. Stratton, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 12, 1865, Annie Letitia Scott, 17, (b. Henry Co.).

James F. Nenby (?), 21, (b. Harrison Co., OH), md. Oct. 12, 1865, Henrietta Trice, 20, (b. Bourbon Co.).

John R. Thomas, 23, (b. Shelby Co.), md. Oct. 17, 1865, Lizzie Reeve, 19, (b. Owen).

John W. White, 29, (b. Shelby Co.), md. Oct. 17, 1865, Julia Devire (?), 22, (b. Montgomery Co.).

W. H. Wilkerson, 27, (b. Montgomery Co.), md. Oct. 19, 1865, Erin B--Keys (?), 21, (b. Warren Co.).

Fleming Mahoney, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 25, 1865, Sarah Anne Young, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

Samuel Penn, 22, (b. Franklin Co.), md. Oct. 26, 1865, Louisa Deakins, (no further information).

James Nichols, 25, (b. South Carolina), md. Nov. 2, 1865, Mary Welborn, 20, (b. Bath Co.).

James Hockersmith, 25, (b. Switzerland Co, IN), md. Nov. 9, 1865, Lydia Malin, 18, (b. Henry Co.).

W. A. Bobbitt, 27, (b. Michigan), md.Nov.9, 1865, (at Amasa Thompson's), Ophelia Thompson, 21, (b. Henry Co.).

Thomas Tanksley (?), 24, (b. Henry Co.), md.Nov.4 1865, Joanna Wilson, 21, (b. Jefferson Co.).

Joseph W. Webb, 20, (b. Owen Co.), md.Nov.9, 1865, (at Harry Lecompte's), Catherine Long, 16, (b. Henry Co.).

George W. Choate (?), 22, (b. Canada), md. Nov. 14, 1865, Millie Mitchell, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

Evan Larch (?), 26, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 16, 1865, (at Albert Blackaby's), Rachel C. Blackaby, 22, (b. Henry Co.).

Jacob Hailman, 23, (b. Germany), md. Nov. 30, 1865, Salistine Owen (?), 17, (b. Henry Co.).

W. L. Jenkins, 21, (of Trimble, b. Henry), md.11.21, 1865, Anna E. Lawrence, 18, (b. Clark Co.)  

Albert R. Bush, 24, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 23, 1865, (at Merrill Clubb's), Nancy J. Clubb, 22, (b. Henry Co.)

Hayden Ansparger, 30, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 28, 1865, Elizabeth Eddy, 20, (b. Missouri).

S. B. Triplett, 30, (b. Scott Co.), md. Nov. 27, 1865, W. L. Applegate, 20, (b. Louisville, Jefferson Co.).

John James, 25, [2nd Mrg.], (b. Henry Co.), [pts also b. Henry Co], md. Nov 28, 1865, (at James Simmon's), Elizabeth Simmons, 16, (b. Owen Co.).

Wm. L. Turner, 25, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 30, 1865, Frances Montreat (?), 16, (b. Carroll Co.), [pts. b. Henry Co.].

Daniel Jones, 30, (b. Henry Co.), [pts. b. Henry Co.], md.11.30, 1865, Frances Jones, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

John A. Lyons, 28, (b. Oldham Co.), md.Dec.12, 1865, Anna L. Moody, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

E. D. James, 21, (b. Henry), md.Dec.12, 1865, Martha J. Humston, 20, (b. Virginia).

Benjamin Gividena (?), 39, [2nd mrg], (of Trimble Co., b. Virginia), md.Dec.19, 1865, Sally G. Smith, 30, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.)

William Buck, 27, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.14, 1865, (at Zachary Tingle's), Catherine Tingle, 25, (b. Henry Co.).

Augustus Totter, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.14, 1865, (at Benjamin Garrett's), Amanda Garrett, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

Charles L. Martin, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.13, 1865, Mary Mee (?), 19, (b. Indiana).

T. J. Smith, 21, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.21, 1865, Sallie Williams, 18, (b. Madison Co.).

C. D. Baxter, 21, (b. Madison Co.), md.Dec.21, 1865, Isabella R. Smith, 17, (b. Henry Co.).

Thomas J. Brown, 19, (b. Indiana), md.Dec.19, 1865, (at Thomas S. Foree's), Fannie M. Foree, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

F. M. Brachman, 28, (b. Hamilton Co., OH), md.12.21, 1865, Melissa Kephart, 26, (b. Henry Co.)

Conrad H. Noble, 29, [2nd mrg], (b. Lucas Co., OH), md.Dec.25, 1865, Mrs. Lucinda ---Sniveel (?), [2nd Mrg.], (b. Shelby Co.).

John M. Rankin, 21, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jan 4, 1866, Sallie Ann Hall, 18, (b. Henry Co.).

James W. Erskin, 23, (b. St. Charles Co., MO), md.Jan.4, 1866, Mary C. Sewell, 23, (b. Clark Co.).

A. D. Williams, 62, [2nd mrg.], (b. Fayette Co.), md.Jan.7, 1866, Mary C. Ansperger, 25, (b. Henry Co.)

James K. Hitter, 24, (b. Jessamine Co.), md.Jan.11 1866, Sarah A. Sanford, 21, (b. Henry Co.)

Thomas Stroker, 29, (b. Ireland), md.Jan.11, 1866, (at Rachel Rankin's), Rachel Meek, 32, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), [Father b. TN, mother b. KY].

W. T. McGowan, 20, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jan.25, 1866, Sally E. Banton (?), 20, (b. Henry Co.).

W. W. Skillman, 45, [2nd mrg], (b. KY), md. Jan 23, 1866, (at Edmund Hayden's), Nancy Hayden, 28, (b. KY).

B. B. Reves (or Neeves?), 25, (b. Henry Co.), md.Jan.26, 1866, (at Peter Foree's), Mary F. Edrington, 22, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.).

J. B. Connell, 24, (b. Trimble Co.), md.Feb.13, 1866, Catherine Meade, 21, (b. Henry Co.).

Joseph Lowden, 23, (B. Henry Co.), md.Jan.25, 1866, Annie Beetem, 19, (B. Henry Co.)

C. R. Holcomb, 24, (b. Buncombe Co., NC), md.Jan.25, 1866, Margaret Ann Shuck, 22, (B. Henry Co.).

George Smith, 61, [2nd mrg], (b. VA), md.Jan.25, 1866, Nancy G. Woolfork, 60, [2nd mrg], (b. Shelby Co.)  

Septimus Roberts, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.1, 1866, Oncellena (?) Razor, 26, (b. Henry Co.), [pts. b. Spencer Co.].

W. J. Batts, 19, (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.1, 1866, (at Joel Batts'), Sarah A. Batts, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

Silas Hardin, 34, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.8, 1866, Margaret Neale, 21, (b. Henry Co.)

George W. Neale, 27, (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.8, 1866, Eliza Sanders, 16, (b. Henry Co.)

B. M. Smith, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.8, 1866, S.C. Parkhurst, 20, (b. Henry Co.)

Samuel Wallace, 17, (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.3, 1866, Mary F. Boundurrant, 18, (b. Indiana).

Gabriel Meadows, 19, (b. Henry Co.), md.Feb.15, 1866, Nancy Hayden, 17, (b. Henry Co.).

Henry R. Page, 28, [2nd mrg], (of Cincinnati OH, b. Europe), md.Feb.20, 1866, (at J. L. Lowden's), Mary E. Louden, 21, (B. Henry, Co.).

Nelson Parish, 33, (b. Nashville, TN), md.Mar.1, 1866, Susan A. Goodrich, 20, (B. Owen Co.).

George W. Roberts, 23, (B. Henry Co), md. Feb 22, 1866, (at Michael McAllister's), Matilda Jane McAllister, 18, (B. Owen Co.).

Leonard Martin, 28, (b. Shelby Co.), md.Feb.22, 1866, Nannie B. Robinson, 18, (b. Henry Co.), [father b. Canada, mother KY] 

Allen Deathridge, 42, [2nd mrg], (B. Madison Co.), md.Feb.22, 1866, A. S. Winburn, 29, (B. Henry Co.).

Samuel Hackett, 22, (b. Franklin Co.), md. Feb 25, 1866, Catherine Hardin, 22, (b. Henry Co.).

William Hancock, 27, (b. Henry Co.), md.Mar.1, 1866, Mary C. Hancock, 21, (b. VA).

James Downey, 28, (B. Henry Co.), md.Mar.1, 1866, Phoebe Caisholm (?), 18, (B. Henry Co.),[father b. Scotland, mother B. Henry Co.]

Rowland Roberts, 21, (B. Henry Co.), md.Mar.4, 1866, Tempy A. Vandengriffe, 18, (B. Henry Co.).

C. W. Roberts, 27, (B. Henry Co.), md.Mar.8, 1866, Sarah Hance (or Nance?), 18, (B. Henry Co.).

John T. Holly, 25, (B. Henry Co.), [pts b. Bourbon Co.], md.Mar.4, 1866, Almedia Robinson, 21, (B. Henry Co.).

M. H. Coons, 25, (B. Oldham Co.), md.Mar.6, 1866, Mattie G. Arvin, 22, (B. Henry Co.).

Tyre Battertoll (?), 45, [2nd mrg], (B. Madison Co.), md.Mar.7, 1866, (at Newcastle), Elizabeth Everman, 36, [2nd mrg], (B. Henry Co.).

J. D. Allen, 26, (B. Henry Co.), md.Mar.11, 1866, Tabitha Ann Winburn, 22, (B. Henry Co.).

Wm. G. Morris, 27, (b. Henry Co.), md.Mar.15, 1866, Mary V. Shouse (?), 19, (b. Henry Co.).

B. P. Thurman, 21, (b. Washington Co.), md.Mar.15, 1866, (at Solomon Robert's), Mary E. Roberts, 17, (b. Henry Co.).

George W. Hall, 21, (B. Henry Co.), md.Mar.25, 1866, Tempy Harp, 17, (B. Henry Co.).

Edmund B. Davidson, 26, (B. Jefferson Co.), md.Apr.2, 1866, Elizabeth Thompson, 21, (B. Henry Co.)

George Bush, 31, (B. Henry Co.), md. May 6, 1866, Sarah G. Eddy, 26, (B. Henry Co.).

William Eddies (?), 24, (b. Shelby Co.), Md. May 17, 1866, Hale Berry, 25, (b. Henry Co.),[pts. b. Clark Co.]

E. F. Berry, 24, (b. Henry Co.), [pts b. Clark Co.], md.5-17-1866, Lizzie Hagarman, 19, (b. Spencer Co.)

Wm. L. Sutherland, 30, (b. Owen Co.), [father b. Clark Co., mother b. Shelby Co.], md. May 17, 1866,(at Samuel Jones'), Polly Ann Mahonney, 30, (b. Henry Co.).

John Campbell, 38, [2nd mrg], (b. Carroll Co.), md. May 17, 1866, (at Lemuel Whiteley's), Sarah E. Whiteley, 25, (b. Henry Co.).

Robert Sanford, 26, (b. Shelby Co.), md. May 31, 1866, Sarah Ann Ethington, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

Joseph W. T. Norman, 21, (B. Henry Co.), md.Jun.14, 1866, Louisa A. Wills, 18, (b. Nicholas Co.).

Pleasant Wade, 27, B. Shelby Co.), md. Jun 14, 1866, Sarah Ann Harlow, 16, (B. Henry Co.).

Henry T. Oliver, 27, (B. Henry Co.), md.Jun.17, 1866, Anna Folkner, 18, (b. Maryland).

Harley N. Black, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md.Jun.27, 1866, Martha Smith, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

W. R. Clements, 43, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md.Mar.8, 1866, (at John Ethington's), Sally Ethington, 30, (B. Henry Co.).

Lawson Williams, 38, [2nd mrg], (B. Shelby Co.), md.Aug.23, 1866, Susan E. Smith, 26, (B. Henry Co.).

W. A. Smout, 24, (B. Owen Co.), md.Aug.30, 1866, (at William Chandler's), Lucinda Chandler, 22, (B. Franklin Co.).

Franklin Johnson, 21, (B. Henry Co.), md.Aug.28, 1866, (at Amos Adcock's), Rebecca Ann Adcock, 21, (B. Henry Co.).

Samuel Mahoning (?), 27, (b. Henry Co.), md.Sep.15, 1866, Damaris A--- Spiker (Spicer?), 22, (b. Henry Co.).

William Dollahan, 18, (b. Henry Co.), md.Sep.16, 1866, Mary Ann Woods, abt.20, (b. Mercer Co.).

Clem Walch (?) Robertson, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md.Sep.23, 1866, Mary Elizabeth Neale, 19, (b. Campbell Co.)

Allen Clements, 30, (b. Henry Co.), md.Sep.27, 1866, Nancy Jane Clements, 17, (b. Montgomery Co.).

------ (?) Blacksall, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct.4, 1866, Martinia Robinson, 26, (b. Henry Co.).  

Andrew Jeffs (?), 34, (b. Shelby Co.), md. Oct.4, 1866, Louisa C. Baugh, 21, (b. Carroll Co.).

William F. Petty, 25, (b. Owen Co.), md. Oct.4, 1866, Martha C. Harper, 21, (b. Henry Co.).

John M. Bates, 34, (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct.7, 1866, Louisa Jane Iverse, 24, (B. Jefferson Co.).

Samuel Hall, 25, (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 11, 1866, Henrietta S. Humphrey, 19, (B. Henry Co.).

Louis B. Nicks, 27, (of Oldham Co., B. Jefferson Co.), md. Oct. 17, 1866, (at A.M Ballard's), Isabella E. Ballard, 20, (b. Clarksville,Tennessee), [father, John Ballard, b. Spotsylvania Co., VA, mother b. Tennessee].

Samuel Dunaway, 23, (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 18, 1866, Mary Turk, 19, (B. Henry Co.).

William Kelly, 43, [1st mrg], (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 18, 1866, Anna Eliza Brower, 42, [2nd mrg], (B. Indiana).

Salair (?) W. Bradhawter, 39, (b. Rockcastle Co), md. Oct. 25, 1866,  Mary Belle Threlkeld, 25, (B. Henry Co.), [dau. of Elijah Threlkeld, B. Shelby Co.].

Samuel Tingle, 35, [2nd mrg.], (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 28, 1866, (at Elisha Tingle's), Nancy Meadows, 40, [2nd mrg.], (B. Henry Co.).

W. L. Crabb, 22, (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 31, 1866, (at Granville Owen's), Martha V.Owens,18, (B. Henry Co.), [Father b. VA, mother B. Shelby Co.].

George D. Montfort, 20, (B. Henry Co.), Md. Nov. 1, 1866,  Elizabeth Johnson, 22, (B. Henry Co.), [dau. of Nathaniel].

Thomas T. Bruce, 64 (?), [2nd mrg.], (b. North Carolina), md.Nov.8, 1866, Sally Ann Meade, 39, [2nd mrg.], (B. Owen Co.), [dau. of William Thomas].

John T. Robertson, 23, (B. Trimble Co.), Md. Nov. 15, 1866, (at Thomas Morgan's), Sarah Jane Morgan, 19, (B. Henry Co.), [dau. of Thomas Morgan].

William B. Wilson, 46, [2nd mrg.], (B. Fayette Co.), Md. Nov. 12, 1866, Eveline King, 46, [2nd. mrg.], (B. Henry Co.).

W. W. Hall, 24, (b. Woodford Co.), Md. Nov 22, 1866, Joy Flack (?), 18, (B. Owen Co.).

Charles Floyd, 25, (b. Henry Co.), md.11-22-1866, Pelina (or Aelina?) Fox, 21, (b. Henry Co.).

Dennis Oran (Orem?), 18, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 22, 1866, Casey Angeline Hall, 18, (b. Henry Co.).

Nicholas Densbacker (?), 60, [2nd.mrg.], (b. Germany), md. Nov. 22, 1866, Martha Denny, 50, [2nd mrg.], (b. Grandduchy of Baden, Germany).

Richard Bennett, 59, [2nd mrg.], (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 23, 1866, Ona Dunlap, 46, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), [widow of Alex Dunlap].

Albert Lindsay, 35, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 29, 1866, Amanda Harper, 25, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of Henry Harper].

Henry C. Singleton, 24, (b. Jessamine Co.), md. Nov. 29, 1866, Fannie Bryant, 21, (b. Shelby Co.).

Thomas Arnold, 41, [2nd mrg], (b. Owen Co.), md. Nov. 29, 1866, Susan Ervin, abt.34, (b. Henry Co.).

Nelson Hearley (?), 24, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.2, 1866, (at Drennon's Creek), Permelia Pearson, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

J. W. Carpenter, 32, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.11, 1866, Denise Violett, 22, (b. Henry Co.).

John N. Roberts, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.7, 1866, Frances Roberts, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

Elisha Rusker Jr., 19, (b. Shelby Co.), md.Dec.6, 1866, Susan Rusker, 17, (b. Shelby Co.).

J. L. List, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec.13, 1866 , Mattie A.Scott, 24, (b. Henry Co.).

Albert Owen, 36, (b.Mar.25,1830, Henry Co.), [2nd Mrg.], md. Oct. 11, 1866, America Bailey, 37, [2nd mrg.], (b. Henry Co.), [wid.of William Bailey].

George W. Ridgeway, 55, [2nd mrg], (b. Tennessee), md.Dec.19, 1866, Mary Bauer, (b. KY).

Thomas Louden, 36, (b.Oct.8,1830), md.Dec.20, 1866, Nancy E.Mahoney, 29, (b. Henry Co.).

John Aldridge, 23, (b.Jul.1844, Henry Co.), md.Dec.19, 1866, Sophronia Shelby, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

J. T. Spurgin, 30, (b. Henry Co.), md.Dec 26, 1866, (at C.S.Dejarnette's), Martha E. Dejarnette, 18, (b. Madison Co.).

James W. Shelley, 25, (b.Macon Co.,GA), md.Dec.25, 1866, (at Benjamin Wood's), Lucinda Elizabeth Woods, 22, (b.GA).

Ezekiel Ennis, 37, (b.J----.Co.,KY), [Father b. Fayette Co., mother b. VA], md.Dec. 29, 1866, Mrs.Eliza Jane Bosre (?), 22, (dau. of John Shannin).

Alfred Mahoney, 22, (B. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 27, 1866, (at Port Royal), Susan Craig, 21, [2nd mrg.], (B. Henry Co.).   

William Devore, 23, (last May), (B. Henry Co.), md.Dec.25, 1866, Louisa Frances King (or Ring ?), 16, (B. Trimble Co.).

Joshua R. Lyle, 57, [4th mrg.], (B. Shelby Co.), md.Dec.27, 1866, Nancy Jane Abbott, 40, (B. KY).

James Roberts, 24, (B. Henry Co.), md.Dec 25, 1866, (at Francis Maddox's), Mary Susan Maddox, 21, (B. Henry Co.).

Wm Adams, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.27, 1866, Sarah Jane Aldridge, 17, (b.Henry Co.).

John Lesley Gordon, 21, (b.Boone Co.), md.Dec.27, 1866, Arlinnicia (?) Ann Wallace, 16, (b.Henry Co.), [Dau.of John Wallace].

Lawrence Gorden, 35, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Jan.2, 1867, Catherine Chandler, 25, (b.Franklin Co.), [dau.of Samuel Chandler].

W. C. Berry, 33, (b.Jul.21,1833 Henry Co.), [pts.b.Clark Co.], md.Jan.3, 1867, Jannie Stubbins, 32, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of John].

Abraham Rusker, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.6, 1867, Mary Marshall, 23, (b.KY), [dau of M.P. Marshall].

David Hoover, 26, (b.Owen Co.), md Jan.8, 1867, Mary Estes, 26, (b.Franklin Co.), [wid.John Estes].

George Adams, 23, md.Jan. 10, 1867, Elizabeth Troxall, 17, (b.Henry Co.).

Berry Thompson, 25, (b.Jan. 20,1842), md.Jan. 15, 1867, Bettie Read, 23, (b.Henry Co.).

John Barrett, 36, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Jan. 17, 1867, Martha F. Clark, 21, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Elias Clark].

John Shaw, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan. 17, 1867, Mary Frances Hughes, 19, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Preston Hughes].

C. W. Robinson, 36, (of Washington Co.,KY, b.Harrison Co.,VA), md.Sept.6, 1867, Molly McBride, 29, (b.Franklin Co.).

Wm. H. Blacksby, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.10, 1867, Elizabeth E. Kelly, 17, (b.Cincinnati, Ohio), [Father b.Great Britian, mother b.Sheffield, England].

William Harlow, 25, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Sep.12, 1867, Eliza Holcomb, 20, (b.North Carolina).

James Dunaway, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.20, 1867, (at Elisha TIngle's), Sarah TIngle, 26, (b.Henry Co.).

John A. Cox, 24, (b.Scott Co.), md. Oct. 1, 1867, Louisa N. Forbes, 19, (b.Louisville,,Jefferson Co., KY).

G. W. Cubbage, 26, (b.Warren Co.,OH), md. Oct.8, 1867, Matrina (?) Bonderant, 17, (b.Ripley Co.,IN).

J. S. Miller, 27, [2nd mrg], (b.Jefferson Co.), md. Oct.8, 1867, Amanda Robinson, 19, (b.Henry Co.)

William Hayden, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 10, 1867, (at Thomas Tharp's), Mary Tharp, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

J. C. Ireland, 29, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 15, 1867, Jane A. Hill, 26, (b.Henry Co.).

Jonathan Moore, 33, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 17, 1867, Nancy Ann Downey, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

William A. Marshall, 23, (b.J--(?)), md. Oct. 15, 1867, (at Campbellsburg), Mary B.Morris, 15, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Permilla Morris].

David Joseph Matthews, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 15, 1867, Mary T.Wilkerson, 18, (b.Newcastle,Henry Co.), [dau.of William W.Wilkerson].

Paramus (?) J. Magruder, 23, (b.Shelby Co.), md. Oct. 24, 1867, Patsy Sparks, 25, (b.in Oct., Henry Co.), [dau.of John Sparks].

Lewis A. Tingle, 23, (b.Apr.4,1844), md. Oct. 24, 1867, (at. Green Tingle's), Susan Jane Tingle, 17, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Green (=Greenberry?) Tingle.].

James K. Smith, 39, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Canada], md. Oct. 22, 1867, (at W.(widow?) Sally Ford's), Mary J. Dunn, [2nd mrg.], (b.Madison Co.).

James Hunley, 30, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 31, 1867, Willie Jane Blacksby, 23, (b.Garrard Co.).

J. S. Glover, 29, [2nd mrg], (of Oldham Co., b.Washington Co.), md. Oct. 31, 1867, (at Sally Ford's), S.J. Ford, 28, (b.Madison Co.).

William R. Spurgeon, 27, (b.Bartholemew Co.,IN), md. Oct. 30, 1867, Sophronia Lewis, 22, (b.Henry Co.).     

Benjamin D. Spurgeon, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 30, 1867, (at Squire Watkin's), Charlotte Watkins, 24, (b.Henry Co.).

Jonathan Dean, 39, [3rd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.5, 1867, (at Pryor Moore's), Nancy J. Moore, 30, (b.Henry Co.).

E. F. King, 24, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Nov.6, 1867, M.G.Brown, 20, (b.Mason Co.).

Elijah B. Pollard, 33, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.6, 1867, (at R.B.Gray's), G.V. (?) Gray, 24, (b.Trimble Co.).

John James, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [son of Wim James], md.Nov.9, 1867, Ellen Pringle (?), 21, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of John Pringle (?)]

Owen Carville, 28, (b.Ireland), md.Nov. 11, 1867, Mary L. Gades (or Eades (?), 18, (b.Nicholas Co.).

John B. Adams, 36, (b.Henry Co.). md.Nov. 12, 1867, Mattie Burgonie (?), 24, (b.IN).

Greenberry Bishop, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 12, 1867, (at Minte Sherrill's), Sarah Jane Sherrill, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

Andrew J. Sommers, 23, (b.Monroe Co.,VA), md.Nov. 17, 1867, (at John Jenkin's), America A. Jenkins, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

Lewis S. Ellis, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 19, 1867, Eliza Cate (?) Gardner, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

David Downey, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 19, 1867, Martha M.Cox, 16, (b.Henry Co.), [dau,of Susan Cox].

James S. Wilson 38, [2nd mrg], (b.Dearborn Co.,IN), md.Dec.3, 1867, Mary C.Dowhit (?), 24, (b.Henry Co.).

James William Ferguson, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.4, 1867, (at James Jeffries), Maggie Jeffries, 18, (b.Trimble Co.).

Nicholas Kelly, 28, (b.Canada), [father b.Scotland], md.Dec.5, 1867, (at Ashley Williams'), Mattie Williams, 22, (b.Carroll Co.), [dau.of Ashley Williams].

Thomas Griffin, 44, [2nd mrg], (b.Ireland), md.Dec.8, 1867, Sarah A.Pendergrass, 35, [3rd mrg], (b.Ireland), [wid.of Luke Pendergrass].

Thomas Moore, 21, (b.Midway,,,Kentucky), md.Dec.10, 1867, Margaret Eddings, 19, (b.Woodford Co.).

David A. Wilson, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.12, 1867, Elizabeth Douglas, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

Samuel Dillman, 32, [2nd.mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.18, 1867, (at Abner Ford's), Nancy J. Ford, 28, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Abner Ford].

Nathan Roberts, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.15, 1867, Nancy Catherine Sanders, 16, (of Franklin Co., b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Nathaniel Sanders].

Allen Louden, 44, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.19, 1867, Catherine Meek, 35, (b.Henry Co.),  [dau.of Jesse Meek].

William Harden, 40, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.19, 1867, (at J.Hall's), Margaret Ann Hall, 27, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Squire Hall].

John Hitt, 27, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Dec.19, 1867, Martha Ann Ballard, (b.Henry Co.),[dau.of  S. (or J?) Ballard].

Thomas H. Wells, 29, (b.Oct. 1838, Madison Co.), md.Dec.19, 1867, Lucy McConnell,  [2nd mrg], (wid.of Ovid McConnell), [dau.of S.Ireland].

David R.Castleman, 29, (b.Woodford Co.), md.Dec.19, 1867, (at W.S.Pryor's), Joanna Pryor, 19, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of W.S.Pryor].

Richard Shuck, 48, [2nd mrg], (b.Shelby Co.), md.Dec.19, 1867, Martha Williams, 38, (b.Henry Co.).

John Tingle, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.24, 1867, Keziah McGuire, 20, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Levi McGuire].

James R. Charmers (Chambers?), 38, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Dec.26, 1867, Lucy M. Freeman, 22, (b.Madison Co.).

Dennis Harrod, 22, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Dec.29, 1867, (at. Elisan Wailey's), Frances Wailey, 17, (b.Henry Co.).

James A. Jackson, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.31, 1867, Eliza J. Bryant, 20, (b.Henry Co.)  

Daniel Kallosy (?), 22, (b.Germany), md.Jan.2, 1868, Elizabeth Harris, 23, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of John B. Harris].

Thomas D. Baxter, 25, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Dec.31, 1867, Lucinda Highshoe, 24, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Henderson Highshoe.]

George Allison, 18, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Jan.2, 1868, (at Robert Clark's), A. C. Clark, 15, (b.Henry Co.).

James P. Newman, 32, (b.Spencer Co.), md.Jan.2, 1868, (at Abner Ford's), Siberiah Ford, 24, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Abner Ford].

John Vawters, 24, (b.Trimvle Co.), md.Jan.7, 1868, Marilda R.Johnson, 21, (b.Owen Co.), [dau. of Samuel Johnson}.

John Jones, 30, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.19, 1868, Sarah Jane Mahoney, 30, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of John H.Mahoney].

Jesse Cravans (?), abt 35, (b.KY), md.1-20-1868, Ann Martine, 35, [2nd mrg.], (b.Franklin Co.)

John W. Clements, 33, [2nd.mrg.], (of Allen Co.,OH, b.Henry Co.,KY), md.Feb.5, 1868, (at Wilson Arnold's), Mary E.Hamrick, 16, (b.Owen Co.).

Tilmark H. Johnson, 18, (b.IN), md.Feb.4, 1868, (at Thom Black's), Harriet Black,                                17, (b.Henry Co.).        

James A. Stringfellow, 43, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Feb.11, 1868, Margaret C.Atherson (?), 21, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Albert Atherson (?)].

George C. Obrien, 32, (railroad contractor), (b.New York City), [pts.b.Ireland], md.Feb. 23, 1868, Mary Jane Gerr, 31, (b.Franklin Co.), [dau.of Thomas Gerr].

John T. Dowdall, 50, [2nd mrg], md.Feb.20, 1868, (at L.Woolridge's), Lenora Woolridge, 25, (b.Franklin Co.), [dau.of L.Woolridge].

George B. Foree, 25 (or 28 ?), [dentist?], (of Eminence, b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.20, 1868, (at L.Woolridge's), Elizabeth Woolridge, 19, (b.Franklin Co.), [dau.of L.Woolridge].

John W. Pettit, 25, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.22, 1868, Elizabeth Eldridge, 26, (b.Henry Co.).

Robert Sanford Guthrie, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb 27, 1868, (at John C. Corbin's), Bessie S. Corbin, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

Dudley Roberts, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.5, 1868, Sarah Mitchell, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

William Grigsby, 40, [2nd mrg], (b.Clark Co.,KY), md.Mar.3, 1868, Mary Jane Wentworth, 26.

Henry Blackaby, 48, (b.VA), md.Mar.5, 1868, Susan Adberry (?), 28, (b.Fayette Co.), [dau. of Thomas Adberry (?)].

Timothy Donavan, 23, (b.OH), md. Mar. 23, 1868, Hellen R. Scan (?), 21, (b.OH).       

John W. Hughes, 37, {2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md. Mar. 31, 1868, (at William Ray's tavern), Margaret Cox, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

James Bramlett, 25, (b.Scott Co.), md. Apr.10, 1868, Nancy Belle Hall, 16, (b.Woodford Co.).

William Coleman, 57, [2nd mrg], (b.Trimble Co.), md. Apr.21, 1868, Elizabeth Wilhote, 42, [2nd mrg], (b.Oldham Co.),  [dau.of John A. Patterson].

George Kilpatrick, 30, (b.Western Canada), md. May 12, 1868, Hellen Kelley, 27, (b.Henry Co.)

M. J. Eddy, 29, (b.Henry Co.), md. Jun.11, 1868, (at Eminence Christian Church), Sally A. Thompson, 27, (b.Shelby Co.).

S. D. Henson (or Henbon?), 26, (b.Henry Co.), md. Jun.15, 1868, (at Edward Hobl (or Kobl?)), Mary Palina McCann (or McCarr ?), 23, [2nd.mrg], (b.Shelby Co.).

David Moore, 29, (b.Kin--(?), Co.), md. Jun.23, 1868, (at John Downey's), Sally Ann Downey, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

Joseph L. Hayden, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md. Jun.23, 1868, Lucy D. Schor, 18, (b.Louisville,,KY).

John L. Marshall, 42, [2nd mrg], (of Oldham Co., b.Frankfort), md.Jul.15, 1868, Sally Hughley, 30, (b.Henry Co.).

W. H. Matthews, 29, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md. Aug. 13, 1868,  Sarah Kelly, 16, (b.Henry Co.).

Andrew J. Adding, 24, (b.Hendricks Co., OH), md. Aug. 13, 1868, Matilda Gividen, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

Andrew M. Truman, 31, (b.Shelby Co.), md. Aug. 16, 1868, (at Ballard Hudson's), Elvira F.Hudson, 28, (b.Shelby Co.).

James C. Scobee, 28, (b.Clark Co.), md. Sep. 2, 1868, Nannie G. Russell, 20, (b.Scott Co.).

James C. Moore, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md. Sep. 10, 1868, Georgia Allen, 22, (b.Hampshire Co.,VA).

John Corbin, 50, [2nd mrg], (b.Bourbon Co.), md. Sep. 15, 1868, Amanda Strother, 35, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.).

John Day, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md. Sep. 15, 1868, Lucy Ann Holmes, 26, (b.Montgomery Co.).

James Fitzgerald, 56, [2nd mrg], (b.Woodford Co.), md. Sep. 21, 1868, America F. Ford, 39, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of  C. Vandergroff].

Conrad Blackburn, 26, (b.Woodford Co.), md. Sep. 22, 1868, Bettie Harper, 24, (b.Henry Co.).

J. C. Cockrill, 21, (b.Clark Co.), md. Sep. 29, 1868, Sevi (?) S. Montgomery, 24, (b.Henry Co.)

Thomas O. Musini (?), 30, (b.Clark Co.), md. Oct. 1, 1868,  Jane W.Herndon, 26, (b.Henry Co.).

William Allen, 56, [2nd mrg], (b.Clark Co.), md. Oct. 4, 1868, Virginia Hand, 25, (b.Franklin Co.).

S. C. Bowlwar (?), 19, (b.Henry Co.), md. Oct. 7, 1868, Mattie Carpenter, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Daniel Carpenter].

George W. Peake (?), 40, [2nd mrg], (b.Trimble Co.), md. Oct. 8, 1868, Frances A. Douglas, 22, (b.NY).

Thomas Ta-b-- (Tagbre ?), 23, (b.Trimble Co.), md. Oct. 13, 1868, Letitia Adams, 17, (b.Henry Co.).

John G. Abrams, 24, [merchant], (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Germany, mother b.Dayton,,OH], md. Oct. 15, 1868, (at W.L. Vories'),  Bettie A. Vories, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

Marshall Neale, 37, (b.Shelby Co.), md. Oct. 21, 1868, (at Calvin Arnold's), Nannie Arnold, 31, (b.Henry Co.).

Edward Call (or Zall ?), 24, (b.Ireland), md. Oct. 26, 1868, (at Newcastle), Sallie F. Green, 17, (b.IN).

Benjamin H. Allen, 23, (b.Oldham Co.), md. Oct. 29, 1868, Ophelia Jesse, 19, (b.Shelby Co.) 

James M.Downs, 31, [2nd mrg], (b.Maine), md. Oct. 31, 1868, (at Newcastle), Catherine Cirtley (?), 18, (b.Ireland).

Newton Cockrill, 29, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md. Nov. 10, 1868, Nancy Knight, 21, (b.Henry Co.)

Thomas Shanner (Skanner, Sharrer?), 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 10, 1868, (at James Smith's), Jemima Smith, 18, (b.Henry Co.). This record should read; Thomas Shannon and was corrected by Bill Shannon 12/2002.

John T. Murphy, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 10, 1868, (at James Steven's), Martha Stiverne (?), 23, (b.Henry Co.).

Pendleton Stager, 24, (b.Owen Co.), md.Nov. 10, 1868, Nancy Blackwell, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

William Hance, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 14, 1868, Catherine Malin, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

James P. Conray, 24, (of Frankfort, b.Franklin Co.), md.Nov. 19, 1868, Melissa -----?, 17, (b.Henry Co.).

Charles Lewis Leroy, 47, (wagonmaker), (b.NY), md.Nov. 17, 1868, Mary A.Singleton, 32, [2nd mrg], (b.OH).

James Harris, 28, (b.Eminence, Henry Co.), md.Nov. 19, 1868, Flora S. Nevill (?), 18, (b.Henry Co.).

Garrard (Jarrett) Ford, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 22, 1868, (at Andrew Devore's), Sarah E. Devore, (b.May 1,1848/49 Henry Co.).

Samuel Jones, 29, (b.Alabama), md.Nov. 24, 1868, (at John McIlvare's (?)),  Laura  McIlvare (?), 19, (b.Henry Co.).

Jesse M. Jackson, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov. 25, 1868, Sally Ann Renfro, 17.

E. C. Kraken (?), 26, (b.VA), md.Nov. 30, 1868, (at  Robert Bedder's (?)) Marion S. Dodd, 23.

Enos Swain, 32, (b.New Hampshire), md.Nov. 26, 1868, Bettie L. Mitchell, 24, (b.VA).

Samuel P. Marin 25, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Dec.4, 1868, Harriet M. Smith, 24, (b.Henry Co.)

Henry Weber, 41, [2nd mrg], md.Dec.3, 1868, Jane Sudderson (?), 41, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of James Sudderson (?)].

Jacob M. Penington, 22, (b.Randolph Co.,VA), md.Dec.4, 1868,  Mary J.D. Johnston, 18, (b.Lewis Co., VA).

David Downs, 24, (b.Owen Co.), md.Dec.5, 1868, Belle Snyder, 18, (b.Carroll Co.).

Richard Webb, 47, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.10, 1868, Mary Ann Jones, 27.

Newton J. Moore, 30, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.15, 1868, (at Humphrey Spark's), Mollie Sparks, 27, (b.Henry Co.).

Joseph O. Baker, 37, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.15, 1868, Lenora Wills, 23, (b.Clark Co.).

David B. Law, 33, (b.Trimble Co.), md.Dec.15, 1868, Mollie Ladd, 24, (b.VA), [dau. of A. D. Ladd]. 

Samuel Kelly, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.15, 1868, Lucy Ann Holcomb, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

Willis Shaw, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.17, 1868, (at John Downey Sr's), Debi Ann Downey, 16, (b.Henry Co.).

John W. Reeves, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.17, 1868, Lucretia Simpson, 16, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Barnett Simpson].

Roland Cubback (?), 36, (b.Warren Co., OH), md.Dec.18, 1868, Frances Johnston, [Dau.of Elijah Floyd?].

George Mitchell, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.22, 1868, (at James B. Smith's), Idella Smith, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

James C. Morris, 26, (b.Henry Co.), [pts. born Woodford Co.], md.Dec., 1868, (at John Watkin's), Mollie Watkins, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

J. S. Mays, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.22, 1868, Ellen Johnston, 17, (b.Henry Co.).

W. T. Tingle, 27, (of Owen Co., b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.29, 1869, Lorinda Douglas, 21, (b.Henry Co.).   

Joel Head (?), 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.14, 1869, Margaret Bassett, 19, (b.IN), [father b. Owen Co.,KY].

Joseph Chandler, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.13, 1869, Liza Neal, 23, (b.Henry Co.).

J. W. Ferguson, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan 12 1869, (at Ova ? l.Flood's), Elizabeth Flood, 19, (b.KY).

T. J. Arrius (?), 32, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan 14, 1869, (at Bland Ballard's), Molly Ballard, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

F. M. Hendrix, 26, (b.Jennings Co.,IN), md.Jan.21, 1869, Zalinda Lyons, 23, (b.Henry Co.).

S. E. Thompson, 24, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Jan 20, 1869, (at Isaac Banta's), Ellen Banta, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

Mason Gordon, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan 28 , 1869, Dean (?), Hughes, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

John Walden, 31, (b.Baden,,Bavaria), md.Jan 30, 1869, Louisa Margritta Lornzes (?), 31, (b.Baden,, Germany).

Lucian Evans, 19, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Feb.4, 1869, Josephine Dunaway, 16, (b.Henry Co.).

George T. Chilton, 20, (b.Tippecanoe Co.,IN), [father b.Henry Co.,KY], md.Feb.4, 1868, (at Sarah Sam's) Jo Ann Sams, 16, (b.Henry Co.).

James F. Chilton, 19, (b.Tippecanoe Co.,IN), [father b.Henry Co.,KY], md.Feb.4, 1868, (at Sarah Sam's),  Cassandra (?) Sams, 18, (b.Trimble Co.).

J. W. Homules (?), 24, (b.TN), md.Feb.9, 1869, (at Pleasant  (?) Smith's), Mary E. Smith, 27, (b.Henry Co.).

Thomas Downey, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.11, 1869, (at Etheridge (?) Banta's), Nancy L. Banta, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

George T. Humpston, 32, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.16, 1869, Emma Black, 22, (b.OH).

Mervin Watkins, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.25, 1869, Mary Jane Donald, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

George S. Threlkeld, 22, (b.Boone Co.,IN), [pts.b.KY], md.Feb.25, 1869, America Cogle, 19, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Philadelphia].

James R. Nevill, 27, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Mar.4, 1869, (at G---- A----(?) Chadwell's), Mary Chadwell, 21, (b.Henry Co.)

James Campbell, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.9, 1869, (at Jesse Comb's), Mary A. Phillips, 20, (b.Shelby Co.)

Jackson Gregory, 35, (b.Owen Co.), md.mar.7, 1869, (at Port Royal), Zinia A. Jones, 30, (b.Henry Co.).

Andrew J. Strader, 25, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Mar.11, 1869, Sarah F. Ford, 24, (b.Madison Co.), [dau.of Skyler Ford].

John L. Neale, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.4, 1869, Zerelda Mahoney, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

P. S. Bryant, 23, (b.Jessamine Co.), md.Mar.18, 1869, Mattie J. Singleton, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

Ransford Kenny, 22, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Mar.21, 1869, Catherine Linn, 22, (b.Owen Co.)

Victor Butham, 53, [3rd mrg], (of IL, b.KY), md.Mar.23, 1869,  Nancy Cochran, 45, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.).

Samuel Aldridge, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.25, 1869, Lowrance (?) Troxall, 22, (b.Henry Co.)

Washington Shuck, 37, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.25, 1869, Elizabeth Jennings, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

William A. Lawrence, 27, (b.Clark Co.), md.Apr.1, 1869, (at  George Moore's), Milly Moore, 16, (b.Henry  Co.).

George M. Gergen, 25, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Mar.31, 1869, Kate Holloway 15.

Taylor Hall, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.4, 1869, Lucy Adams, 20, (b.Henry Co.)

Joseph T. Chilton, 35, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.6, 1869, Frances Willett, 30, (b.Henry Co.).

A. S. Bloom, 30, [2nd mrg], (b.Philadelphia (?)), md.Apr.7, 1869, Elizabeth Rucker, 28, (b.Henry Co.).

Charles D. Chilton, 31, [merchant], (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.15, 1869, (at William Sutton's), Elizabeth Sutton, 24, (b.Henry Co.).

John R.Williams, 36, (b.MO, or MD?), md.Apr.20, 1869, Nancy J. Boulwar, abt 31, (b.Oldham Co.), [dau.of Fountain Boulwar].

C.A. Blattely, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.18, 1869, Sarah Doringer, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

James M. Henderson, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.29, 1869, Eliza Ann Harp (?), 22, (b.Henry Co.).

Joseph Welch, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 2, 1869, (at Samuel Jone's), Harriet C. Jones, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

Richard S. Diarmit, 22, (b.Carroll Co.), md.May 3, 1869, (at Joseph Razor's), Eliza Ann Razor, 20, (b.Owen Co.).

Henry Lucan, 23, (b.PA), md.May 14, 1869, (at Ashley WIlliam's), Hattie WIlliams, 18, (b.Pulaski Co.).

G. T. Foree, 34, (b.Carroll Co.), md.May 11, 1869, Janis (?) Rees, 20, (b.Owen Co.).

S. N. Hodges, 24, [2nd mrg], (b.Frankfort), md.Jun.3, 1869, M.W. Sullivan, 23, [2nd mrg], (b.Franklin Co.).

J. C. Bourn, 34, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jun.15, 1869, Marsha Jackson, 22, (b.KY).

Samuel R. Kephart, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jun.17, 1869, Sue A. Neale, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of Robert Neale].

John Harlow, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.1, 1869, (at ---Downey's), Louisa Downey, 23, (b.Henry Co.).

Washington Troxall, 18, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.5, 1869, Mariah Warren, 17, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Eliza Warren].

R. L. Tidrick, 31, (b.OH), md.Jul.6, 1869, Arminta G. Hill, 23, (b.Henry Co.).

John T. Wilkerson, 24, (b.Newcastle, Henry Co.), md.Jul.7, 1869, (at Henry Nolo's (?)), Allie Nolo (?) 21.

John Curtis, 22, (b.Ireland), md.Jul 20.1869, (at James Robert's), Mary Roberts, 15, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.of James Roberts].

James H. Green, 22, (b.Clark Co.), md.Jul 22, 1869, Sarah Ellen Bates, 22, (b.Henry Co.) 

Frank H. Williams, 28, (b.NY), md.Aug.22, 1869, Elizabeth Prewitt, 17, (b.Owen Co.).

Fielding Vories, 55, [3rd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.24, 1869, Rachel Gardner, 41, (b.Clark Co.), (dau. of Harvey Gardner).

Thomas D. Auberry, 40, (b. Fayette Co.), md. Sep. 3, 1869, Elizabeth Washburn, 34, [widow of Jas. Washburn], (dau. of  -----  Harlow).

W. B. Porter, 35, [2nd mrg], (of Spencer Co.), md. Oct. 11, 1869, (at Newcastle), Lucretia Woolridge, 24, (b. Henry Co.).

John Q Adams, 37, (b. Henry Co.), md. Sep.7, 1869, Martha Graves, 16, (b. Woodford Co.), [dau. of  Tilman Graves].

O. D. Yager (?), 28, (b. Oldham Co.), md. Jan. 12, 1870, Mollie G. Arnold, 23, (b. Montgomery Co.).

Herbert McConnell, 35, (b. Lexington, Fayette Co.), md. Sep.14, 1869, Tabitha Perry, 23, (b. KY), [dau. of William Perry].

Delbert Newman, 22, (b. Spencer Co.), md. Sep.9, 1869, (at Thomas Tingle's), Lidia Douglas, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

John J. Ball, 35, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md. Sep.15, 1869, Elizabeth Hayden, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

William A. Hazard, 24, (b. Louisville, Jefferson Co.), md. Sep.18, 1869, Emma Shaw, 23.

J.H. Rogers, 20, (b. Grayson Co.), md. Oct. 3, 1869, Mary C. Abrahams, 18, (b. Henry Co.), [father b. Germany].

Alexander Prewitt, 48, (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct.7, 1869, Mary E. Dyke, 18, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of John Dyke, b. Clark Co.].

William Harrod, 21, (b. Franklin Co.), md. Oct.7, 1869, Margaret Roberts, 18, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of  M-- Roberts, b. Spencer Co.].

Jonathan Ellis, 40, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 24, 1869, (at Isaiah Jones'), Nancy Ann Jones, 16, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of Isaiah Jones].

John McDonald, 26, (b. Clark Co.), md. Oct. 27, 1869, Anna Louise Yager, 23.

W. T. Cobbling, 21, (b. Henry Co.), md. Oct. 28, 1869, (at William Carr's), Jennie Carr, 17, (b. Henry Co.), [father b. Henry Co., mother b. Bourbon Co.]

George G. Woodford, 32, (b. Madison Co., IN), md. Nov.4, 1869, Elizabeth Mattan (?), 26, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of William Hardin].

E. T. Long, 44, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov.9, 1869, (at Joel Clubb's), Letitia Clubb, 29, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of Joel Clubb].

Caleb Kelly, 29, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 21, 1869, (at Solomon Tingle's), Frances A. Tingle, 17, (b. Henry Co.)

John Spout (?), 30, (b. Germany), md. Nov. 23, 1869, Martha James, 24 (b. Henry Co.).

(Above Entry Updated by Rick James 05/16/08) Should read:

John Speed, b.1839, Germany, they had 4 children before the untimely demise of Martha (James) Speed in 1880.

John F. Speed 1871, James C. Speed 1873, Charles W. Speed 1874 and Malissa J. Speed 1876


J. J. Shuck, 28, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 14, 1869, (at Wm. Bolin's), Susan Bolin, 19, (b. Laurel Co. (?)).

Joseph R. Roberts, 24, (b. Shelby Co.), md. Nov. 23, 1869, Betty Kephart, 22, (b. Clark Co.), [dau. of Cyrus Wills (?)]

C. (=Cassius) Clubb, 24, (b. Henry Co.), md. Nov. 24, 1869, (at Squire Hall's), Matilda Hall, 22, (b. Henry Co.).

Sylvester Stucker (?), 28, (b. Woodford Co.), md. Nov. 25, 1869, (at Anderson Lyon's), Martha Alice Lyons, 18, (b. IN).

W.H. Piles, 34, (b. Trimble Co.), md. Dec.2, 1869, Lucy Jane Powell, 25, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of J. Powell, b. SC].

James L. Jones, 24, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.2, 1869, Susan Dowden, 24, [dau. of Joshua Dowden].

James Hackett, 22, (b. Franklin Co.), md. Dec.2, 1869, Matilda Willis, 23, (b. Grayson Co.).

Lewis Louden, 21, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.1, 1869, Mary Eliza Jones, 16, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of Squire Jones].

John S. Bergan (?), 23, (b. Shelby Co.), md. Dec.8, 1869, Mary R. Hollaway, 23, (b. Scott Co.).

James Moore, 36, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.13, 1869, Lucy Warren, 17, (b. KY), [dau. of Jacob. Warren].

Silas Corbin, 21, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.14, 1869, Sue Jones, 21, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of William Jones, b. Shelby Co.].

E.V. Stratton, 30, [2nd mrg], (b. Trimble Co.), md. Dec.13, 1869, (at Newcastle), Molly Grafton, 21, (b. Trimble Co.).

Samuel S. Hall, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.16, 1869, Mary J. Gaskin, 32, (b. Fayette Co.).

Thomas C. Wingfield, 21, (b. Chesterfield Co., VA), md. Dec.22, 1869, (at Elisha Howsworth's), Susanna G. Howsworth, 23, (b. Henry Co.), [father B. Fayette Co., KY, mother b. Prince Edward

Co., VA]

Andrew Corini (?), 24, [blacksmith], (b. Europe), md. Dec.23, 1869, Elizabeth Speess, 22, (b. Europe).

William H. Lowden, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.21, 1869, (at John S. Smith's), Nancy Jane Smith, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

Joshua Boggs, 31, (b. Shelby Co.), md. Dec.23, 1869, (at Samuel Neal's), Frances Neal, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

Joseph Aldridge, 30, (b. Henry Co.), md. Dec.26, 1869, Nancy Jane Bowyer, 21, (b. IL), [dau. of William Bowyer].

Burford Woods, 22, (b. IN), md. Dec.30, 1869, Susan Allegood, 26, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of John Allegood].

James R. Erwin (?), 20, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jan 2, 1870, Margaret Isabel Henderson, 17, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of W. P. Henderson].

-.D. Mahoney, 27, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jan. 14, 1870, Joanna McGrew, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

James Matthews, 26, (b. Ireland), md. Jan. 20, 1870, Selinda W. Grimes, 17, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of G. W. Grimes].

James Fewell, 33, (b. Jefferson Co., IN), md. Jan. 30, 1870, (at James Ewing's), Marion Ewing, 21, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of James Ewing].

Michael Abbot, 24, (b. Henry Co.), md. Feb. 3, 1870, Nancy Ann Sutherland, 19, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of Walter Sutherland, b. Clark Co.].

Erasmus Black (or Block ?), 20, (b. Henry Co.), md. Feb. 10, 1870, (at George D. Rucker's), Mahala Rucker, 16, (b. Henry Co.).

William Blackwell, 22, (b. Washington Co.), md. Feb.16, 1870, (at Octavia Browning's), Mary M. Browning, 24, (b. Henry Co.), [pts b. Bourbon Co.].

William Lowrance, 22, (of Ripley Co., IN; b. Ireland (?)), md. Feb. 27, 1870, Frances Chandler, 18, (b. Henry Co.).

Joseph Sanders, 28, (b. Woodford Co.), md. Feb. 24, 1870, Mary J. Jones, 24, (b. Henry Co.).

James M Plack (?), 53, [2nd mrg], (B. Madison Co.), md. Feb. 27, 1870, Lucinda Walker, 50, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.).

W.R. Demaree, 39, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar. 3, 1870, Sarah C. Edrington, 24, (b. Henry Co.).

Cadwallader Heaton, 28, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.3, 1870, (at R.R. (?) Adams), Laura Adams, 18, (b. Henry Co.).

George B. Bates, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.6, 1870, (at John Ethington's), Lucy Bell Russell, 23, (b. Owen Co.), [dau. of John and Margaret Russell].

John W. Brewer, 29, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.5, 1870, (at Blackwell Chilton's), Maria L. Guthrie, 20, (b. Henry Co.).

Charles Hall, 62, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.8, 1870, Mary C. Davis, 35, [2nd mrg].

Joseph Peyton, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.10, 1870, Matilda J. Deakins, 17, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of Mat. Deakins].

Nathaniel Tingle, 22, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.12, 1870, Hanna Dunlap, 22, (b. Henry Co.).

James W. Maddox, 24, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.16, 1870, Mary R. Ellis, 20.

Samuel Devore, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.17, 1870, (at William Devore's), Mandy Devore, 21, (b. Henry Co.).

James W. Lucan, 19, (b. Trimble Co.), md. Mar.22, 1870, (at Sarah Ford's), Molly Ford, 22, (B. Madison Co.).

E. A. Skidmore, 23, (b. Henry Co.), md. Mar.22, 1870, (at J. M. Batts), Margaret Batts, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

John Thomas Batts, 21, (b. Henry Co.), md. Apr.3, 1870, (at P. J. Honeker's), Nancy Ann Honeker, 19.

James Godins (?), 45, [2nd mrg], md. Apr.3, 1870, Nancy Holly, 38.

Elijah May (or Way ?), 44, [2nd mrg], (b. Bourbon Co.), md. Apr.7, 1870, Marringe (?) Ann Wade, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

J. M. Tingle, 30, (b. Henry Co.), md. Apr.12, 1870, Mahala Razor, 27.

Robert Mattingley, 22, (b. Meade Co.), md. May 10, 1870, Sarah McClerroy (?), 23, (b. Grayson Co.).

Elisha Johnson, 26, (b. Owen Co.), md. May 12, 1870, (at A. B. Kelly's), Sarah Kelly, 19, (b. Henry Co.).

James Hoskins, 21, (b. Knox Co.), md. May 18, 1870, Sally C. Gorden, 20, (b. Boone Co.).

Albert Holmes, 24, (b. Allen Co.), md. Jun.14, 1870, Mary Jane Butler, 36, [2nd mrg], (b. Henry Co.).

Miller O. Jenkins, 26, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jun 12, 1870, (at James Louden's), Martha Ellen Louden, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

Martin Smith, 23, (b. Clay Co.), md. Jun 13, 1870 (or 74?), Elizabeth Norice (?), 22.

Bazil Meek, 32, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jun.16, 1870, Mary E. Meek, 32, (b. Henry Co.), [dau. of  John McGrew].

Joseph A. Galbreath, 28, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jun.23, 1870, Mary E. Miller, 23, (b. Henry Co.).

Daniel Brannin, 24, (b. Henry Co.), md. Jun.30, 1870, Sally Pryor, 21, (b. Henry Co.), [father b. Trimble Co., mother b. Henry Co.].

E. J. Sturman, 29, (b. Arkansas), md. Jun 30, 1870, Marian Gist, 22, (b. Newcastle, Henry Co.)

Jacob Martz, 25, (b. Germany), md. Jul. 19, 1870, (at Daniel Birch's), Amanda M. Birch, 24, (b. Henry Co.).

S. N. Walker, 33, (b.Jefferson Co.), md. Jul.27, 1870, Mildred H. Simpson, 29, (b.Jefferson Co.), [pts.b.Vigo Co.).   

Harrison Spellman, 24, (b.Alexandria,,VA), md.Jul.18, 1870, Polly Ann Moore, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of John Moore].

Daniel Kelly, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md. Aug.11, 1870, Anna Snyder, 16, (b.Henry Co.).

Zachariah White, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.1 1870, Margaret Ann Lowderback, 20, (b.Owen Co.)

Benjamin S. Robbins, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.31,1870, Sallie N. Martin, 19, (b.Henry Co.)

Thomas D. Robertson, 41, [2nd mrg], (b.Bazel Co., VA or MO?), md.Sep.1,1870, (at Pleasureville),  Mary K. Miles, 40, [2nd.mrg], (b.Henry Co.).

George R. Hardesty, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.1,1870, Mary Graves, 22, (b.Shelby Co.)

Mitchell Kirkpatrick, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.1,1870, Jennie Threlkeld, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

William James, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.6,1870, (at William Onan's), Sarah Onan, 16, (b.Henry Co.).

J. (or S?) T. Russell, 24, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.IN, mother Henry Co.,Ky], md.Sep.13,1870, (at Benjamin Cogin's (?)), J. B. Humpston, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

Velva M. Liddell, 21, (b.Louisiana), md.Sep.21,1870, Sary Ann Gist, 21, (b.Newcastle,,Henry Co.)

Samel Shaw, 25, (b.Henry Co.), [pts. b.Henry Co.], md.Sep.25 1870, (at William Stewart's), Mary B. Stewart, 17, (b.Kenton Co.).

Henry Yarmad (?), 23, (b.?), [father b.VA), md.Oct.5,1870, (at Squire Hall's), Henrietta Hall, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

J. T. Holmes, 30, (b.Montgomery Co.), md.Oct.6,1870, (at James Banta's), Emily Banta, 25, (b.Henry Co.).

Charles P. Stevens, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.9,1870, Cas-- T. Gasker (?), 21, (b.Henry Co.).

Robert Prince, 19, (b.Mississippi), md.Oct.6,1870, (at James W. Roberts), Julia Roberts, 18, (b.Henry Co.)

John Harrod, 20, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Oct.13,1870, (at James Stevens), Sarah Elizabeth Stevens, 24, (b.Henry Co.), [pts. b.Madison Co.].

John L. Granby, 18, (b.Owen Co.), md.Oct.20,1870, (at George W. Booth's), Martha J. Booth, 17, (b.Owen Co.).

Silas Ward, 22, (b.IN), md.Nov.1,1870, Elizabeth Shuck, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

Thomas Coleman, 34, (b.Louisville,Jefferson Co.), [father b.England, mother b. Jefferson Co.], md.Nov.2,1870, Fannie Barbour, 23, (b.Henry Co.), [pts. b.Shelby Co.], [dau. of William Barbour]. 

John W. Shrager (?), 20, (b.IL), md.Nov.1,1870, Allie Martin, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

William S. Martin, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.3,1870, Allie G. King, 19, (b.Louisville,Jefferson Co.). 

Simpson Jackson, 22, (b.Gallatin Co.), md.Nov.6,1870, (at John Downs'), Mary L. Downs, 22, (b.Henry Co.).

John Bondurant, 22, (b.Ripley Co.,IN), md.Nov.6,1870, (at Temperance Kelly's), Florence Kelly, 15, (b.Henry Co.).

Matthew Wade, 26, (b.Germany), md.Nov.6,1870, (at Sebastian Kurtz's), Louisa Waldner, 32, [2nd mrg], (b.Germany).

David Hall, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.10,1870, (at John Bartlett's), Ella Vories (?), 17, (b.Henry Co.).

George W. Hitzel, 24, (b.Har----?), md.Nov.17,1870, Mary C. Gwin, 22, (b.Oka---?).

Montical (?) Galbreath, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.10,1870, Amanda Woodridge, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

M. J. Gaskin, 25, (b.Missouri), md.Nov.13,1870, Nancy Sewell (or Jewell?), 26, (b.Henry Co.).

L. .V. Bryant, 35, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.15,1870, Jennie Maddox, 32, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.).

J. W. Young, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.17,1870, Sarah E. Hardin, 21, (b.Carroll Co.).

Alonzo Razor, 20, (b.Owen Co.), md.Nov.16,1870, Rutha McCoy, 19, (b.Grant Co.).

George Waid (?), 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.24,1870, Emily James, 25, (b.Henry Co.).

Z. T. Douden, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.24,1870, Arabell Maper (?), 19, (b.?).

David Frances, 29, [2nd mrg], (b.OH), md.Nov.29,1870, Annie Richardson, 29, [2nd mrg], (b.Canada (?)).

John W. Simpson, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.29,1870, (at M--- Wentworth's), Sarah F. Wentworth, 25, (b.Henry Co.).

J. W. Bird, 33, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Dec.1,1870, Mary C. Perdue, 22, (b.Shelby Co.).

John P. Moore, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.30,1870, (at -. W. Lockwood's), Hallie Lockwood, 22, (b.Henry Co.). 

Henry L. Landu (or Candy ?), 25, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Nov.30,1870, Fannie M. Lockwood, 30, (b.Henry Co.).

Samuel Palmer, 29, (b.Franklin ?), [father b.Louden Co.,VA, mother b.Culpepper Co., VA], md.Dec.1,1870, (at Josiah Magruder's), Annie Magruder, 21, (b.Henry Co.).

Aris (?) Cox, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.4,1870, (at Jos.Thurman's), Melia Anne Johnson, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

James Blakely, 31, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.8,1870, Mary Hudson, 23, (b.Henry Co.).

James James, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.8,1870, Nancy Cox, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

M. F. Jewell, 36, (b.Clark Co.), md.Dec.8,1870, Malinda S. Williams, 24, (b.Trimble Co.).

D. J. Brown, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.13,1870, Allie Humston, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

S. W. Smith, 24, (b.Mercer Co.), md.Dec.22,1870, (at W. Smith's), Beth C. Smith, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

James Bush, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.20,1870, Maggie Thompson, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

J. S. M. Bradley, 26. (b.Owen Co.), md.Dec.20,1870, Mary E. Montgomery, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Robert Montgomery].

G. S. Brewer, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.20,1870, (at G. W. Smith's), Lucy H. Smith, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

J. W. Young, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.25,1870, (at Hanna Mahoney's), Delia Mahoney, 20, (b.Henry Co.).

Richard Mahoney, 35, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.20,1870, Matilda Bishop, 27, (b.Owen Co.).

James Barnhill, 22, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Dec.22,1870, Kate Massie, 19, (b.Henry Co.).

John Sewell, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.22,1870, Mary R. Everman (?), 17, (b.Henry Co.).

Andrew Shuck, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.22,1870, Jane Roberts, 24, (b.Henry Co.).

Thomas Sewell, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.28,1870, Mary F. Frazier, 18, (b.Henry Co.).

Isaac R. Parkhurst, 21, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.N.Y.C., mother b.Henry Co., KY], md.Dec.27,1870, Lydia Ann Smith, 17, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Oldham Co., mother b.Henry Co.], [dau. of R.-. Smith].

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