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Henry County Will Index - 1800-1910 

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Henry County Will Books Index 1800 - 1899

Henry County Wills – Book I

Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

John Hawkins, July 30, 1824  Thomas James - December 15, 1831
Little Berry Wells    William Samuell, Sr. (?1741-1808)
Stephen Coleman Sr. John Roberts, Sr.
Samuel Wilson (below) Nathaniel Crapper
Alexander Foster William Oliver

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"Last Will & Testament of Samuel Wilson"

Submitted By: Geneva Pettit


December term of court in Henry County, Kentucky the Will of Samuel Wilson is probated, 1821.

In the name of God Amen that I Samuel Wilson of Henry County in the State of Kentucky being weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and Testament to wit, first after my decease my will and desire is that my funeral expenses and just debts to be paid.

Secondly I do constitute and appoint my beloved wife Nancy Wilson and my son Walter Wilson Joint executors to carry this my last will into a complete effect.

And thirdly I give and bequeath my beloved wife Nancy and my son W S ? Walter Wilson the whole of my estate, Land , Negros, Stocks including every kind of stocks or species thereto belonging to the farm also all the residue of my property whether real or personal with all these other benefits belonging there to so long as my beloved wife Nancy Wilson's natural life or widow hood.

Fourthly it is my will and desire that my executors should hold and keep the whole of the estate together as though it was myself in order for a support as well to my children and themselves so long as they become of age or should marry and leave them.

Fifthly, It's my will and desire that my beloved wife and my son Walter whenever should any of my children marry that my executors is to set them up to house keeping according as my executors may deem necessary or think they can spare so as to be equal as possible.

Sixthly, After the decease or widowhood the whole of the property shall be equally divided amongst my eight children called above, Walter Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Travis Wilson, Elender Wilson, Harrison Wilson, Jemima Wilson, Nancy Wilson, John M. Wilson and to which I have here unto set my hand and seal this 21st day of October in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty one signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us.

Samuel Wilson (Seal)

Wm Hill

George Maddox

George P Hill


Henry County, December Term, 1821

The last will and testament of Samuel Wilson decd was produced in Court proven by the oaths of Will Hill and John Maddox subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded which is done accordingly

                                      WILL OF NATHANIEL CRAPPER

Submitted By: Steve Loose


Worcester Co. Wills: 1783-1790, J.W-13, f111.

 Dated 25 Oct 1786, Proven 7 Apr 1787.


In the name of God Amen.  I Nathaniel Crapper Senr. of Worcester County in the State of Maryland being sick & weak of body but of sound & disposing mind & memory do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say First my will & desire is that all my Just Debts & funeral Charges be paid & Satisfied by my Executor after mentioned  Item I give & Bequeath to my Son Ruben Crapper a part of a plantation  & whereon my Dwelling House is & other out houses & part of the orchard & all my Lands Lying to ye southward side of the Dich which dich divides Noble & Ruben, also one hand mill one feather bed & furniture now in his possession & all my Cyder Casks & other Lumber that is in my out Houses to him & his heirs & assigns forever.  Item.  I give and Bequeth to my son Noble Crapper a part of my aforesaid plantation begining at Assateague River thence Running by and with a ditch through my orchard aforesaid to a turn of the aforesaid ditch near a great pine thence Runing  north seventy three degrees East through ye woods to ye Backline thence runing with ye Back line North thirty five degrees west to be opposite to ye North eighty one Degrees west corse thence by & with a line of marked trees as aforesaid  course to marked rede Oak near ye Marsh thence North thirty seven degrees west six poles to Assateague River thence by and with the said River to the first Begining Being ye Mouth of the ditch aforesaid.  But if my son Noble Crapper aforesaid refuse to take my Grand son Nathl. Crapper son of Levi Crapper my will is that my son take ye aforesaid Orphan & give him good Learning and a Good trade  & if he refuses to do this my Request the aforesaid Land shall Return to my Grandson Nathl. Crapper.  But in case he complies with my will then the aforesaid Land shall be his to him & his heirs forever. But if my son Noble should die without heirs of his Body then ye aforesaid Land to Return to my Grandson  Nathl. Cropper.  Item. I give & Bequeath to my son Bela Crapper all my Lands lying to ye Northward of my son Noble Crappers Line [  ] Bela shall not cutt & mark ye timber no more than shall serve the Plantations uses then at my son Bela’s Death the aforesaid Lands to my Grandson Henry Crapper to him and his heirs forever But if my Grandson Henry Crapper should want to make way or sell ye aforesaid Lands without [resistance of uncles ?] the aforesaid Land I give  to my son Bella Craper  Item. I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Mary Crapper one Bed & furniture two Cows & calves one Black mare Called Bonney one L[   ] Gears & Slays & Spools my Large Iron pott & Small Iron Kettle two Smoothing Irons one Gridiron half Dozen Putter Plates two Bassons half Dozen Spoons one new Spiningwheel one new Cheast three new Chairs & one new  D[   ] provided that she does not make way with any of ye aforesaid recited Articles without knowledge thereof being given to my Ruben Crapper who must assent to her selling any of ye above articles.  Likewise it is my Desire that my Daughter Mary should have Residence untill Marriage with my son Ruben at my Dwelling Places.  Item.  I give & Bequeath to my Granddaughter Mary Killum one heaffer also I give to Mary and Nancy Killum one Small Feather Bed one sheet & two Blankets for them Sleep upon Item I give to Stephen Crapper my young horse saddle & Bridle Item I give to Sarah Russel ten Bushels corn [        ] Remainder part of my potato not yet mentioned to be Equally divided amongst my three sons Ruben Noble & Bela Crapper to them and their heirs & Assigns forever. I hereby nominate and Appoint m son Ruben Crapper my whole and Sole Executor of this my Last will and Testament hereby disannulling and Revoking all other will or wills by me heretofore made in Testemony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 25th day of October A.D. 1786


Signed, Sealed, Published \\  J. Taylor                                          Nathaniel Crapper  [seal]

Pronounced and declared  \\  George Stevenson

in presence of us  .  .  .  .    \\  John Collins


Worcester County sct. the 7th day of April Anno Dom. 1787 then came Reuben Crapper and made Oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that the within and forgoing Instrument of writing is the true and whole will and Testament of Nathaniel Crapper Late of Worcester  County deceased that hath come to his hands or possession and that he doth not know of any other.

                                                        Before John Wise Regr. Wills Wor. County


Worcester County sct.


The 7th day of April Anno Dom 1787 then came John Taylor, George Stevenson & John Collins the Subscribing Witnesses in the within and foregoing Last will and Testament of Nathaniel Crapper Late of Worcester County deceased and made Oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the Testator thereon named Sign and seal this will that they heard him publish pronoun[ce] and declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehensions of a sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and that they subscribed their names as Witnesses to this Will in the presence and at the Request of the Testator and in the presence of our Father.


                                                                       Before John Wise Regr. Wills W. C.


                         WILL OF ALEXANDER FOSTER

Submitted By: Steve Loose


Montgomery Co., Indiana

Dated 16 December 1842


In the name of God, Amen. I Alexander Foster being sick, but of sound and disposing memory and the uncertainty of human life, and being desirous of disposing of my [worldly ?] effects that God has blest me with, which I do in the following manner.


In the first place that is my desire to resign my spirit to that God that gave it after my decease my body decently buried after my funeral expenses is paid and the expense of my last illness.  I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Sally Foster all the ready money that’s on hands together with all the interest now due or may sccrue on the list of notes attached to this paper together with an account on James Jones, my mare the only one I own I bequeath to her likewise to her likewise and her saddle.  My daughter Sally Ramsey I will and bequeath fifty dollars over and above her equal distribution with the rest [of] the children to be left in the hands of my son Robert Foster for her special benefit and subject to her control and not other person.  My son William Foster I will and bequeath to him twenty five dollars also my son George C. Foster I will and bequeath to him twenty five dollars, also I will and bequeath to my daughter Polly Holman twenty five dollars all of the above legacies is to be paid out after the decease of my wife Sally Foster and after the above legacies is paid out all the balance left to be equally divided amongst the following children after her decease viz Betsey Foster, Hannah Smith, Sally Ramsey, Patsey Henderson, Rebecca Jones, Phebe Jones, [feeling ?] the uncertainty of life, and holding an obligation on my son Robert Foster for the maintenance of my self and wife and it is my wish that the said obligation shall be put on record together with my last will and testament renouncing all other wills prior to this time and I now appoint John Foster and Robert Foster my executors to put this will into effect.


In testimony hereof I have set my hand and seal this 16th day of December 1842.

                                                                                                  Alexander Foster  [seal]

In the presents of

John Foster

Robert Foster


I Alexander Foster having made the foregoing will and having thought of my son-in-laws Noble Cropper and Thomas Thralekill not mentioned in said will and before signing the foregoing will I wish my executors of said will before the final distribution to appropriate five dollars to be equally divided between the sai  Noble Cropper and Thomas Thralekill and that this be a supplement and made part of my last will and testament.  Hereof I have set my hand and seal this 16th December 1842.

                                                                                                   Alexander Foster [seal]

In the presents of

John Foster

Robert Foster


[The attached list mentioned in the will contains the following names: George W. May; John Jones; James Jones; Danield H. Cox and John Jackson; William Moore and Ben Smith; John Foster; [illeg.] Armstrong and Ebenezar Fullenwider; Saml. Williams and Thos. Gott; Samuel Armstrong, Henry Rogers and Henry Armstrong; Paskel Wilhite and Henry Ruffner; Phillip Smith and Thos. Boswile; William Conner and Caleb Conner; John Owens and John Farlay; Benjamin Van Cleave and Richard Hudson; Samuel Wimore and Robt. Wimore; Joseph Stubbins and John Stubbins.]  

Will of William Oliver

Submitted By: Kim Fuller

Will of William Oliver

 Henry County, Kentucky

Will Book 6


Page 344

Kentucky Historical Society Microfilm Reel:  76-52-2



I, William Oliver of the County of Henry and State of Kentucky do hereby declare the following to be my last will and Testament revoking all others.  Item 1st:  I give to my daughter Eliza Walker my Negro girl named Mary (a child of my woman Caddy) to belong to my said daughter and her children forever.  Item 2nd:  I give to my daughter [Elizabeth  Ann Buchannon] my Negro girl named Sarah (a child of my woman [Pensar] ) to belong to my said daughter Elizabeth [Ann] and the heirs of her body forever.  Item 3rd:  I give to my sons Walker Oliver, Edmund Oliver and Fountain Oliver one dollar each and I give them no more.  Item 4th:  I do hereby direct that my Executors herein named to hire out my Negro man [Luck] from year to year until he shall be forty years of age being careful to hire him where he will be well treated and out of the proceeds of said hire they shall pay the [aforementioned] [Luck] each year the sum of ten dollars.  The balance of [aforementioned] hire to be equally divided amongst my heirs hereafter named and when the [aforementioned] [slave] shall be forty years of age he shall be legally emancipated and […] free from the services of all persons whatever.  Item 5th:  All other of my slaves beside those above named I direct to be sold by private sale to the highest bidder among the following of my children (viz) Eliza Walker, Burrell L. Oliver, William Oliver, James Oliver and Elizabeth Ann Buchannon  or such of them as may be then living, and it is my wish that none of [aforementioned] slaves be sold out of the family.  Item 6th:  I hereby direct my land together with every other pieces of my property not above named to be sold at public sale to the highest bidder on such […..] as my Executor may think proper, and after the payments of all my just debts and funeral expenses that the proceeds of [aforementioned] sale together with the amounts for which the slaves may sell as directed in Item 5th to be divided into seven equal shares, one share to be given Eliza Walker and one share to Elizabeth Ann Buchannon to belong to them and the heirs of their bodies forever, one share to my son Burrell L. Oliver, one share to my son William Oliver and one share to my son James Oliver and one share to my grandson William Oliver the son of my son Fountain Oliver to be paid to him when he shall become twenty one years of age and one to share the children of my son Edmund Oliver to be paid to them when they shall become twenty one years of age.  Each of the two last named shares to be paid in money.  I do hereby appoint my son-in-law James Walker and my son Burrell L. Oliver my executors to pay the above in Execution.  Given under my hand this 4th March 1837.



William X Oliver

(his  mark)


   I McGuire

   Asa Combs


Henry County Court October Term 1837

A writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of William Oliver, dec, was this day produced hereon and proven.