Bon Jellico, Kentucky Photo Album


  Scenes from 1912-1937

Railroad Cut at Bon Crossing Briar Creek at Bon
Mrs. Peyton & cow Bon Trestle (possibly)
Jim Pemberton & company mules Unknown & Mattie Brown Upper Briar Creek       Church
Mattie Brown sweeping front porch at Bon  Picnic at Bon Jellico circa 1930
Picnic 1920 - left-right: Cecil Bishop, Sarah Fritts, Tom Fritts (in bowtie), Nell Thompson, Mabel Fritts, Ella Parker, Earnest Chitwood, Roxie Campbell (Misleading date on picture. Had to be pre-1919 as Tom Fritts died of influenza in 1919.) Back of Picnic_1920 picture John Stout, Leslie (Red) Pemberton, Paul Brown
Left: Mattie Brown. Right: Docia Smith
Minnie Lovitt Chambers & Ruth Moore Brown Tennie Stout & Freda Brown
Paul Brown, Minnie Lovitt, Unknown man Everett Smith, Francis Fritts, John West

People from Bon

Group #1 at Briar Creek Group #2 at Briar Creek
Tom & Roland Smith Miners Group #2
Miners Group #3 Miners Group #4
Red Pemberton, Tommy White, Charles Steele, Tom White, Elliott Nunley, Everett Richardson, Luther Kirklin & unknown Unknown Group
Cecil Bishop & Clarence Creekmore Stella Fritts
Betty Stout, Freda Brown & Jackie Smith Bon Girl's Basketball Team
John West & Dorothy Smith  Bon Boys Basketball Team
Millie Fritts & unknown women Ruth Moore Brown and unknown child
Unknown man Dr. Stonecifer, Drew Smith & Tom Smith
B.F. Brown & unknown man Mr. & Mrs. Copeland
Kate Anderson Ancil Moore, Emily Moore & Bernice Brown
Docia Smith, Tennie Stout & Liz Pemberton Bon Church Choir
Clara Belle Smith, John West & Bernice Brown Ice cream party at Dr. Stonecipher's
Ella Kirklin & unknown man Tom Fritts & Nancy Brown - 1916
Guy Brown, Gus Fritts, James Stout & unknown Carrol Green & unknown
"Singing Johnny Moses" & unknown lady Gus Fritts & Eugene Siler
Betty Scalf Thompson Men's basketball team - Raymond Fritts, Drew Smith, Lloyd Smith, Wheeler ?, John ?
Ella Kirklin and Leslie (Red) Pemberton Alex and John Nunley - 1903 at the sawmill
Bunyon Brown Family
Bunyon Francis Brown Freda & Nancy Brown
Mattie & Nancy Brown Ancil Moore & Nancy Brown
Eva Reed & Bernice Brown Mattie Brown, J.B. Johnson, Sr. & Bernice Brown
J.B. Johnson Sr. & Mattie Brown  Mattie Brown & unknowns
Mattie Brown Nancy Brown Witt
Freda & Mattie Brown Lynn Stenglein, Freda Brown, Larry Witt
Bernice Brown and Dot Smith Gus Fritts and Freda Brown
Mattie Brown (reclining) & Dot Smith Everett Smith, Stella Fritts, Ancil West
Left-most Man: Robert Fritts, Man reading newspaper: Paul Brown, left-most standing woman: Minnie Lovitt Chambers, woman 3rd from left in checked dress: Ruth Moore Brown  
Stella Fritts and Ancil West Joey Nunley & Mabel Fritts
Paul Brown Family
Paul Brown & Unknown John Stout & Paul Brown
Ruth Moore Brown Paul Brown & Ruth Moore Brown
Pearl Jones Brown & Paul Brown  
Lovitt Family
Dora Lovitt Sharpe Hester Lovitt Freeman
Unknown, Nancy Brown, Raymond Lovitt, Dora Lovitt Dora Lovitt (16 years old), Mary Laudermilk, Christine Oliver
Girls left to right: Dora Lovitt, Mary Laudermilk, Christine Oliver. Men unknown. l-r standing: Unknown man, Unknown girl, Bill Creekmore, June Angel (in dark sweater), Grace Taylor Pemberton, Unknown man. , unkonwn man, Mart Pemberton, Dora Lovitt Sharpe
Pemberton Family
Grace, Leslie (Red), Gail, Bruce and Mart Pemberton and Jack Fritts. Miley & Andy Smith, Velma, Jim, Liz, Mart, Reba, Red, Wayne, Peggy Sue Pemberton
Liz Pemberton Liz & Velma Pemberton
Liz & Jim Pemberton at the Johnson's Dessie Pemberton
Pemberton family riding in wagon Mart Pemberton & unknown man
Mart Pemberton on left & unknown man  
Smith Family
Drew & Clara Belle Smith Roland & Tom Smith
Tom & Docia Smith Tom Smith & unidentified child
Docia Smith - Friends & Family (Docia is back row, far right) Back left-right:  Docia Smith & Liz Pemberton.  Front left-right:  Mart Pemberton & Drew Smith
Stout Family
Louise Stout Tennie Stout
Louise Stout #2 Freda Brown, Louise Stout Pred, John Stout,   Dorothy West Stout, Harriet Stout Shipwash & Betty Stout Oser
Dorothy West Stout Tennie Stout & Dorothy West Stout
Unknown Man - submitted by Lisa Bunch  
Bunch Family
Absalom Bunch Absalom Bunch
Lillian Bunch Myrtle Cornelius Bunch
Myrtle Cornelius Bunch Absalom Bunch
Absalom Bunch Yoko Bunch & Wayne
Clarence "Ed" Bunch  

  School Pictures 1912-1937

Bon School (about 1935) Bon School Grades 5-8, Fall 1926

Homecomings 1950-2003

First Homecoming - 1950 Mattie Brown
Nancy Brown Witt Doris Stout, Lynn Carol Witt, Virginia Sharpe
Doris West Stout Tennie Stout & Dorothy West Stout
Guy Brown, Gus Fritts, James Stout & unknown Carrol Green & unknown
"Singing Johnny Moses" & unknown lady Paul Brown & Tennie Stout
Betty Scalf Thompson Gus Fritts & Eugene Siler
Bon Jellico Homecoming Singers Bon Jellico Homecoming Singers
Bernetta Green Stanford, Sue Nunley Steely    & Butch Steely Freda & Mattie Brown
Harriet Stout Shipwash & Richard Shipwash Harriet Stout Shipwash, Lynn Witt Stenglein,    Nancy Brown Witt, Raymond Lovitt, Betty      Stout, Freda Brown
Mattie Brown, Gus Fritts, Tennie Stout Fred Smith, Glenna Taylor, Mrs. Fred Smith
Mart Pemberton & unknown man Grace Taylor Pemberton, Tennie Stout, unknown
Ivan Bunch Earl Lovitt
Unidentified lady Fritts, Kirklin& other cousins
Mary Cornelius Smith Lynn Witt Stenglein & Jenny Sharpe Arnett
Jenny Sharpe & Lynn Carol Witt (1950's) Jenny Arnett, Mart Pemberton & Lynn Stenglein
Selma Hughes Kelly, Evelyn Fritts Jones, Pauline Fritts Faulkner, Freelan Hughes, Nancy Brown Witt Nancy Brown Witt, Raymond Lovitt, Dora          Lovitt Sharpe
Billy Kirklin, Alene Kirklin, Lloyd Stewart &      Franklin Kirklin Unknown & Jack Fritts
George Stanaford Paul Oser family
Homecoming dinner line Ivan Bunch & Dora Lovitt Sharpe
Jackie Smith, Mary Cornelius & Bill Freeman Jenny Sharpe Arnett & Pearl Brown Niemann
Jack Fritts & Evelyn Fritts Jones Freda Brown, Jack Fritts, Jackie Smith, Billy    Freeman, Alene Horner
Mae Simms Lynn Stenglein, Freda Brown, Larry Witt
Grant Martin First homecoming (1950) along creek bottom at Bon Jellico. Man on right wearing hat is Luther Kirklin. Next to him is Ed Taylor (son of Jack Taylor).
First homecoming (1950) along creek bottom at Bon Jellico behind Stanaford store (back of store is visible). Man in center in hat is Luther Kirklin talking to Jack Taylor. Narrative about the first Bon Jellico homecoming.
Gus Fritts and Carroll Green (probably mid 1950's) Jim and Elizabeth Pemberton (1950's)
Billy Ray Stout at Homecoming 1950's September 1957- Bon Jellico women. All of these would have been miners wives and early residents of Bon.

Directory of Names

Bon Homecoming 1953 - 54

Nancy Nunley; Wes Nunley; Gus Daily; Mattie Brown; Betty Jo Stout

Claudia Kirklin (Mrs. Luther Kirklin) at 1950-something homecoming.
Bill Freeman and Alene Kirklin Horner 2000-something homecoming left to right: Richard Johnson, Red Pemberton, Johnson family members late 1990 homecoming
Homcoming 1980 - Lovitt siblings: Minnie Lovitt Chambert, Earl Lovitt, Raymond Lovitt, Dora Lovitt Sharpe right to left: Raymond Lovitt, Earl Lovitt, Boots Stout Shipwash, Bernetta Green Stamper, Betty Stout Oser, Louise Stout Pred, Pearl Niemann
Martha Hinkle Stout 1953 or 1954 homecoming Pearl Niemann, Gladys Hinkle Stanaford, Norman Niemann late 1990's or 2000's
Bruce Pemberton at 1990-something homecoming Dora Lovitt Sharpe & Carolyn Lovitt Bell late 1990's
Jackie Smith, Freda Brown, Mae Perkins Simms 2000-something Tennie Stout 1953 or 1954
Dick and Tom Stout 1953 or 1954 Stevie and Jack Fritts mid 1990's
Nancy Nunley (Mrs. Alex Nunley) homecoming 1953-1954 Nannie Hinkle Green and Dora Lovitt Sharpe 2000-something
Wes Nunley at 1953 or 1954 homecoming Betty Stout Oser, Louise Stout Pred, John Stout, Dorothy West Stout, Boots Stout Shipwash
Bon Jellico Homecoming invitation letter 1985 Last homecoming invitation 2002
Homecoming article 2000-something. Display and Alene Kirklin Horner and Velma Pemberton Decker Homecoming article 2000 Picture and caption
Homecoming - ? Horner & ?. Hughes  

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