Palestine Baptist Church Records

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Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

Name Index

~ R ~

Race, Br. Called nov 1897; called Dec 1898
Race, W.A. Moderator Sep 1900; council Nov 1907
Ragan, Brother Agreed to preach for year for $19.50 Oct 1860
Ragan, Cinda Baptised Mar 5, 1860; granted letter Feb 1861
Ragan, W.L. Chosen minister for a year Feb 1872
Ragan, Wm. Called to preach Mar 1870; to see absent members Feb 1874; to make peace between thomas Bradford and sister E.K. Mains Oct 1874; called as pastor 1875
Ragan, Wm. L Congretation requested that he be ordained as their minister; messenger to ass'n July 1874
Ramey, A.E. Excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883
Ramsey, Amanda E. Added Oct 1870
Ramsey, Bell Dismissed by letter Jan 2, 1885
Rice, ___ Added Oct 1870
ice, An Excluded for joining reform church Aug 1895
Rice, Alonzo By letter Apr 1891; to raise money 1892; excluded for going to parties May 5, 1894
Rice, Hester A. Wife of John RIce; daughter of Jim Woods; Second husband was Geo Galloway; member 1879; excluded for joining reformers Aug 31, 1895
Rice, John Married Hester A., daughter of Jim Woods
Rice, John L. Joined 1871; dismissed by letter Aug 1872; to make seats for $40.00 Sept 1881; received by letter Feb 17, 1883; Committee to fence church yard July 1883; released from fence committee Nov 1884; committee to raise minister's salary Feb 1885; delegate to ass'n Aug 1885; deceased Nov 1, 1887
Rise, Labe Baptised July 1906; excluded for dancing Feb 1908
Rice, Mandy Granted lette Aug 1872
Rise, Martha Joined July 1906; excluded for dancing May 1908
Rice, Mary A. Joined Sept 1871; dismissed by letter; member 1879
Rice, Rachel A. Wife of Willie Rice; daughter of Labe Woods; joined July 1906
Rice, Sally Granted letter July 1889
Rice, Sary A. Baptised Sept 24, 1885; dismissed by letter July 1889
Rice, Willie Son of WM. RIce; married Rachel A., daughter of Labe Woods
Rigg, Aulbin Baptised July 1906; dismissed by letter Sept 1907
Rigg, C.C. By letter July 15, 1900; delegate to ass'n Sept 1900; finance committee Dec 1900; moderator Mar 1901; finance committee May 1901, Feb 1904, Dec 1905; to buy lumber Oct 1906; dismissed by letter June 1907
Rigg, S.L. Rec'd by letter Aug 20, 1899; dismissed by letter June 1907
Roach, Marguet Joined Aug 1876
Rose, George Joined 1870
Rose, Mattie Was loaned song books Oct 1907
Routt, James Joined 1870; messenger ass'n July 1871; absence inquired into Sep 1876; excluded Mar 1877
Routt, John Joined 1870; absence inquired into Sep 1876; restored Oct 1876; excluded May 1878
Routt, Lucy M. Joined Nov 1882; dismissed by letter Oct 11, 1884
Routt, Margaret Wife of Robert Routt; joined by letter Jan 29, 1860; granted letter Jan 1862
Routt, Mary Joined Jan 29, 1860; Joined by letter Apr 1871; wife of Nimrod Routt; dismissed by letter Nov 1887
Routt, Maty Granted letter
Routt, Miss Molly Joined Nov 1882; excluded for joining reformers church Nov 2, 1886
Routt, Nimrod Joined Jan 29 1860; on committee to wait on Brother Madded for an explanation of conduct; on committee to wait on John Bradford and Wm Madden May 1861; to get pastor Sept 1861; messenger to ass'n July 1871; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1884
Routt, Renny Joined Aug 4, 1876
Routt, Robert Built first church 1859; joined by letter Jan 29, 1860; on committee to wait on Bro. L. Fields Jan 1861; on committee to wait on John Bradford and WM. Madden May 1861; granted letter Jan 1862; to select place for ass'n July 1877
Rugles, Bellnapp Joined Sept 1871
Rugle, Harden Joined 1870; excluded for joining Christian church Oct 1871
Rugles, Mandy Letter granted Nov 1871
Rugles, Mary B. Granted letter Nov 1872
Rugle, Susan Added Oct 1870

~ S ~

Scott, George W. Received by letter June 1872
Scot, G.W. Granted letter Aug 1876
Scott, Sariah Ann Received by letter June 1872
Sellers, Henry Married May Courtney
Sellers, James Son of Henry Sellers; married ___ Courtney; baptised July 1906
Shaffer, Osker Joined Sept 22, 1889; excluded for swearing Oct 1891
Sharp, Birdie Daughter of WM. R> Sharp; married a son of Wm (Billie) Taylor; baptised 1905; dismissed by letter Apr 1915
Sharp, Elisha Joined 1905; finance committee Dec 1912
Sharp, Harvey Prayer and song Mar 1890
Sharp, Hugh Son of Wm. R.. Sharp; baptised 1905; to keep the church Jan 1907; finance committee Dec 1910, Nov 1911 & Aug 1914
Sharp, Pearl Daughter of Wm. R. Sharp; baptised July 1905; dismissed by letter Apr 1915
Sharp, Presh Wife of Wm. R. Sharp; by letter Oct 1906; dismissed by letter June 1915
Sharp, W.R. Received by letter Sept 1905; to ask board to meet with them Apr 1906; finance committee Jan 1907; treasurer Jan 1907; delegate to ass'n Aug 1907; to see Blant Hamilton Jan 1908; to call on Bro. Thornton Nov 1911; finance committee Nov 1911 & Aug 1914; dismissed by letter Apr 1915
Sharp, Wm. R. Wife Presh; delegate to ass'n Aug 1908 & Aug 1910
Shields, Jas. Paid for 1879 Jun 1880
Simson, Eva Joined July 1906; deceased 1908
Simpson, Gurney Received by letter May 1915
Simpson, James Received by letter May 1915
Simpson, Mrs. Mary By letter May 1915
Simpson, Riley Joined Sept 1871; excluded for joining Christian Church Oct 1872
Simpson, W. Joined Sept 1871
Simpson, Wm. Absence inquired into Sept 1876; excluded Oct 1876
Smith, Charley Joined not baptised Oct 1887
Smith, Liza Excluded for joining the reformers Nov 1887
Smith, Nany Aug 8, ___
Smith, Thomas B. Excluded for dancing Oct 8, 1886
Smith, Wm. Excluded Apr 1878
Stanley, Robert Joined Sept 1871; elected clerk June 1872
Steward, David Joined Aug 11, 1876; excluded Apr 1878; requested letter to take to Mt. Vernon Apr 1892
Steward, Lucy Baptised June 13, 1886; excluded for joining the Reformers Nov 1887
Stuart, Br. W.H. Preached Nov 6, 1859

~ T ~

Taylor, Mosey Excluded for non-attendane Oct 1883; restored Aug 18, 1900; dismissed by letter Aug 18, 1900
Thackston, Mrs. Beatrice By letter May 1915
Thomas, Mary B. Added Oct 1870; dismissed by letter
Thompson, Bessie L. Wife of Charles Thompson; daughter of Willis Mains & ___ Woods; member 1912
Thompson, Char. Son of Willie Thompson & Bellie L., daughter of Willis Mains
Traylor, Willie Baptised Aug 1915; excluded for joining another church Sept 1915

~ V ~

Vanhook, Frank Joined May 8, 1886; excluded for non-attendnace Mar 4, 1893
Vanhook, Kate By letter May 8, 1886; dismissed by letter Feb 1891
Vanhook, Martin Under watch care of church Aug 1876; difficulty with N.D.C. Mains 1878; excluded for joining reformers church Dec 1879
Vanhook, Melvinia Excluded for joining reform church Dec 1879
Vickroy, Jean Joined Sept 1907; excluded for breaking church rules July 1811
Vickroy, Mary Married Nick Martin, 2nd wife
Vickroy, Mollie Baptised 1907; excluded for disobeying church rules 1911
Vicroy, Nora Foegiven for dancing Dec 1887; deceased June 1891
Vickroy, Samantha Excluded June 1911
Vinson, ____ Joined 1870; dismissed by letter
Vincent, Bro. ____ Granted letter Feb 1871
Vincent, L. Called for Nov 1915; called for 1916

~ W ~

Ware, E.O. Preached May 1884
Watson, Newt In fight at Samuel H. Mains'
Whitager, Ema K. Baptised July 1906; expelled for non-attendance Oct 1913
Wilson, Henry Married daughter of Dan Cail; joined July 1906
Wilson, Maggie Member 1912
Wilson, Mary B. Marked "dec'd" on roll
Wilson, Rosa Baptised July 1906; dismissed by letter Jan 1909
Willis, J.Y By letter Aug 1883; deceased Apr 29, 1884
Witt, George Joined July 1875
Woods, Annie Daughter of John Mais; member 1879; excluded 1894; retored Sept 1903; finance committee Dec 1906, Dec 1912 & Aug 1914; delegate to ass'n Aug 1914; housekeeper for year Feb 1915
Woods, Bell Joined Sept 1871
Woods, Buck Married Angie Mains (?)
Woods, Elery Joined Nov 1896
Woods, Elsie Daughter of Brock Woods; married Bee Blades; baptised Jan 8, 1891
Woods, Fannie Restored May 1907; dismissed by letter May 1907
Woods, Ishmal Received by baptism Nov 6, 1882; committee to raise minister's salary Feb 1885; excluded for non-attendance Oct 11, 1886
Woods, J.B. Joined Aug 16, 1876; appointed treasurer Feb 1881; order recinded June 1881; absent member Oct 1882; joined Nov 1882; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1886; restored July 1905; finance committee Dec 1906; gave money July 1907; treasurer for 1908 Dec 1907;he bought for church paid for coal he bought for church May 1908; housekeeper Dec 1908 for 1909; to raise Bro. Mangold's salary Dec 1909; housekeeper and treasurer for 1910; delegate to ass'n Aug 1910; finance committee Dec 1910; to keep house for 1911; delegate to ass'n Aug 1911; deceased Dec 1911
Wood, James Built first church 1859; joned Dec 1864; contributed 10₵ for minits July 1866; committee to see Bro. Bell Feb 1876; refused letter Apr 1876; voted for change in church time Apr 1876; refused letter Apr 1876; to select place for ass'n July 1877; on entertainment commitee for ass'n Aug 1877; to get seats and paint church Sept 1878; paid M.M. Arnold Dec 1879; delegate to ass'n Aug 1879; to raise money for Bro Arnold Feb 1879; delegate to ass'n Aug 1885; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1886
Woods, Josie Baptised Oct 18, 1887; excluded May 5, 1894 for having play party; restored Oct 5, 1895; dismissed by letter Oct 5, 1895
Woods, Labe (Laban) Married Martha J. Hamilton; son of James Woods; joined Dec 1864; charged with dancing Feb 1869; excluded for dancing 1870; excluded Jan 1874; committee to get seats for church Dec 1879; delegate to ass'n Aug 1880; present Mar 1880; delegate to ass'n Aug 1881 & Aug 1882; forgivien for swearing Aug 1882; committee to investigate absences Oct 1882; appointed Deacon Dec 1882; delegate to ass'n Aug 1883; committee to fence church yard July 1883; to raise preacher's salary Nov 1883; to raise minister's salary Feb 1885; delegate to ass'n Aug 1885; absence committee Sept 1885; delegate to ass'n Aug 1886, Aug 1887, AUg 1888, Aug 1893; excluded for non attendance Apr 6, 1895;
Wood, Mack Received by baptism Nov 6, 1882; alternate to ass'n Aug 1888; forgiven May 1894; dismissed by letter Jan 2, 1897
Wood, Mrs. Molly Joined Oct 30, 1882; committee to raise minister's salary Nov 1889; forgiven for having a play party June 1894
woods, Mollie E. Member 1879; dismissed by letter Jan 2, 1907
Woods, Martha J. Wife of Labe Woods; nee Hamilton; member 1879; restored Jan 1903; baptised July 1906; excludeed Oct 1913
Woods, Nancy J Joined Dec 1864; daughter of James Woods
Wood, R. Joined Dec 27, 1859; baptised Mar 5, 1860
Wood, Ritchard On committee to wait on Brother Madded Dec 1860
Woods, Rachel A. Joined Dec 1864; excluded for going to parties May 5, 1890
Woods, Rachel Frances Joined Nov 1895
Woods, Raichel N. Member 1879
Woods, Sarah Member 1879
Wood, Mrs. Sarah Joined Oct 31, 1882
Wood, Susan Joined Nov 6, 1859; granted letter Apr 1863
Wright, C.C. Baptised Nov 15, 1885; delegate to ass'n Aug 1886; elected treasurer Jan 1888; excluded for non-attendance Jan 1889; restored Feb 1889
Wright, Moley Member 1897; restored Nov 1897
Wright, Melie Dec'd Dec 1905
Wyatt, J.W. Married Mary Simpson
Wyatt, Mary Wife of J.W. Wyatt; nee Simpson; joined July 1906
Wyatt, Willie Joined Sept 23, 1889; excluded for going to parties Mar 4, 1893; excluded May 1894
Whatt, Wily Forgiven for dancing and drinking Sept 1892

~ Y ~

Yelton, Charley Sept 1907; excluded for having a dance Feb 1908
Yelton, Lisa 1907; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1913



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