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Posted 01/16/18 Surname: Antle

My name is Philip Antle Preston. My 3x great grandfather, Henry Antle Jr moved there with his family around 1800. I understand he was one of the first explorers to cross from Virginia four years before the opening of the Cumberland Gap. I am planning a geneology trip there this spring and would like to know where to start my research.. Any help appreciated,

Posted 11/19/17 Surname: Taylor
My surname is Taylor from Kentucky. My cousin’s grandfather's name was James Wesley Taylor born in Kentucky. It has been said that our great grandfather was John Wesley Taylor. (born about 1860) He had at least 2 other sons named Jesse and Earl Taylor. I believe with all of the Wesley middle name along with the Taylor surname, that the Wesley would have came from a wife/great grandmother somewhere along the way. By taking the DNA test through Ancestry, I was able to locate this cousin. Never had a clue about her before then. In researching myself I found a Taylor-Wesley Cemetery, located in Adair County Kentucky. Is there any other information that you could find on this family? I would greatly appreciate any information.
Thank you, Diane Taylor, Pieniozek,

Posted 11/14/17 Surname: Conover

I am trying to find information on an Oscar Monroe Conover. Oscar is my father Richard Conover’s grandfather. What I know about Oscar: He was born 3 April 1875 ( Not real sure about the month & day but year is on his stone) in Russell Springs He moved to Illinois at some point. He married Grace Ann Nettelton , not sure what the date was. He passed away 8 February 1957 (from a heart attack) For what I’m understanding, his mother was not married and he had 2 brothers. At one time he had his uncle Jeff (Jef) that lived with them.. If you can help me in anyway to find some information on Oscar I would apperate it. I have no one I can get any information from except my father and he doesn’t remember a lot these days. Thank you, Jenny Naylor,

Posted 07/27/17 Surname: Rodgers

Looking for parents of James White Rodgers born in Dec. 1825 in Adair County. Family records say parents are William Rodgers and Amy Fox Price. Some people show his middle initial as "B" or "P" but his middle name was White. Any help would be very appreciated, Sally Rodgers-Spencer

Posted 06/19/17 Surname: Page

My grandparents were Clifton and Irene Page . There address was Burnsville Rd if I remember correctly. I know a few stories about their parents but nothing past that . Any information about them would be appreciated. Thank you, Fred Fay

Posted 12/19/16 Surname: Neat

Rudolph Neat Jr. born about 1754 in Pennsylvania was supposed to have died in 1821 in Neatsville, Adair County, Kentucky.  I am researching this family and I found this information from a post by John Paul Baremore on Notes on Roots-web posted 12 May 2012. There is a Neatsville Cemetery but there is only on person buried there so far and that is an Evans.  From the picture of the cemetery it just looks like a field. They indicated on the website that there were two cemeteries down the road from this one but they didn’t give the names. Does anyone have any information on this family? Any help appreciated, Ellen Achenbaugh

Posted 10/22/16 Surname: Janes/Jaynes

My grand father, William (Willis) Emory Page, and grand mother, El Vada Janes Page,  where from Adair County, Ky. My grandmother had a brother name Francis Wolford Jaynes, he is the only one that used this spelling. She had a sister name Le Ada. I am trying to figure out my grand mothers parents and family. Here is what I have:

Her mothers name is Maranda Izora and on the 1880 census for Adair County her parents are listed as father: Francis Marion Janes and mother is Millie Ermine (Stotts) Janes. She is listed as Maranda Janes age 6. On the 1900 census for Gradyville, Maranda (1875) is married to John Janes (1876) and they have one child Frances W. Janes (1899) age 5/12. On the 1920 census for Gradyville, John (1875) and Maranda (1875) have two other children, Elvada Janes (1904) age 6 and Leadah Janes (1906) age 4 along with Francis W. (1900) age 10. This would indicate that they are the same family.

On the 1920 census for Harmony, Curtis C. McGinnis (1877) is married to Maranda Janes (1875) with children: Francis W. Janes (1900), Vada Janes (1906), Lead A. Janes (1907), and Ruel Janes (1917).This census shows that Maranda is listed as “wife” of Curtis C. but why is his last name “McGinnis” and the rest is “Janes”?? On the 1930 census for Cane Valley list Curtis C. Janes (1875) married to Mrandie Janes (1878) with one child, Buril Janes (1917). “I believe this should be Ruel Janes.” In 1940 census for Adair County it has a John Jones (1874) married to Miranda Jones (1875) with grandchildren: Kirmit Jones (1927); Katherine Jones (1929) and Marvin Jones (1932). This could be a different family all together, but a lot of time census has Jones instead of Janes. Any help that I can get would be most appreciated. Thanks, Chester Campbell,

Posted 07/03/15 Surname: Baker/Maxey

I am looking for any information regarding a marriage license for James Baker and Jane Maxey, August 8, 1824. Trying to prove parentage of this James Baker. Would like to find out if this James Baker's father is one of Rev. Andrew Baker's sons. I have had a Family Tree Y-DNA-111 test, matching 10 other Bakers with 110/111, or 67/67 markers.  1 of my DNA matchers is brick-walled at James (same as me), but five of my Y-DNA matchers show Most Distant Family Ancestor as Rev. Andrew Baker 1749-1815, Rev. War Chaplain/Soldier,  b. (Grayson Co) and d. (Lee Co) in western VA, but raised most of his family just south of the colony/state line in western NC (Wilkes and Ashe Co).  There is only space for one, maybe two, generations between Rev Andrew and my brickwall, James.  Rev. Andrew had at least five boys, and both Andrew and James were "given names" often used by his descendants, but I haven't been able to find one who was definitely the father of my James. Any help in finding this document would be greatly appreciated! Gary Baker

Posted 06/05/15 Surname: Bailey

I'm looking for Melvin Bailey who looks to be in his 20's during 1945. The picture is with my Mom, Beatrice Burton who later married my Dad, Marvin "Dale" Badger. Does anyone know who this Melvin is? My Mom and Dad are both from Adair Co. Ky (born there) and this picture could be at Mom's old home place which was on Burton Ridge.  Thanks so much Ruby Badger Pruitt

Posted 05/26/15 Surname: Curry

I need help filling in the blanks! John Aaron Curry, born 1842 in Adair County, Kentucky.  At around age of 6 or so, he went with his parents (may have been Andrew J. Curry and Mary Breeden) from Kentucky to Missouri via ox-drawn wagon.  He had at least 2 siblings, a sister and a brother. I believe their names were Jack and Mary, listed in a newspaper obituary for him, but I don't know whether they were older or younger.  Their parents both died (or vanished...) not long after they reached Missouri, and John was raised by a family by the name of Proctor.  Jack and Mary were raised by other families. I really want to get in contact with anyone else who researches the Curry Surname in Adair Co. Thank you for any help, Wendy (Curry) Libby,

Posted 07/14/14 Surname: Grant

My name is Marshall K. Grant. I am the great grandson of Albert Franklin (“A.F”. – 1850-1925) who, along with his wife Matilda and five children, left Adair County in the late 1890’s and relocated to Indian Territory, near what now is Hartshorne in Oklahoma, my home state. I am writing to ask for assistance in locating information about A.F.’s grandfather, Michael…my great, great, great grandfather.

A.F.’s father was Eli Grant (1813-1874), who is buried in the Grant Cemetery at Glen’s Fork. Eli and wife Frances had at least six children: Joseph M., Sarah M. “Sallie” (Walkup), Huldah (Strange), Albert Franklin, Eli, and Rosaline “Rosa” (Strange). Other children may include John Milton and N.H.(sons), and Mary Jane and Victory F. (daughters).

At this point, the line becomes confusing. Eli’s father, Michael, is believed to have been born between 1761 and 1767, either in Virginia or North Carolina, and to have died in Adair County between 1850 and 1854. Although there is evidence he was in Kentucky as early as 1788, I have documentation that, in 1806, Michael Grant received a Kentucky Land Grant for 400 acres in Adair County, near the Pettit’s (now Petty’s?) Creek water course. He appears to have spent the rest of his life in Adair County, appearing in the 1850 census as a member of son Eli’s 12-person household located in District 1. His wife, Jane (Mear) is listed as age 76.

I have been unable to confirm that Michael is buried in Glen’s Fork Cemetery with son Eli, nor have I located him in any of the several other Adair County cemeteries with multiple Grant graves. In addition, I am most interested to learn something about Michael’s mother and father, for whom I have no information other than a reported 1770 document from Rowan County, North Carolina, that suggests a Michael Grant, age 3, was indentured to a William Grant to learn the “art and mastery of a weaver”. This document states that Michael and his sister Rachel, age 12, are the “orphans of James Grant, deceased”. I have found no other dependable information about James Grant.

It is my hope that I have relatives living in Adair County who might be able to shed some light on Michael and his background. I would be very appreciative of any assistance. Thanks very much, Marshall K. Grant

Posted 04/12/14 Surname: Collins

I have hit a brick wall in my search for Samuel Collins. He was a resident of Adair County and lived and died near Montpelier about 1834-1835. He was married to Agnes's/Nancy Maxwell in Winchester Co., VA in 1810.  They had12 children, one - Nathaniel Maxwell Jackson - is my ancestor. My problem is that I have not found definite proof of his presence. Census, tax rolls, land deeds, all are dead ends. All my search is based on written family records which - for his children at least - match other records. I know he was in Adair Co. Help! Richard Collins,

Posted 03/28/14 Surname: Thomas

RE: ARW Land Grant #551 on Russell Creek for LUCAS, Thomas, May 1783:
Thomas Lucas of Orange County VA  received a land grant #551 on 6 May 1783. This was for service in the VA 1st during the ARW. The survey of the land mentions "Russell Creek" as the only waterway. The KY Secretary of States Office site, from Gazetteer of Early Kentucky, shows that the only Russell Creek was in the Military District, Green, Adair, Russell County.
Thomas and his family appear in the Scott County KY tax records in 1810. Thomas died in Scott County in 1833. I can't find the Lucas family in Adair County. Could his land grant have been in Adair County and yet he settled in Scott County? Any assistance in locating Russell Creek in 1783 or land transfer, would be greatly appreciated. Trying to document Thomas as a Patriot for DAR. Thanks in advance, Charlotte Olson,

Posted 03/24/14 Surname: Morgan

I am trying to find birth records for George Morgan, born 1810 in Adair County, Kentucky.  Specifically, I am looking for the names of his mother and father.  My family history records (handwritten, I'm afraid) say he was born to Patrick Morgan, who in turn was born in Ireland and was the son of Lewis T. Morgan and Rachel Huffman. Patrick immigrated to the US and had a brother named Thomas, who (accordingly to this history record) was captured and raised by Indians until almost grown.  Quite a history!  I know George Morgan married Delila(h) Bishop in 1827 at the ripe old age of 16 (!!), and they had a son named Hiram Stillwell Morgan who married Amandi Fite and had a son named Jefferson Morris Morgan. All public family trees say George Morgan's father was Thomas (the brother of Patrick I am guessing) but obviously my family history disagrees, so I am trying to find the birth record for George Morgan. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!! Laurel Hayles,

Posted 03/12/14 Surname: Richards/Bradbury

I am looking for information about Samuel Richards born in Tenn. married Rhoda Bradbury in 1849 in Adair co. She died in 1897 and is buried in Rowetown cemetery. Samuel lived with son James in Adair co. in 1900. James's children were
Ada and Anna. Any help will be appreciated, Gilbert Richards,

Posted 03/01/14 Surname: Rodgers/Rogers

I am trying to find the birth parents for James B Rodgers born 1809 in Adair Co Ky.  I have seen some sites that think it might be Elijah Rodgers and Prudence? But I can't find any evidence to prove that. Thank you for your help, Cheri Maddux,

Posted 02/17/14 Surname: Dooley

Searching for ANY info for Milton H.Dooley b.1828 who married Amanda F. Neat. Appreciate any help!! Thanks, Kay Pierce,

Posted 02/09/14 Surname: McGaha

My grandfather was Elihue McGaha.he lived with his family in Adair county in Knifely and surrounding area. His father I am told was James Allen McGaha and his mother was Manervia Ray but I am having trouble vertifying this. Can any one help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Debbie Criscillis,

Posted 02/02/14 Surname: Scott

I am searching for the parents of Cyrus Crawford Scott, born 1798 in Columbia, Adair County, Ky.  Married to Elizabeth A. Westerfield in Mercer Co, KY 1816.  They lived in Columbia until 1843 when the family moved to Limestone, Alabama. Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks, Jefferson McKinley Ramsey,

Posted 01/11/14 Surname: Fletcher/Stotts

I am looking for evidence (marriage cert. etc.) of my third great grandparent's marriage in Adair Co, Ky.  The names are John Fletcher (1810-1880) and Paulina Ann Stotts (1813-1861).  I have seen a marriage date of 10 Apr 1833 but cannot verify it with an actual record.  Could anyone assist me with this? Thank you, Terry Roll Lauritsen,

Posted 01/04/14 Surname: Epperson/Wolford

My connection to Adair Co and Russell Co Ky is thru Mary Jane Epperson and John Wolford. They were married in Russell Co in 1848 and moved to Texas ca 1855.  I am trying to locate Mary Jane Epperson's family.  My closest 'guess' is perhaps the William and Elizabeth Montgomery Epperson family. They were the parents of 3 daughters and 5 sons one of them being John
Jefferson Epperson born in 1823.  They also had a daughter, Mary, who was born in 1820. Is this my Mary Jane? Does
anyone know the children's names of William and Elizabeth Epperson? Any help will be appreciated! Angie Smith,

Posted 12/29/13 Surname: Frederick

Looking for any info on Jason Frederick married to Lizzie Carney in the Knifley area. Any help appreciated, Vicki Worley,

Posted 11/13/13 Surname: Cunningham

I am searching for the parents of Sarah Cunningham Wilkerson (1790 VA - 1857 Adair Co., KY) Married 7 Oct 1824, in Adair Co., Newton Wilkerson, son of Thomas Wilkerson.    She lived (1850 census) with John Cunningham (probably a brother)  He was born  1787 VA and died  June 1860 Adair Co., KY.  Census also shows James Samuel Cunningham 1784 VA and marries, in Adair Co.,17 Apr 1825 Lucinda Goode (1803-1850). Thomas Cunningham 1785 VA appears on 1840 census but does not show on the 1850 Adair Co., KY census but a Malvina Cunningham( b.1889) does. Sarah "Sally" is not the daughter of John Michaux Cunningham of VA as his daughter Sarah is alive in VA after my Sarah has died in KY. I do know that the WILKERSON family came from King George Co., VA.  GOODE family came from Amelia Co., VA Each listed name is the spouse of my CUNNINGHAM family. Any possible help would be appreciated, thank you, Mrs Bernie Mason,

Posted 10/22/13 Surname: Coomer

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a farm on Paul Coomer Rd, Gradyville, KY.  We'd love to know how the road to the property came by the Coomer name. Thanks! Guy Babin,

Posted 10/13/13 Surname: Gill

I need birth information of Hardaway Clyde Gill b. 2 May, 1852 to Henry Peterson Gill and Sarah Ann Tupman Gill.  I have Hardaway being born in Adair Co., KY. Also list of other children born to Henry P. Gill and Sarah Ann in Adair
Co., KY. Hardaway Clyde Gill married Mary Jane Reynolds on 12 Feb, 1874 in Adair Co., KY. Any help will be appreciated, Fern Blanford,

Posted 10/11/13 Surname: Coomer

The Coomer family lived in Adair County from the 1840s to past 1900s. Trying to tie the initial brothers that came to Adair County together. Seems like all are from Stokes County, NC and then some went to Lee Cty, VA first and then onto Adair, while others went to Pulaski County, KY. John, Jesse, Berry, William, and George seems like they are brothers but who knows for sure! Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Mike Massey,

Posted 09/09/13 Surname: Morgan

I am researching my fathers family.  His name was Dewey Morgan and his first wife's name was Clara Susie Grant.  They were both born in Adair County, Kentucky as were his parents, Dorinda and James Morgan. My father and his first wife had several children before they divorced in 1937. I would really like to find members of this family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kathy Morgan Hopkins,

Posted 08/21/13 Surname: Walker

Looking for Talithia E. Walker daughter of Russel Dyer and Margaret Walker in the 1880 Census of Adair County. Russel died shortly after the census was taken. Where did Margaret, Talithia and the other children go? I am
hoping that Talithia E is the Emma Walker who married Samuel Norris of Cumberland County in 1880. Thanks for any help! Jane Ward,

Posted 08/09/13 Surname: Edwards

Looking for the birth place of my great great grandfather Henry Edwards 1760- 1765 Adair Co. Ky. Since there was no KY at that time  was he born in VA?  His son Henry Edwards born 1809 in Adair Co.  His marriage to Mary Cross in Lincoln Co 1792. Any information on the Edwards family would be appreciated! Thank you for any help. Kay Keplinger

Posted 07/23/13 Surname: Stotts

I am looking for will/estate information on Solomon Stotts b 1745 in Halifax, VA. He recd an Adair Co patent land after the revolution.  D. 1790 Adair Co. Also, seeking will info on Solomon's son William b. 1780 in Adair; d. 1866 Adair. Seeking to prove that William Stotts had son John, b 1810, who migrated to Marian Co, IA.  Apparently with a "colony" from Adair Co. Any help with this would be great! Thanks, Sharon D'Anna, RFDSAD@AOL.COM

Posted 07/22/13 Surname: Biggs

I am trying to find where Revolutionary ancestor John Biggs (DAR), is buried. Looking for any Biggs or Janes left in Adair County.  John Biggs lived in Adair Ky fought in VA for war. Wife Sally Biggs supposed to have raised 10 children but only have two found Sarah (my ancester) and Susannah (Susan) married Benjamin. Any help appreciated! Mary Claire (Clark) Ward,

Posted 07/16/13 Surname: Edwards

I am looking on information on Henry Edwards and his parents.  It appears he left in 1825 and was probably born around 1770. EDWARDS, JAMES JORDAN, was born April 2, 1818, in Adair county, Ky., was taken by his father, Henry Edwards, in 1825, to the vicinity of Jacksonville, Ill.  This is where my information really falls off! Any help would really be appreciated!! Thanks, John Wood,

Posted 06/24/13 Surname: Collins

I am looking for any records for Samuel Collins, who was married to Nancy Agnes Maxwell in Franklin Co., VA in 1814. He served as Justice of the Peace of Adair County 1827-1835. He died in 1835. His wife was born in North Carolina.  His children include William Hill, Lourina, Louisa, Susan, Nathaniel Maxwell, Eliza, Thomas Alexander, Pemberton. Any help will be very appreciated, Thanks, Richard Collins,

Posted 06/02/13 Surname: Anderson

I am trying to find information regarding my 3rd Great Grandfather John Anderson (approx. dates 1813-1850). His name was listed on my 2nd great grandfather Louis Anderson's death certificate. Louis lived in Russell Springs Kentucky. He was born 20 Nov 1851 and died 13 Feb 1928. The Mother of Louis was listed as Margaret Kirby Anderson (approx. dates 1820-1900).  I have been able to trace Louis in census records in Adair county and Margaret as well (she remarried and was Margaret Loveless). I have also discovered that John's parents were likely Jemima Roy and Robert Anderson by tracing land records in Adair County, however I have been unable to find a marriage certificate for John and Margaret or any census records Listing John Anderson. I am not sure where to look next, any ideas would be appreciated. Any help appreciated, Laura Waddle

Posted 06/02/13 Surname: Calfee/Caffee

Need information on John Columbus Calfee/Caffee who was living in Adair county in 1802 when his son was born.  Son's name was Evan Adair Calfee. Evan eventually married in Bibb county to Elizabeth Woods. John's wife was Martha Garrett and the Martha Garrett I come across was married to someone else.  She may have died in Kentucky. Any help will be appreciated, Carol Wamsher,

Posted 05/29/13 Surname: Hopkins

I'm looking for the burial place of my Grandmother Evaline Skaggs Hopkins, married to John D.Hopkins. She died sometime between 1904 and 1910 in Columbia Kentucky. Thanks for any help, Dave Avery,

Posted 05/20/13 Surname: Stewart/Miller

I found a marriage record from, dated 27 JUN 1814, showing a Thomas Stewart and Frances Miller   I was wondering if the marriage bond listed any family members. Thomas and Frances is as far back as I can find. Any help will be appreciated! Robert Mcguffin,

Posted 04/20/13 Surname: Sobbry

Originally posted in 2006 but email has changed. My father and grandfather lived in Cane Valley in about 1930. Grandfather Frank Henry Sobbry married Lena Nell Derman on her 16th birthday and moved to Chicago. Leaving my Father behind in Cane Valley growing up with Bill Derman and Cliff Page and the Stone family. Would like to hear from any one who knew my father or grandfather. My dad often talk about Gaines Derman that raised him on a farm Gary Sobbry, Home 1-734-426-5290 cell 1-734-478-3720

Posted 04/19/13 Surname: Blair

I am trying to find the death date of Bertha M. Blair Ellis.  Bertha was my mother's 1st cousin.  She was born in July 1893, her parents were Joseph Chessar Blair and Nancy Ellen Blair.  They lived in the Pellyton area of Adair County, KY.  Bertha married Welby Green Ellis from Pellyton and they moved to Garlin in Adair County, KY where they were merchants and they operated the post office in Garlin, KY (Adair Co.)  They adopted a son, John W. Ellis.  If anyone knows anything about this family, please let me know. Thanks,  Bryan Rich,

Posted 03/27/13 Surname: Blair/Breeding

I am researching Alexander Blair/Elizabeth Breeding. Alexander was born in Scotland 15 Mar 1763. Married Elizabeth in Harrison Co., VA (now W.VA) in 1765. The information I have is that he was in Adair CO.  by 1803. Also it states he registered his cattle mark in 1803 and was appointed a road surveyor in 1804. Is there any way of confirming this? Also some believe he died in Adair Co. in 1824. I would like to know if there is any way of finding out. Elizabeth died in childbirth in 1813. Also are there land records for 1791? Some people claim Alexander owned land in Adair county with Peter Breeding and Isaac McHenry. Any help you could give me on obtaining this info would be appreciated. Thank You, Fred Blair

Posted 03/20/13 Surname: Bennett

Hello, my name is Joey Bennett I have a problem with one of my ancestors that was from Adair county Gradyville and Keltner area. According to a very few records I have, the Ancestors name is a  William M. "Bill" Bennett, Born September 1827 In Tennessee and died in Adair county sometime before 1907. He married Eliza Jane Keltner, Daughter of John Richard Keltner of Adair county. There is not hardly any information on William M Bennett, I looking for death records burial records pictures and other types of documents and any information on William M Bennett. Some of his children's names are Merryman Ward Bennett, Martha Jane Bennett Taylor "Married John T Taylor, Cordelia Dempsey Bennett Taylor "Married James Owen Taylor, Jasper N Bennett, John H Bennett, Elizabeth F Bennett, Milam Bennett, William Herbert Bennett "Herbie" my second great grandfather, Mary Ann Bennett. All information and any documents that anyone has that they might be able to share would be greatly appreciated you can reach me at my email Thanks.

Posted 03/18/13 Surname: Cheatham (African American)

Would like to know where the black Cheatham name came from in Adair County Ky? Names of the first black Cheatham's? My grandfather was named Leslie he died at the age of 35 years old. He was married to Annie Bomar.
Any information you give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, William Cheatham

Posted 03/11/13 Surname: Watkins

Looking for info on my great grandparents Cy and Mary Watkins. Mary was a widow in 1900 (1900 Census) and owned a farm near Columbia Town in Adair County. Cy Watkins presumably was killed (may have been a lawman?)between 1897 and 1900. Their children were Maty A (b Feb 1887), John W (b jun 1889, Daisy (b Jun 1892), Cyrus (my grandfather b Dec 1896), and Dorothy ?. Mary had moved to ILL by 1910 census and had 1 additional child Harley in 1903. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John Watkins, JJWATK1@GMAIL.COM

Posted 02/24/13 Surname: Bryant/Cowan

I am still looking for information on Clara Bryant Cowan. She was married to Florence Cowan. I believe she died in 1933. She was born 1902/03. Her Parents were Peter Marion Bryant and Liza Jane Burton Bryant. She was born in Adair Co. I know there are several Clara Cowans because most of the information I find is of them. My grandmother Clara had several children, Lelar, Treva, Golden and Claude that I know of. If anyone has any info for her I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Roberta Montgomery

Posted 02/21/13 Surname: Cowan

Looking for information on Florence Cowan. He was my Grandfather. I believe he passed away in October 1957. Would like to know where he is buried. He was born in Adair Co, probably in Columbia. He also lived there for almost his entire life, except for a few years in Indiana. I think he died in Adair Co, not totally certain about this but I know he is buried there, just not sure where. Most of the Cowan's are buried in Bear Wallow Cemetery. Any help you can give will be much appreciated, Thanks, Roberta Montgomery

Posted 02/18/13 Surname: Davis

Looking for the parents of Benjamin S. Davis (b.1812 Adair Co.) who married as his 3rd wife, Mary Workman, 12 Oct 1854 Adair Co. KY. Benj. & Mary later moved to Maries Co. MO. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vonda Cooper,

Posted 02/16/13 Surname: Watts

Looking for parents of Frederick Watts who married Isabella Kelso in 1820 in Adair County. He later moved to St. Louis. Any help is appreciated, Gloria Kemp,

Posted 01/25/13 Surname: McGinnis

I'm looking for information on the McGinnis family who lived in Adair county from 1810 to 1864.  William McGinnis and his wife Malinda Conley were from TN originally (I'd like to know which country if possible).
Malinda may have been William's second wife.  They had Cyntha, John, and Esther in TN and Greene B, Anderson, William, and Asa in Adair.  Anderson was born in 1819 and married Nancy Preston in 1842 and had Anderson, Samantha, Asa, Lucilla, William, Jo Green, Asa H., Francis Larkin, Qualls.  The family moved to NE after the Civil War.  Any information you can find or corrections you can make would be very helpful. Thanks, Heidi Johnson,

Posted 12/30/12 Surname: Whiteside

I am seeking information on the child of Oliver H P Whiteside who was born in Adair County in 1846. I believe he died there before age 10 because he never appears on any census with the family after the 1850 Us Census in KY. His mother was Elizabeth (Eliza) Campbell Whiteside. The family resided in Russell County, KY in 1840. Any information on the Whitesides would be appreciated. Sincerely J. Sumner,

Posted 12/30/12 Surname: Bailey

I am working on the Bailey family genealogy out of Adair County.  I came upon a family list on the site, that comes from "the bible of Elisha Bailey".  I would love to have a photo copy of this bible page.  Is this possible?  Who has this Elisha Bailey bible?  I am doing the research of Elisha Bailey's granddaughter Audrey Bailey White Jones. Would appreciate any help you could give me.  I am also looking for the story of Elisha Bailey killing Cy Watkins.  Any one know this story and how this killing came about? Thank you, Beverly Smith

Posted 12/23/12 Surname: Ellis

I am trying to find any information about Obediah Ellis. His daughter, Nancy Margaret Ellis married Tobias  Willhoite(Wilhite) 2 Sept. 1801. Thanks for any help, Winifred Miller,

Posted 11/30/12 Surname: Walkup

I am still stuck at my great grandparents. I would love to find where they are buried, or birth and death info. I get close and then the door closes, but I link something else that may or may not be linked to me, I won't know if i am related to all these Walkup people until I can relate them to my great grandparents. so here is what I have so far. . . . . I am looking for any and all information on: Joesph Walkup (could be Joe Walkup) and his wife Dinela Ross. (This is how it is spelled on my grandfather's death certificate.) However, I have seen her name appear possibly: Dynelia, delila stell or steel, or steele,
Rerulia, and Drucelia.I think she may be from Alabama, all the sources with her name spelled different all say she is from Alabama. So I am not sure if her last name is Ross or Steel!? I think Joseph was married to Lusarah Cheek before he married Doneila....but also not sure. Would love to find a marriage certificate or bond to help tie this piece together. I
know they( joesph and Dinellia) had 8 or 9 children, 2 were girls and 2 of the boys I know for sure one is my grandfather John Baker Walkup, and Eugene Walkup. Those two are buried in Hiseville Cemetery in Barren Co. KY in a few of the Walkup Plots we have. (my great grand father)Joesph Walkup Born ABT: 1834 possibly living in Flat Rock, Metcalfe Co. KY, Adair Co., Barren Co. Hart Co. KY. ( my grandfather) John Baker Walkup B:sept 12 1892-D: feb 23 1963. Other Walkups:
(possibly a brother to John Baker Walkup) Joe Walkup B: Nov 24 1962 D: May 3 1962 Spouse: Maude Parker Walkup
B: June 20 1897 D: Mar 21 1974 (Buried at Parker Cemetery, Barren Co, Coral Hill, KY.) I went to their grave yesterday and took pictures. I have added them to Eugene Walkup (brother of John Baker Walkup) B: june 1 1881 d.aug 7 1963 Spouse: Emma B:apr 12 1890 d.aug 22 1970. Buried: Hiseville Cemetery. I spent several hours in the Cultural Center in Glasgow KY searching records. Man, there are a lot of Walkups in KY or from KY to other areas. Each Walkup had at least or close to 10 kids. The spelling is horrible on the census so nothing is correct name wise, and one year they are there, 10 years from that the names are spelled different or they have vanished. Matthew Walkup comes up a lot in my research, and i'm pretty sure he was in either the revolutionary war or civil war. I have seen Methew J. Walkup U.S. Civil War Draft Registration. Class:1, Congressional district: 4 ,Age on July 01 1863: 36, place of birth KY. I know Joesph Huggert Walkup Married to Lusarah Cheek was in the American Revolution. I do not know how or if I am related to these guys yet. . . but that would be pretty awesome. :) I feel like everyone was named Joe, Joseph, joesph, or John way back when so it can be so confusing, plus no one could spell to make matters worse, and then they names their sons after themselves which makes it even more confusing down the road. No Joe JR or Joe SR. Any help or light that could be shed on this matter would be amazing. I am just stuck, been stuck since 2006 on my great grandparents and keep on getting dead ends. they vanish from the census, and have yet to see any form of death record. So I have no clue where they could be or are buried, and neither does my dad. He is 78 and I would love to crack this while I still have him around. I am sure they are buried in KY it seems they stayed all together for the most part esp. once they were older. They were all mostly farmers as well.
Hiseville, Barren County, Adair County, Metcalfe County, Hart County. are where I have been successful in finding any and all information. I have been to the library in Metcalfe County and the Cultural Center in Glasgow (which has records of Metcalfe, Hart, Barren, and Adair Co.) With some luck, but not the luck i need just yet. Where did my great grandparents go? Help please. :) Would love to be able to find some information on where my great grandparents are buried, and
who their parents were and if they were from Adair Co. Thanks so much. Amy Walkup Blandford,

Posted 11/25/12 Surname: Burris

My grandpa Logan Neat Burris was born in Adair Co. KY, to John Wesley Burress and Belle Perrymon. He was born February 1894. Logan married Kathrene M. Burton. Her parents were Nancy Ellen Dehart Burton and Joe Zack Burton. I
would like to know more about my g-grandparents and my g-g-grandparents. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Kathy Burris Scott,

Posted 10/10/12 Surname: Good/Goode & Wolford

I am stuck --- Tracing my Goode line --- I have James Lucien Good born 25 may 1898 in Gravel Switch, Marion Kentucky. His Father is Robert Leslie Good and Mother Inez Nora Wolford, Robert was born about Aug 1876 in Kentucky. Nora is the daughter of Richard G. & Elizabeth E.Wolford and was born in Boyle Co. in 1879. But I can’t locate Robert’s  parents – I am hoping someone can see if they can locate any records of the Goode Family that lived there in 1898. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks  Dan Hebert, (This query is cross-referenced between Adair, Casey & Marion counties)

Posted 09/21/12 Surname: Jones

Searching for Parents of  Phillip Sampson Jones or Amanda White (Jones). Both Phillip and Amanda Francis Jones  moved to Bloomington Indiana and worked on Monon Railroad. Both Phillip and Amanda are laid to rest in Clear Creek Cemetery Monroe Co. Bloomington, Indiana. Father of Phillip S. Jones may be Phillip A. Jones and Mother Elizabeth V. ? Bloomington court records show Phillip S. Jones from Adair County. Amanda Francis birthplace:Taylor Co. Ky. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Anthony Brown,

Posted 09/21/12 Surname: Wethington

My father's name was William Frank Wethington.  He passed away 8/4/1971  I never knew his family other than 2 uncles. I didn't know there was so many Wethingtons. I want to know where they came from. I know my Grandmother's name was Mary Jane. Any information about these people would be appreciated,

Posted 08/31/12 Surname: Bomar

Seeking burial location of Winnie and Logan Bomar, both of Adair County. Winnie (1815-?) was a slave to Benjamin Bomar-first sheriff of Adair County, her death date unknown.  Winnie's son Logan, according to Adair Co. News, was "a well known colored man about town".  However, I cannot find burial location for either.  Logan had many children, Jerry, Omar and Irvin were 3. Logan's brother was Dudley Bomar, cannot locate him after 1870 except a mention in newspaper.  What was Adair County like for black people 1865-1925? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Lynn Martin,

Posted 08/31/12 Surname: Bennett

I am trying to find info on Oliver Bennett he was my I have a Georgia census showing he was born in
Kentucky. I have heard he came from Harmony, Adair co. Kentucky. I cannot find anything from the Kentucky census because they don't list the names (before 1850) so therefore I cannot find anything about him. The only hints I can give is that he has two sons one born in 1869 and the other born in 1871 in Georgia. Their ages would put Oliver born in the general area of about 1820 to 1850. Hopefully someone may know something.  Thank you, Deborah "Bennett" Allen,

Posted 08/26/12 Surname: Atkinson

I am searching for the location of the land once owned by Joshua Atkinson in Adair county. His will states that my 4th great grandfather William C. Atkinson was the executor of his will in 1831. Also looking for descendents of Thomas W and Sherwood W Atkinson. Any help really appreciated! Jim Atkinson,

Posted 08/26/12 Surname: Rowe, Hubbard, Wheeler & Janes

Would like any information on Rowe, Hubbard, Wheeler, or Janes family in Adair county prior to 1850. Any help appreciated, Gary Rowe,

Posted 08/21/12 Surname: Burris

Looking for the birth of Lonnie Earl Burris, 1910 and his parents. They lived in Milltown but Lonnie left very young and ran off to Springfield, IL. Appreciate any help.  Earl Belcher,

Posted 08/18/12 Surname: Witt

Looking for Joseph Witt b. abt. 1777 d. aft. 1802 Adair Co., KY (Killed by falling tree).  Married to Sarah L. Earls in Jefferson Co., TN. Sarah died abt. 1821 Crocus, Adair Co., KY.  Would like to find where they are buried. Any help appreciated, thanks,
Norma Witt Blair,

Posted 08/16/12 Surname: Fox

I am looking for a connection between John Fox, Sr., (b.1776 PA.- d.1852 Russell Co., KY and Abraham Fox (d.1821) Adair Co., KY. John Fox is my 5th great grandfather and any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff Fox,

Posted 08/05/12 Surname: Murrell

My father was Broadus Murrell born 10/7/1913 and I am looking for his birthplace within Adair County. Any help appreciated, Carole Swope,

Posted 07/27/12 Surname: Stevens

Looking for info on Robert or B. R. Stevens born 1814 in Adair county. Married Elizabeth Pelley in Adair county on Sept. 12, 1839. I believe he died in 1851. Any help appreciated, Diane Hooker,

Posted 07/19/12 Surname: Slavey

I am looking for more information for my relatives; William C. Slavey married to Anna M. Slavey, produced Joseph, Ethel, James and 6 more children. My fathers Birth Certificate shows Knifley KY my grandparents was born in. James was born in Columbia Ky. James was born in 08/13/1911. James was my father who died 11/14/1969 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was
married to Jacqueline R. Schwing. Thanks for any help, Emma Sowder (Slavey),

Posted 06/30/12 Surname: Scott

Looking for parents of Andrew Scott, or Andrew Jackson Scott. Supposedly b.1801 SC and moved to Adair County, KY (later Russell Co. KY). One of the big Scott families there that had children born in SC were James Scott and Nancy Cassidy, but Andrew isn't listed as a child on any family sites I have visited. Married Elizabeth Wade 10/4/1824, Adair Co. KY. Children: Mary Scott 1828, Sophia Surfire Scott 1835, Henry Scott 1829, Joseph Scott 4/1834, Henrietta Scott 1836, Andrew Jackson Scott 8/15/1834, William Scott 1841, John Scott 1842, Sarah Scott 1845. My line is through Sophia Scott who married William Frederick Conn. Any help will be appreciated, Richard Carpenter,

Posted 06/22/12 Surname: Walker

Still trying to find information on great-great- grandfather James Alexander Walker, born 10 March 1823 in Adair County. He moved to IL and was married in Brown County to Amada Buffington. Appreciate any help. Thanks, Roger Walker,

Posted 06/08/12 Surname: Maxey

Seeking parents  of Jane Maxey b.1802 pl unknown.   m. James Baker, b.1804, Pulaski Co. KY,  on August  1824, Adair Co,  KY. Any help will be appreciated, Carolyn B.Balog,

Posted 06/06/12 Surname: Atkinson

I am looking for the children of Joshua Atkinson. I am the gggrandson of Sashal Atkinson( SW) and am trying to make the connection to Josh. I know there were some court records at one time but cannot locate them. Any help here? Thanks, Jim Atkinson,

Posted 06/04/12 Surname: Lyon

John Lyon, Sr. of Adair Co. was my 3rd great-grandfather. His daughter, Elizabeth, married William Mourning. Does anyone know where John and wife, Martha are buried? Thank You, Jill Koehler,

Posted 06/03/12 Surname: Sanders

Looking for info on William Riley Sanders and the name of the Store he ran the Casey Creek, Ky. Post Office in the 1860's. The Neetsville(Neatsville) Post Office was first named Casey Creek and the moved to Neetsville(Neatsville). Then Casey Creek open another Post Office. Thanks for any info, Paul W Abell,

Posted 05/11/12 Surname: Spalding / Leannartz (various spellings)

My great great great grandfather was J B (possibly Joseph Benedict) Spalding – a shoemaker who lived in Marion county per the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census and was born about 1828 in Marion County. He married Isabelle Lennartz or something close to that.  Various birth and death records suggest the name could have been Bell Lenento, Eisbelle Lennsartz, Lena Artz, etc. They both show up in the 1850 and 1860 census, in the latter with children Thomas, David, Laura, Martin and Joseph. Isabell is not in the 1880 census and may have died during or shortly after the birth of her last child. Am trying to find out more about Isabella Lennartz. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, R. Gregory Breetz, Jr.


Posted 05/11/12 Surname: Page / Jayne

Hello, I'm tracing my Fathers family history.... Page & Jayne families from Adair County-Cane Valley and VA. (as well). I have hit a "Brick wall" when it comes to G.B. PAGE 1854-1942. He was my Great Grandfather, son of Willie Emory Page... but that's all I know. If you can help I would so appreciate it! Thank You! Melissa Rowan, P.S. I'm also working on Jaynes records also from Cane Valley, Adair County.

Posted 05/10/12 Surname: Loveall

I am trying to find the father of Joseph Loveall b ca 1838 probably in Adair Co., KY. He moved to Sumner County TN prior to the 1860 census and joined the 7th TN Inf. He married Melinda Emmaline "Emily" West. I am trying to prove or disprove that his parents are Jesse and Malinda Loveall who moved to Adair county after their marriage. Later they moved back to TN and had James and Nancy Loveall. Jas was born ca 1857 in Sumner County. Joseph was wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines, VA in April of 1862. Marched across the state to Fortress Monroe VA where he died of those wounds in Sept. of 1862. At some point shortly after Melinda remarried Mark Lawrence. When she died she and her son James were buried next to each other at the Bushes Chapel Co C cemetery. Sumner County, TN. There is a theory that Jonathan Loveall/Lovell of New England, PA and Pulaski County, KY., son of the Rev. Henry Loveall,  was Joseph's grandfather but I have found no sure proof. If you have proof of this or have any other information on this line, please contact me. Would love to share info with you re this line. Thanks, Janet Loveall Eve,

Posted 04/27/12 Surname: Montgomery

I am trying to find a death certificate for my husband’s Great-Grandfather and try to find where he is buried too.
His name was:
BORN:  6-19-1872
MARRIED:  6-27-1894
WIFE:  Rose Lee Hurt
Parents:  James Marion Montgomery and Martha D. Rogers.  All persons listed above were born in Adair, KY. Any help will be appreciated, Cyndee Montgomery,

Posted 04/03/12 Surname: Cowan / Everhart

I am looking for any information on my Mother, Treva Cowan Everhart. She was born in Columbia, Ky. May 21, 1927. Her dad was Florence Cowan, her mom was Clara Bryant Cowan. She had a sister, Lela Cowan, and two brothers that I know of Golden Rice Cowan and Claude Cowan. Any help would be appreciated. My name is Roberta Montgomery. Thank you,

Posted 04/03/12 Surname: Chapman / Grant

I am trying to find records for my great-grandmother. Her name was Laura Belle Chapman, born 1870, died 1890, married(?) to
Michael H. Grant born 1868.  All records indicate they lived in Adair County, but I cannot find a marriage record or death certificate.  Her only child Josephine Grant was born 2/20/1889. Does anyone have any record of her? Any help will be appreciated, Carole Egge,

Posted 03/28/12 Surname: Helmantaller

My great great uncle Jacob Helmantaller married Nancy Guisford Feb 13 1838. Jacob was on Adair Co 1850 census as farmer age 35 and wife Nancy age 28 with no children. Is there evidence that he stayed in Adair or moved on to Hickman County KY then on to Massac Co. Illinois? ANy help will be very appreciated! Thank you in advance, Michael  Helmantoler

Posted 03/23/12 Surname: Dotson

Hello I’m looking for any information on James Fisher Dotson who died in Adair county about 1850. Thanks, any help is appreciated! Genie Pritchard

Posted 03/16/12 Surname: Stotts

I have traced my family to MILLER Stotts He was my great-grandfather also James Thomas Corbin was my grandfather Would like any info especially about Civil War. Any help will be appreciated, Kenneth Murphy,

Posted 03/16/12 Surname: Bryant

I am trying to figure out which David Bryant is mine.  He was married to Lydia Kisset Curry and had three children; Eliza, George Thomas (GGF) 1866-1946 and James.  His father should be Peter Bryant.  The marriage bond for David and Lydia was posted in Adair County by Benjamin Curry. Was he her father?  There are too many Davids in the Bryant family at this time and it has been difficult to identify him and his parents.  Any help is much appreciated. Deloris Parks,

Posted 03/07/12 Surname: Bryant/Cowan

Looking for Clara Bryant Cowan. She married Florence Cowan, they lived in Columbia. Clara would have been my Grandma on my Moms side. She would have been born around 1903-1905. Any help will be appreciated, thanks, ROBERTA MONTGOMERY,

Posted 01/21/12 Surname: Isaacks

My ancestor is Samuel Isaacks, born in NC around 1793.  According to Dodd, Jordan, Kentucky Marriages, 1802-1850, he married Polly Cornwell on 8 Aug 1816 in Adair county.  Three of their children were born in Kentucky, according to census
records.  It appears that they left Kentucky and immigrated to Illinois between 1830 and 1834.  I have property records showing purchases beginning in 1834.  I am looking for Samuel Isaacks parents, and would be happy for any clues.  I believe he had two siblings, James and Elizabeth Jane. Thank you, Helen Browne,

Posted 01/18/12 Surname: Conover

I am looking for information on the daughter of Levi Conover, her name was Nancy, Hannah, or Susannah, and she married Charles Kinnett/Kennett.  Levi lived in Adair county. Any help appreciated, Meg Mansell,

Posted 01/15/12 Surname: Breeding

Need verification that Sciata Alice Breeding b. 26 Oct 1867 in Adair Co., KY is the dau of William Montgomery Breeding b. Sept 1841 in Adair Co. KY d. 1919 Adair Co., and 1st wife Mary Frances Grissom b 3 Nov 1849 in Adair Co. He marr 2nd another Mary.  Will be happy to pay for any expenses or make a donation for this information.  Thank you, Hazel Foltyn,

Posted 01/03/12 Surname: Ross

My 4th great grandfather John Ross came over from Scotland and settled in Adair, Kentucky, where he fought in the Revolutionary war.  He died in 1838 and in my research of my Ross lineage I have came across Information that when he died the town of Adair put up a memorial to him for his service in the Revolutionary War, and he is buried in the Ross Cemetery on Dug Road ? in Adair, Columbia, Kentucky.  He was a private in the war and fought under Col Charles Lewis, Gen. Weaden's Brigade on the Continental line.  His Rev. War Pension # is 535636.  His wife was Nancy Bowen Ross who died in Adair, in 1810.  If you have any information on my grandfather, his family and where he is buried or on the memorial, I would be greatly appreciate the information and if there is a fee, please contact me.  Thank You ahead of time for any assistance you can be. Respectfully yours
Nancy Ross Hall

Posted 12/18/11 Surname: Patton (also Golliher, Rowe, Pike, Breeding, Gowen & Meadows)

Rev.Brutus Patton was born ca 1818 in Morgan Co. TN, parents unknown, he married Nancy Matilda Fare or Farr, they appear in Clinton Co. KY in 1850, Adair Co Ky in 1860 and 1870 . They disappear after 1870 census. They had the following children Absolom who marr. Amanda Golliher, Elizabeth S. who marr John M Rowe, Mary Ann who married Jesse Pike, William A. who marr. Virs Jane Breeding, Martha Jane who marr. Henry C Gowen, Nancy M who marr. Albert Meadows and John Price and several more of which nothing is known. Surely someone connected to one of these families knows what happened to Brutus and Nancy , where did they go? when did they die? where are they buried? This has been a brick wall for over 35 yrs. many have tried to find out and no one has succeded. Please help if you can, names involved Patton, Golliher, Rowe, Pike, Breeding, Gowen Meadows . Also a dau. Melissa marr. a Mosely. Thanks . Marilyn M Fair

Posted 12/18/11 Surname: Kelso

I found a record that stated John H. "Jack" Kelso and his brother Hugh Preston "HP" Kelso were from Adair County Kentucky. HP is my grandmothers grandfather. I believe he was born around 1805. He supposedly came to Illinois with his brother Jack around 1831. I cannot find anything about HP's birth, or about their parents. Would love some help. Thanks, Jeremy Brockhouse,

Posted 12/14/11 Surname: Selby

Lingan Wilson Selby, B. 1753, MD. Died 2-5-1821, Adair, KY. Married Drucilla Fowler, 1775, Prince Georges, MD. I am looking for any information related to Lingan Wilson Selby.  I have heard that Lingan Wilson Selby died while working on a perpetual motion machine, but have not found any information to document.  Also looking for his will. Any information that can be found will be greatly appreciated.  Even if there is only a "try here". Thank you, Nancy Schlager,

Posted 12/05/11 Surname: Montgomery

I would like to know more about W. W. Montgomery and who he was married to. I am his great granddaughter and he was from Adair county. My grandfather (his son) was postmaster of Ozark, I have the postmaster certificate and the tube that it was sent to him in. I was born and raised in Adair county. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, Mary V. Montgomery Bishop,

Posted 11/24/11 Surname: Kinnaird

I would like to know if there is any records of slave owners and their slaves. I have hit a brick wall with Martha Kinnaird, 1820 and daughter Sybla (Sylla) Kinnaird 1840. Is there a cemetery for blacks in the area? I believe that the slave owner was Mary Kinnaird. I saw her name on my great-great grandfather's(Herschel Kinnaird) birth record. Thanks for any help, Chantell,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Varied

My connection to Adair County is that I was born and raised in Adair County in the Knifley community and graduated from Adair County High.  Looking for any information on the following family names: Robison, Hadley, Hancock, Tupman, Munday,Overstreet, Barr, Eastridge. Thank you, Cathie Williams

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Hopkins family on Big Creek

looking for information on Big Creek, Adair (green) county in 1800. A William Hopkins wife Elizabeth Jane. and Williams sister Lucy Hopkins Kent / husband Isaac Kent. They owned adjoining land in this area. totaling about 200 or more acres. they were there from 1798-1810. The Kents until 1819. Any help appreciated, Judy Surles Hopkins,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Belew/Belue/Ballew/Ballow

Trying to get info on Sam and Ruthie Belew (Belue, Ballew, or Ballow). They would possibly be my GGgrandparents and lived in Adair County around 1800 to 1825. Thanks for any help, Jearl E Ballow,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Oldacre

My ancestor, Daniel Oldacre(4gparent), was born in Kentucky around 1811. The last thing that I can find on him in Kentucky is where he apparently signed the marriage bond for Adam B Miller & Exona Mason on June 22, 1843.  Sometime after this, he moved the family to Morgan County Alabama. I would love to hear from someone who has more info on the Oldacre family.  Both he and his wife, Ann Bradshaw Oldacre, are buried here in Al, albeit in different cemeteries.  Thank you to anyone who can help me. Shirley Thompson Funk,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Sublett/Ginnrett

Does anyone have any information regarding Hill Sublett and/or Delphine Ginnrett. I believe they were married in Adair County 11 Dec 1809. Hillary Sublett appears in the 1810 Census. By 1830 I know the couple and their children moved to Montgomery County, Missouri. I believe Hill Sublett was born in Chesterfield County, Virginia circa 1784. I believe
Delphine was also from Virginia (county unknown) and born circa 1785. If anyone could help me fill in the Adair County part of my ancestor's timeline I would be most appreciative. Beth ,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Bingham

I am searching for information on my great Grandfather, Doctor William W. Bingham. He practiced in Adair & Green counties in the 1800's. He lived in a big two story hipped roof house near the picket chapel church, he also pastured there. any info would be appreciated, Thanks, Lou Bingham, loubingham@windstream.netpreciated.

 Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Scott

Hi.  I am trying to find Robert Scott.  His son's names were Isaac, born around 1808, Robert around 1809, Samuel 1810 and Hiram born 1813. From research, I believe they lived in Adair county. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Marla Scott Fiala

 Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Perkins

I am try to find out where my great grandfather Edward Porter Perkins where he is buried. He was married to Mary Pina Parker. She is buried in the Hovious-Perkins cemetery. I am also trying to find the location of that cemetery also. I know its
around Casey Creek Ky. Here is some of the info I have Edward Porter Perkins born Apr 28 1876 Green Co Ky
Died Nov 17 1968. burial in adair co ky. The son of Wm Hudson Perkins and Ellen Sidebottom. I would be so happy to be able to go to there graves and take picture of them. Thank You Christina A Osborne Munson,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Adkins

I am looking for the parents of James Adkins, born Adair County, KY July 22, 1815.  He is my great-great grandfather. Any help appreciated, Roberta Gilbert,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Wisdom/Stapp

Thomas WISDOM wf Catherine STAPP) moved his family from NC to KY c1788. They lived in Madison, Cumberland and Adair Cos that I know about. His son, William married in Adair Co in 1804. Don't know her name but feel it
was SMITH. Maybe Dorcas? They had 3 boys between 1805-1814 and she must have died about then as William married Lucy Robertson in 1817. William and Lucy moved their family to Hardin Co TN around 1820-21. I'd really like to have his first wifes name and any other information on this family. Thank you, Ginger Weeks,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Wheeler/Bratcher

Jeanetta Wheeler, b-1823 in Adair County, KY Died before 1852. Married Simeon Bratcher 21 Oct 1841 in Adair County, KY Any information concerning her burial location will be helpful. Thanks, Karl Bratcher,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Elliot

I'm trying to information on Granville Elliott of Adair County Ky. b. 1829 d. 1862 especially military records, his will, cause of death, etc. Thanks, Patti Cooke,

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Grant

My g g grandmother Eliza Jane Grant b 1845 Adair CO KY, d OK. On 1860 census Adair Cty with her parents Sarah Antle and James Grant m 1829 Adair CO KY.  James son of Michael & Jane Near Grant.  Sarah was daughter of Mary
Polly Simmons & Henry Antle m 1806 Adair County. Looking for info on these famiies.  Does any one know what happened to James Grant?  Where buried? Thanks, RJ Goodwin, <

Posted 11/13/11 Surname: Isaacks

One of my grandfather's, Samuel Isaacks, was married in Adair Co., KY, on 8 Aug 1816, Book ?, page 44, I need more information on this family. Their first three children were born there between 1824 and 1830. Any help appreciated. Kathleen Schroeder,

Posted 06/21/11 Surname: Brown

I was needing to find out what Brown's are buried at Barnett Creek Cemetery? My GG Grandpa was Daniel Brown that passed in 1909 and I have a feeling he could very well be in that cemetery. If anyone has a list of burials and can do me a look-up, let me know! Thanks for any help, MaDonna

Posted 06/13/11 Surname: Shepherd

my fathers name is herbert harris-his mothers name before she married was -lona shepherd-but lona shepherd was adopted by mary and frank shepherd which are some kind of relative to my mother - mazie evalene shepherd (harris). i am trying to find the true parents of my grandmother lona shepherd and how she became adopted. i know that frank and mary are from adair county. i have heard the name swanson may have been my grandmothers last name before adoption. my mothers parents were loren and echel shepherd (calhoun ). any information you can find on my grandmother i will be forever greatful.--------because i loved her. thank you, pepper harris,

Posted 06/08/11 Surname: Shirley [cemetery]

 I'm looking for info on the old Shirley cemetery located in Milltown community. Info I have is that it is located about a mile upstream from Milltown bridge on the banks of Russell Creek. Probably very old and hard to find. Any
info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wayne Shirley,

Posted 05/09/11 Surname: Smith

I am researching John SMITH (1864-1921) who was married in Casey County, KY in 189.  He is listed in the 1900 census in Casey’s Creek, KY – with his wife Mary J. DUNKIN (1877-1951). Looking for ancestors for both of these people, and more information about them and their family. Thanks, Rebecca Smith,

Posted 04/26/11 Surname: Johnston/Johnson

Johnston/Johnson, Thomas and wife Patsy (Clay).  Both probably in Adair Co. (c) 1810-1822 per land records.  Son John Johnson and wife Abby (Folden) married in Adair Co 1821.  Need death info for Thomas/Patsy and children's names. Any help will be appreciated. Annette Keller,

Posted 04/17/11 Surname: Gaddis

I need to find out some information about my great-great grandparents William Gaddis and his wife Rebecca Jane (Coffey) Gaddis. He was born in 1854 in Casey Co. and died Feb. 19, 1916 in Lincoln Co. Rebecca was born Aug. 23, 1859 and died July 14, 1911 in Casey Co. My great-grandfather Ulysses S. Gaddis was born March 31, 1875 in Adair Co. and died Feb. 1, 1945 in Mitchell, IN. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeremiah Jones

Posted 04/17/11 Surname: Adkins

I am researching a g grandfather, Roland Adkins (Rowland Atkins) who married Judith Goode in 1807 in Adair County. There is a document in THE REPUBLICAN RECORD, heading: RELICS OF THE PAST, dated Nov. 1, 1929, that states a deed to Roland from William and Polly Adkins as well as other information. I would love to receive a copy of that documentation. Could you please tell me who I contact? Thanks, Gina Adkins Lipp,

Posted 04/17/11 Surname: Christie

Wyatt E Christie was born 1812 in Adair Co., Kentucky and married Amanda Myers in 1834 in Green Co. I've searched, and worked with the genealogist at Plano, TX library. We cannot find anything on the parents of Wyatt. Could you please suggest a source or direction for further inquiry? Any help would be appreciated, Kim Christie Caldwell,

Posted 04/17/11 Surname: Burton

I am searching for information on Mag Burton.  According to Kentucky Marriage records she married Sid Streeval.  Both were from Adair County. It was a first marriage for both on March 23, 1907.  Sid is my great grandfather who married Mary Susan Cowan on July 21, 1907.  The records
indicate it was Sid's 2nd marriage and the first for Mary Susan.  I did find a Magnolia Burton Streeval who is buried in Edinburgh, IN at Rest Haven. Thanks, June Blankenship,

Posted 04/14/11 Surname: Woodrum

I'm searching for information on Obediah Woodrum who lived in Adair County Kentucky from around 1820 until his death about 1840. I would appreciate any information on his death and burial also. Thanks, Mike Woodrum,

Posted 04/14/11 Surname: Maxey

Looking for family/parents of Jane Maxey,b.1802, m.James Baker b.1804, August 1824 in Adair County KY. Any help will be appreciated, thanks,  Carolyn Balog,

Posted 04/09/11 Surname: Dunn

Looking for more information on the Dunn family listed on the 1810 Adair County census. Also, Mary Dunn and family, noted on the 1820 Adair County census. Any information will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you, Lyn Dunn Milam,

Posted 04/09/11 Surname: Farnim / Noffsinger

I'm hoping to find a lineage from the union of a Malinda Farnim b. 1810 Virginia and ? Noffsinger 24 Oct 1825.
What is the gentleman's given name and is he LeGrand Noffsinger's  (b.1827d.1851)  father as well as my ancestor's Lucy Noffsinger ( b.1840? Illinois?) Malinda Farnim aka Malinda Creel b.1810 Adair Co Kentucky. Thanks,
Deborah Hawley,

Posted 04/06/11 Surname: Mosby

I am looking for the father or mother of John W Mosby  (1828),(mosbey). John had 4 children James C, Nancy, Mary F. and Lusarah (Lou Sarah), and was married to Elizabeth F Skaggs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any help would really be appreciated, Marcia Mosby,

Posted 03/26/11 Surname: Gains

My Great Grandfather Cheatham Gains lived as a border with J. E. Smith in 1900 in Adair County. I'm wondering if anyone else knows anything about J. E. Smith or if you have information regarding my grandfather Cheatham.  I can't find anything about his birth or his
parents names.  Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.  Cynthia

Posted 03/17/11 Surname: Busby

Matthew Busby and Saluda Tinsley Busby came to Adair Co around 1816 from Va. After Saluda's death, Matthew married 2nd, Sarah "Sally" Drake, and had a daughter named Permelia. In the 1850 disposition of the deceased
Matthew's Adair Co land, he named a daughter, Permelia Fitzpatrick, who was "the widow of the deceased James Fitzpatrick." In 1853, Permelia married 2nd Joseph Evans Winfrey and lived in Carroll Co MO.
I've not been able to find ANYTHING on the above James Fitzpatrick. Need help finding more on him. Paula Dunklin,

Posted 03/17/11 Surname: Finn

Re:  Charles Becham Finn son of John and Catherine (or Katherine)Finn. Charles (my grandfather) was supposed to have been born in Adair County in Feb. 1896.  He had a brother Thomas and a sister Mary, maybe other
siblings as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks, Donna Allen, DMORGANALLEN@HOTMAIL.COM

Posted 03/11/11 Surname: Ferrill

Looking for info on Robert Ferrill from Adair County, Casey Creek, Ky. He was a postmaster around 1852 to 1862 + or -.  Looking for postmaster or post office info such as location, Commissioning docs, land grants , Deeds, etc. thanks, Paul W Abell,

Posted 03/08/11 Surname: Bailey / Williams

Looking for any information on John Austin Bailey - Grandfather and Myrtle Logan Williams - Grandmother. Any help will be appreciated, Lisa Moore,

Posted 03/08/11 Surname: Bennett

Looking for the BENNETT Family. I know my family came from Adair County on both my father and mother
side. But I think I might have a wrong ancestor lined up. My g-father George Oliver Bennett then Edward then Oliver P then John then William and another William. I cannot find a tie between Oliver P and John. Any
help would be appreciated. I do still have family there, but mostly in Russell county. Thanks, Kim Matthews,

Posted 03/03/11 Surname: Gaskins

My grandparents names were Alvin (Avie) Reed and Mary Ann (Williams) Gaskins. Alvin's daddy was Buchanan (Buck) Gaskins. They lived in the Ella [has been referred to as Goodin Crossroads community] of Adair County. Alvin was in WWI. There could be more Gaskin(s) in Russell County. They leave the "s" off their names. There's another Phillip
Gaskin in Jamestown. I didn't know of my grandparent's parents may have originated in Russell County as my Alvin use to walk to Russell County to visit relatives. I'd really like to know from which state any Gaskins may have immigrated from. Thanks, Phillip or

Posted 02/25/11 Surname: Wilson / Grider

George Washington Wilson Jr. at 1833 Married Mary (Elizabeth) Grider daughter of William Preston Grider. Also ex wife of Charles Wilson ? and John Rowe whom she married in 1859. George and Mary Married in 1870 i believe ..and have issues knowing if it was Jr born 1833 or Sr. born 1806 she married... what i want to know is for sure who is the father of Henry Clay Wilson born 1870-1871 adair co.KY Whom Married Fannie Belle Franklin
and if it was George Wilson Jr.. Was George Wilson Jr Mother Mary Compton? and also George Sr. Ancestry.  Any and all help would be great. I am G-G grandson of Henry Clay Wilson. Thanks, Steven James Wilson,

Posted 02/24/11 Surname: Loveall

I am looking for Jonathon Loveall and any of his children. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Jewell Streeter,

Posted 02/24/11 Surname: Hendrickson

Looking for anything on Lucinda Hendrickson born 6 Oct 1813 in Adair.  Married Travis Green Stowers in Indiana.
Father may be John Hendrickson and mother may be Nancy Clifton.  There must be siblings???  I just can't find this family. Appreciate any help or just plain ideas. Nancy Kendall,

Posted 02/16/11 Surname: Simpson

Looking for possible burial place for my G-G-G-grandparents who's names are Jesse & Winnie Simpson. They are listed in the 1880 Adair County, Ky Casey Creek census. I have no further info on them. Their son
Hezekiah is buried @ Tabernacle cemetery near Knifley. I'm traveling back home as soon as weather breaks to do some research. I was born in Casey Creek and attended Mt Zion school & Mt Zion CHOG until moving to Illinois
in 1950. Any help appreciated! Joseph Simpson,

Posted 02/04/11 Surname: Adkins

I would like to know if you have any information regarding Roland Adkins. He married Judith Goode in 1807, lived in Adair County then moved on to Missouri in 1832 or 1838. He had three brothers, John, Joseph and
William. Any information that you have regarding possible parents would be appreciated.
Thank-you, Gina Adkins Lipp,

Posted 01/24/11 Surname: Carter

Looking for any connections for George Washington Carter b abt 1812. Father Thomas Isaac mother: Elizabeth
Siblings: Nancy, Violet, Flemmon, John, It is said that Thomas I died in 1816 but I can't find any proof and the
people printing it do not respond to me. George lived in Russell and then Adair. He taught at Danville Academy,
farmed. Would love to know when he died and where he is buried. George married Mary Ann Polly Rabern d/o John Christopher "Kit" Rayburn. She died abt 1867--do not know where she is buried. Any help appreciated. Thanks, SOxner,

Posted 01/12/11 Surname: Gaskins

Can anyone tell me of the parents of Alvin Reed Gaskins in Adair County? He and his wife Mary Ann (Williams) Gaskins raised a large family in Adair County. I know Alvin's father's name was Buchanna Gaskins. Nickname of
"Buck".  Were they the original Gaskins in Adair county? Thank You, Phillip Gaskins,

Posted 01/04/11 Surname: Bunch

I am searching for a Micajah Bunch (a Melugeon), born 1733 in VA; in the late 1700 he migrated to Kyles Ford, /TN then to the southwestern part of KY; in 1799 he was in Cumberland County, 1800 in Russell County and in 1802 he was on the tax list for Adair County. 1802 is the last record our family has located for him. If anyone has information about Micajah Bunch whose brother William was in Russell County in the early 1800s, I would be very appreciative if you would please contact me. Thank you for your assistance with this posting. Brenda Jody

Posted 01/04/11 Surname: Wade? / Dooley?

I am trying to find information on a baby boy born in Adair Co. KY in 1874, possibly illegitimate.  Fathers surname Wade, first name is unknown. Mother's maiden name was Dooley.  This baby boy was my great
grandfather but no one in the family can ever recall hearing the father's name.  If this is a true story we would like to know.  The mother married and it was told that the baby has always gone by the step-fathers name.
If anyone has facts about this child please let me know. Anita Pike,

Posted 01/02/11 Surname: Smith

I am trying to locate parents of my g-g-g-grandfather Andrew Smith.  He was born in Kentucky in 1811.  I think his father's name was Andrew also. I have traced three Andrew Smith in Kentucky in 1810, one of which was in Adair  County Kentucky. Does anyone know anything about the Andrew Smith that was in the 1810 census in Adair County? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Kathryn Redd,