1807 Tax List - Hopkins County, Kentucky

Surname Given Names Researchers
Adams James, John, Thomas 
Allen James, Joseph Naomi Emmich
Almond Samuel 
Anderson Nathan, Thomas 
Arledge Jonathan 
Ashby Absalom (2), Argyle, Bounds, Daniel, Ellender, Ennis (2),Henry (2), Jesse, John (4), Peter, Robert, Stephen (4), William 
George Lisa Nelson
Baker James (2), Jacob, Miles 
Baldwin William 
Barnet John 
Bell Andrew, John 
Berry Benjamin (3), Enoch, Joseph (3), Reuben, Thomas, William (2) 
Bishop Charles W, Eli, William (2) 
Bone John 
Bourland Archibald, Benjamin, Ebenezer, John (3), Martha 
Bradley Charles 
Branson Hannah, Liner 
Bratton Hugh 
Brock James, John Linda
Browder Isham (8), Thomas 
Brown C Spill, Daniel, James, John, George, Lazarus, Melzor 
Bratton Andrew 
Burcaloe, Burcalo John, Peter, William 
Carter Ezekiel, Henry (3), John (4) 
Chapel, Chappell Jeremiah, Stephen 
Clark George, James, John (2), Joseph, Samuel, William (2) 
Clayton William 
Cooper Thomas 
Cornwell George 
Crabtree Isaiah (2) Catherine Monticue Homepage
Crownover Benjamin 
Curry Benjamin 
Curtis Hillery 
Davis Benjamin, Harrison, James (3), John E, John and Thomas, Joseph (7), Richard (5), Robert, Samuel, William 
Day Middleton 
Dodge John, Richard 
Earle Ann (5) 
Edwards John 
Fields Thomas (2) 
Foley James, Richard 
FoxDaniel (2), Enoch, Noah, Titus Daniel is son of Titus. Several generations on this line has been submitted by: pholle@sentco.net and will be found here.
Catherine Monticue's Homepage
Franklin Edward, James, Owen, Thomas, William 
Fugate Vincent, George 
Gill George (5) 
Given, Givens Dickson, Eleazor, Ellender 
Goodlow Henry 
Goodwin George (2) 
Gordon John (3) 
Greeves John 
Hall Caleb (4) 
Hannah Brick 
Hannah John 
Hardin George, Nathaniel, Nicholas 
Harold John 
Harvey Lemuel Sherry Fleischer
Helm Thomas 
Henderson Joseph 
Henry Joseph Joseph and his wife Lucy Shumate Henry came to Hopkins Co. from Augusta Co., VA. Their son Joseph was born in Hopkins Co. in March 1819. Joseph married Elvira Crow [Joseph Henry Jr and Elvira J Crow, m Nov 1, 1838 Hopkins Co.] and moved to Jefferson Co., IL. Ann Hecathorn
Henry William(3) 
Herrin Reubin (2) 
Hicks William 
Holder Shadrick 
Holloman William 
Hooker Robert (2), Samuel B Patrick J Anderson has submitted several generations on Robert Hooker which will be found on the Families page.
Howell Lewis, William 
Hubbard Catherine, John 
Hulet Alfred, Samuel, Martin 
Hunter Reuben 
Jinkins Nathan, William 
Jones William (3) 
Kell Matthew 
Kernel Flemon 
Kirk Hiram 
Kuykendall Joseph, Peter 
Laffoon Sarah (2) 
Landers Abraham, Clark 
Lee Richard (3) 
Leeper John (6) 
Lieuallen Abednego (2), Mashac 
Lindley Jahue Catherine Monticue Homepage
Long William 
Loven Gabriel, John, William Naomi Emmich
Logan James 
McBee Silas (7) 
M'Clendon Frederick, John 
M'Cormick John 
McGary Daniel (2), Robert, R William (3) 
McGaughain John 
M'Gregory William 
M'Mullen John 
M'Murtry Stephen, William (5) 
Martin Abner, James, Linza (3), Reubin 
Mercer Daniel (2), Jno, Jones 
Meredith Samuel 
Merit Nathaniel 
Mitchel, Mitchell John, William 
Moore Jesse 
Morrow James, John 
Morton Thomas (2) 
Mosely Martha 
Murphy Hannah, John 
Nation Joseph 
Newson, Neuson Joseph, Pierson, Robert 
Neuton Robert Jr, Robert Sr 
Nisbit James 
O'Guire John 
Orton Edward 
Orr John, Robert 
Owens William (2) 
Palmour Benjamin, John, Jonathan I am pretty sure that all 3, John, Jonathan and Benjamin were brothers, sons of Solomon (I) Palmer. There was also another brother, Solomon, but he was left? behind in SC and ended up in GA (where, interestingly, they still spell it "Palmour"). The other 3 were all in TN, Henry Co. in 1833 to sign affidavit (the other 2 for John). Also, have found evidence that 2 of John's daughters, Nancy and Charity were married 1809 and 1810 in Hopkins Co.- their brother, Jeremiah, died Hopkins (c1870) but I think the sons of Solomon I Palmer's sojourn in Hopkins was over by 1812 or so, evidence seems to suggest they migrated to TN and maybe even further West? Frances Palmer Morrison
Parker John, Peter 
Parks George 
Peyton Cuthbert 
Phillips Andrew 
Pierson John 
Pitcock Horatio 
Prather James, Thomas (5) 
Pyburn Richard 
Ramsey George 
Rash James 
Reuby John (2), Peter (2) 
Reynolds Aaron, Benjamin, Thomas I am specifically looking into who is connected to Thomas Reynolds, b. Aug. 1818, son of Ann Reynolds of the Hopkins 1820 census; Aaron and Thomas Reynolds lived in adjacent households. Ann appears to be widowed with young children, and presumably was married to a Reynolds who died between 1818 and the 1820 census. Also, at least some of this Reynolds group apparently came to KY from Oglethorpe Co. Georgia. Becky Rice
Rhea Alexander (3), William 
Robertson John (2), Lewis, Robert (2) 
Rolls William 
Settles Henry 
Shoemake Benjamin Lisa Nelson
Silkwood Solomon 
Sisk Barnabas (2), Timothy 
Slaton Arter (4), John (2) 
Smith Elias G, Jesse (2) 
Stokes Benjamin (2), Thomas 
Stuart William (4) 
Stull George, John, Laurence (2) 
Taylor Edmund 
Teague S Van 
Thompkins James 
Timmons Abner, George (2), Stephen, Tolavor 
Turner Elizah, Elisha 
Underwood Josiah 
Wallace Benjamin (3), elijah 
Water James 
Weaks David 
Welch Henry, Lewis 
Wheeler Uriah 
Whitesides John (2), Samuel, William Sr, William Jr (2) 
Williams Clabourne, Jonathan, Thomas 
Wilson John (3) 
Wire Russle (2) 
Woodson Samuel