Bon Jellico Families

The Marshal Lovitt Family
By Reba Lovitt Pemberton (1982)


The Marshal Lovitt Family moved to Bon Jellico in 1929.

Father—Fleming Marshal Lovitt b. 2/21/1886 d. 7/16/1961
Mother—Emma White b. 2/18/1887 d. 8/12/1965
1. Nannie Marie Lovitt b. 3/12/1908
Married (1 Virgil Cox b. 2/8/1904 1 child James Cox
             (2 Paul (Skip) Wilkin b. 11/3/1922
2. Reba Mae Lovitt b. 5/11/1910
Married Martin A. Pemberton b. 7/11/1915 on 12/25/1938
Children: Ruth Ann and Martin Jr.
3. Fred Ray Lovitt b. 8/13/1912
Married Elaine Cowart b. 11/9/1920 on 5/5/1945
4. Milton Caswell Lovitt b. 12/12/1914.
Married Bertie Parker b. 6/13/1914
Children: Phyllis Gail and Robert Lovitt
5. Twins Lewis F and Lawrence E. b. 2/12/1917
Lawrence married Martha Begley b. 6/14/1925
Children (twins): Tommy and Timmy
6. Lewis F. Lovitt b. 2/12/1917 single
7. Roy Jessie Lovitt b. 9/6/1919 d. 11/26/1977
Married (1 Orena West b. 7/10/1938 1 child Rodney Lovitt (Croley) (sic)
             (2 Louise Haynes b. 4/19/1925
Children: Patricia Mae, Ray Jesse Jr, Marshal, Sharon Ann, Beverly Sue, Dianne Lynn.
8. Arthur Mahan Lovitt b. 8/15/1921 d. 2/1/1923
9. Edgar Lee Lovitt b. 7/11/1925 d. 2/10/1976
Married Hazel Maggard b.. 7/30/1924
Children: Peggy Lynn, Eddie Lee Jr.
10. Susan Edna b. 9/1/1927 d. 9/21/1931
11. Fay Emma Lovitt b. 11/14/1930
Married Carl Wilder b. 12/30/1927 on 5/17/1950.
Children: Carl Wilder Jr., Joseph Marshal, Karen Sue, Vivian Ann

“I was renewed in the church at Bon, and met my wonderful husband here. It was love at first sight for me, even if he did have on an old cap and his dad’s overalls. Here is a poem that I wrote about a Christmas play we were in:
Hen Picked Hero
The Hen pecked Hero do remember,
The play we practiced in December.
On the old school house hill at Bon
For the Christmas 1931.
There was Minnie, Mattie, Raymond, and Drew,
Reba, Myrtle, and Pauline too.
Earl and Verna, Freda and Dick,
A better bunch we couldn’t have picked.”

A Broken Uke
Oh, how we mourn that awful fate—
All for the lack of a little glue’
You used to play, yes, first rate
To cheer us when we were blue.

The trill of joy, oh, never ‘ore
Shall come from thy tiny string
Until we get to a hardware store
And spend a little change.

Yours can be compared to our fate,
For often broken are we
Without the cheer of some friend or mate
We refuse to play for thee.
Written by Myrtle Loudermilk and Minnie Lovitt

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