Marion County Cemeteries

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Arvin Cemetery Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Beech Fork Baptist Church Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Benningfield Cemetery Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Bethel Union or Lizard Point Cemetery Additional Records      
Brown Newton Cemetery Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Calvary Cemetery Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Collins Cemetery (Greenbriar) Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Convent Cemetery Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Cook - Girdler Cemetery      
Crews Cemetery  (Bradfordville) Find-A-Grave


Duncan Graveyard Find-A-Grave 07/31/08  
Eastern Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Elder Cemetery  (Gravel Switch) Find-A-Grave    
Haysville Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery

Burial List

Jennefer Woods 07/31/08

Holy Cross Headstone Photos Mary C. Maier 10/20/09  
Holy Name of Mary Cemetery  Additional Records Find-A-Grave    
Hourigan Cemetery (Haysville) Additional Records      
Kirk/Purdy Burying Ground Find-A-Grave    
Lebanon Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Lebanon National Cemetery (Lebanon)  NEW      
Liberty Cemetery (Bradfordsville) Find-A-Grave    
Motherhouse Cemetery (Nerinx) Find-A-Grave    
Mount Gilboa Baptist Church Cemetery Find-A-Grave


Mount Washington Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Muldraugh Hill Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
New Market Cemetery (New Market) Find-A-Grave    
North Rolling Fork Church Find-A-Grave    
Old Liberty Cemetery (Bradfordsville) Find-A-Grave    
Our Lady of Fatima (Finley) Find-A-Grave    
Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Pleasant Hill Baptist Cemetery Audrey Lanham-Smothers 07/23/08  
Pleasant Run Find-A-Grave    
Pleasant Valley Church Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Rakes Branch (Bradfordsville) Find-A-Grave    
Rawlings Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Roller Cemetery Additional Records (Gravel Switch) Find-A-Grave    
Ryder Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Ryders Cemetery Find-A-Grave    
Saint Augustine Cemetery (Lebanon) Find-A-Grave    
Saint Charles Cemetery (St. Mary) Find-A-Grave    
Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery      
Saint Ivos Cemetery      
Saint Matthews Cemetery      
Stewart's Creek Baptist Cemetery   01/12/2009  
Sutton Cemetery      
Tatum Cemetery      
Tharp Family Cemetery      
Wayman Cemetery      
Weatherford Cemetery      

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Crews Cemetery

Lebanon National Cemetery

Mt. Gilboa Baptist Church Cemetery




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