The Orville Baptist Church of Henry County

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A Brief History of the Orville Baptist Church

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A Poem by Robert O'Brian, 1979, published in the Henry County Local

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A Brief History of the Orville Baptist Church

This church was at Gest, Henry Co., KY on Hwy 561 just below Lock #3 on the Kentucky River on what was once the old Meriwether place.  It was first built in the 1800's.  A tornado hit the church and it leaned afterward.  It was propped up and services were still held there for another 30 years or so.
Money was collected to build a new church and it was built at Orville, Henry Co., KY on Hwy 561 about 3 miles southwest of the original site, where it stands at this time.  This church was built in 1913 and dedicated in 1914.
The lumber cost $300.00 and the land is believed to have been donated by W. H. [Buddy] Johnson.  There was enough lumber left to build another church and at this writing where that church was built is unknown.
The first preacher at Orville was William Henry [Buddy] Johnson and the second Frank V. Thomas.

Later the church was bricked over with a donation from Mrs. Lorene Jones in honor of her Husband William [Pete] Jones and her son Woodrow Jones.  Still later a fellowship Hall was added to the original structure, water and septic tank installed with donations from church members and those of the surrounding community.