Marion County Photo Album

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Marion County School Photos & Yearbooks


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Thomas Henry Christian; James Edwin Mattingly


Mt. Gilboa School, 1914; Aaron Van Cleave's cabin


Burk's Plantation; Mill's Family


John Hardin McCarty; James Benjamin McCarty & Sons


Clayton Family; Burks Family


Bradfordsville School - 1945 (this is an outside link to the KYGenWeb school yearbook site. Please use your "back" arrow to return to this page.)


New Market School - 1942-1943 (this is an outside link to the KYGenWeb school yearbook site. Please use your "back" arrow to return to this page.)


Train wreck at Calvary, June 1900
9 Henry Gootee, Ed Gootee
10 Richard Gootee, Unknown Gootee Family
11 Unknown Gootee Family
12 George R. Burks & children, Burks Distillery & Mill map
13 Van Cleave & Hardesty Distillery map, Victor Dillinger
14 Two Unknown members of the Oliver Family
15 Two Unknown members of the Oliver Family
16 Unknown member of the Oliver Family,   Aubrey Oliver & Mary Theresa Gardner at St. Mary's college
17 Two Unknown members of the Gardner Family
18 Paul & Elise Gardner, Ambrose Gardner, Ernest, Ruth & Sydney Gardner
19 Marvin Gardner (3)
20 Ernest Gardner (2), Ernest & Ruth Gardner
21 Ernest & Sydney Gardner, Unknown Marion Co. residents & the Cusick Family
22 The Cusick Family, The Elijah Deering Family




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