The following is as complete a list as we have been able to compile of Earlington, Ky, WW I veterans.
Those with KIA were KIA (killed in action).

Contributed by Ann Gipson


Alford, Newall G
Arnold, Edgar Jr
Ashby, Whit
Allen, Clarence
Arnold, Edgar, Sr
Arnold, Howard
Barnes, Major
Basset, Wm
Beeney, Elmer
Beshears, Murl T
Blair, John Sr.
Brinkley, Adalie
Browder, Willie
Brown, John
Bunch, Preston
Burke, Wm
Cain, Frank
Carpenter, Leo
Carpenter, Omer
Cato, Fred
Cato, Walter
Chandler, John
Curtis, Paul
Curtis, Dallas
Davis, Wm C
Dixon, Clifton
Duisenberry, Otho
Dyvelder, Tommie
Evans, Miller
Ezell, Everett
Fugate, Billy
Fugate, Edward
Fugate, Givens
Fugate, Givens
Fox, Lee (Pete)
Gill, Dexter
Gordon, Billy
Graham, Wm
Griffin,Joseph KIA
Griffin, Lonnie
Hankins, Alvin
Hankins, Jimmie
Hankins, Wm Perry

Haley, Walter
Hamby, Clyde
Hancock, Carl
Hanna, John
Harding, Richard
Hawkins, Earl
Hawkins, Rev. JS
Hibbs, Clyde
Higgins, Newman
Hoice, Charlie
Kelly, Dave
Kirby, WC
Knox, Taylor
Laffoon, Edgar
Lamb, Dave
Long, Grover
Long, John B
Long, Harry
Martin, Oscar
Martin, RO
Mitchell, Marvin
Moore, John A
Montgomery, OB
Morgan, Vernon KIA
McCulley, Joe
McCauley, Fred
McCormick, Chas
McDowell, Henry
McGregor, Ed
MacRoy, Melvin
Nesbit, Kenneth
Nesbit, Dr. WK
O'Brien, Mike
O'Bannon, Earl
O'Conners, Paul
O'Conners, Mike
Oldham, Manon
Parker, Virgil
Parris, Jim
Payton, Thomas
Prince, Will
Psha, Ed
Rash, Frank D
Reynolds, Roy
Reynolds, Tommie
Robinson, John
Rogers, Henry
Russell, WH
Sisk, Carl
Sisk, Johnie
Sisk, Kemp
Sisk, Lloyd KIA (France,1918)
Sisk, William Mansel [post war]
Sadler, David
Sharp, Iley
Simons, Tommie
Simons, Willie
Smith, Edward
Smith, Calvin
Smothers, Hurbert
Southard, Roy
Steinbaugh, Roy
Stevens, Dr RC
Stewart, Elmer
Stokes, Malcom E
Stokes, Marion M
Stone, Eddie
Stone, Paul
Sumpter, Glen W
Taylor, Jesse Ray
Teague, Louis
Thompson, Hal
Thompson, Lonnie
Traylor, WR
Troop, John W
Trover, Glen
Uzzle, Cellus
Vinson, Arthur
Webb, Jewell
Welch, Blair
White, Jimmy
White, John
Whitford, Jack
Williams, Geo
Wilson, Ben W
Wilson, Welby
Wilson, Fred
Witherspoon, Willie
Wright, Ollie
Wyatt, Clarence
Wyatt, James A
Yarbrough, Clarence

  American Legion Post 171
Application for a "Colored American Legion Post 171" in Earlington which lists WW I Black veterans eligible as" having served in the military or naval forces of the US between Apr 6, '17 & Nov 11, 1918."