Henry County

Death Records

NEW  1918 - 1919 & 1920  Henry County Deaths During the Influenza Outbreak


Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Coghill, George 34 30-Sep-18 Influenza Pneumonia Double Lobar
Stegus, Chester F. 29 6-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Huniston, Noble Griffin 40 10-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Adams, Daniel Wesley 72 16-Oct-18 Pulmonary Efflusia Influenza
Stafford, Lutie 19 22-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Hawkins, Ethel 4 23-Oct-18 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Bruner, Minnie Lee 8 24-Oct-18 Influenza
Tinsley, Walter 36 25-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Gwartney, Carrie 27 28-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Tinsley, Bertie B. 6 mth 29-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Kipping, A. Fred 16 31-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Kelley, James Hester 5 4-Nov-18 Influenza
Hamilton, James 70 7-Nov-18 General Dibilitation Influenza
Powell, Hellen G. 14 14-Nov-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Lathropp, William F. 65 15-Nov-18 Acute Bright's Disease Influenza
Payton, Lawrence 21 22-Nov-18 Influenza
Stivers, Beatras 17 23-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Aldrige, Clarence 1 24-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Robinson, Nannie Bell 16 25-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Tolbert, James 14 26-Nov-18 Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Smith, Sanders Gullion 42 29-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Bryant, Sallie May 28 6-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Powell, Lizzie 32 10-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Styles, Annie 50 12-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Kephart, Paul 18 13-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Jackson, Stillborn Infant 0 16-Dec-18 Stillborn to mother with Influenza
Burrows, Cora Lee 37 17-Dec-18 Spanish Influenza
Blackaby, Harland 21 18-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Kemp, James 6 mth 18-Dec-18 Flu Pneumonia
Blackaby, George 41 20-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Logan, Ida Bernice 4 23-Dec-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Logan, Hagle Genett 6 25-Dec-18 Flu Pneumonia


Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Beckley, Alice 25 2-Jan-19 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Hardesty, Arthur 37 2-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Brown, Maggie Lee 48 4-Jan-19 Influenza (Indecipherable)
Gully, Ollie 26 4-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Hardesty, Julia Hester 34 5-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Welsh, Mary Francis 28 8-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Young, Emma 5 13-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Clarton, Rebeca A. 42 13-Jan-19 Double Pneumonia Influenza
Moody, J. W. 1 13-Jan-19 Menengitis Influenza
Broughton, Harold G. 2 15-Jan-19 Influenza Cerebral Meningitis
Peyton, Harrison 27 16-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Stivers, James H. 19 20-Jan-19 Influenza Plueresy
Allnutt, Simpson Golden 32 20-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Blackaby, Rebecca *NL 25-Jan-19 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
B, Maud (surname indecipherable) 30 26-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Wright, William Lee 3 mth 27-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Downey, Wesley 47 27-Jan-19 Influenza Acute Bright's Disease
Stivers, Roy A. 34 28-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Allnutt, Mary Christine 10 mth 31-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Tolbart, Corinne 7 2-Feb-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Chinn, Clyde 16 3-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Adams, Mrs. Mary 25 3-Feb-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Tolbart, George Lee 3 3-Feb-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Peyton, Cornellius 42 6-Feb-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Bates, Lucy 72 7-Feb-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Webb, Joseph 18 9-Feb-19 Influenza
Duritt, Minnie 11 9-Feb-19 Abcess of Brain Influenza
Webb, Mollie 53 14-Feb-19 Influenza
Baily, Jenetta 12 17-Feb-19 Acute Pulmonary Tuberculosis Flu
Parker, Allie 24 21-Feb-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Hancock, Robert Edward D. 14 23-Feb-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Thomas, Minnie Richetta 4 mth 25-Feb-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Scott, Squire 37 27-Feb-19 Pneumonia & Nephritis Influenza
Oliver, Lucy May 7 28-Feb-19 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza
Ceinn, Julia 29 2-Mar-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza & Confinement
Drugan, M. C. 68 7-Mar-19 Influenza
Oliver, Ida Elizabeth 37 13-Mar-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Hayden, Miss Jessie 39 20-Mar-19 Pneumonia Flu
Pendleton, Fred O. 26 1-Apr-19 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza
Pervis, E. 65 10-Apr-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Tingle, Mary Francis 48 23-Apr-19 Influenza Chronic Dysentary
Shuck, Bernice May 2 17-May-19 Enteritis Influenza
Smith, Joe 25 26-May-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Aldridge, William T. 5 7-Jun-19 Tuberculosis of Lungs Influenza & Pneumonia
Bailey, Nora Belle 2 8-Jun-19 Menengitis Influenza
Smith, George 20 18-Jul-19 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza


Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Polart, El. 80 4-Jan-20 Heart Lesion Flu
Gwyn, Andrew Lewis 32 19-Feb-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Snodgrass, Alberta 23 20-Feb-20 Influenza
Baugh, H. M. 46 21-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Hallagan, Elizabeth 81 24-Feb-20 Old Age Influenza
Jenkins, Cordelia Jane 45 26-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Jenkins, Milton Vernon 19 26-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Aldridge, Mary 56 26-Feb-20 Flu Pneumonia
Jones, J. Louis 2 26-Feb-20 Flu Pneumonia
Staples, Mary 37 27-Feb-20 Influenza Child Birth
Trusley, Arter 22 27-Feb-20 Influenza
Tharp, Infant Unnamed *NL 27-Feb-20 Flu Pneumonia
Kelley, Ella 20 29-Feb-20 Lobar Pneumonia Acute Influenza
Jones, William 18 2-Mar-20 Flu Pneumonia
Daraugh, Ann 6 or 7 4-Mar-20 Flu Pneumonia
Washburn, Sarah 48 4-Mar-20 Pneumonia Flu
Ralston, Belle Coleman 41 5-Mar-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Hughes, Marget 78 6-Mar-20 Pulmonary Hemmorage Influenza
Daya, M. Forest 30 6-Mar-20 Angina Pectoris Flu
Moore, Laura 15 10-Mar-20 Tuberculosis of Spine Influenza & Pneumonia
Kelley, Mary Elizabeth 48 12-Mar-20 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Cowherd, Emmett J. 31 14-Mar-20 Pulmonory Tuberculosis Flu
Tingle, Callie 20 17-Mar-20 Flu Pneumonia
Wiley, James C. 1 19-Mar-20 Menengitis Flu & Pneumonia
Durrett, Callie 5 19-Mar-20 Influenza
Jackson, Olivia 44 20-Mar-20 Influenza Intestine Obstruction
Owen, Mary Lee 75 24-Mar-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Fields, Mamie 27 8-Jul-20 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza
Meriweather, Elvira 12 13-Jul-20 Menengitis Flu
Schooler, Gillie 33 12-Dec-20 Influenza


1874 Death Records

Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

 "V" Deaths in Henry County

Contributed By: Donna Stark

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Death Certificate of Sarah "Sally" Hundley Powell Berry - 1913

Contributed By: Geneva Pettit

Death cert of Sally Beary, parents, Sidney Hundley and Nancy Owens, Born
14 Jan, 1845 in Henry County, Kentucky, died 24 August, 1923, buried in
Port Royal Cemetery in Port Royal, Ky.
Informant was her son Thomas Powell, born20 March, died 29 April, 1937 in
Louisville, KY, buried Port Royal, Ky. Dora Powell, Sally's daughter born 1866,
died 1949. Sally Betty and Thomas Powell, married 8 July, 1864. Physician, E E
Bickers, cause of death uremic Poison, Registered by John Dawkins, 26
August, 1923, Cert # 20884

Additional 1922 Henry County Death Certificates

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