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The Butler Enterprise

Excerpts from June 1, 1889

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Our School Teachers

The Pendleton County Teachers' Association convened at the Butler Baptist church, 10 o'clock a.m., with President T.M. Barton in the chair.

Services opened by reading and prayer by W.T. Voires, then a song by the children.

The welcome address was delivered by W.T. Voires, after which a card was read from Supt. E.F. Bradford, stating, with regrets, his inability to attend and Miss Viola Moore was called upon to respond to the welcome address.

Music by the choir.

Ancient History was discussed by W.D. Tandy, Mr. Stewart, Miss Voila Moore.

Essay, "Thoughts on Teaching," by Miss Etta Galbreath.

Modern History: 1. How to teach it; 2. Its importance. T.M. Barton, followed by L.L. Barton, Miss Viola Moore.

Music by the choir.

Essay, "Education," by Miss Rella Yelton.

Music by the choir.

Address to the teachers of Pendleton county, by Hon. F.F. Wallace. On motion, the Association extended to Mr. Wallace a vote of thanks for the amendments to the school laws originated and advocated by him at the last session of Legistration.


Assiciation convened at 1:15 by singing.

Class in Civil Government conducted by W.T. Voires, for teh benefit of the teachers.

Song by the choir.


Essay, "Uses of the Kindergarten," by Miss Etta Galbreath.

Geography, by E.E. Barton.

Debate: "Resolved,That Corporal punishment should be abolished in our schools." Affirmative, W.T. Voires. Negative, L.L. Barton.

The report of the committee was then considered, and the following adopted:

Resolved, That we as a body of teachers express our grief and sympathies, felt in the loss of our friend and co-worker in education, Bernard Barton, whose presence brightened our last meeting at Falmouth. We know that the teachers feel this loss deeply and will join in this resolution.

Resolved,That our association meet again during the Institute week this summer.

Resolved, That we extend our thanks to Prof. T.M. Barton for the able manner in which he has presided at our meetings during this year of the Association. Also, that we extend thanks to our Secretary for his energy and industry in preparing the minutes.

Resolved, That we extend thanks to Miss Jennie Mason for favoring us in presiding at the organ.

Resolved,, that the hearty thanks of this meeting be given the committee on entertainment, and to the good people of Butler who have so hospitably opened thier doors to us to-day.

Resolved, That we tender the members and officers of the Baptist church, our thanks for the use of it to-day.

Address to the Association by C.S. Ellis.



Butler people turned out en masse and were prepared to entertain many more than came.

The people of Butler never do anything by halves and all who failed to attend missed finding out how the butlerites advocate education.

Hon. F.F. Wallace, one of our benefactors, was present and gave a talk which was warmly applauded.

Prof. Leslie Barton looked "just as handsome as he could," in his "silk plug."

The debate - ah, there, too, is where you missed it, who were not there. Profs Voires and Barton buttered both sides of the bread they threw at each other. Don't know why, but its a fact.

Miss Viola Moore was the guest of Mrs. Chas. Peoples Saturday, and Mrs. R.F. Shaw Sunday.

Association adjourned until Institute time this summer. --Guide

Mr. John Carey, a former Butler man, is now purchasing tobacco in Falmouth. He received in Newman's warehouse there, and has already purchased about 75,000 pounds.

Last Saturday we had our annual election of School Trustee. Messrs. R.W. Holland and D.W. Frazier were candidates, and Holland was elected. He has always been a friend of the school, and has been a teacher, and will we believe make a good one. -Falmouth Cor. Cov. Com.

The subscribers of the Enterprise know we hire our printing and typesetting done and this week a part of the force of the Guide office, where we get our work done is off to Owensboro, Ky., to attend the Press Assocation. This causes us to be late. We see nothing however, in our faith for the future that will cause us to delay or miss an issue.

The following letters remain in the Post office at Butler unclaimed: Anderson, J.T.; Barrett, Miss Mary; Dunn, Mr. H.E.; Fryer, Miss Anna F.; Helton, M.W.; Honton, Mat. W.; Murphy, Jonhnie; Rennart, J.L.

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