Palestine Baptist Church Records

November 1859 - December 1937

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

1859 - 1868

1869 - 1877

1878 - 1882

1883 - 1889

1890 - 1897

1898 - 1901

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From the Minutes Book Vol. 2

January 1898

William Martin Mod
5 - J.M. Mains, John Hamilton committy to make up money for Brother Rase
6 - to grant Sister Nancie J. Mains a letter of dismisal
7 - to grant Bro. S.H. Mains a letter from this church

    H.H. Mains, Clerk

February 1898

J.E. Mains, Mod
5 - to restore Bro. Thomas Miller and grant him a letter    Caried

March 1898

Brother Race Mod
5 - J.R. Mains house keeper at 11 dollars and pay it monthly
8 - to relist Brother F.N. Mains name on the new list    Caried

April the 2 1898 - Preaching by Br. Race

August 6 1898

Br. Race Mod
5 - that Sister Colier bee restored and granted a letter    Caried

September 2 1898

Brother F.R. Leay Mod.

December 3 1898

Bro. Race Mod.
6 - to call a pastor for the year 1899 - Bro. Race was called

January, February, March 1899 - No meeting

April 1899 - BrotherRase Mod

May & June 1899 - no business

December 1899 - Bro. Rase Mod

February 9 1900 -

Br. Ras Mod
6 - to exclude Br. Brack Ellis for disordily conduct     Caried
7 - J.L. ains apoint trustee

March 1900

Br. Rase Mod; H.H. Mains Ch Clerk

June, July 1900 - No meeting

August 1900

J.E. Mains Mod.
6 - to restore Sister Mollie Tailer    Caried
7 - togrant Sister Mollie Tailer a letter   Caried
8 - that the clerk wright a letter to the assosation

September 1900

Br. Rase Mod; H.H. Mains Ch Clk
1 - to grant Br. Alexander Mains a letter       Caried
4 - Messengers to the assosiation Br. C.C. Rigg, H.H. Mains, John Hamilton, James M. Mains

March 1901

S.G. Mullins Mod. Met at night

April 1901

S.G. Mullins Mod.
5 - Motion & seck to elect a supertendant for the sabeth school at Palestine    Lost

   F.R. Leay, Clk

The foregoing includes all of the minutes in the 2nd volume of the chruch records of Palestine Baptist Church.

The following entries are on the last page of Volume 2 of the chruch records of Palestine Baptist Church:

Finance Page Money paid to M.M. Arnold for the year 1879 and By whom paid:

Paid To
Paid By
May 10th 1879 M.M. Arnold James Wood $15.00
June 14th 1879 M.M. Arnold James M. Mains $7.50
August 9th 1879 M.M. Arnold J.E. Mains (for Sister Sarah Courtney $1.00
November 8th 1879 M.M. Arnold James M. Mains $2.50
November 1879 M.M. Arnold Sister Marguet Fishback $2.00
  M.M. Arnold Eliot Fishback $2.00
December 13th 1879 M.M. Arnold Jas. Wood $8.00
December 13th 1879 M.M. Arnold Jas. M. Mains $4.00
December 13th 1879 M.M. Arnold N.D.C. Mains for Lira (?) Browning $1.00
December 13th 1879 M.M. Arnold F.R. Leay $1.00
April 10th 1880 M.M. Arnold Jas. M. Mains (for the year 1879) $1.50
May 8th 1880 M.M. Arnold Jas. Mains (for the year 1879) $1.00
June 1880 (2nd Saturday)   N.D.C. Mains for Jas. Shields (for the year 1879) $1.00
November 1880 (2nd Saturday)   Jas. M. Mains (for the year 1879) $0.50





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