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The following is as complete a list as we have been able to compile of Earlington, Ky, WW II veterans.
Those with KIA were KIA (killed in action).

Check back frequently to see the new files and photos as they are added.

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Abernathy, Claude Thomas
No Photo
Abernathy, Matthew
No Photo
Adams, Bill
Marines. Husband of Ann Adams. [Photo]
Adams, David
Cpl. USAF. Son of Edward & Lucy Adams. [Photo]
Adams, P. Leon
B. 2/c. US Navy. Entered service 21 September 1942. Petty Officer, U.S.S. Trenton. Son of Mr and Mrs Norman Adams. [Photo]
Adams, Walter
Army Inf. Son of Edward & Lucy Adams [Photo]
Adams, Willard
Army 1st Cavalry. Son of Edward & Lucy Adams. [Photo]
Adkins, Herman
Allen, Harman
No Photo
Allen, J.T.
US Navy. Father of Tommy Allen [Photo]
Armstrong, George, Jr.
Pvt. US Army. Entered service May 4, 1944. Stationed at Camp Blanding, Florida. Son of Mr and Mrs George Armstrong, Sr. Brother of Eleanor (Armstrong) Rich. [Photo]
Armstrong, William A.
Sgt., US Army Air Corps. Entered Army Air Corps Aug 19, 1942. Stationed Gore Field, Monnt. Son of Mr and Mrs George Armstrong, Sr. Brother of Eleanor (Armstrong) Rich. [Photo]
Arnold, Edgar, Jr. "Coogie"
Army Air Corps. '43-46. B17 navigator. Son of Edgar Arnold, Sr. [Photo]
Arnold, Howard
Maj. US Army. Intelligence Officer [Photo]
Arnold, Kenneth
Sgt. Army '42-45. Anti-air craft. New Guinna. Phillipines. Purple heart. Son of Edgar Arnold, Sr. [Photo]
Atkins, Bervie
Pvt, US Army. Entered service 29 Jul 1943. Stationed at Camp Stewart, Georgia. Husband of Mrs Cleta Adkins. [Photo]
Baize, Edgar L
Baker, John
MM 1/c. US Coast Guard. Son of Ms Rosa Baker Craig. Husband of Jeanne Baker. [Photo]
Barber, Simpson
No photo
Bart, James T
No info or photo
Barton, W L
Pfc W. L. Barton. Entered service 2/19/41. Stationed South Pacific. Son of Mr. C.L. Barton. [Photo]
Bassett, Bill
Husband of Zona Bassett. Later became postmaster of Earlington Post Office. Bill Bassett was also a veteran of WW I. [Photo]
Bedwell, Frank
Pfc. US Army. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bedwell. Husband of Nora Verna Choate Bedwell. Children: Richard Allen and Maurey Bedwell [Photo]
Bell, James T
Capt. US Army. Entered service Sept 19, 1941. Stationed Ft Benning, Georgia [Photo]
Beshears, W Garrett
No Photo
Blades, Horace
No Photo
Blair, John L
Blair, Marion Patrick
Pvt. Marion "Pat" Blair. [Photo]
KIA Blair, Michael "Pat"
Sgt. 707th Bomb Sq., 446th Bomb Sq. Killed in action over Germany 1944. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Blair. [Photo]
Blanton, Edelworth
Bohan, Henry
Bowles, Karl Curtis, Sr.
Boyd, James D.
S. 1/c. Entered service June 7, 1942. Sub-Chaser in South Pacific. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Boyd. [Photo]
Brashear, James
No Photo
Brooks, Carl Raymond
Pvt. US Army. Entered service Feb 10, 1943. Stationed at MP Jackson, SC. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hy Brooks, Sr. [Photo]
Brooks, Eugene
E.S.A.D. 3/c Eugene Brooks. Entered service July 7, 1943. Stationed at Norfolk, Virginia. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Brooks. [Photo]
Brooks, Henry
Navy. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Brooks. [Photo]
Brooks, Henry, Jr
Pvt. Henry Brooks, Jr. Entered service May 17, 1944. Stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hy Brooks, Sr. [Photo]
Brooks, James F
1st Sgt. James F. Brooks. Entered service Apr 15, 1940. [Photo]
Brooks, Robert Earl
Cpl. Robert Brooks. Army. June 6, '43-Feb 6, '46. 2nd Sq. 2nd Section, 2nd Platoon. Battery D. 796 Anti-aircraft Artillery-Automatic Weapons-BN. Basic at Capt Stewart, Ga. & Camp Gordon (Augusta,Ga) with 10th Army Div. Landed Normandy Aug '44. Rode on 1/2 tracks with driver, 2 cannonaires & gun pointers in Germany. After war, in charge of POWs in Germany. Brooks received 3 Battle Stars, Ardennes Rhineland. His battalion was with Gen. Patton with the 10th Armored Division. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Brooks.Husband of Thula Brooks. They have one son Barry. [Photo]

Bob Brooks was one of those Hopkins Co. veterans presented with a high school diploma Nov 4, 2002. His high school career was interrupted by WW II. The photo is of Brooks being presenta a diploma by Supt. Stevens. [Photo]

Robert Brooks [far left] with 796 Division with their half-track vehicle. [Photo]

Brooks in front of Earl Theater in '41 or '42 with his dad and 3 brothers, all of whom were in European Theater during WW II. Left to right: Eugene (Bully), Henry, Robert (Bob), Dad/ Virgil, & James. [Photo]

Brooks, Turner
Turner Brooks. US Army Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brooks. [Photo]
Browder, Robert
Pvt. Entered service Oct 27,1943, at Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky. Son of Mrs. Gertrude Browder. [Photo]
Browder, Robert "J.C."
Robert "J.C." Browder. Army '42-45. Entered service Oct 27, ;43, at Camp Breckinridge, Ky France, Germany, Belgium. T5 Truck Driver. Good conduct. Husband of Christine Browder. Son of Gertrude Browder. [Photo]
Brown, J Amplis "Buster"
Cpl. J. A. "Buster" Brown. Entered service March, '42. Stationed in England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. James I. Brown. [Photo]
KIA Brown, Homer Alan
Pfc Homer Alan "Homebrew" Brown. Entered service Apr 5, 1943. At Camp Gordon, Johnston, FLA. Son of Rev. & Mrs. Jesse Brown. Died as a result of wounds. [Photo]
Brown, Oscar T
Oscar Thomas Brown. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Brown. [Photo]
Browning, Charlie B
No Photo
Bryant, Gene
Pvt. Eugene Bryant. Entered service 1944. Stationed Camp Fannin, Texas. [Photo]
Bryant, Lacy
Cpl. Lacy Bryant. Entered service June 30, 1944. [Photo]
Buchanan, James Thomas
Pfc. Entered service in 1943. Stationed in New York, New York. Son of Mrs. H.T. Buchanan. [Photo]
Buchanan, Robert Henry
Sgt. Entered service Oct 1939. Was at Camp Joe Robinson, Ark. Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Buchanan. [Photo]
KIA Buckley, Sidney
RCAF. Killed in airplane flight in Canada. Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Buckley. [Photo]
Buckley, Vernon
Sgt Vernon Buckley. Entered service June 10, 1942. US Air Corps. England. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Nolan Buckley. [Photo]
Bunch, George "Bill"
Sgt Sgt George Bill Bunch. Entered service in 1940. Stationed at Camp Van Dorn, Miss. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Preston Bunch. Preston Bunch was WW I vet. [Photo 1] [Photo 2]
Bunch, Ross
S 2/c Andy Ross Bunch. Entered service Marcy 7, 1944. Served aboard ship. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Preston Bunch (WW I veteran). [Photo]
Burton, James Thomas
No Photo
Bryum, Claude
No Photo
Byrum, James Daniel
Cpl. James D. Byrum. Inducted Nov 17, '42. Was in Anzio Beachhead Battle. Son of Mrs. John Byrum. [Photo]
Byrum, John Wesley
John Wesley Byrum. Son of Mrs. John Byrum. [Photo]
Byrum, Robert
F 1/2 Robert A Byrum. Entered service Apr 19, 1944. Stationed at Shoemaker, CA. Son of Mrs. John Byrum. [Photo]
Carnal, Clifton
SS Clifton Carnal (Airborne). 101st Airborne paratrooper. Africa, European theater. Son of Ernest and Elizabeth Carnal. Husband of Evelyn Plunkette Carnal. [Photo]
Carpenter, Lafe   NP
No Photo
Chastine, Herman
Pfc Herman Chastine. Entered service Oct 1, '43. England. Son of Mrs. Lenora Edmonds. [Photo]
Chastine, Thurman
Pvt Thurman Chastine. Entered Service Feb '43. Stationed at Camp Ellis, IL. Husband of Gladine Chastine. [Photo]
Choate, James KIA
Choate, Lawson V.
Christopher, C D
C D Christopher. Army Inf. '41 GaudalCanal. Son of Oscar & Annie Christopher. Husband of Dorothy Carroll Christopher. [Photo]
Civils, Edward
Civils, Roscoe T.
Roscoe Civils. Army. Father of Carolyn Seals. [Photo]
Clark, Harry Robert   NP
No Photo
Clark, Robert Lewis     NP
No Photo
Clark, Rodman F
Rodman F. Clark. Navy. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Clark. [Photo]
Clark, Wallace    NP
No Photo
Clark, William    NP
No Photo
Cloern, Charles
Cloern, James "Tom Pete"
James Cloern. Army. '42-45. Served with Patton 3rd Army in Europe. Son of James Cloern. [Is middle initial B or D?] [Photo]
Cloern, Lawrence
Lt Col. Lawrence R. Cloern. Marines '40-65. Was at Pearl Harbor during Japanese attack. In Pacific with 1st & 3rd Divisions. Served in Korea with 1st Division. Received Purple Heart for battle at Chosen Reservoir. Son of James Cloern. 3 other of his brothers were in WW II: James B, Ralph M, & Wayne F. Cloern. [Photo]
Cloern, Ralph
Ralph M. Cloern. US Navy '42-45. Served on Destroyer USS Stanley as Elect. 2nd class in Adm. Burke's Little Beaver Sq. Son of James Cloern. 3 other brothers served in WW II. [Photo]
Cloern, Wayne
Sgt Wayne F. Cloern. Marines '43-46. 1st Div. Served in Pacific in WW II. He also served 1 yr NC/Korean War. Son of James Cloern. 3 of his brothers also served in WW II. [Photo]
Coaley, Lawrence    NP
No Photo
Cobb, Spillman
2nd Lt Spillman Cobb Entered service June 12, '41. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Cobb. [Photo]
Coffman, Wesley
P O 3/c Wesley Coffman. Entered service June 1943. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Chris Coffman. [Photo]
Conyers, Herbert
A S Herbert Conyers. Entered service May 7, '44. Son of H.M. Conyers. [Photo]
Cook, James Robert
Pvt James Robert Cook. Entered service Aug 5, '41. England. Son of Ambrose Cook. Brother of Nora Cothran. [Photo]
Cooksey, Otis
Cothran, Liggett
Liggett A. Cothran, Sr. (CIV) Entered training May '42. Stationed at Pearl Harbor. Communications & Recovery. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Lee Cothran. Husband of Louise Wilson. Father of Liggett Cothran, Jr; Rita Ritchey; Ann & Faye Gipson. [Photo]
Cothran, William Howard "Paul"
Technical Sergeant William H. Cothran. Entered service Nov 17, '42. 718th Railroad Battalion, U.S. Army, European Theater. Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Earlington. Son of Mr. & Mrs. William Lee Cothran. Husband of Nora Cook. Father of Paul Wesley & Barbara Farris. [Photo]
Cox, Rufus G      NP
No Photo
Coyle, John, Jr
Craner, Kenneth    
No Photo
Croft, George A.
Navy Sea Bees. Brother of Nada Hancock. [Photo] [Photo]
Cunningham, Hubert Dudley  NP
No Photo
Cunningham, Wallace
Cpl. Wallace Cunningham. Enlisted service Apr '43. Australia. Air Corps. Son of Wallace Cunningham. [Photo]
Curtis, Charles William
Charles William Curtis. Army. Son of Ida Lamb & Marvin Curtis. [Photo]
Curtis, Paul
Davis, David C
H.A. 1/c David C. Davis. Entered service Dec 26, '43. Son of Will Davis. [Photo]
Davis, Gene Lloyd
Cpl Gene Lloyd Davis. Entered service Oct 6, '42. South Pacific. Son of Ray Davis. [Photo]
Davis, Harry M
Chaplin Harry M. Davis. Army Air Corps. Son of Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Davis. [Photo]
Davis, James Woodrow
Pvt. James W. Davis. Entered service June '43. Hawaii. Son of Will Davis. [Photo]
Davis, William P
DeMoss, A O, Jr
S 1/c A. O. Demoss, Jr. Entered Navy Aug '43. Son of A O Demoss, Sr. Husband of Margaret DeMoss. [Photo]
Dixon, Luther, Jr
A 3/0 Luther Dixon, Jr. Service '43-46. Specialist A 3/0 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Luther Dixon, Sr. Class of 1943, J.W. Million School. [Photo]
Dixon, Wm F
F 2/c William Dixon. Entered service in Apr '44. Husband of Mrs. Tenora Dixon. [Photo]
Donahue, Anne
2nd Lt. Anne Donahue, Army. Volunteered as nurse. Nov '42. New Zealand. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Donahue. [Photo]
Donahue, Dan, Jr
Cpl. Dan Donahue, Jr. Entered service June '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Donahue. [Photo]
Downs, Kenneth
Drone, Eveart A
Dudley, George Ellsworth
Dukes, Leland B
Dukes, Leo
Sgt. Leo Dukes. Entered service Feb '42. Belgium. Son of Mary Dukes. [Photo]
Dulin, James Willis
Dulin, Nathaniel
Duncil, James
James Duncil. Army. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Duncil. [Photo]
Dupass, James
S 1/c James Dupass. Entered service '42. Pacific. Brother of Mildred Dupass East. [Photo]
Durham, Dorris E
Dorris F. Durham. Marines. Son of Tom Sherman & Amy Lacy Durham. [Photo]
Cunningham, Wallace
East, John Earl, Jr
Eaves, Curtis
Pvt Curtis Eaves Entered service Mar '44. [Photo]
Edwards, Austin, Jr
Egbert, Imon
Egbert, Maurice "Buddy"
Epley, Edward Lynn
Cpl. Edward Lynn Epley. Entered service Oct '42. England. Son of Mr. Boyd Epley. [Photo]
Ezell, Kincheloe
Capt Kincheloe Ezell Entered service May '42. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ezell. [Photo]