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Susan Swinney

Susan Swinney

'Granny' Swinney, 102, Expires in St. Charles

Mrs. Susan (Granny) Swinney, who would have been 102 years old July 3, died Sunday afternoon at her home at St. Charles of senility. Funeral services were conducted at the Christian Priviledge church, near St. Charles, at 4 o'clock this afternoon. James R. Rash, Madisonville, delivered a brief address. Burial was in the adjacent cemetery.

Mrs. Swinney, believed to have been the oldest person in Hopkins county, is survived by two children, J.M. Swinney, Madisonville and Corbett {should be Crawford} Swinney, Illinois.

The Madisonville Messenger, June 6, 1934

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Lola DeGroff

Lola, I attempted to find a headstone for Susan but didn't locate one. -- nt

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