Marion County Brick Wall Queries

Anyone who wishes to post a query for their "Brick Wall" ancestor here, please email me. And anyone who reads these queries, and can help someone, please do! <g> "What comes around, goes around!

Posted: 08/19/17

Surname: Johnson

I am researching my great grandpa .He and his brother was sentenced  to life but was let out early .  It was John and George Johnson .John b.1873-75, George b 1876. They were incarcerated in Kentucky State Prison at Frankfort . I have a couple of newspaper clippings. They were arrested and put in Marion Co Jail they escaped  then with the help of their father they turned themselves in . They were sentenced  Feb. 1911. Any help appreciated, thank you, Kathy Burris

Posted: 03/10/15

Surname: Adams

Hello, I am searching for records that show James Adams (1802 - 1881) had a son John Clement (1828-1898). Both are buried in Lebanon, Marion Co, KY and are on Find a Grave. Thanks, Gale Shafer

Posted: 01/05/15

Surname: Dorsey

I am trying to find the following family members. Dorsey/Edward b1813 – Marion County KY Married Dorsey/Sarah b 1821- Washington County KY They had one son Stephen Nicholas Dorsey b1838- Marion County KY Sarah either died or they divorced between 1850-1855 I found all 3(Edward,Sarah and Stephen) listed in the 1850 census In the 1860 census Stephen is living with Wilson/Thomas family and Edward has married Frances Ann Percell and moved to Missouri. I am trying to find out where Edward was born and who his parents were. If you could help me I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, Al Logsdon,

Posted: 10/02/14

Surname: Martin/McClain

I noticed someone else looking for Kesiah Martin b. 1803,who married Samuel McClain b. 1800. Parents Thomas D. and Charity Martin, b cir 1770. Daughter, Nancy McClain who married Leo Thompson of Nelson, KY. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Linda Boddy

Posted: 06/23/14

Surname: Elder

I'm looking for a marriage, death record or birth record for a Charity Elder b. 1791 d 1865.  I believe she is the daughter of William Elder b. 1757 d. 1822.  I'm interested in verifying her parents.  I believe she is my 4th G-Grandmother and the mother of Thomas Stewart Fowler b. 1829 d. 1923.  I would also like to find a birth or death record for Thomas.  Charity was married to a Tom Fowler who died in 1849 and remarried a James Jarboe.  Any help would be wonderful!  thank you!

Posted: 02/03/14

Surname: Rakes

I am searching the family of John Rakes and have hit a brick wall with his wife. Many list her as Nancy Sanders the daughter of John Sanders and Sarah Grant but I have court records that show that this is incorrect. Any help would be appreciated in finding his wife, Roger Wells -

Posted: 01/19/14

Surname: Hocker

My wife’s family has hit a brick wall for her 3rd great grandfather.  His name was Milton J. (probably John) Hocker.  His wife was Dorothy Rebecca Hill (Hocker).  They lived in Lebanon, Marion, Kentucky.  The 1840 census showed him, his wife and first child in Washington, Monroe, Missouri.  The second and third children were born in Lebanon, Marion, Kentucky.  The last one being born in 1846.  The 1850 census shows all three children living in District 1, but living with a farmer named Adams.  The parents are conspicuously missing.  We don’t know what happened to them.  They disappeared sometime between 1846 and 1850.  Is there a way to find out what happened to the parents?  Milton J. Hocker was supposedly born in 1818, also in Lebanon.  We don’t know who his parents are either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Steven Brande

Posted: 10/08/13

Surname: DeHam

My grandfather, Joseph DeHam Hardesty, was born on March 25, 1880 in Raywick near Hardin's Creek.  He and his family owned the Hardesty Hotels in Lebanon.  He was given the middle name of DeHam to honor a Catholic Priest by that surname.  Does anyone have any records related to a "Father DeHam"? Would like to know more about him. Thanks, Jeff Price

Posted: 06/17/13

Surname: Allen/Owens

My Brick wall is Louisa Allen who married A. J. Owens 30 July 1890. We have only the birth date of their daughter Bertha Louisa Owens born June 1, 1895. By 1900 Bertha is living with William P. Helt in Louisville, KY and Andrew is living in a boarding house in Louisville. Bertha is listed as a WARD. I have never been able to locate a grave or death date for Bertha's mom. I would share anything I have and would gladly pay for proof. Any help will be appreciated, thanks, Bev Wyman

Posted: 02/28/13

Surname: Allen

Hello I have truly hit a stumping point or brick wall. Can anyone please help?

My grandfather was John Willie Allen (1914-1990). His father was Jesse Luther Allen (1891-1973). Can't take Luther's wife back any further either. His father was Frank W. Allen (1867-?) I cannot get his birth or death or his parents, etc.

Franks wife was Martha E. Allen (1872-?). I do not know her maiden name or her parents or family.

My grandfather John Willie Allen was married to Katherine Wayne (1917-1993). My grandmother. Her father was Benjamin Elijah Wayne (1870-1955). But Benjamin was originally a Huffman. Benjamin's wife was Elizabeth Bunch or Hill. Cannot find her dates or her family.
Benjamin's parents were Joseph Huffman (?-?) and Mary Huffman. (?-?).

I cannot take any of them any further. I wish someone had a bit of time to help me with this. Love to have pictures if possible. I want to share this with my mother soon if possible!
Help if you can, thank you for anything. Tommy Fowler

Posted: 12/21/12

Surname: Allen/Wayne

My mother and father are from Lebanon, Kentucky.
My mother's mom was Kate Allen. Her father was Benjamin Elijah Wayne. I cannot find his family and/or parents. He changed his last name to Wayne from Huffman. His birth date December 8, 1870. Date of death is April 26, 1955. His wife was Elizabeth b. Wayne (1885-1940).
Please can someone help me.
Next, Kate Lee Allen (Wayne) 1917-1993 was married to my grandfather, John Willie Allen 1914-1990. His father Was Jesse Luther Allen born September 7, 1888 and died march 19, 1973. I also cannot find his parents at all. He was married to Sallie Evans Simpson 1895-1971.
Can anyone help me with Benjamin Wayne or Luther Allen? Please! Thanks, Tommy Fowler, Jr.

Posted: 10/18/12

Surname: Fenwick/Sherley (Shirley)

Help please! I am looking for Mary Teresa Fenwick borned in Marion County 02/18/1875. I can find her birth record, but not death certificate. I know that Thomas H Sherley remarried Rhonda Belle
Davis. I can not find any marriage information. Can anyone help? Thanks, Deanna Carroll

Posted: 10/16/12

Surname: Myers

I'm trying to find info on John B Myers. Born abt. 1860 in Marion Co., KY. He was the son of William Washington Myers and Margret Inmann Myers. Would love to hear from anyone researching this couple. Thanks, Perry Myers,

Posted: 10/10/12

Surname: Goode/Good & Wolford

I am stuck --- Tracing my Goode line --- I have James Lucien Good born 25 may 1898 in Gravel Switch, Marion Kentucky. His Father is Robert Leslie Good and Mother Inez Nora Wolford, Robert was born about Aug 1876 in Kentucky. Nora is the daughter of Richard G. & Elizabeth E.Wolford and was born in Boyle Co. in 1879. But I can’t locate Robert’s  parents – I am hoping someone can see if they can locate any records of the Goode Family that lived there in 1898. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks  Dan Hebert, (This query is cross-referenced between Adair, Casey & Marion counties)


Posted: 09/07/12

Surname: Baxter

I am looking for information on William Alexander Baxter  born Oct. 1840. His father was William Baxter, Jr. His brother was Edward Briscoe Baxter  born Jan. 1837. They were living in Marion co., district 1 in 1850. Death record would help. Hope someone can help. Thanks, Mike Click,

Posted: 05/16/12

Surname: Brady / Fenwick / Wimsatt / Mills / Hazel

I have been doing some genealogical research on and I've traced my family to Marion County, KY.  The surnames in the subject heading (Brady / Fenwick / Wimsatt / Mills / Hazel) are all in my family tree.  I am interested to learn anything I can about these families (especially Brady).  Here is what I know... Do you know of anybody I can talk to get additional information (where these people are buried, photographs, land records, etc)?    THANKS. Ceile Cull,

Posted: 05/14/12

Surname: Spalding / Leannartz (various spellings)

My great great great grandfather was J B (possibly Joseph Benedict) Spalding – a shoemaker who lived in Marion county per the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census and was born about 1828 in Marion County. He married Isabelle Lennartz or something close to that.  Various birth and death records suggest the name could have been Bell Lenento, Eisbelle Lennsartz, Lena Artz, etc. They both show up in the 1850 and 1860 census, in the latter with children Thomas, David, Laura, Martin and Joseph. Isabell is not in the 1880 census and may have died during or shortly after the birth of her last child. Am trying to find out more about Isabella Lennartz. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, R. Gregory Breetz, Jr.

Posted: 04/25/12

Surname: Simpson

I am trying to find the last resting place of my  great-great grandfather John B. Simpson and his wife, Elizabeth. The 1850 Census has them living in the crossroads village of New Market outside the Marion County seat in Lebanon.   John B. was born in Marion Co. in 1807. Elizabeth was born the county in 1808.  John B. apparently died after the 1850 Census because only Elizabeth and her five children appear on the 1860 and 1870 Census.  I have tracked down Mathew, the last child born in 1842, to Purdin,  Missouri where he and his wife Laura are buried. My grandfather, James W. who lived to be 96, was a product of that union, but can't find any record of the deaths of his aunts Louisa, Mary Jane, Sarah or uncle Thomas in Kentucky. The loss of Marion County records in John Hunt Morgan's raid on July 5th, 1863 has made the search very difficult. The 1850 census listed John B's wealth at $1.200 which in 2002 dollars was $37,000. Any help will be appreciated, thanks, Ross Simpson

Posted: 04/21/12

Surname: Bricken / Montgomery

My brick wall is the family of William Bricken and Mary Elizabeth Montgomery.  They were married in 1862 in Washington County.  I do not know who their parents were and need that information.  The 1870 census for Lebanon, KY. shows that William is 37 years old and Elizabeth is 25.  They are shown with three children, Frances, Thomas and Ida.  The 1880 census also for Lebanon shows the last name as Bricker however the names of William and Mary Elizabeth are correct.  Also shown are more children;  George H. b. 1871, Edward c. 1876, Mattie c. 1874 and Ella 5 mos. Can someone help me with birth and death  records of William Sr. and Mary Elizabeth?  Both were born in KY.  Mary Elizabeth's family hails from Virginia.  Also, I'm interested in any information concerning the Bricken Hotel that was in operation in Lebanon in 1901.  Specifically I'd like the owner's name and how long it was in operation. Thanks for anything you can offer,

Posted: 04/20/12

Surname: Howard

My “brickwall” ancestor is James Howard.  He was born about 1757 in St. Mary’s County, MD and moved to Kentucky (then Washington County).  He is often shown as living on Prather’s Creek of the Rolling Fork.  Marion County, of course, did not exist at the time of his death (1802), but stranger things have happened in the genealogy world.

We have his will, filed in Washington County, which gave his land to his wife Mary.  It also lists his children, confirming that we have the correct James Howard. (By the way, James Howard is my gggg grandfather.)

It seems logical that if he died on Prather’s Creek of the Rolling Fork that he was probably buried in that area.  Since it is now Marion County, I thought it was worth a try with the Marion County folks.

If you have any leads, please contact me at:

Posted: 02/21/12

Surname: Whitfield

We are unable to find a death record for Mrs. Richard Harrison Whitfield. Elizabeth “Bettie” Ann Craven daughter of Thomas J. Craven , married Harrison Whitfield in 1889. Their 1st and only child together was my husbands grandmother Margaret “Maggie” Whitfield and she was born in January of 1890. After that known date, we have zero information on our Elizabeth Bettie Ann Craven WHITFIELD. We believe is is very possible that she died giving birth to Maggie or sometime before May of 1894, because Harrison Whitfield then married Emily S. Caulk. Emily and he had 3 children together. If my memory serves me correctly, Emily died abt. 1915, then he married Mary Ollie Allen Murray Spratt WHITFIELD. They did not have any children, tho his son James lived with him.  
Richard Harrison WHITFIELD and all his wives stayed put. They lived in his original home, always. It was in Raywick, Marion County, KY. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you, Jean and

Posted: 11/16/11

Surname: Tharp

I am trying to find some information on my grandfather, Lee Irvin Tharp, who is buried in an unmarked grave in the Bethel Union/Lizard Point Cemetery on Popes Creek Road in Lebanon, Marion County, KY. Lee Tharp was married to my grandmother, Flota Catherine Gribbins, and had 2 children at the time of his death at age 24, Bessie Lee and Jesse Irvin Tharp.  When he died he was with his brother-in-law, Shelby Murphy.  Mr. Murphy's parents are buried in this cemetery also. I would love to know what plot is his in the cemetery so we could place a tombstone there. Also, I have been on the website for the Bethel Union/Lizard Point Cemetery and saw names of the people buried there.  I saw a posting by Bradford Buck and have sent him a couple of emails and they were returned due to an incorrect address.  Does anyone happen to have a current email address for him?  This posting was in 2000. Many thanks, Carol Thompson

Posted: 11/16/11

Surname: Mattingly

I am a descendant of The Mattingly’s.  Robert Lee Mattingly was my Great great grandfather,  he was a son of George Mattingly and Susan Mary Woodring.  They were from Lebanon, Marion Co. I am looking for any descendant of theirs that might be able to help identify a couple of pictures in the family.  My grandmother passed away last year and some are left unidentified.  I feel very strongly that they belong to this branch of my family because the pictures came from my great grandmother and it was here ancestors and there were not many pictures at the time.  The pictures are in quality ad would be a shame to not to share. Any help would be so appreciated. Stacy Hicks

Posted: 11/16/11

Surname: Settle(s)/Suttle(s)

I am looking for links to Settle/s – Suttle/s. Joseph b.abt 1810 KY d. aft 1880 , New Market, Marion Co. KY md 9/18/1830 in Springfield, Washington Co, KY to Hannah Barnes b. abt 1811 KY d. aft 1880 , New Market, Marion Co. KY.. I have never been able to find their Graves, a Will, Death Certificates, nothing.. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Most of my family is in either St. Joe’s or St . Matthew’s Cemeteries in Marion County, KY.. I have walked both and no headstone is visible..
Their children:
Joshua b. 4/8/1832 Marion Co. KY d. 1904
Wm H b. 3/29/1837 Marion Co. KY d. 1911 Marion Co. KY
F. J. b. 1838 Marion Co. KY d. Unknown
Benjamin/Benedict b. 8/19/1841 Marion Co. KY d. 1915 Bardstown, Nelson Co, Ky
James Dock b.1843 Marion Co. KY d. 1927 Marion Co. KY
Nancy Jane b. 1844 Marion Co. KY
Louis b. 1847 Marion Co. KY d. 1917
Susan b. 1851 Marion Co. KY d. Unknown
Joseph b 1854 Marion Co. KY d. 1924 Taylor Co. KY
It is possible that this family staggered into Nelson Co. KY as I am also trying to link to Joseph’s parents in that area. Thanks for any and all help. anything is greatly appreciated.
Susan L Settles

Posted: 11/16/11

Surname: Railey

I am looking for any information on Sarah Martha Railey born in Marion County abt 1857. Her father was James and I have no information on her mother. She married William David Clements in Marion Co on May 8,1876. I have had information that she was buried in the Holy Name of Mary cemetery but can find no record of this, either. She had at least 3 daughters, Lou, Laura and Cordelia (my great grandmother). Sarah has also been listed as "Laura" in some records but Laura's (Sarah's daughter) death certificate was filled out by Delia Wethington (Cordelia?) and lists Laura's mother as Sarah Railey. Can anyone help me with information on Sarah or her father James? Thank you so much! Angela Tudor

Posted: 04/11/11

Surname: Bickett

I am looking for any information on Joseph Leo Bickett born 10/1/1871 and his parents Charles and Emma Bickett.  Thanks! Kathy Wood

Posted: 04/07/11

Surname: Bickett

I am trying to find where my great grandparents, Charles and Emma Bickett,  are buried.  They were both born in Kentucky and one or both of them were African American.  Their son, my grandfather, Joseph Leo Bickett, was born 10/1/1871 in Lebanon, KY.  I only have his death certificate, not his birth certificate.  Were there any cemeteries in Marion County that were for African Americans, that my great grandparents were likely to be buried?  I will follow up on any information you may be able to share.  Thank you. Kathy Wood

Posted: 02/29/11

Surname: Morgan / Biggers

I am searching for information concerning my 2nd great grandparents, Jubal Morgan (1793-1865) and Martha Biggers (1827-1865).  They lived in Marion County, Kentucky and both died there in 1865. Martha is actually my brick wall.  She was Jubal's third wife, according to my records and considerably younger.  I cannot find a link to her parents. They married in 1844 and had 8 children. They both died in Marion County, KY in 1865 and I am hoping that someone could check records or newspaper accounts, if they exist, between July and October of 1865 to give me an idea of what may have taken their lives. Their children were sent to live with people in Marion, Indiana after the death of their parents. Thank you,

Posted: 02/23/11

Surname: Anderson

I am seeking information on a Louisa Anderson, born in 1811 in , I believe Marion County, Kentucky. She married a William Cochran abt. 1828-1832. Any information on her or her family would be most appreciated. Thanks, Chuck Cochran

Posted: 01/13/11

Surname: Hayes / Johnson

I am trying to find my great grandparents.  My great grandmother was Mary Alberta Johnson born around 1895 in Marion County, Kentucky. My great grandfather was Bernard Hayes, born circa 1893 in Marion County, Kentucky and he lived in Sims or Sims Town, Kentucky. That is all the information I have on them. Thank you, Michele Rodriquez

Posted: 12/07/10

My name is Beverly.  I am the daughter of Artie Murphy Colvin, the daughter of Anna Matilda Wathen, the daughter of David A Wathen.  All of Marion County Kentucky.  I am looking for photo's of young Anna Matilda or any of David or any family member.  I have photo's of Anna Matilda and of course my mother if anyone is interested.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Posted: 12/07/10

My name is Beverly.  I am the daughter of Sylvin Colvin the son of Henderson Schooner Colvin and Zennie Florence Sapp, the daughter of William Perry Sapp, the son of Nathaniel Sapp.  I am searching for photo's of the Sapp family.  I have good photo's of my parents, Sylvin and Artie Colvin.  I have good photo's of Schooner and Zennie Florence Sapp.   I have no other photo's of the Sapp family and would love to have at least one of Wm Perry and Nathaniel and their spouses.  If anyone could help I would certainly appreciate it.

Posted: 08/24/10

My father, Samuel B. Raley was born in Marion county  11-24-1899. I am looking for a cousin, Arthur "Doodle Bug" Raley, born about 1941-1945?  Son of Ben and Susie Raley of Lebanon.  Had brothers Robert, Jerry and Sam.  He had sisters also but I do not know their names.  His Father, Ben, was the son of J. E. Raley.  Arthur has a sister living in Lebanon, KY (Settie? Lee?, I think is her name- married last name??). Thanks for any help, Richard R. Raley

Posted: 07/31/10

I'm trying to find the grave site of my grandmother Laura Bell Ewing Tharp who died in June of 1896 in Lebanon, Marion county, KY.  Thank you any help you may be able to provide me. Richard Tharp,

Posted: 07/03/10 

Looking for any info. On Samuel McClain b. 1800 KY m. Kesiah Martin? 1803 VA listed 1850 Marion Co. KY census. Nancy 1829 KY; Thomas A. 1830 KY; Samuel Marcus 1832 KY my g-g-grandfather; Cynthia M. 1835 KY (Margaret “Ann” m. William Manson Thomas 5 July 1857 KY. ); Catherine 1837 KY; James R. 1841 KY; William D. (Duncan?) 1847 KY; Charity Martin 1778 VA. Any help would be appreciated, Christine & Paul McLane

Posted: 06/13/10  Surname: Turner

Looking for info on Thomas Turner, place of birth; Adair Co. His son was George Louis Turner, born 1895 in Lebanon, Ky. Need more info on them. Thanks,

Posted: 06/04/10  Surname: Taylor

One of my maternal ggg-grandfathers was Joshua "Joe" (James Joshua?) Taylor who according to family legend lived to 104 years of age and died in Marion County after being dragged by his mule (abt. 1904). If true, this must have been quite a story at that time around Lebanon, KY. Looking for an obituary or report which might substantiate this story and whether it might name Joshua Taylor's birth parents and where he was born (Virginia or Tennessee). Thanks for any help. Dan Norvell

Posted: 05/27/10  Surname: Collins

I am looking for Lewis Franklin Collins born in Marion County, KY. in 1820 in the Bellton area. Don't know parents name. Lewis was in the 1830 or 1840 census in MO. Any help will be appreciated, thanks, Joyce

Posted: 05/01/10  Surname: Sapp

I am looking for a photo of my Grandfather, William Perry Sapp. He was born in 1847 and died 1930. He was from the New Market area. His father was Nathaniel Sapp born 1822. I would love to share a photo with my family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Beverly Smith

Posted: 04/05/10

I'm looking for Information on a Cemetery called  Aliceton in Marion County. Does anyone have any info on this cemetery? Thanks for any information, Debra Booth Kawakami

Posted: 03/27/10

Trying to locate the burial place of Fountain H. Hasty. He died abt. Nov. 1903/04. He and his wife Sarah "Sallie" Hasty were on the Marion Co. Census in 1900 along with their daughter Lucy Middleton and son-in-law Richard Middleton, in S. Lebanon.  Fountain aged 63 was killed in Danville by 20 year old William Middleton in an election argument. I have located Sallie but, have no information on Fountain. I do know he is not on cemetery records in Garrard, Lincoln or Boyle Co.'s . Would appreciate any information. Julia Williams,

Posted: 03/20/10

Need help finding any additional information on the Davis family line.
1880 Census: Burdit "Bud" Davis b. between 1825 - 1830 d. between 1896 - 1898, his wife Nancy either Roney or Hinton b. 1825 d. Jan. 24, 1904 their children:
Elizabeth - b. 2-6-1856 d.?, George  - b. 1858 married Eliza J. ? (1910 miracode they are in Louisville) d.?, Presley (William Preston "Press") b. 1860 d. 1906 - married Mary Ellen Scalf (their daughter married my family line of Ballard), Kate - b. 1864 d. 1914 married Bart Mattingly, John - b. 1865 d.?, Pinkney b. 1869 d. Dec. 23, 1890
Most of the family are in St. Francis cemeteries. I Have some land records showing where Burdit & Press bought from & sold land to naming a few: Thompson, Vancliave, Mattingly, Buckler, Boaman, Nevitt.
#1 - Can anyone look in land record book 1896 - 1898, book 20 page 209. This is the last record we had found of Burdit Davis selling land. He sold to Thompson. May have additional names we are missing.
#2 - 1908 Book 31 page 91. Lists Press Davis selling land to Higdon. Preston was dead at this time. Was it his wife selling 
       the land? 
#3 - Trying to go back further on Burdit. Find him in tax records back in 1840 with no family.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Leslie

Posted: 02/28/10

I am searching for *any* information/articles/references about a "Reverend Darren Gain", circa 1949 or thereabouts. I own a historical book which was inscribed by this Reverend -- and I'm interested to see if I can uncover something about the book's roots and the Reverend who inscribed it. The book holds *great* meaning to me, and the information is solely for
personal curiosity's sake. I've owned the book for about 15 years now; but it was published in the late 1930s. Specifically, the inscription reads: Rev. Darren Gain, Lebanon, Kentucky,
July, 1949. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Posted: 02/26/10

Trying to find information about Peter Cain and Catherine Cain. Catherine's maiden name was Greenwell. She married John Newton in 1856, was widowed and married Peter in 1869. They lived in Holy Cross. Ky. They had twins, John Rown and Julietta Elaine Cain. John ended up in Taylorsville ky and Julietta joined the Sisters of Charity. Thanks, Michael Cain

Posted: 01/26/10

I am looking for James Henry Steele b Jan 1871 and his wife Sarah Ruth Drury b march 1873. Would share info. Thanks,

Posted: 12/12/09

Surnames: Gribbins

I am looking for Jim Gribbins from the Bradfordsville area. He was married to Annie K. Ellis when he died in or around 1950. He was married before to Rose? Any help will be appreciated, Robin Lee,

Posted: 11/27/09

Surnames: Hall

I'm at a complete loss for information on a John Hall and his wife Maggie.  I have John and his family in every census from 1840-1860 in  Marion County and 1870-1880 in New Haven, Nelson County.  What's even  more irritating is that I can find information on all his siblings, who are George Washington Hall (spouse Della Bryant), Elizabeth Hall  (Louis Lampkins), Delilah Hall (Watson, Harp), Mary Jane Hall (David  Gant), Stephen Hall (Amanda Morris), Emma Hall (Henry Warrell). I can place John's wife and one of his children at Rolling Forks  cemetery.  I believe I have the father, Isaac, in the 1840 census. What I'm missing is just some piece of information on this gentleman  and wife.  Any help would be great! Thanks, Matt Hall Also researching Nevitt, Miles, Gant, McClain, Peak, Warrell, Morris.

Posted: 11/04/09

Surnames: Horrell

Looking for any information on Leocadia Horrell. She appears in the 1860 Marion Co. census as a resident of The Lorretto Convent. Age in 1860: 29; Birth Year: abt 1831; Birthplace: Kentucky; Home in 1860: District 1, Marion, Kentucky; Gender: Female; Post Office: Lebanon. Any help with who her family might be would be appreciated,       

Posted: 11/04/09

Surnames: Weller

Looking for burial site of Daniel Weller from Grand Rapids Mi.  I found that he was in the 2nd Michigan Cavalry. Weller, Stafford Daniel, 25,  Co. H. Private ( New Recruit, Died and Buried  Lebanon Ky.  11/10/1862. He probably died in the Battle of Perryville. And I have a feeling he does not have a tombstone. How ironic  He was a stone cutter by trade.
I have no idea which cemetery as the National Cem did not exist until 1867. Thanks, Patri Hilborn

Posted: 10/26/09

Surnames: McCauley

I have been searching for my McCauley line for many years. I have found it finally....... now i need help in finding birth records of Robert A McCauley  b. 1892 Auttie(?) Mccauley.... any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so  much, Terri Ridings,

Posted: 10/20/09

Surname: Thomas / Mahoney

I am researching Henderson Thomas married to Nancy Mahoney in 1844, brother to James Thomas. I need any info on their parents. Thanks! Mary Maier

Posted: 10/20/09

Surname: Weller

I am trying to find the burial site for Daniel Stafford Weller   Information on the Perryville Reenactment  site  lists Assumed Roster as of Oct. 8, 1862. Weller, Stafford Daniel  age 25, H. Private ( new recruit, died and buried Lebanon, Ky.  11/10/1862. He was with the Michigan Cavalry 2nd Reg.,  Co. F   ( and Co. H). I assume he died on the Battlefield so would he actually be in a Cemetery  with a tombstone? Any help greatly appreciated, Patri Hilborn

Posted: 07/22/09

Surname: Morris / Blair

I have been looking for the following surnames of and on for the past several years. Benjamin F Morris & Cenie Blair descendants & families Morris, Blair, Lucas, Mattingly ,Masterson, Leake, Miles,  Obrion, Sterling, Hall, any connections please contact me.
I am also looking for a Morris Family cemetery located in or near Raywick Marion county on Mount Carmel Road. Does this place exist? Any help will be much appreciated, Randy Morris

Posted: 06/02/09

Surname: Green

I have been looking for the parents of my great great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Green.  Believed to be born 25 Jan 1850 Kentucky.  Both parents, according to 1880 Arkansas census documentation, were born in Kentucky.  I have gone through each "Green" listing in the 1860 Kentucky census and have found the following.  I am not sure that this family is the one for which I am searching.  Out of the four listings found for a 10 or 11 year old Thomas in the 1860 census only one panned out. The census was taken during the middle of the year.  Knowing that Thomas J's birthday was in January, he would have been 11 years old. 
Is there any way to find out if the 10 year old Thomas listed below had a middle name of Jefferson?  If this truly is my Thomas Jefferson, what was Ann's maiden name? 
Marion Co, KY; Lebanon P. O. 1860 Census
Thomas Green 38  Farmer
Ann 33
Thomas 10
Benjamin 8
Susan 7
Mary 5
Sarah 3
James 1
(All born in Kentucky)
Known Facts:
Thomas Jefferson Green
B 25 Jan 1850 KY
D 27 Dec 1919 Lincoln County, AR
M 31 July 1875 to Arminta Ann Gwynn (Born Texas)
Thomas arrived in Arkansas after the civil war and by 1875.
Any help would be truly appreciated, Diane Yarbrough

Posted: 04/29/09

Surname: Miles

My great grandmother was Elizabeth Miles (b 10-10-1879 - d. 1959?).  She married John Williams & lived in Bardstown, KY. Supposedly, my great grandmother was from Marion Co. Her father was John Thomas Miles & her mother was Julia Hall. Elizabeth's siblings were: Agnes, Ann, John Francis,(1883-1905) & Jospehine (1881-1886). Julia died when she was 27 and John Thomas Miles then married Emily Gardiner. 6 children were from this union - Catherine (Kate), Roy, Margaret (Maggie), Leo, Minnie McHenry & Emmitt. I am at a terrible loss in finding anything past John Thomas Miles as far as his parents, etc. I've think I have Julia's - George W. Hall & Delphaina Bryant (Brian?). Of course, I can't find any birthdays, which would make this a lot easier! Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I hope to hear from someone soon - my head is hurting beating against the brick wall! Thank you immensely - Margaret Greenwell Hull,

Posted: 04/11/09

Surname: Gootee

I am looking for information on a family listed in the 1920 Chicago, Marion Co, Ky Census . Richard Gootee, age 38 and wife Maggie, age 32, Children listed were: Ernest, age 12 ; Margarette, age 9 ; Lucille, age 7 ; John Leonard, age 6 ; Mary Stanislaus, age 4 7/12 ; Thomas, age 2 11/12  ; Josephine, age 1. I’d really like to know who the parents of Richard and Maggie are/were but any info will be appreciated. I’ve researched the Gootee family for over 25 years and can’t place this family. I’d also like to exchange info with any Gootee related family. Thank You, Bob Gootee

Posted: 04/11/09

Surname: Spalding

I have a large combination autograph-scrapbook that belonged to "Miss Maggie Spalding" and I would love to get it back to her kin if I can locate them.  The book has hand drawings, and pictures of flowers, and pasted poem clippings, and many poems and notes written to "Miss Maggie." They seem to be mostly from male admirers who go to great lengths extolling her beauty and virtues, and most are signed with just initials. The notes are dated from 1856 to 1860, and most are noted to be from Louisville, KY and some from Maysville.
I found a Margaret Isabella Spalding, daughter of Jack Spalding and Harriet Beaven Pottinger, born in 1842, and married in 1861 to Thomas H. Johnson.  She had descendants, but names were not listed. This was in a book found on Heritage Quest called "Origins of Clements - Spaldings and Allied Families of Maryland and Kentucky" by J. W. S. Clements, published by the author in 1928. 
This Margaret would fit the right age bracket to have had an autograph book as a teenager.  But I have no proof that it is the correct one. If you have any information about "Miss Maggie" or her extended family, I would appreciate knowing, and would be willing to send the book to them.  I know it isn't in my family line, but it's a mystery that I would like to solve. I hope someone can help me get this back to the correct family! Thank you, L. H. Murrell

Posted: 03/23/09

Surname: Booth

My Brick wall is.... Elihu Booth born in Connecticut 1814. He married America Hays and raised Six Children. Three got married, Gabriel Booth, Annie Booth Graham, James Booth Married had William (Henry) and Moved to Pike, Indiana (my Great Grandpa). One Of the Children stayed a Bachelor, George Booth.  I Just wanted to Know How and Why Did he find his way to Marion County, Kentucky. Well That is my Brick wall. Any help would be very appreciated, Debbie Booth

Posted: 03/02/09

Surname: Graves

I am looking for information on William Samuel Graves. He was born in what was Washington County in November of 1820. He later moved to Crittenden Co., and became a doctor. His parents stayed where they were, and that area became Marion County. His father died in 1844, per a biography I found. However, it did not list his name. It also said they moved from St. Mary’s Co., MD about 1794. There are several Graves who could be his parents; John, William, and George. I have tried to find wills for them, with no luck.  

I believe his parents to be George Noble Graves and Catherine Medley. They were both born in St. Mary’s Co., and moved with their parents when they were children. They were married in 1810, in Washington Co. George died in 1844, and she remarried, to Ralph Leak. They both died in MO.  They had several children, and one was named William. I know nothing about that William. I am hoping he is my William S. Graves.  George’s parents were John Graves and Sarah Catherine Noble.  They were Catholic, and I did find some Graves families at St. Charles Church, but not these men. Another researcher thinks his parents were John Graves and ?? Barnes. After trying to contact her for several years, I tried to check the sources she stated and could not verify any of them. A biography of one of Dr. Graves sons said his grandfather was William Graves, from St. Mary’s County, MD.  

As you can see, it is very confusing. I went to the library in Marion Co. a few years ago, and I was quite disappointed in the amount of genealogy info they had. This was before I knew you could go to the courthouse. I also checked microfilm records at the Archives in Frankfort. I only found a will for a Charles Graves, widow Eleanor, and he only had one son (not a William). I would appreciate ANY help, Diane B.

Posted: 02/28/09

Surname: Jeffries

I'm looking for information on Benjamin W Jeffries born Marion co, KY moved to Washington co, OH married there. Any help appreciated, Carole L Thomas

January 2009"

Posted: 01/12/09

Surname: Brady / Raley

I am looking for a death record/ obit and burial location for Joseph (Joe) Nathan "Nate" Brady born  1864 (< 8/9/1864) likely Marion county or possibly Washington. He (age 25) was married to Susie Belle Raley May 27 1889 (age 23) In Lebanon. According to family history he died when his only son Thomas Adrian was about 6 yrs old.  Thomas was born in Bradfordsville in March 1895. Nate does not appear on the 1900 census so he may have died between June of 1894 and the time of the census in 1900.

I will be traveling to Lebanon May 2009 and would be so grateful if anyone has information that might help us find out about his death and burial location.  My sister in law is his g-granddaughter.  Thanks, Tamara Ducey

Posted: 01/12/09

Surname: Spencer / Ray

I am looking for anything regarding Joseph Spencer 1801-1838 m Louisa Ray 1825  b 1806 d 1842. Any history of this time frame, anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Patty Ryker


December 2008"

Posted: 12/27/08

Surname: Ball / Ballard

I am trying to find information on James D. Ball who was married to Bethana Ballard.  He was born Dec. 16, 1818.  He was born in Ireland and lived in Marion County, Kentucky.  I am looking for any information I can find.  I am also interested in the Ballard and Mattingly families. Thank you, Lisa

Posted: 12/27/08

Surname: Gootee

Gootee Family Historian seeking info on the following families : Family of Gladys M Gootee and husband William F Buckler. Family of Joseph P Gootee and wife Mary J Nalley. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks... Bob Gootee


November 2008"

Posted: 11/25/08

Surname: Sapp

I am trying to find proof of who the parents of my gr gr gr grandfather, Nathaniel (or Nathan) Sapp were. He was born in 1822 or 23 In what later became Marion CO in the New Market area. When the tornadoe destroyed the churches in New Market, Nathan donated the land and help build the original Muldraugh Hill Church. He married Elizabeth Vessell. I believe his parents are probably Benjamin Sapp and Betsey Bird Sapp, but I cannot find proof of this, but I cannot place him in any other family either. My mother was Dixie Sapp, her father Howard Sapp, his father WT Sapp, his father Wm Perry Sapp who was Nathan's son. All were born and died and buried in what is now Marion CO, except my mother who is buried in Knox CO IN. Nathan and Elizabeth would be in the cemetery right across from the church, but the only family marker left there is William Perry Sapp.  Any help that anybody could give me would be so appreciated!! I hate brick walls!! Linda Mast

Posted: 11/11/08

Surname: Lee

I’m looking for the unknown spouse of Margaret Lee. Margaret is listed in the Marion County US Census of 1840 and 1850, but after that I have lost her. Her son, Theophilus Lee is my Great Grandfather. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jerry Lee Miller –

Posted: 11/11/08

Surname: McCarty

It has been a while since I have worked on my McCarty family line. A few questions still stick in my mind and pop up, maybe someone has ran across what I'm searching for since it's been a few years since I posted these questions...

Justin McCarty [bn. 1757]  raised a large family in Washington Co. and the area of Washington Co. that became Marion Co. He owned quite abit of land, sold some [I have documentation] and had 200 +/- acres that eventually was divided among his children when he died. His children married into the Milburn, Kinnett, Inman, Mercer, Jarboe, Thorp, Simpson, Hayse, Hinds[Hines], Hays, Nelson and Seamster families, I have documentation. I won't list grand-children's marriages, my concern is Justin's children and spouses.

Some of Justin's children, spouses, grandchildren and collateral family members are buried in what is called "the Old Hourigan Farm Cemetery". This is NOT the Hourigan Cemetery included with Haysville/ Beech Fork Cemetery at the Haysville Church. The Old Hurigan Farm Cemetery is supposedly on Beech Fork Road.

My thoughts are that this cemetery possibly is on land that Justin McCarty owned at one time, and that the Old Hourigan Cemetery is actually the McCarty Family Burying Grounds. This cemetery was documented by I believe a Mr. Sheppard years ago and noted there were possibly a hundred graves and was very over grown.

I suspect that Justin and his wife Mary and their children that I can't find burial places for are in this cemetery. My reason for thinking this is due to the burials that are documented as being in this cemetery that I know is Justin's family and the obituary and death certificate that I have of my Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandmother Theresa [Maiden name unknown] Thorp - McCarty - Harmon [Hammond?] - Devine, stating she was buried in the McCarty Family Burial Ground. The Old Hourigan Cemetery is the only cemetery I find that has "old" McCarty family burials in it.

My quest is finding just where this cemetery is and enough information to make my suspicions feasible that the Old Hourigan Cemetery "could" be my McCarty Families burial Grounds.   The land where this is located definitely is in proximity of Justin McCarty's original land, land of his heirs and some land that was sold off by his children, possibly sold by Justin's son Milburn, who sold his land about 1845 and moved to Daviess/Ohio Cos. Ky. Or by son Thomas Samuel & wife Mary Polly who sold one tenth of 121 acres on the waters of Beech Fork, to Jacob Frowman in 1830.

I can't find the burial places of:
1. Justin & wife Mary Graham
2. Mary Polly McCarty Milburn & husband David Milburn
3. William McCarty & wife Elizabeth Jarboe McCarty Myers
4. Joseph McCarty & wife #1 Miriah Mercer & wife #2 Theresa Thorp McCarty Devine [my line]
5. Thomas Samuel & wife Mary Polly Inman McCarty. [Some have Polly marrying Shadrick Inman 1828-9, this is NOT true, Polly and Thomas are still together after 1830]
6. Sarah McCarty Hays and husband Peyton Simpson
7. James McCarty and 2nd. wife Rachel Hinds [Hines]
8. Samuel H. McCarty and wife Sarah Seamster McCarty.
9. Jane McCarty Nelson and husband Stokey Nelson.

Justin's son Milburn & wife Catherine Kinnett McCarty are buried in Ohio Co. Ky. Justin's daughter, Sarah McCarty Hays and husband Harrison Hays are buried in Old Hourigan Cemetery noted above. James McCarty's 1st wife, Priscilla Hays McCarty is buried at Old Hourigan Cemetery noted above.

I'd also like to know what happened to Thomas Samuel & Polly Inman McCarty, as no other records can be found for them after 1830. Also what happened to Jane McCarty Nelson & Stokey Nelson. No records except marriage bond can be found for them.

Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated! Judy Bailey,

September 2008"



Posted: 09/20/08

Surname: Gootee

Recently I received several photos, posted to the Marion County Photo Album (pgs. 9, 10 & 11). All the photos were found in an envelope marked “Gootees” . Three of the pictures were marked with first names only, i.e. Ed, Richard and Henry but the remainder of the photos are not marked.  The nice lady I received the photos from is a member of the Sipes family who has a relationship with the Gootee and Thomas family of Marion Co, Ky. Any help identifying any of the individuals will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help, Bob Gootee

Posted: 09/20/08

Surname: Thomas / McLain

My brickwall for Marion County is the family of William Manson “Manse” Thomas and his wife Synthia Margaret “Ann” McLain. Three of the Thomas females married into the Gootee family and I’m trying to get the record straight as to names, dates etc. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I would like to correspond with any member of the families. Thanks, Bob Gootee

August 2008 

Posted: 08/20/08

Surname: Jarboe / Wathen

Looking to connect with anyone researching Jarboe and Wathen lineage in Marion Co. prior to 1900. I do have a Jarboe database and may be able to help someone out ever so aften. Best Regards, Randy Dunaven

Posted: 08/20/08

Surname: Carlile

The 1850 census shows my maternal great-grandparents John E. K. Carlile (1817-1879), and his wife, the former  Matilda Scott (1817-1900), living in Marion County, probably farming in the Bradfordsville area. Sometime shortly before the Civil War they moved to McDonough County, Illinois, following Matilda's brother Richard Jr., who had moved there earlier, and
I can account for the Carlile family after that. Before that, however, is only a guessing game.
According to the 1840 and 1850 Marion censuses, there were several Scott families living near the Carliles, including Matilda's father and mother, Richard Scott Sr. and the former Jane Smith, but the closest possible Carlile (or Carlisle) relatives lived in the Green/Taylor area.  If someone can help me nail down information on any of the earlier Carlile-Scott
ancestors, I'll gladly share what I have. Stan Slusher,


July 2008


Posted: 08/04/08

Surname: Turner

I am researching the Thomas Turner/Elizabeth Sapp line & have been having not much luck.  

I believe they were both born around 1849/1850 & had one son that I know of, William "Jack" Turner who was born in Lebanon Ky in 1885. I have had some help on the Sapp line, but the Turner's stopped with Thomas & I actually have no information on him. This is my husband's family & there are no relatives living to help us out. Any help from other researchers would really be appreciated! Marsha Turner,

Posted: 08/04/08

Surname: Burks

Charles Burks was my ancestor and in 1805 he obtained permission to dam up Hardin's Creek to build a grist Mill. Married to a girl named Sarah _____? they had 4 sons William the oldest, Richard b 20 Jan 1783, Charles, Jr, b. abt 1785 and Samuel b abt 1775, and two daughters Mary "Polly" b. abt 1782 and Sarah "Sallie" b. 1802. The son's Charles and Samuel established the commercial Distillery and Richard ran the Grist Mill. Our "Brick Wall" is to which Virginia Family did they belong? Any help would be very nice! Bill,

Posted: 07/28/08

Surname: Lee

The 1840 and 1850 US Census lists Margaret Lee with two children: Theophdus (m) and Mary M. (f). Theophdus is my g-gf and listed in 1880 US Census in Daviss Cty as father of my gf, Paul. M. Lee.I would like to know if anyone has information about Margaret's husband? Thank you, Jerry Lee Miller

Posted: 07/28/08

Surname: Greenwell / Ballard

My brick wall is my paternal Great-grandmother. Her name is Ann/Elizabeth/Mahala or Mahala/Ann/ Elizabeth Greenwell. She was born Feb. 28th, 1814 (Washington later Marion Co. Ky.) She married William R. Ballard in 1838. He was born abt. 1816 in (Nelson Co. Ky. ? ) I have a lot of info on William Ballard, but I cannot find out much at all on Mahala. I would like to know who her parents were & where they were born. Also where Mahala is buried. Thanks for any info that you can give me.   Doris

Posted: 07/24/08

Surname: Spalding

I would like to communicate with anyone having the  William Spalding line out of Woodford County Ky. Perhaps some of the Spaldings' in  Marion County are kin or know of the connection. Thanks, Viola

Posted: 07/24/08

Surname: Smith / Nalle

Looking for information on Presley Smith who married Nancy Kinchloe, their daughter Jane Smith married Richard Burks. Richard Burks and Jane's daughter Eliza Jane Burks married Henry Mason Van Cleave. We are also seeking information on the Nalle family who may have sold land to the early (1770 1780) Burks. Any help will be appreciated, Bill

Posted: 07/24/08

Surname: Cunningham

My 3rd great-grandfather Elias Cunningham applied for his Civil War pension in March 1892, December 1892, Jesse P. Cox wrote the letter as Elias could not write. Sept 1993 Elias signed power of Attorney over to John C. Wells attorney from Seymour, Indiana and in 1903 at the age of 67 he applied again for his pension while living in Gravel Switch, Kentucky in the county of Marion. In 1903 C.D. Issaacs and W. O. Kirkland from Gravel Switch attended as witnesses who had known Elias for 25 years. I have Elias in Ohio in the 1860 census but have not been able to find anything except his Military Pension records. Any Marion county records that I can be pointed to would be appreciated. Jim Cunningham

Posted: 07/23/08

Surname: McCarty

Although my line starts in Washington Co. Ky. when Washington Co. split to form Marion Co. Ky., my lines property ends up in Marion Co. Ky. My "Brickwall" is Justin McCarty's parents, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, where he came from, etc. JUSTIN McCARTY, bn. 1757 and died 1825 in Washington Co. Ky. Justin at age 35, marries Mary Graham in Fayette Co. Ky. 1792 at Walnut Hills Baptist Church. It is unclear if this is Justin's 1st marriage. Any help with this family would be very appreciated, Judy Bailey

Posted: 07/22/08

Surname: Mudd

I am searching for information on Alexius Mudd. The oldest direct line ancestor that I have verified primary source information in this line is his daughter, Mary Jane Mudd 1824-1880. Does anybody have any information with source (even secondary source) on who Alexius Mudd's mother was or a closer date as to when he died?? Any information at all sourced or not would be appreciated so I have clues to research. (Undocumented information from Internet) There are a number of other spellings including "Electious Mudd". Any help with this line would be great... thanks, Jackie Whedbee,

Posted: 07/21/08

Surname:  Bailey

I have been trying to find my gg-grandfather Morgan R. Bailey AKA Richard Morgan b. April 4th 1817 – d. April 1st 1905 mother father and siblings for years without any luck. He married my gg-grandmother Catherine Adams Bailey b. Bradfordville, KY. October 24th 1828 – d. December 3rd 1897, she is the daughter of Henry Adams and Sara Arthur.

I believe a son, James Bailey b. abt. 1842 and daughter Kesiah Jane Bailey b. abt. 1844 were born in Marion or Washington County as well.

The family ended up in Missouri about 1845 in (St James) Phelps Co where more children were born. They moved to (Black, Reynolds Co), Dent, (Thayer, Oregon Co), and (Eminence, Shannon County) where Morgan and Catherine died and are buried. (Munsell Cemetery) They had 13 children in all.

It is thought that Morgan’s father was from VA/Maryland and mother from South Carolina. I have many of Morgan and Catherine’s children and grandchildren but very little on their history… but then, that’s another state. Thanks, Carl Bailey

Posted: 07/21/08

Surname: Green

I am searching for information on the family of John F. Green, born abt. 1856 in KY. Shows up in Marion Co., Lebanon in 1880 census. Occupation was Printer. He married Mary Ann Nash, (born abt. 1858 in KY) on 15 May 1878, St. Rose Catholic Church. Married by J. O. O'Dyre. Witnessed by Horace C. Boone and Bridget at McCanliff (more likely Bridget McCauliff). Her Father was John Nash (1826-1883) and Mother was Catherine McAauliff (-1869). List of Children. Mary Ann's parents were John Nash and Catherine McAullif who both died in Louisville. When her sister Bridget McAulliff Nash Buckman died at age 36, bet Oct - Nov 1896 in Springfield, KY, Mary Ann's husband was made executor of Bridget's estate for a reason yet to be determined. Oddly enough in Bridget's will which was written and approved by a judge it stated that her assets were not to be used for her husbands debts. There are court records to be found at Frankfort (I have the dates to look) but I have not managed to get there due to living in Alaska.

My main interest is research on Mary Ann Nash's sister Bridget McAullife Nash who married Robert Anthony Buckman. However I have reached multiple brick walls on them and am trying to find some collateral information Any information anybody has on the Green family would be appreciated. ANYTHING AT ALL will help. Jackie Whedbee,

Posted: 07/21/08

Surname: Mills / Thompson

I am searching for the descendants of Absolom Mills and Catherine Thompson.  They were married in 1803 in Washington county.  Their son, Joshua, was my great great grandfather. Any help will be most welcome. Marie,

Posted: 07/21/08

Surname: Christian / Drane / Wathen

My earliest family was Thomas Christian on tax list 1800 Washington Co., Ky later Marion Co., Ky. Lebanon ,Ky Area.   I need contact with others researching the family of Christian-Drane and Wathen in this area of KY.  Thanks, Mary Christian,

Posted: 07/20/08

Surname: McElroy

I am looking for any info on the Helm/McElroy lines from Lebanon. Thanks for any help,  
Brian McElroy

Posted: 07/20/08

Surname: Withrow / Rinehart

William WITHROW, b. 3 May 1781 PA; d. 13 June 1866 Marion Co., KY; m. (probably second marriage) 5 Feb. 1822 Mercer Co., KY to Nancy Hannah HOPE, b. 4 Oct. 1795
Mercer Co., KY; d. 13 Dec. 1886 Marion Co., KY.  This was her second marriage, her first having been 23 Dec. 1812 to Thomas LITTLE. List of Children

William RINEHART, b. 16 Dec. 1789 PA; d. 19 Sept. 1860 Marion Co., KY; m(1) 2 Sept. 1813 Washington Co., KY to Sarah REED, b. 7 Aug. 1795 and d 12 July 1827; m(2) 10 Dec. 1827 Washington Co., KY to Sarah Elizabeth LAWRENCE, b. 3 Aug. 1800 Washington Co., KY; d. 30 Aug. 1862 Marion Co., KY. List of Children

The Withrows and Rineharts lived in the area of Washington Co. which became Marion Co. in 1834, thus the earlier designations. I'm very interested in corresponding concerning any of these people and their descendants. Thanks Cathie,

Posted: 07/20/08

Surname: Porter

My Brick Wall is finding the parents of Philip Porter b. 1754 no proof yet but believe he was born in Winchester, Frederick Co, VA. He and his wife, Nancy Ann Brent, daughter of Charles Brent and Ann Gunnell, were married in Frederick Co, VA and came to Taylorsville, KY about 1805. Philip was a Trustee in Taylorsville, KY. His son was Dr. Henry B. Porter, married Mary Burch.  They lived AT Holy Cross, KY. and his Son Guy Henry Porter I, and wife Mary Elizabeth Hutchins, have their names on the stained glassd window at Holy Cross. Guy Henry Porter I, son was James Henry Porter who m. Janie Clements and they lived at Calvary. My father Guy H. Porter m. Mary E. Young of Lebanon, KY.dau of Joseph Louis Young and Madia (Mulligan. Would love to hear from anyone who might be researching these same lines, Dottie (Porter) Himes,


Posted: 07/20/08

Surname: Scott / Morrow / Tuttle

I am looking for the surnames of SCOTTMORROW and TUTTLE. They were in Wayne Co. and probably came through Marion Co. on their way to IL and IA. 
Also surnames connected to these are: LEWIS and MURRY/MURRAY in my direct family lines. My Aunt lists Marion Co. as the birth area of John Cornelius Scott, son of  Shadrack Scott, whom was living in Cumberland  Co. KY from Pittsylvania Co., VA. John was born least according to what data family has. Any help with information on these surnames would be very appreciated. Thanks, Susi C. Pentico,



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