Valerie Cobb Collection

Valerie Cobb Collection

Peter Troop Family

The Peter Sigler Troop and Francis Penelope Simons Troop Family. Photo taken late fall 1923 or early spring 1924 at the Troop Home off Outer Center Street (Lafoon Trail) Madisonville, KY.

Left to Right- Back Row
Daniel Boone Troop (b.2/24/1892-d.8/?/1976), Ernest Starks, Carrie Kell Troop Starks (b.2/3/1894-d.abt 1946), Chester Pryce Weir, Helen Marie Troop Weir (b.2/12/1907-living), Roy Bruce, Mary Francis Troop Bruce (b.9/29/1904-d.7/9/1997), George Lafeyette Troop (b.7/14/1888-d.12/16/1980), Tommie Bishop Troop (b.5/3/1896-d.1/?/1978), Carrie Miller Troop(George L.'s wife), Hopson "Hop" Holman Troop(b.3/12/1898-d.6/30/1964), Henry Griffey.

Front Row Seated (excluding children):

Goldie Bruce Troop(Daniel B.'s wife), Eurie Pete "Jack" Troop (b.7/11/1902-d.3/?/1974), Peter Sigler Troop (b.2/22/1863-d.10/18/1931), Francis Penelope Simons Troop (b.7/27/1865-d. 8/15/1926), William Chesley Troop (b. 5/11/1909-living), Rosie Cates Troop (Tommie's 1st wife), Willie Mae Sullivan (Hopson Holman's 1st wife), Ada Belle Troop Griffey (b.3/3/1887-d.11/16/1961).

Children on Laps Left-Right:

Daniel Boone Troop Jr. (b. 6/6/1922-d. 8/4/1993), Jesse "Earl" Troop (son of George L.) (b.6/1/1914), A.C. Troop (son of Daniel B.) (b. abt 1920), Zetta Troop (daughter of Tommie)(b. abt 1923), Anna Hope Troop (daughter of Hopson) (b. 8/20/1923)

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Valerie Osbourne Cobb
Blades, Cobb, Troop

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