Photo stirs up memories of THS

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Photo stirs up memories of THS

By Tom Watson, historian
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

They're all like family. The Taylorsville High School class of 1956.

Do you realize fellow THS grads, that you are entering your 51st year since graduation? Being a member of the 1958 class, my classmates and myself are moving ever closer to a 50th anniversary. We may have to call the reunion the "58 Wrinkle Rama."

Sue Carol Holloway Cornell sent this photo of her class of 1956 and I hope editor John will be able to use it large enough so we can see the faces of these wonderful people.

Seeing the picture of Principal Threlkeld reminds me of that day when I was a junior and was feeling my oats. The bell rang and it was time to head out. I vaulted at least one row of desks and landed in the hallway, nearly astride Mr. Threlkeld. I beleive his exact words were, "I want to see you in my office first thing tomorrow morning."

So, I worried about that all night. Should I tell him I was practicing the long jump? We didn't have a track and field team, so that wouldn't work.

How about: "I tripped sir, which caused me to catapult over a row of desks?" That would have been terribly lame. I even thought of threatening him. "If you don't let me go, I'll date your daughter." That would have gotten me a permanent suspension.

I successfully entered the principal's office the next morning with dry pants. There, standing beside the seated Mr. Threlkeld was Coach E.C. Brown.

I thought, "On no, now coach is going to give me a tongue lashing too." But I was wrong. Mr. Threlkeld told me that Coach Brown had made him realize that my over-exuberance was simply a display of glandular metamorphosis common among the male of my species.

I believe the principal's exact reply was, "I have work to do, get the (bleep) out of my office." I always liked Elijah Calhoun Brown.

Bobby Lawson is a great friend. We sang together in, what I suppose you'd call "singing group therapy." I tossed towels to Donnie Smith when he was a basketball star and I was a student manager-scorekeeper type.

Same with Darrell Patterson, Ray Armstrong and Glen Goebel of the same class. I dreamed of being a basketball player, but my bones didn't go along with the idea. I did get to play on the same softball team with some of the class of '56 and dazzle them with my magic glove in right field.

Sue Carol, much thanks and appreciation for sending the photo. We underclassmen and underclasswomen enjoyed it. is the website of

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