Bon Jellico Cooking
By Velma Pemberton Decker (2005)

  There was never a special day for baking. Mom baked while she was cooking a meal. We had fried apple pies quite often, but they were done in the morning. Mom would make extra biscuit dough and roll them out thin, add the pie filling, fold the circles for half moon shaped pies, and deep fry them in lard. We also had a lot of fried apples as a side dish with pork chops or whatever. Fried apples were especially good with breakfast, which was always a big meal. There would be fresh salt cured ham with red-eyed gravy (or “sop”) or home made sausage, or fresh hog jaw or fresh bacon, hot biscuits and farm fresh eggs. There was always milk gravy. We even had spring fryer chickens for breakfast sometimes. If Dad had a lot of extra roosters, he would butcher them when they were about 2 ½ lbs. Dad and I could eat a whole chicken. Mom only liked the back and ribs. I used to think she ate those bony parts so the rest of us could have the good pieces. Later in life, I learned those are the best tasting pieces.
   Mom had a one egg, one layer cake recipe. She would make a cake for lunch for Dad. He loved it hot from the oven with lots of butter, no frosting. There was always dessert. Fruit cobblers were regular desserts. Mom canned all the fruit in half-gallon mason jars. Her blackberry, huckleberry, peach, and apple cobblers were delicious. They were served hot right out of the oven with a cream dip she made with pure cream, a little vanilla, and sugar. This was poured on top of the hot pie. There was always good homemade jams and jellies, honey, or molasses. The molasses was like syrup, not the real strong blackstrap molasses. Of course we had the black strap for some recipes such as cakes and baked beans.

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