Bon Jellico, KY Schools
1911 School Census Report

District 23 Div 2, Briar Creek School (Ages 6-19)

Grover Brown Dannie (1904)
John Childers George, Cooper, Grant, Frank, Billy
James Click Dannie, Grace, Roxie, Maud, Herman (1905)
Dan Corner Eva, Nannie, Ida (1902)
Faye Corton Dellie (1893)
  Leonard & Ettie Cox
Fred Hinkle Fred, Fannie (1893)
W.M. Jones Bilie, Minnie (1904)
Charlie Lovitt Raney, Siord (1904)
Melt Lovitt Luther, Hester, Minnie, Earl (1905)
Roe Mayfield Lydia (1893)
John Morgan & Hester Frank (11 yrs.), Emanuel, Ancil
Tom Murie Fred, Henry James (1902)
A. Nunley Eva (1902), John
Albert Owens Kathy (1894)
S.P. Oliver Colonel, Bertha, Ethel (13 yrs.)
James Owens Lartin, Sherman, ranzy, Cawood, Lewis (1905)
Sam Paul (Pall) Ida, Edward (1905)
Jessie Prewitt Arthur, Albert, May, Bill (1903)
James Prewitt Nellie, Charley, Robert, Lawrence (1905)
Nancy Rains Crit Rains - Joe (1899)
J.H. Rethford Will Richardson (1893), Earnest Freeman (1896), S. Ruthford (1902)
Tom Richardson Arthur, Ruth, Nannie (8 yrs.)
Bird Stanaford Curtis Stanaford
Geo. Stanaford Lorie, Joicy, Samp (12 yrs.), Miles, Goater
Shred Stanaford Norie, Clarence (1902), Paula (1909)
A.M. Sturd Conrad, Edna (1902)
John Taylor & Mosie Tavy (1897), Willard, Claud, Walter (1905)
Willie Walden Roscoe, Morris Brown, Nellie ABrown, John Brown
Andy Walker Emile, Robert, Alford, Clark (1905), Edward
John West Sarah, Scott (1905)


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