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Pendleton County Obituaries


Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

F - L

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
Fagre Wilma Louise   19-Apr-06 67
Fagre Chester     21-Nov-06 67
Fardo Nancy Virginia Yelton 21-Jun-06 82
Ferguson Ronald     29-Sep-06 68
Ferguson Ronald     29-Sep-06 68
Field Carol   Williams 20-Jan-06 59
Fields Inez Deane Barnes 21-Sep-06 96
Fleeman Viola   Morris 30-Dec-05 96
Florence Anna Mae Williams 10-Apr-06 91
Fogle Harley M.   29-Sep-06 79
Foley Earl S.   8-Feb-06 95
Fornash Ollie K. Hutchison 4-Mar-06 86
Fornash Michael Allen   8-Aug-06 24
Fossett James Waldron   29-Jun-06 75
Frederick Gladys Elaine Applegate 27-Oct-06 61
Fredrick William G.   11-Feb-06 71
Fredrick Garnet   Tucker 26-Sep-06 71
French Stanley     22-Jul-06 84
Fries Otto     22-Oct-06 89
Gallagher Larry     18-Aug-06 55
Game Robert     12-Nov-06 61
Game Robert G.   12-Nov-06 61
Gaskins Fred Alvin   14-Feb-06 65
Gay, Jr. Michael Lee   21-Oct-06 7 wks
Gentry Wanda Faye Evans 12-Aug-06 68
Gibson Bruce Kenneth   21-May-06 67
Gifford Beulah C.   18-Dec-06 93
Gillespie Ronald A. "Ron"   2-Mar-06 61
Gillespie David Pete   3-Apr-06 49
Golden Ben Jay   17-Jan-06 81
Gosney Erma Arleen Schweitzer 28-Nov-06 89
Green Keith     29-Mar-06 60
Green Margaret "Peggy" McLaughlin 3-Jun-06 56
Green Ethel W. Wagner 17-Jul-06 87
Grubb Joyce Evelyn Watson 12-Sep-06 70
Hale Ocie Mildred   11-Jun-06 86
Hale Dwayne Everett   13-Oct-06 47
Hall Audrey   Martin 20-Mar-06 79
Hall Virgie   Hedges 16-Apr-06 89
Hamilton Wayne King (Cowboy)   25-Feb-06 72
Hamilton Janet R. Emminger 10-Apr-06 53
Hamilton Thomas J.   9-Oct-06 60
Hamons Michael Wayne   13-Mar-06 49
Harney Allen D.   23-Sep-06 77
Harrison Junior     2-Jan-06 77
Harrison Kenneth Wade   5-Feb-06 55
Harrison Ruth   Chandler 18-Feb-06 77
Hatmaker William "Ern"   26-Jul-06 77
Hatton Alberta     9-Mar-06 72
Hegge Robert "Rob" Louis   21-Aug-06 87
Henderson Harold F.   3-Mar-06 64
Henson Robert W.   19-Jun-06 35
Herald Mathew Arnold   7-May-06 76
Hill Anna Rae Thornberry 14-Feb-06 80
Hill J. C. "Buddy"   6-Jun-06 80
Hoffman Andrew F.   4-Nov-06 86
Holden Tammy R. Haggard 23-Jul-06 43
Holden Tammy R. Haggard 23-Jul-06 43
Hoop Edgar Buddy   11-Feb-06 74
Hopper Ralph J.   20-Oct-06 634
Howard Kathaleen Joyce Cooper 16-Jan-06 54
Howe Duane E.   20-Apr-06 36
Hubbard, Sr. Clifton     2-Feb-06 69
Hughes Pee Wee     24-Apr-06 62
Hughes Clarice   Bruce 19-Aug-06 87
Hurst Alma F. McMillian 30-Sep-06 89
Hutchison Anna Belle Cummins 25-Feb-06 81
Hutchison Lelia J. Donahue 25-May-06 84
Hyatt Tollie J.   12-Jan-06 87
Jacobs Don     8-Jan-06 52
Jacobs Mary Louise Murnahan 9-Oct-06 73
James Tina   Doyle 1-Jun-06 73
Jenkins Ottis     11-Aug-06 85
Jett Malvery   Turner 5-Jul-06 77
Johnson Josephine   Mains 28-Apr-06 91
Johnson Minnie   Back 10-Jun-06 79
Johnson Perry Wayne   21-Jun-06 45
Johnson Lana Madge   11-Nov-06 85
Johnson Raymond     30-Nov-06 89
Jones Franklin Dale   13-Apr-06 63
Jordan Pat "Little Pat"   4-Jul-06 41
Keeler John Howard   5-Nov-06 52
Kegley, Rev. Eugene Wilson   4-Feb-06 80
Kelly Robert "Bob" J.   18-Mar-06 81
Kelly Thomas P.   21-Mar-06 80
Kelly Harry Vincent   2-Sep-06 76
Key Jacob Stafford   15-Dec-06 71
Kilburn Bobby Gene   5-Jul-06 56
King Mary Louise Ducker 23-Jan-06 79
King Dorothy Jean Blades 20-Jun-06 82
King James Thomas   3-Aug-06 76
King, Jr. Herbert Allen   8-Dec-06 38
Lacey Hildreth Lorraine Turner 29-May-06 86
Lach John William   17-Jun-06 52
Lange Terrie   Holtz 9-Jun-06 44
Lange Terrie   Holtz 9-Jun-06 44
Lawrence Alberta Everett   2-Oct-06 86
Lawson Juston Lee   13-May-06 18
Lawson, Jr. Roger Lee   13-May-06 17
Lea Jessie Hallie   26-May-06 85
Lindsey Louise   Ammerman 5-May-06 91
Lippincott Irene   Payne 29-Oct-06 84
Little Jennifer   Wilson 12-Nov-06 32
Littleton William Alexander   21-Oct-06 20
Lloyd June Carolyn Centers 3-Jul-06 50
Lockhart Jeanne M. Gibbons 25-May-06 80
Lovell Pearl Marie Mills 9-Mar-06 85
Lucas Rebecca Jo Piercefield 29-Jan-06 56


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