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Posted 11/3/09


Did someone have family information on the Nunley family and the Cornelius family from williamsburg that they wanted to share with me.?
My father was Mack Cornelius and my grandparents were George and Nancy Coarnelius thatey lived on School Lane in WIllaimsburg. My mother was Eva Nunley. My grandparents were Nancy Nunley and Alex Nunley .The lived in Bon Jellico camp. Opal Fay Cornelius

Posted 7/26/08


I'm Marion Woolum Jr & would like to know if you have any more info on my dad Marion Woolum. Great site you have for Bon. My dad is listed on your site.  I was born in Corbin in 1946, but heard dad talk a lot about Bon. Thanks for anything you can do.  Marion Woolum

Posted 7/26/08


Looking for information on the Bunch family. My great grandfather was Henry Addison Bunch. Does anyone have any information on his parents? They are believed to be Sarah Bunch and John Miles.  I cannot find any proof of this. The census lists him as her nephew. Thank you, Carolyn Bunch Manning

Posted 7/26/08


My father-in-law, Bobby Coyt Collins was born in Williamsburg 4/12/1931 and was the son of Oscar Coyt Collins. His mom's maiden name was Cornelius; I was told her first name was Carrie.  Oscar's mom was Sarah Webb.

I am looking for any info I can find. My father-in-law divorced my husband's mom when he was 9 and we have no info. My husband has a half brother in the Chicago area. My husband's name is Robert Earl and he was raised in Cincinnati. We have 4 children and 5 grand children.  His 1/2 brother has the name of Bobby Coyt. My husband's mom's name was Alma Thompson Collins. She passed away two years ago, Bobby Coyt passed away in 85.

Bobby Coyt had a brother by the name of Ed and when their mom died, Oscar remarried Italy Hudson. They had 2 children, Mary and Eugene. I think Eigene still lives in the area.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Our children and grandchildren would like to know also.  Sue Ann Collins

Posted 7/26/08


My grandmother Easter Sharp was born in Bon Jellico in 1930.  Her brother, Jack Dempsey Sharp was born there in 1932. Her parents were William Jack Sharp and Flora (Rose) Sharp.

When I told her about this site she told me that she and her brother were not registered and later had trouble getting birth certificates.  She told me that she was delivered by Dr. Stonecipher and that he had a big yellow brick house.

She and her family moved to Williamsburg, KY and she said that Dr. Stonecipher moved there as well so she remembers him well.

We know little about the family and it would be great if someone could help us out. I also know and am related to several Fritts that lived in Williamsburg and are now here in Ohio.  Thank you, Mandy

Posted 7/26/08


I am the daughter of Eva Nunley and Mac Cornelius. My mother and grandparents, Alec and Nancy Nunley lived in the Bon Jellico camp. My uncle Paul and aunt Pauline Witt lived in Emlyn.  My father, Mac Cornelius worked in the Bon Jellico Mines until his death in 1940.

My father's family was George and Nancy Cornelius of Williamsburg. My aunt was Susie Green.

I came back every year for the homecoming until Mother died in 1990. I only came back once again and there was hardly anyone there.

My brothers were Blaine Cornelius, Bill Cornelius, Paul, Mack, Harold Richard, Curtis and my twin brother Donnie. My sister was Nancy and she married Earl Steely, who died in the war. Thank you, Opal Fay Cornelius.  

Posted 7/26/08


I was at a Bunch Family reunion in Williamsburg on July 18 (2008).  We were talking and one of my cousins found your website. She was mentioning the Bunch Family and the Old school house. She mentioned the website.

I started doing a little looking and found more information on my Fatherís side which is the Oliverís. My father was Charles E. Oliver son of Colonel Franklin Oliver Family. It is mentioned that Charles married Mossie Bunch which is my mother I am an only child of that family. My father Charles E. Oliver died last year 8-16-2007. My mother Mossie Oliver (formerly Bunch) Died June 16, 2007. I have 5 children List oldest first Mark E. Oliver, Lori A. Oliver, Erin C. Oliver, Ellen M. Oliver, Brian E. Oliver. Mark was married and has a little girl Claire, Lori has a daughter Hailey and Erin Married Rob Brown and they have a daughter Ann Marie Brown, Ellen has a daughter named Brooklyn .

My Great Grandfather was evidently Squire Franklin Oliver. Would anyone happen to know where the Oliver or Bunch family originated from? By the way I went to part of the first grade at 2 room school house. It sat at the top of the hill from my grandma and grandpaís house Dewey and Bessie Bunch.  Thanks for any help you can give.  Charles E. Oliver, Jr.

Posted 3/10/08


I had a grandmother that was named Hazel Lucille Ball (maiden) Wyatt. She and my grandfather passed in 20 years ago. I noticed in the Bon Jellico School Records of 1920, there is a Hazel Ball listed in the first grade. She was born in 1915 approximately. So this would place her at 5 years of age and could be the same person.

I know she was from Kentucky and later moved to Ohio, but I have never met any other relative on her side. However I noticed that there were several Ball members that attended school by the names of Estel, Arnold, Arvalee, Susie, Ermine, and Hazel, most of which show Tom Ball as the father.

The problem is that Hazel is not showing who the father was on your site nor does it show that the Ball family were residents in Bon Jellico.

It has been very hard to trace this side of my family as I build my family tree.  If you are able to give me any information, it would be greatly appreciated.  
Thank you, David Wyatt

Posted 3/10/08


Looking for evidence that the George Washington Gibson family lived in Williamsburg, KY about 1900 to 1908. George Washington Gibson (1866-1921), wife Alice Gibson (1867-1940), and children Roy Gibson (b. 1888), daughter Edith Gibson (b. 1896), daughter Magnolia Gibson (b. 1902). George Gibson was a mining engineer from Dayton (Rhea Co.) TN, rumored to have opened the mines (1900-1908): 2 in Williamsburg, KY, 2 in St. Charles VA, 2 in Norton, VA and 1 in Monark, VA. Moving with his family til accident (cae in) in 1908 in Pennington Gap West VA, where his only son Roy was killed. George gave up mining and returned to Dayton, TN and took up farming. Edith Gibson went to school in Williamsburg, evidenced by a Kentucky version of Longs New Language Exercises School Book (copyright 1889) and written note inside.    Thank you, Tommy Jenkins

Posted 11/17/07


Melt Lewis Perkins at the Bon Jellico Community was my grand uncle. His wife was Frances Meadows and his children are my first cousins once removed. I remember Claud and Cecil but not the others.  I would like to know if any of them are still alive and information on how to contact them.  Thank you, Steven Perkins

Posted 11/17/07


I am interested in Mary, Anthony & Kay Hinkle. I would like to know their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.  My Hinkles are from Whitley, Knox, Clay and Pulaski Counties.  Thank you, Lisa Hinkle Siders

Posted 11/17/07


I am researching the Bolton family.  Josiah (Joie) Bolton and Susan Rachel Jones (daughter of Jeremiah "Jerry" Jones) owned a farm and blacksmith shop in Savoy, KY. Joie was also a lay preacher and served as a Circuit Court Judge in Whitley County. Any information on these families would be appreciated.  Thank you, Geri Bolton Spring

Posted 11/17/07


My name is John Calvin Smith. My ancestors are from the southern part of Whitley County, in the same area as the Bon Jellico community was. In the time frame of the camp, my grandfather's name was John Valentine Smith. He passed away in the late 1950's. He had a brother named Tom. I believe there was or is an area of Whitley County called "Red Bird".  My father's family were typically tall men. My grandfather moved to Corbin in the 1930s or so and became a police officer for the city of Corbin.  Anyone with information that might help connect these small dots, please contact me.  Thank you, John C. Smith


Posted 12/31/07


I would love to know more about the Stanaford family that lived in Whitley County. They are my family but I don't know that much about them. I will gladly take any info anyone has to live!  Thank you, Megan Stanaford


Posted 12/31/07


My father was Mac Cornelius and my mother was Eva Nunley. My grandfather was Alex Nunley. My aunt was Susie Nunley Green. They all lived in Bon Jellico. Does anyone remember my Dad? He died in 1940 of the black lung. Thank you, Opal Fay Cornelius (Opal did not provide an email address in her query.)


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