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Fee-based research and copying are available for these documents by C. Marie Winburn and other researchers. The library staff will not conduct searches. The Henry County Public Library is located at 172 Eminence Terrace., Eminence, Ky., 40019. Their phone number is 502-845-5682.

Kelly, Perry, Giles, Turk, Skidmore, Chilton Family by Madeline M. Kelley; is a general history of those families; includes stories and some pictures which are all xeroxed copies. (no copyright)

Pedigree charts for the CLUBB family in Henry County submitted by Donald A. Pyle. (no copyright)

Our Family Tree and History, Peak and Dodge Families submitted by Marjoirie Gladys Aslett Savala, family history, stories and some pictures (no copyright).

Sifted from the Ashes, by William Keith RANSDELL, 2601 Linsay Ave., Louisville, Ky. (copyrighted).

My Mother's Family, (Smith) by Noah H. Bradley, indexed. (copyrighted)

The Chilton Family, by Robert L. (Tingle) Waterbuy, no index, some family charts, lots of general history (no copyright).

Ticket from Turners Station, many family names and stories of residents of Turners Station, by William C. Edrington (out of print, copyrighted).

Abstracts of Revolutionary War pension records for Henry County residents

Henry County Census Records 1810 1920

Henry & Shelby County Atlas, 1882, contains numerous family names and locations of residences.

The Henry County Local (newspaper on microfilm), intermittent issues from 1902, 1920 (none from 1905 1908 and1917 1918), continuous issues from 1919 to 1996.

Wills, Deeds, Court Order Books(micorfilm)

Numerous family surname files/folders containing various info from family charts to stories.

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