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The following is as complete a list as we have been able to compile of Earlington, Ky, WW II veterans.
Those with KIA were KIA (killed in action).

Check back frequently to see the new files and photos as they are added.

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Farley, Arnell A.R.M. 2/c Arnell Farley. Entered service July '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.T. Strange. [Photo]
Faugender, Anthony
Faugender, Dewey
Ferguson, James E C. Mo. James E. Ferguson. Entered service June '39. U.S. Destroyer Escort Service. Husband of Mary Haskins Ferguson. [Photo]
Fitch, Walter Walter "Bobby" Fitch graduated EHS on Friday, May 21, 1943. The following date he received notice to report for duty at Camp Breckinridge, IN. His service took him to several countries, and he was at the Battle of the Bulge, under the command of Gen. George S Patten, Jr. He received the Silver Star, Purple Heart, American Campaign Medal, Army of Occupation Service Medal, Good conduct Medal and other bars and buttons such as Honorable Service - Marksman. He served as squad leader in charge of a Half-Track and crew. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fitch. [Photo]
Fontleroy, Frank Pvt. Frank H. Fontleroy. Entered service Oct '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fontleroy. [Photo]
Foster, James Pvt James Foster. Entered service Oct '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. Foster. [Photo]
Fowler, Albert Cpt Albert "Jake" Fowler. Entered service Oct '42. Stationed Alaska. Son of Mrs. Myrtle Fowler. [Photo]
Fowler, James James C Fowler. Army. [Photo]
Fowler, Leslie "Jake"
Fox, Clarence Eugene Pfc. Clarence Eugene Fox. Entered Army Feb '42. India. Son of Mr. Clarence Fox. [Photo]
Fox, Herman W Cpl Herman Fox. Entered service Dec '42. South Pacific Island. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fox. [Photo]
Frazier, J. T.
Francis, James James "Frannie" Francis. Husband of Mattie Helen Martin Francis. Father of Jim Francis. [Photo]
Freeman, James Duke Sgt. James Duke Freeman. Entered service Oct '42. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Freeman. [Photo]
Freeman, Ray A.R.M. 2/c Ray Freeman. Entered Navy July '42. South Pacific. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Freeman. Brother Duke was also in WW II. [Photo]
Gamble, Lawrence Sgt Lawrence Gamble. Entered service Oct '42. USAF. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Gamble. [Photo]
Gamblin, Cleveland Sgt Cleveland Gamblin. Army. Son of Mrs. Fannie Gamblin. Brothers Paul Wayne and Raymond were also in WW II. [Photo]
Gamblin, Doug No Photo
Gamblin, Paul Wayne S 1/c Paul Wayne Gamblin. Navy. Son of Mrs. Fannie Gamblin. [Photo]
Gamblin, Raymond Cpl. Raymond Gamblin. Army. Son of Mrs. Fannie Gamblin. [Photo]
Gant, Thomas [Photo]
Garnett, Fred S 1/c Fred Garnett. Entered service July '43. Son of Mrs. Verna Garnett. [Photo]
Garrett, Paul No Photo
Gaston, James William Pfc James W. Gaston. Enlisted Feb '43. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. John Gaston. [Photo]
Gill, Dudley [Photo]
Gill, George W. Pvt George W. Gill. Ft Hood, Tx. Attended Million High Sch. Son of John & Georgia Gill. Father of Carolyn Gill. [Photo]
Gill, James "Bubby" Cpl James "Bubby" Gill. Entered service Dec '42. Son Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Gill. [Photo]
Glaysbrooks, Charles Gilbert Pvt. Charles G. Glaysbrooks. Entered service Nov '42. New Guinea. Husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Glaysbrooks. [Photo]
Goodloe, William T/S William Goodloe. Entered service Mary '38. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. M. Goodloe. [Photo]
Gordon, Charles Charles Gordon. Son of Bill & Mattie Gordon. [Photo]
Grace, Alfred Cpl Alfred Grace. Entered service Apr '42. M.P. in England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ellie Grace. [Photo]
Graham, David William David Graham. [Photo]
Graham, Rozelle No Photo
Grant, Claude Ellis Navy. Son of Luther Ellis & Martenia Kelly Grant. [Photo]
Grant, James Elbert Navy. Son of Luther Ellis & Martenia Kelly Grant. [Photo]
Grant, Luther Luther Grant, U.S. Navy, was stationed at Pearl Harbor and witnessed the attack by Japan on December 7, 1941. He also served on a destroyer guarding the aircraft carrier Yorktown during WWII. Son of Luther Ellis & Ella Jenkins Grant. Husband of Sandy Grant. [Photo]
Grant, Marvin Lee No Photo
Grasty, S. Hampton Pvt S. Hampton Grasty. [Photo]
Gray, Clarence Pfc Clarence Gray. Entered service July '41. Son of George Gray. Husband of Nettie Gray. [Photo]
Gribble, Charles William Cpl. Charles Gribble. Southwest Pacific. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arch Gribble. [Photo 1] [Photo 2]
Grimes, Charles No Photo
Haley, James      No Photo
Hammers, Denzil Pfc Denzil Hammers. Entered service Dec '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. S. Hammers. [Photo]
Hammond, Wm Randolph      No Photo
Hammonds, Coleman W.    No Photo
Hammonds, Garrett Sgt Garrett Hammonds. Enlisted '36. 5th Army. Italy. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Hammonds. [Photo]
Hammonds, John D  No Photo
Hancock, Oron Earl Oron E. Hancock. Navy '43-46. Stationed on USS Tomich De 242 [Photo]
Hardin, James W., Jr. Capt J. W. Hardin. Army. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Hardin. [Photo]
Harris, Jack     No Photo
Harris, T.R.    No Photo
Hatcher, James Gordon Cpl James Gordon Hatcher. Entered service Jan '42. England. Husband of Mary Thompson Hatcher. [Photo]
Hawkins, Lilbert P. O. 1/c Lilbert S. Hawkins. Enlisted May '41. US Coast Guard. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hawkins. [Photo]
Hayden, James E Cpl James Hayden. Entered service '42. New Guinea. Son of Mrs. Lula Washington. [Photo]
Hayes, Carlene "Carl" S 2/c Carlene Hayes. Inducted Apr '44 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Cordis Hayes. [Photo] [Photo, 1944]
Heltsley, Edward 3rd Mate Edward Heltsley. USS Steel navigator. Isthmian. New York. [Photo]
Hendrix, Jewell
Hendrix, Robert E. Jr.      No Photo
Henify, Norma      No Photo
Hicks, Cloyce Bardley    Sgt Cloyce B Hicks. Entered service Oct '42. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gordie Hicks. Brother Bill Hicks also in WW II. [Photo]
Hicks, Kenneth Cpt W.K. Hicks. Army. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hicks. [Photo]
Hicks, James William Sgt. James William "Bill" Hicks. Entered service FEb '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gordie Hicks. [Photo]
Hicks, William Earle    No Photo
Hill, Joseph L Cpl. Joseph L. Hill. Entered service Oct '42. [Photo]
Hill, Omer F. "Harpo" T/S Omer "Harpo" Hill. Entered service Jan '42. India. Son of Mrs. Millie Hill. [Photo]
Hill, Robert "Bobby"   No further info.
Hillman, Steve   No Photo
Hoard, Albert Albert Hoard. Army. Wounded Germany. Purple heart. Son of Benj. Hoard. Father-in-law of Orrin Hudson. Father Linda Hoard Hudson. [Photo]
Hobbs, John L. Pvt John L Hobbs. Entered service Feb '42. India. Son of Mable Gold. [Photo]
Hobbs, D.C. Rudell Cpt Rudell Hobbs. Entered service Oct '41. [Photo]
Hodge, Charles S F 2/c Charles C. Hodge. Volunteered in '43. Veteran of WW I, South Pacific. Husband of Mrs. Virginia H. Hodge. [Photo]
Hopson, Edward Edward Hopson, Jr. Navy '42-45. 7 campaign bars. 10 battle stars. Served in North Atlantic and South Pacific aboard Chenango. [Photo]
Howell, Frank Frank Howell. Communications/Civilian. Stationed in Hawaiian Islands in '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Sawyer Howell. Brother Robert in WW II. [Photo]
Howell, Robert Pfc Robert L. Howell. Entered service Jan '42. Stationed in New Guinea. Son Mr. & Mrs. Sawyer Howell. [Photo]
Huddleston, Johnnie E. Johnnie E. Huddleston. Army. 6th Arm. Inf. Div. Italy, other European countries. Heavy truck driver. Husband of Lucy Huddleston. [Photo]
Hudson, Victor Victor E. Hudson. Navy '43-45 Husband of Gladys Hudson. [Photo]
Hunt, James    No Photo
Hunt, William   No Photo
Hunnter, Louis Marion      No Photo
Hurley, Joel Grubbs Pfc Joel G. Hurley. Entered service Feb '43. Medical Corps. Son of Mrs. Dot Hurley. Brother Wm. C. In WW II Air Corps. [Photo]
Obit:JOEL G. HURLEY 1923-1997
Joel Hurley, 73, Dawson Springs, died 17 Mar 1997, in RMC. Born 9 Jul 1923 in Earlington, he was the son of the late Wm C. Hurley and Dot Hurley Lynch. He was a self-employed business-man and attended WKU. He served in the US Army Medical Corps 1943-47 in the South Pacific 17 months. He was sheriff of Hopkins County from 1954-58 & CountyJudge 1958-62. He was a member of Dawson 1st Christian Church serving as deacon and teacher. He is survived by his wife Glenda Cansler Hurley; son Kent, Dawson Springs; dauughter Mrs. Jose (Dianne) Labrado, Dawson Springs; 2 grandsons, Carson & Aaron Labrado; a brother Wm. C. Hurley II, San Bernadino, California.
Services were held at Beshear Funeral Home March 20 with graveside military honors. The Revs. Tom Davis & Bill Crabtree officiated. Burial in Rosedale Cemetery. Pall-bearers included: Harry Campbell, Jess McGary, Terry Cansler, Eugene Wyatt, Richard Holeman, & Danny Walker. Honorary pallbearers were: Dudley Gill, Bill Davis, Woodruff McGregor, Wiley Jones, Dundee Fulford, Leslie Miller, Joe Alexander, Morton Dickerson, Thomas Spain and Laurence Gordon.
Hurley, William C. Capt. William C. Hurley. Enlisted in Air Corps. March '40. Son of Mrs. Dot Hurley. Brother Joel also in WW II in Medical Corps. [Photo]
Hyde, Lewis Lewis Hyde. Entered service Dec '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Hyde. [Photo]
Jackson, Roscoe Roscoe Jackson. Army Air Corps. Husband of JoNell Oldham Jackson. [Photo]
Jackson, Rupert
Jenkins, Charles Lt. Col. Charles F. Jenkins. Entered Mar '40. Air Corps. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jenkins. [Photo]
Johnson, Joe Lee Joe Lee Johnson. Navy, Army, USAF 1943 - 1963. Served in S. Pacific. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Johnson. [Photo]
Jones, Herschel Thomas Cpl. Herschel T. Jones. Enlisted Jan '42. Italy. Son of Mrs. Maude Jones. [Photo]
Killegrew, Frank       No Photo
Kilroy, Virginia      No Photo
Kimble, Austin
Kimble, James D
King, Jack, Jr
King, Paul T., Jr
Kirkman, James
Kirkwood, James   KIA MEMORIAL
Kistner, Lawrence   KIA MEMORIAL
Kistner, Paul Charles
Kistner, Ross Pvt Ross Kistner. Entered service Apr '35. Stationed N. Africe. Son of Mrs. Lillie Price. [Photo]
Lamb, Cecil   No Photo
Lamb, David Ross   No Photo
Lamb, Marvin Pvt. Marvin Richard Lamb (b.1911-d.1979) Army '42-45. 1267 Engr Combat. England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany. Rifle Sharpshooter. Son of Don and Emeline Lamb. [Photo]
Lamb, Rudolph Gene S 2/c Gene Lamb. Entered service Jan '44. Son Mr. & Mrs. Herb Lamb. [Photo]
Lansden, George S/Sgt George Lansden. Entered service June '41. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Lansden. [Photo]
Landsden, James Tommy S 1/c Tommy Lansden. Entered service June '43. Stationed Trinidad. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Lansden. Brothers George & Joe also in WW II. [Photo]
Lansden, Joe Sgt Joe Lansden. Entered service Jan '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Lansden. Brother Tommy also WW II. [Photo]
Larmouth, James Sgt James Larmouth. Army. Son of Raymond & Willie Larmouth. One of 4 Larmouth brothers in WW II: James, Jewell, John & Raymond. [Photo]
Larmouth, Jewell Pvt Jewell Larmouth. Entered Army July '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Willie Larmouth. One of 4 Larmouth brothers in WW II: James, Jewell, John & Raymond. [Photo]
Larmouth, John Cpl John Larmouth. Army. Son of Raymond & Willie Larmouth. One of 4 brothers in WW II. [Photo]
Larmouth, Raymond SSgt Raymond Larmouth. Army. Son of Raymond & Willie Larmouth. one of 4 brothers in WW II. [Photo]
Little, Donald Pvt Donald Little. Entered service Feb '42. [Photo]
Littlepage, Wm Gerald T/S William G. Littlepage. Entered service Dec '40. Stationed Nichols Gen. Hosp,Louisville. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Guy Littlepage. [Photo]
Lock, Nagel "Jack" Cpl Nagel "Jack" Lock. Entered service Feb '42. Italy. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Lock. [Photo]
Long, Charles Jewell Pfc Charles Jewell Long. Entered service early '43. Stationed New York Hospital. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Long. [Photo]
Long, Daniel G Cpl Daniel Long. Entered service Sept '42. Hawaiian Islands. Son of J. P. Long. [Photo]
Long, George Sgt George Long. Entered service Jan '42. England. Son of Mr. J.P. Long. [Photo]
Long, John Douglas 2nd Lt John Douglas Long. Entered service June '43. New Guinea. Son of Mr. & Mrs. John B. Long. [Photo]
Long, Leo T/Sgt Leo Long. Entered service '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Long. [Photo]
Long, Marvin Pvt Marvin Long. Entered service Nov '43. Son Mr. & Mrs. Claude Long. [Photo]
Long, Raymond Irvin Raymond I. Long. US Army. [Photo]
Lovan, Garlon Ray P O 1/c Garlon Lovan. Entered service Aug '42. Stationed in Atlantic. Son of Mrs. Garlon Ray Lovan. [Photo]
Lutz, Artie Elmo      Chief Petty Officer Artie Elmo Lutz. 1941-70. Asiatic & Pacific Ribbon with 9 stars, 5 Good Conduct Awards, Battle of Philipines Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation with Star, Secretary of Navy Commendation. Graduate of Petty Officer Acadamy of Norfolk,VA. [Photo]
Mahan, Albert Pvt Albert Mahan. Entered service Nov '43. Husband of Lillie Tucker Mahan. [Photo]
Majors, Virgil Lee
Martin, James Cpl James R. Martin. Entered serice March '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Autie Martin. [Photo]
Martin, Shelby
Matthews, Jasper Pvt Jasper N. Matthews, Jr. Stationed South Pacific. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.N. Matthews, Sr. [Photo]
Mayes, Cecil
McAlister, Raymond    No Photo
McAllister, Wm      No Photo
McCormick, Thomas Henry Ph. M. 3/c Thomas H. McCormick. Entered Marines Oct '42. Pacific. Nephew of Angela McCormick. [Photo]
McCulley, Perry Pvt Perry McCulley. Entered service June '44. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ray McCulley. Brother of Betty McCulley Brooks. [Photo]
McElroy, James S/Sgt James McElroy. [Photo]
McGar, Curtis "Monkey" S/Sgt Curtis McGar. Son of Mr. & Mrs. John Rager. [Photo]
McGar, Vernon L. Vernon McGar. Stationed Ireland. Son of Mr. & Mrs. John Rager. Brother Curtis also in WWII. [Photo]
McGregor, James Woodrow [Photo]
McGregor, Will Lindsey Pvt Will Linsley McGregor. Entered service May '44. Son Mr. & Mrs. Dillard McGregor. [Photo]
McIntosh, Cecil S 2/c Cecil McIntosh. Entered service FEb '43. Son of N.A. McIntosh. [Photo]
McLeod, Wm O.   No Photo
McManus, Andrew   No Photo
Melton, JW    No Photo
Merritt, Clarence  No Photo
Mitchell, James Robert Pfc James Robert Mitchell. New Guinea. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Mitchell. [Photo]
Mitchell, Samuel Earl Cpl Samuel Earl Mitchell. Entered service Aug '42. Egypt. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Pies Mitchell, Nebo, Ky. [Photo]
Montgomery, George Cpl. George Montgomery. Signal Corps. Entered service Dec '43. Son of Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Montgomery. [Photo]
Moore, Andrew Earl
Moore, Clint Pvt Clint Moore. Entered service Jan '43. South Pacific. Son of Mrs. Ethel Moore. Brother of Norman & Hobert. [Photo]
Moore, Curtis  No Photo
Moore, Franklin S/Sgt Franklin Moore. Entered service July '41. Italy. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Moore. [Photo]
Moore, Tom W 2nd Lt. Tom W. Moore. Dec '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Moore. [Photo]
Morgan, Harry Gene F 1/c Harry Gene Morgan. Entered service June '43. Son of Mrs. G.M. Durham. Brother Jimmy Morgan also WW II. [Photo]
Morgan, Jimmy B.M. 1/c James T. "Jimmy" Morgan. Entered Apr '39. South Pacific. Son Of Mrs. G.M. Morgan. Husband of LaRue Oldham Morgan. [Photo]
Morgan, Leo "Jack" Pfc Leo "Jack" Morgan. Entered '42. Son of Mrs. G.M. Morgan. 2 brothers (Harry & Jimmy) also WW II. [Photo]
Morris, Troy Chief Yoman Troy K. Morris. Navy '41-45. Recruiter for state of TN. Husband of Charlotte Offutt Morris. [Photo]
Morse, James Donald Lt. James Donald Morse. Army Infantry. Son of Dr. & Mrs. W. L. Morse. [Photo]
Moss, Howell Pfc. Howell Moss. Entered service Dec'42. England. Son of Mrs. Mabel Davis. [Photo]
Murphy, Powell Davis "P.D." Cpt P.D. Murphy. Enlisted May '43. Son Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Murphy. [Photo]