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Pendleton County Obituaries


Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

A - E

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
Adams Margaret   Madden 29-Dec-05 96
Adams Gerald     21-Jul-06 66
Adams Gerald     21-Jul-06 66
Alsip Eulonda "Lonnie" Alsip 26-Oct-06 76
Anderson John Milton   17-Jun-06 67
Applegate Anthony "Tony"   4-Aug-06 32
Archibald Rhonda Sue McElfresh 24-Mar-06 35
Askren Stephen Lewis   13-Dec-06 62
Aulick David Robert   14-Apr-06 46
Ballmann Jimmy Lee   16-Mar-06 45
Banfield Goldie Hazel Conyers 10-Feb-06 95
Barker Dicie Marie   29-Jul-06 70
Baynum Dorothy Laverne Booth 3-Mar-06 83
Baynum Eugene     11-Jun-06 78
Beach Ray Clifton   16-Jul-06 48
Beach Ray Clifton   16-Jul-06 48
Beal Dorothy Marie   29-Mar-06 74
Bell Lee Franklin Colston 12-Mar-06 88
Bentle Mary   Thompson 30-May-06 95
Bentle William Harold   8-Oct-06 94
Berry Billy Todd   17-Feb-06 79
Best Howard Jacob   22-Oct-06 85
Bickers Richard Eugene   17-Feb-06 70
Bickers Richard Eugene   17-Feb-06 70
Biddle Georgia   Taylor 12-Mar-06 80
Biddle Anna Mary Tillett 30-Jul-06 98
Biddle Anna Mary Tillett 30-Jul-06 98
Bill Bernice   Sprague 16-Nov-06 92
Bishop Jason Lee   1-Jan-06 31
Bishop Joe Junior   19-Jan-06 70
Blevins Wanda Joyce Simpson 6-Nov-06 60
Bonar, Jr. Cliff     9-Sep-06 84
Booher Lillian Opal McNabb 11-Jan-06 85
Booher Sally Elinore McKinney 7-Jul-06 71
Boone Patricia   Antrobus 22-Aug-06 69
Bowen Bernard L. "Billy"   30-Mar-06 90
Bowen Melvin Kenneth   10-May-06 92
Bowles Leland Earl   21-Mar-06 77
Boyers, Jr. Bill     30-Dec-05 73
Brautigan Deborah Ann Fryman 21-Jan-06 35
Brierly Murleen Ivis Jones 7-Jun-06 74
Brown Eugene     6-Oct-06 77
Brownfield, Sr. Robert "Bob" A.   7-Aug-06 73
Buckler Jefferson Buck   26-Feb-06 61
Buckler Walker L.   10-Oct-06 79
Buckley Billy     4-Nov-06 72
Budde Louise   Field 4-Jul-06 86
Bullock Terecie   Daugherty 26-Jan-06 95
Burns Beatrice Irene   3-Jan-06 85
Burton Ronnie     12-Dec-06 52
Butts Lula Mae Rarrieck 15-Nov-06 79
Caldwell, Jr. Melvin     20-Jun-06 80
Campbell George     24-Apr-06 82
Campbell James Edward   9-May-06 78
Case Ryan David   14-Oct-06 25
Centers Linda     14-Sep-06 56
Claypool Carlos "Vern" Ray   3-Sep-06 63
Clayton Alta Fern Field 31-Mar-06 84
Clayton Jennifer Michele Testa 17-Aug-06 38
Clayton Robert "Bobby" A.   7-Nov-06 46
Clemons Lula   Straub 7-Jun-06 89
Clifford Dorothy M.   11-Feb-06 80
Clifford Dorothy M.   11-Feb-06 80
Clifton Lena Belle   13-Dec-06 79
Coffman Leetta   Brewer 15-Feb-06 79
Colcord Opal   Skirvin 7-Nov-06 88
Cole Diane   Russell 2-Nov-06 49
Combs Janet Lee Curtis 11-Nov-06 51
Conrad Marcella   Hart 2-Dec-06 83
Cooper Emma P. Litzinger 5-Sep-06 84
Cooper Zola     27-Sep-06 82
Corday Everett "Jiggs" J.   3-Dec-06 87
Costigan Wilber T. (Web)   28-Jan-06 72
Courtney Richard     13-Mar-06 65
Courtney Richard E.   13-Mar-06 65
Courtney Stanley "Keg" Ross   15-Sep-06 79
Courtney Alma Lucille McGuire 24-Nov-06 83
Cox Kenneth "Dewey"   14-Jul-06 80
Cullum Deborah   Gabbard 29-Sep-06 52
Cullum, Jr. Ricky Louise   12-Jun-06 29
Cummins James Lang   7-Jan-06 93
Daniels Robert Lewis   11-Dec-06 83
Dargis Loretta M. Welage 26-Apr-06 94
Daugherty Hattie M. Sorrell 28-Feb-06 85
Dawson Merril Delbert   13-Sep-06 86
Denis Richard Albery   30-Jun-06 70
Dennie Marie   Callahan 2-Aug-06 31
Dickison Paul E.   18-Dec-06 63
Dirkes Earl W.   21-Apr-06 72
Doerr Amy Lynn Barnard 8-Feb-06 30
Donahue Arnold Ray   8-Jan-06 89
Donahue Rosnetta   Field 9-Mar-06 60
Downton Geneva   Cuneo 17-Nov-06 77
Dryer Patricia Jane   25-Aug-06 69
Edwards Lowell "Scrappy"   8-Jun-06 70
Elliot Ruby   McMillin 24-May-06 92
Elliott Homer "Easy" E.   23-Sep-06 97
Elliott Esther Frances   14-Oct-06 91
Ellis Dorothy   Snapp 1-Feb-06 90
England Dorothy Lee   9-Jun-06 85
Ervin Elsie Mae Beighle 8-May-06 86
Evans Bonnie L. Evans 17-Dec-06 67
Eyermann Wilma Arlene Duffield 24-Mar-06 87


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