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The Butler Enterprise

Excerpts from June 1, 1889

Issued Every Saturday

Leslie L. Barton Editor

TERMS: Sixty Cents a Year, In Advance; Published at Falmouth

The ENTERPRISE was entered May 11, 1889 at the Post Office at Falmouth, KY., as second class matter.

There are 13 candidates out for the Clerkship of the Court of Appeals. The woods are full of them.

A lady has received the appointment of the Post office at Brooksville in our sister County, Bracken.

Miscreants are destroyint the street lamps in Falmouth and giving much trouble to the town trustees.

Mr. John Barrett is the name of the Republican candidate for State Treasurer. He's a lawyer and hails from Louisville.

Every teacher in the State who can should attend the State Teachers' Association. See our column for Coming Events for further particulars.

The Camp Meeting Chronicle is one of the latest papers. We infer by this that the Bethel Grove camp meetings are to be rousing ones this summer.

The following persons were appointed to hold primary election in district No. 8, or Butler precinct: W.L. Bonar, Clerk; Jesse Colbert and Nick Corbin, Judges.

Polls at said voting places to be opened at 8 o'clock a.m. and close at 5 o'clock p.m.

All recognized Democrats are permitted to vote at this election.

CLerks of the election are expected to return the poll books to J.U. Riggle, Chairman of the executive committee on the second Monday in this month.

The Committee for the county will meet in Falmouth, Monday the 10th of this month to count the votes east at the primary election.

The editor of the Democrat has in this week's issue an editorial on the noses of the Falmouth people.

He viciously and with malice aforethought assaults the perfection of the human race and charges that not only are their noses to one side of the middle of the face, but to a closely observing and impartial eye that the nose is not straight.

He should be careful how he comments on the nose for every one has such an organ.

Already we have heard every looking glass in Falmouth has been consulted, and in the ladies' parlors, where every path leads to the looking glass, especially it is true. It takes the keeness of the eye of a Philadelphia lawyer to judge across an 80 foot street that one's nose is out of position to the extent of a width of a hair.

The people of Butler hold their heads up, maintain an erect position, keeping the middle of the road and thier is no temptation to make their noses turn to the left or turn up either.

Coming Events

We here create a new department in Journalism and under this head shall publish announcements of importance and allow the same to stand when its importance justifies until the respective events have transpired.

The State Teacher's Annual Association will be held the 26, 27 and 28 of this month at Winchester, Ky.

Refer to our R.R. time table when you wish to know when trains arrive or depart, rather than ask some one by you who is busily engaged, or rather than run over to the ticket office.

The pastor of the Methodist church has adopted the plan of having a children's meeting on Saturday before the first Sunday in each month at 3 o'clock p.m.

There will be a Methodist quarterly meeting Saturday and Sunday June 8 and 9th, at Concord.

Sunday school will be organized at Portland to-morrow.

Rev. D.W. Robertson made the Association a visit to-day.

Several Butlerites attended Sunday School at Greenwood Sunday.

Mrs. Mamie Saunders (nee McIntyre) was up at Butler this week.

Prof. W.T. Voiers and V.C. Yelton will visit at Mrs. Clure's Sunday.

Miss Anna Kidwell will spend Sunday with Miss Pearl Calvert at Mrs. McClures.

Some agents of teh National Garment Cutter have been canvassing Butler. If it is a good thing, Butler will patrionize it.

Mrs. W.A. Bradford, son and daughter, will visit Clay city, Powell Co., Ky., next week and remain until about Saturday.

Messrs. Henry of the Guide, Peck of the Democrat, Barton of the Enterprise and Leslie T. Applegate, Judge Colvin and Hon. R.W. Holland were in Cincinnati last week.

Everyone should remember the Strawberry Festival to be given by the young girls of the Baptist Church Tuesday, June 11th. Come and be filled; you will have a good time.

We understand Mr. Thomas Kellar and Miss Clara Burlingame, of Boston will be married next week. We extend our congratulations and wish them a long and prosperous period of wedded life.

Esp. B.B. Hensley is a thorough business man, has made us a good magistrate and would make the county a good representative, to which he aspires. He is very popular and is making a vigorous fight.

The Butler Enterprise will be conducted by the Enterprise Publishing Co., who have secured the services of Eddie Barton as editor. It is a permanent thing and will be one of the newspapers of Northern Kentucky.

John A. Faris, one of Butler's leading and most popular citizens, is making a good fight for the Assessorship. He is a strong man, has a fine business capacity, and if elected would make the county a good Assessor.

We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mr. Wm. Saunders, who formerly lived at Boston, and whose death occurred at King's mountain, by a severe case of fever. His remains were brought back to Boston last Friday night. His funeral was preached Saturday morning by Rev. Robertson.

Our worthy friend and townsman, Attorney James Ellis, leaves soon for Hannibal, Ohio. While we understand he goes to figure in the sale of an immense manufactory, we also hear he is going over to see live stock - yes, human, female and handsome. We hope he'll "fotch" her in with him.

Mr. H.H. Hall, our enterprising and successful merchange is now selling buggies, and selling very cheap too, for buggies of the quality. His enterprise and thrift has not allowed himself to be contented with managing a large general store, but he is branching out. He is now an undertaker and one of the most popular ones.

In the proper place will be found to-day the announcement of Mr. J.A. Faris, of Butler, as a candidate for Assessor of this county. Mr. Faris is young, energetic and one of the most successful business men in our county. He has for several years been engaged in merchandising and dealing in leaf tobacco. He is one of the most prominent men in his section of the county, and if he should receive the nomination can be easily elected and will make a good officer. - Democrat.

Squire B.B. Hensley, of Butler, is anncounced today as a candidate for Representative of this county, subject to the decision of the Primary election June 1st. Mr. Hensley is a Magistrate in the Butler Precinct, and has made a good one. Has a large number of relatives and friends in the county who will support him and also has the advantage of being acquainted with nearly every Democratic voter in the county. There are now four candidates and here's hoping the best man may get it. - Democrat.

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