Pendleton County Obituaries


Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

M - S

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
Mains Sandra Gail Burchfield 17-Dec-05 46
Mains Ruth   Wagner 7-Nov-06 74
Mangold James "Jim"     5-Sep-06 68
Martin Hilda Mae Craig 3-Jun-06 83
Mason Thomas Wayne   27-Apr-06 28
Mason Glenn Earl   21-Sep-06 73
Mastin William Nelson   23-Mar-06 65
Matthews Harold     24-Jun-06 86
Maupin Sarah   Back 28-Nov-06 89
Mayes Mae Lynn Angelique   6-Oct-06 infant
McAtee James H. (J.H.)   2-Apr-06 74
McCauley Bonnie Sue Deskins 18-Sep-06 46
McClanahan Lossie     2-Mar-06 91
McClanahan Paul Edward   12-Mar-06 83
McClanahan Frances     29-Oct-06 90
McClane Mary     3-Aug-06 83
McCord Clarence Thomas   14-Feb-06 76
McKinley William  (Bill)   26-Feb-06 87
McKinney Mary Frances Browning 7-Jun-06 92
McLafferty Michael Patrick   5-Apr-06 47
McMillen Elberta   Smith 25-Jan-06 88
McNeil Terry Lee   3-Mar-06 68
McNeil Norine   Rigg 20-Dec-06 91
Merila, Sr. Mark Francis   27-Mar-06 48
Merrill Vivian B.   13-Feb-96 81
Merrill Laura Delphia Miller 7-Jun-06 83
Messmer Larry     14-Jul-06 65
Mobley Brenda Kay Vaughn 16-Sep-06 46
Moore Alma Ruth Powell 13-Jul-06 85
Moore Leo     18-Aug-06 73
Moore, Jr. Karl     21-Jan-06 76
Moore, Jr. Karl     21-Jan-06 76
Morgan Garland     4-Jan-06 78
Morris Nelson F.   17-Apr-06 76
Mullins Paul E.   22-Apr-06 67
Neace Matt     16-May-06 79
Niazi Diana   Messmer 4-Aug-06 59
O'Brian, Sr. Dennis Patrick   15-Jun-06 55
O'Hara James H.   10-Feb-06 66
Owens Mary Anna Hill 23-Jun-06 83
Owens Dennis Lee   30-Aug-06 53
Padgett Dennie H.   13-Mar-06 71
Pangburn Fran "Grandma"   Etter 1-Oct-06 63
Partin Barbara Ann Partin 20-Dec-05 57
Patton Terry S.   14-Jul-06 27
Pearson Meghan Elesabeth   23-Jul-06 18 mths
Peddicord, Sr. Maurice C. "Buddy"   30-Jan-06 74
Perrin Ralph     27-Jul-06 92
Phillips James Emuail   20-May-06 84
Philpot Lorena G/ Griffin 24-May-06 83
Priest James Wesley   18-Sep-06 81
Pruett Joyce Ann   2-Aug-06 64
Pruett Joyce Anne Pruett 2-Aug-06 64
Pulliam James Leonard "Jody"   18-Apr-06 94
Purdy Frances   Toomey 22-Feb-06 94
Rahe Ralph E.   7-Jun-06 55
Raleigh Ollie Mae Turner 3-Jan-06 80
Raleigh Kimberly Ann Turner 13-Jan-06 31
Ramsey Aleene   Browning 10-Jun-06 80
Ramsey Virgie Aleene Browning 10-Jun-06 80
Rechtin Carole Sue Bonfield 9-Sep-06 57
Reed Samuel     16-Jan-06 53
Reynolds Joseph F.   12-Jul-06 52
Reynolds, Jr. William     30-Jul-06 60
Robb, Sr. Raymond M.   1-Dec-06 63
Roberts Delcie   Jackson 27-Dec-05 78
Rohling Florence G. Hall 8-Oct-06 93
Rose Joe Paul   4-Oct-06 65
Ruber Pearl L. Ruber 23-May-06 82
Russell, Sr. Thomas James   14-Apr-06 41
Sabie William D.   11-Aug-06 82
Scaggs James C. "Buddy"   11-Aug-06 69
Schafer Alma M. Webster 22-Jan-06 93
Schlueter Melvin Lee   17-Apr-06 82
Schnorr William Henry   21-Jun-06 85
Sebastian Sandra "Sandy" Lynn Hale 19-Jul-06 54
Sheriff Wilbur     2-Mar-06 84
Sheriff Ruth     14-Sep-06 85
Showalter Alberta Graham   24-Oct-06 76
Silvey Deana Rae Browning 24-Aug-06 51
Siry Clara     1-Oct-06 86
Siry Clara M/   1-Oct-06 86
Slone Willis     7-Aug-06 76
Smallwood William Joseph   21-Jun-06 63
Smith Charles (Red) T.   26-Feb-06 80
Smith Norma Lee Redden 30-May-06 59
Smith Robert "Robbi"     11-Dec-06 36
Snodgrass Anna Mary Thompson 13-Feb-06 101
Sowders Nancy Sue Harrell 11-Jun-06 68
Sprague Ella   Luck 9-Feb-06 84
Stahl Geneva A.   7-Dec-06 76
Stair Josephine "Josie" Wright 14-May-06 66
Stevens Marcella Winn   31-May-06 73
Stevens Darlene   Stanley 11-Sep-06 60
Stewart Wiley B.   28-Oct-06 58
Stewart Wiley B.   28-Oct-06 58
Stewart Carrie   Sullivan 2-Dec-06 94
Strausbaugh, Sr. Glenn     13-Dec-06 89
Stull, Jr. Walker H.   10-Dec-06 77
Sullivan, Sr. Maurice G.   10-Feb-06 65
Swanson Arlene   Kinman(?) 26-Apr-06 67



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