Neta Jaynes Collection

The Nathan Creekmur Family
of Dawson Springs, Ky, 1905

Standing, left Ada Lois (Hart) Creekmur, age 10, Seated, Nancy Elizabeth (Franklin)Creekmur, Benny Creekmur, seated, Nathan Creekmur holding Jesse Creekmur age 3. Standing Right, Dewey Creekmur. Standing in rear, James Erby Creekmur.

My mother is the young girl standing on the left. The older children had moved away and married by 1905. All of these in the photo were born in Hopkins County, mostly in Dawson Springs, but Dewey may have been born in Olney. Lewis Littleton Creekmur was an older brother to Nathan Creekmur.

A photo of Lewis Littleton Creekmur's headstone will be found here.

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