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 The man is Elder Joe Hardy. He was from Texas and preached at Antioch. One of my Grandfather's nieces married his son and moved to Texas where her family still lives. Ora Clayton is my grandmother, daughter of Will Clayton. Nora Hester Clayton, 7 Sep 1874 to 13 Oct 1951 is the oldest of 15 children of Solomon Thomas Clayton and Elizabeth Ann Buchanan. 4 died in infancy and are buried in Clayton Cemetery. Nora never married and is buried in Olive Branch Cem. She is the sister of my Grandfather Jim Clayton, son of Solomon Thomas and Elizabeth. The picture was made at my Grandfather and Grandmothers house.

This picture is just from a photocopy I made years ago from my cousin's album. I'm sure we could get a better quality with the origional.

Note from nt: Mattie Trice is the tall woman in middle, front row. Susie Trice is next to Mattie. Susie and Mattie are my husbands aunts, daughters of Dabney Nelson Trice and wife Elizabeth Rebecca Larson Strum Trice. Susie Trice obit is on page 1 of Mattie's Obituary Scrapbook.

Note from LQ: Nora Hester Clayton obit and burial info is on page 17 of Mattie's Obituary Scrapbook. She was one of 14 children of Solomon Thomas and Elizabeth Buchanan Clayton. This family is in Jim Powell's surnames database. I think the obituaries of most of her family are in Aunt Mattie's Scrapbook. [Linda is my husband's first cousin. nt]

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