Map of Bon Jellico


   Map of Bon Jellico Community

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Key to Above Map

1. M.G. Lovitt-Frank Smith Snyder
2. Sam Smith-Charlie Richardson Silas-Rutherford-
    Melvin Jones
3. Bob Jones W.A. Loudermilk S.A.S. Cornelius
4. J.C. Hudson-Lewis Lovitt-B.F. Brown Earl Lovitt
5. Lewis Ros-Levi Carr Harve Swain-Lawrence Prewitt
6. Everett Hamlin-Paris Owens Jarbo
7. Paul Brown-Leonard Smith-Alfred Jones
8. Nate Morgan
9. Arthur West-Dick Stout-Henry Scott Carrol Green
10. Frank Smith-Oath Brown-John Stout
11. Sam Houston
12. W.B. Kindred-George Cornelius
13. Rich Kirklin-Sam Sutton-Will Richardson
14. Ernest Freeman George Tye
15. Press Moore-Lewis Moore
16. Jess Ellison-Wheeler Narin-K.Hinkle-Earl Lovitt
17. W.J. Fritts-Luther Kirklin
18. Cecil Bishop-J.D. Richardson
19. T.F. Smith-Ken Bishop
20. Frank Smith-Henry Parker
21. Garfield Peace Annie Lawson
22. Crit Haynes Herman Click-Albert Bunch
23. John Nunley-Dale Bunch
24. John Houston
25. B.J. Brown
26. Chetom Bright-Henry Bunch
27. Henry Scott-Razy Bunch
28. Fayete Peace-Ranzy Bunch-Dewey Bunch
29. Lon Peyton-Jim Stout
30. Dr. Stonecipher-Gus Fritts
31. Jim Pemberton-W.A. Green
32. Dan Cornelius
33. Leonard Cox
34. Jim Swain
35. Elbert West
36. Alfred Jones B.J. Brown
37. Joe Robinson-Alfred Jones

38. Branee Steely
39. Clifford Cecil
40. Coloniel Oliver
41. Frank Cames
42. John Fritts
43. Bill Sweatner
44. Henry Scott-Henry Parker
45. Will Cornelius-Henry Parker
46. Bob Fraley
47. Robert Fritts
48. Luther Lovitt-Jim Davis
49. Frank Camel
50. Sherman West-Tom White
51. John West
52. Sherman West
53. Frank Kelly
54. Fuller Smith
55. W.B. Kindred-W.A. Green
56. Josire Douglas
57. Joe Robinson-John Jones
58. M.M. Woolum
59. A. Nunley-W.A. Green-Callol Green
60. Top Jack Brown
61. Grover Brown
62. Charlie Brown
633. Charlie Reed
64. Will Jones
65. Paris Owens
66. Will Jones
67. Tom Ball
68. Dee Reed
69. Roscoe Wilson
70. John Reed
71. Newt Lively
72. Fallis Parks
73. C.W. Copeland-Mr. Forman Cecil Thomas
74. Fred Reed

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