Betty Gunther Collection

Kirkwood Springs Ball Team Kirkwood Springs ball team about 1920.

Notice the home made uniforms.

Photo taken at Kirkwood Springs, KY

Name left to right

DOB - DOD Researchers
Nath Gunther
Betty Gunther, dau-in-law
Mary Jane Gunther Schneider, Betty's daughter
Clyde Wyatt
Justin Logan
Jack Gunther
Euwell Downing

I asked for a copy of this photo after finding the following posted to the Lore guestbook by Mary Jane Gunther Schneider I enjoyed reading your articles very much. I am a descendent of John Emmit Creekmur. Verdie Utley Buntin was my grandmother's first cousin. My grandparents Nath and Cecillia Capps Gunther grew up around Kirkwood Springs. My dad Nathan Gunther Jr was born at Kirkwood Springs. My grandparents left the area in 1936 and moved to Missouri. I have fond memories of visiting my great grandmother Lydia Creekmur Capps Lynn in rural Hopkins county, and other relatives just across the Tradewater in Caldwell county. My grandparents talked a lot about growing up around Kirkwood Springs and Olney. My grandfather played baseball on the Kirkwood Team and we have a picture of part of the team in their homemade uniforms taken around 1920.

Mary Jane put me in touch with her mother, Betty Gunther, who sent me the photo and gave me the following information:
Nath and Jack were cousins. Nath was son of Bill Dan and Sarah McMullen Gunther. He was born in Hopkins Co., KY. in 1899. He died in Dexter, MO. in 1980. He married Cecilia Capps, daughter of Oscar Capps and Lydia Creekmur Capps Lynn. Nath and Cecilia had one son, Nathan Junior, nicknamed J.R. Gunther. I am his wife. We had 3 children.

Jack, I hear, spelled his name Gunter. He was the son of Jim and Martha Watson Gunther. I am not sure, but we think Jack was born in 1899 and died in 1973 in Hopkins Co., KY. I don't know who he married.

J.R. says Nath played outfielder on the team. The other men we don't know much about. Justin Logan was a landowner and judge in later years.

Mary Jane... thanks for telling me about this photo and putting me in touch with your mother. Thank both of you for contributing to the site. nt

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