Palestine Baptist Church Records

Full Name Index


Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

Name Index

~ A ~

Adams, Annie Gillispie mem 1912
Adams, Dempsey Son of Jim Adams and 1st wife; m. Annie dau of Sherman and Nannie M. Gillespie; bapt. Sept. 1911
Adams, James Mem 1907; m. Melissa McDowell 2nd wife; fathr of Dempsey
Adams, Malissie G. Mem 1907; mem 1912
Angel, Magie Restored Nov. 1891
Angel, Wm. Joined Nov. 1891; excl. Jan 5, 1895 for non-attendance; granted letter June 1895
Arnold, M.M. Called for year 1880 Nov. 1879; called as pastor 1879 Feb.; moderator Oct. 1876
Atwell, Catharine Added Oct 1870; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883
Atwell, Eliza Excluded for joining Reformers Jan 1883
Atwell, Elizabeth Added Oct 1870; excluded for joining Reformers
Attwell, Ida Mem Oct 11, 1885; restoredd Nov 1886
Atwell, Meranda Added Oct 1870
Aulick, Henry O. Assisted with meeting Aug 1891
Aulick, Pearl Wife of Walker Aulick; daughter of J.W. Wyatt; mem 1907; mem 1912
Aulick, Walker Married Pearl, daughter of J.W. Wyatt

~ B ~

Bagby, C.J. Called Mar. 1901
Bagby, J. C. Called Jan 1902
Baker, Wm. T. Built first shurch 1859; half-brother of Jos. H. Madden
Bailey, _____ Mem 1879
Bailey, George Excluded for non-attendence Mar 4, 1893
Barns, Telitha Baptized May 10, 1886
Barbee, Joseph Preaching Apr 1873
Barbee, J.R. Joined Aug 5, 1876; preached Sept 1877; preached Nov 1877; Called for 1887
Bell, H. Charter Member 1859; to continue as minister Sept 1867
Bell, Henry Reelected pastor Jan 1865; preaching Dec 1865
Bennet, George W. Joined 1870
Bent, George Name in old not new church book at tie of revision Mar 1883
Bilerter, S. Called Feb 1895
Bishop, Ade Married Bill Boles
Bishop, Harriet Restored and granted letter Jun 1910
Bishop, Harvey Granted letter July 1884
Bishop, Jas. Harvey Joined by letter Oct 1879; dismissed by letter July 2, 1884
Bishop, Losson Joined 1870; excluded Apr 1874; dismissed by letter
Bishop, Sarah Added Oct. 1870
Blades, Alvin Son of Oscar Blades
Blades, Bro _____ Confessed intoxication, forgiven Jan 1869
Blades, Bee Son of Oscar Blades; married Elsie, daughter of Buck Woods.
Blades, Durf Sob of Oscar Blades
Blades, Elsie Wife of Bee Blades; daughter of Buck Woods; restored Aug 18, 1900; com. on houskeeping an 1909; to raise Bro. Mangold's salary Dec 1909; finance comm. Dec. 1910; to act as treasurer, Jan 1912; dismissed by letter Aug 1914
Blades, Hesther A. Joined Nov. 1855; companion of Josiah Blades
Blades, Joseph To be waited on Oct 1876; forgiven for neglect of duty Jan 1880; dismissed by letter July 6, 1881; rec'd under watch care Dec 1903; comm. to raise money to keep ch. Sept 1904; granted letter Aug 1906
Blades, Josiah Joined nov. 1866
Blades, Nannie Mat. Daughter of Bee Blades; member 1907
Blum, Dove Baptised Aug 1903; excluded Oct 1913 for non-attenndance
Boles, Bennie Baptized July 1906; excluded Oct 1913 for non-attendance; son of Bill Boles
Boles, Bill Married Ade Bishop; had barber shop in Falmouth
Boles, Walter Baptized Apr 1908; escluded for joining another church Jan 1910
Boston, Mary L. Baptized Mar 5, 1860 by A.W. Mullins; excluded for dancing
Boswell, Mary Joined Sept 1868
Bradford, America Baptized Mar 5, 1860
Bradford, Harriet Member 1879; member 1897; deceased Jan 1911
Bradford, John Complaint May 1861; excluded June 1861; forgiven for swearing Aug 1871; granted letter May 1874; letter accepted June 15, 1878; absent member Oct 1882; excluded for non-attendence Oct 111, 1884
Bradford, L. Forgiven Sept Sept 1867
Bradlford, L. J. Joined by letter July 1864; messenger to ass'n July 1868; messenger to ass'n July 1870; to raise money for a new church Aug 1874; absent member Oct 1882; granted letter Aug 1883; to wait on Bro. Gilderoy Maines
Bradford, Laban J. Charter member Nov 4, 1859; summoned to an acknowledgement June 1863; forgiven for his offense Sept 1863; granted letter Feb 1864; comm. to settle difficulty between Bro. Mcarty and sister Saley Maden 1865; treasurer Nov 1865; housekeeper for one year Mar 1866; contributed 10₵ for minits July 1866; app to building comm. June 1868; to collect unpaid subscriptions June 1872; messenger to ass'n July 1872; messenter to ass'n July 1873; to see absent members Feb 1874; dismissed by letter Aug 18, 1883
Bradford, Loney Joined Aug 9, 1876; given one dallar by the ch. Dec. 1877
Bradford, Nancy Added Oct. 1870; dismissed by letter Mar 17, 1883; rec'd by letter Aug 1884; dismissed by letter Mar 1889
Bradford, Nelson Called for pastor Feb 1912; called for 1913 Nov. 1912
Bradford, Robert Joined 1870; expelled Aug 1871 for swearing; excluded Oct 1872
Bradford, Salley A. Granted letter Feb 1864; wife of Laban J. Bradford
Bradford, Sarah A. Charter member Nov 4, 1859; summoned to testify about Nimrod Routt May 1863; dismissed by letter Aug 1883
Bradford, Thomas Joined Nov 1870; to collect money to keep house Mar 1873; messenger to ass'n July 1873; to raise money for pastor Nov 1873; to see absent me,bers Feb 1874; called for a letter Apr 187; difficulty with sister E.K. Mains Oct 1874; restored July 1875; forgiven Aug 1876; delegate to ass'n Aug 1877; to keep church a year for $8.00 Jan 1878; on comm to make peace between N.D.C Mains and Martin Vanhook Jan 1878; delegate to ass'n Aug 1878; to get pastor Jan 1879; returned letter Mar 1879; to raise money for Sunday school June 1879; delegate to ass'n Aug 1879; granted letter 1879; joined by letter Aug 1881; delegate to ass'n Aug 1881; absent member Oct 1882; granted letter Mar 1883; rec'd back by letter Aug 1884; delegate to ass'n Aug 1884; to be waited on by comm. Jan 1886; forgiven for non-att Apr 1886; forgiven for swearing Feb 1887; dismissed by letter Oct 1879; restored by letter Aug 1887; dismissed by letter Mar 1889
Brewsaw, A.E. On revised list
Brewsaw, J.F. On revised list
Brewsaugh, John F. By letter Jan 9, 1886
Brown, Mrs. Joined Nov 1911
Brown, Alice Joined Nov 1812; delegate to ass'n Aug 1915; housekeeper Feb 1913
Brown, Ben Joined Aug 9, 1876; to wait on John Routt Sept 1876
Brwon, C.B. Excluded May 11878
Brown, Nancy J. Member 1 812; came from Petty Creek
Browning, E.J. Voted against change in church time Apr 1876; member 1879
Browning, Frank Son of Jeff and Polly Merrill Browning; married Myrtle, daughter of Sherman and Nannie M. Gillespie
Browning, Geo. Married Nannie daughter of Wordy Cummins
Browning, J. On revised list
Browning, James A. Son of Riley; married Lizzie Jare Courtney; member 1879; member 1897; granted letter Nov 1894; by letter 1906; to fix church Aug 1906; gave money July 1907; delegate to ass'n Aug 1914
Browning, James Joined 1870; absent member Sept 1885; forgiven Oct 1885; at all day meeting May 30, 1915 at church 50 yr ago also
Browning, Jeff Married Polly Merrill
Browning, Lira Paid M.M. Arnold by N.D.C. Maines Dec 1879
Browning, Lisejane Member 1897; deceased May 1906
Browning, Myrtle Married Frank, son of Jeff and Polly Merrill Browning; daughter of Sherman Gillespie; member 1912

~ C ~

Cane, Mrs. Francis Excluded for joining Reformers Dec 12, 1885
Cane, Mary Bell Joined Nov 18, 1883; excluded for joining Reformers Aug 8, 1885
Carmody, Steve In fight at Samuel H. Mains
Casey, Larra Added Oct 1870
Clasby, Sherman Baptized Oct 19, 1886
Clayton, Joseph Invited to meeting Nov 1880
Clem, James R. Excluded Aug 1885 for joining Reformers
Clem, Margret Joined Nov 18, 1883; excluded Aug 8, 1885 for joining Reformers
Colier, Sarah F. By letter 1905; member 1912
Collier, Walter Married Sarah F. Daughter of James A. Browning
Cookendoffer, Sally Joined by letter Aug 13, 1887; dismissed by letter May 1890
Courtney Excluded for dancing Oct 1886
Courtney, A.E. Member 1879
Courtney, A.L. (Sister) Joined by letter Oct 1876
Courtney, Aney Sunday School committee Sept 1883
Courtney, Annaliza A. Under watch care Aug 1876
Courtney, Bety Deceased Aug 3, 1885
Courtney, Billie Brother of Henry; daughter Lizzie married J.A. Browning
Courtney, Cap Wife of Frank Courtney; daughter of N.D.C. Mains; excluded Dec 3, 1893 for joining Methodists; restored July 1903; excluded Oct 1913 for non-attendance
Courtney, Eliza A. Excluded for joining Reformers Dec 12, 1885
Courtney, Ella A. Excluded for dancing Oct 9 1886
Courtney, Frank Son of Henry Courtney; married Cap; daughter of N.D. C. Mains; received by baptism Sept 24, 1885; excluded for going to party and having one at his house Jan 5, 1897
Courtney, Henry Built first church 1859
Courtney, Ica Lee Baptized 1906; excluded Oct 1913 for non-attendance; daughter of Frank Courtney and Cap Mains
Courtney, J. T. Member 1879; deceased Feb 13, 1890
Courtney, Lizzie Jare Daughter of Billie Courtney; married J.A. Browning
Courtney, Mary Received by letter 1908; deceased Aug 18, 1908; married Harry Sellers
Courtney, Sarrah Under watch care Aug 1876; joined by letter Oct 1876; committee to see absent members May 1878; member 1879; monety to M.M. Arnold 1879; orphants home committee Sept 1883; deceased Mar 5, 1895
Courtney, Thomas Joined July 1875; to raise preacher's salary Nov 1883
Craychraft, Margret Excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883
Crofford, John In fight at Samuel H. Mains
Cumins, J. Forgiven 1886
Cumins, James H. Joined 1870; excluded for joining Reformers 1870; excluded Nov 1883
Cummins, John Joined July 1860; asked to fill his seat May 1863; absent ember Sept 1885; restored Sept. 16, 1899
Cummans, Lewisy Wife of John Cummans; joined July 1860; deceased Dec 17, 1862
Cummins, Melvina Joined Dec 1864
Cummins, Nannie Joined July 1906; member 1912
Cummins, Verna Baptized Jully 1906; excluded for joining another church Jan 1910
Cummins, Vergil Baptized July 1906; excluded for joining another church Oct 1907
Cummins, Sarah Joined Aug 16, 1876; deceased Mar 9, 1883
Cushman, Morris joined 1870

~ D ~

Dawson, Mrs. Joined Aug 1876
Dawson, Elen Excluded Nov 1887; joined Methodist church
Dawson, L.O. Requested letter for David Stewart Apr 1892
Dawson, Wm. Committee to see Nicholas Hamilton Mar 1877; delegate to ass'n Aug 1877; on entertainment committee during ass'n Aug 1877; to get seats and paint church Sept 1878; delegate to ass'n Aug 1880; delegate to ass'n Aug 1881; absent member Oct 1882; excluded for non-attendance Dec 1882
Day, Margret Erased for non-attendance
Day, Mary A. Excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883
Day, Lewis Joined 1871; excluded for dancing and swearing Feb 1873
Doniny, Hickman Called Mar 1894
Dogget, Mrs. Faney Baptized Sept 24, 1885; restored; excluded for non-attnedance Oct 1883; to raise preacher's back pay Feb 1892
Doggett, Mary F. Wife of Ben Doggett; member 1897; member 1912
Dolpher, Michael By baptism Dec 13, 1885

~ E ~

Ekler, Brother W.T. Called as pastor for 1881 Dec 1880; revival Sept 16-25 1882
Elliott, Dud Son of Joe Elliott
Elliott, Fred Son of Joe Elliott; baptized Aug 1915
Elliott, Job Son of Joe Elliott; joined July 1915; to raise money for housekeeper Feb 1916
Elliott, Lucy Under watch care Sept 1911; member 1912
Elliott, Marie Baptized Aug 1915
Elliott, Roy Son of Joe Elliott; baptized Aug 1916
Ellis, Brack Baptized Aug 20, 1899; excluded for disorderly conduct Feb 17, 1900
Elrod, Robert Preached June 1860

~ F ~

Fields, Artemisa Joined June 1860
Fields, Bill Baptized July 1906; excluded for joining another chruch Aug 1907
Fields, Cliff Baptized July 1906
Fields, Cornealy Dismissed by letter; deceased Mar 6, 1883
Fields, Fannie Joined 1905; excluded for joining another church 1910
Fields, Harry Committee to make peace between N.D. C. Mains and Martin Vanhook Jan 1878
Fields, Harvy joined Nov 1868; committee to get money for Sunday School June 1879; committee to build fence around church Apr 1880; delegate to ass'n Aug 1880; dismissed by letter Aug 1882; granted letter Aug 1883
Fields, Jessie Baptized July 1906; excluded for joining another church Sept 1907
Fields, John T. Married Priscilla, daughter of Charles Hamilton
Fields, Lewis Excluded for profanity and drunkeness Feb 1861
Fields, Lige Married Squire Hall's daughter; forgiven for drunkeness Jan 1913; baptized 1906; excluded Aug 1913 for joining another church
Fields, Lona Excluded for joining another church, Jan 1910
Fields, Margret Joined Aug 8, 1876
Fields, Nancy

Daughter of Elijah Fields; married Tom King an Union soldier

Fields, Priscilla Wife of John Fields; daughter of Charles Hamilton; joined Aug 1904; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883
Fishback, Elliott To raise money by subscription Mar 1873; to wait on James Routt; joined Aug 9, 1876; delegate to ass'n Aug 1876; moderator Aug 1877; delegate to ass'n Aug 1877; to select place for ass'n July 1877; treasurer Feb 1877; moderator Feb 1878; delegate to ass'n Aug 1878; paid M.M. Arnold 1879; present Mar 2, 1880; delegate to ass'n Aug 1880 & 1881; deceased Mar 4, 1882
Fishback, Margret Member 1879; paid M.M. Arnold Nov 1879; on committee to raise money for seats Nov 1880; Orphants home committee Sept 1883
Fishback, Robert Prayer Jan 1891
Fogle, ____ Joined Sept 1871
Frailix, Rhodey Excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883
Frailix, T.B. Joined nov 15, 1885; excluded for non-attendance Mar 1893
Frireburg, Charley Joined Sept 1871
Friar, Mary Joined Sept 1871
Fryer, Ritchard Joined 1890; dismissed by letter

~ G ~

Galloway, Alice Excluded for joining Methodist church Nov 1887
Galloway, Geo. 2nd husband of Hester A. Woods Rice, daughter of Jim Woods; received by letter Mar 1911; granted letter July 1912
Galloway, Hester A. Rice Deceased
Galaway, Lizese Member 1897; granted letter June 1910
Giford, Margret A. Excluded for non-attendance Oxt 1883
Giford, Wm. E. By baptism Sept 24, 1885; excluded for swearing Feb 15, 1887
Golasby, _____ Granted letter Nov 1870
Gillespie, Annie Daughter of Sherman and Nannie M. Gillespie; married Dempsey Adams; baptized July 1905
Gillespie, Bennie Son of Sherman Gillespie; baptized Sept 1911
Golasby, Sassam Joined 1870; dismissed by letter
Gillispie, Mamie Finance committee Dec 1912
Gillespie Myrtle Daughter of Sherman and Nannie M. Gillespie; married Frank Browning
Gillespie, Nannie M. Wife of Sherman Gillespie; sister to Peg Leg Smith; member 1897; finance committee Dec 1905; finance committee Nov 1911; member 1912
Gilispie, Rosa M. Baptized Sept 1903
Gillispie, Sherman To raise money for Orphans Oct 1912; to raise money for house keeper Feb 1915
Glasby, W.S. Member 1897; delegate to ass'n Aug 1916; granted letter Aug 1916
Gooch, J.A. Called for 1893
Grove, Bell

Name in old not in new church book at time of revision Mar 1883; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883

~ H ~

Hall, Barney Father of Tom Hall; married ____ Turner (see Jim Turner); baptized 1911; finance committee Nov 1911; to secure pastor Jan 1912
Hall, James Received 1 vote for minister Nov 1882
Hall, Tom Son of Barney Hall; killed a man at Berlin
Hamilton, Annie Joined Mar 1908
Hamilton, Blant Baptized July 1906; excluded for getting drunk Feb 1908
Hamilton, C. Forgiven for non-attendance Feb 1895
Hamilton, Charley Recieved for baptism Nov 9, 1887; exlued for drunkeness Oct 1908
Hamilton, Cordealia Charter member Nov 4, 1859; on committee to wait on John Bradford and Wm. Madden May 1861; to wait on sister King; to be waited on by committee Feb 1864; committee to wait on Bro. Gilderoy Mains Feb 1866; to make peace between Thomas Bradford and sister E.E> Mains Oct 1874; voted for change in church time Apr 1876
Hamilton, Edward Joined Nov 1868; charged with dancing and swearing Dec 1868; restored and granted letter Sept 1870; joined Aug 9, 1876; dismissed by letter Sept 1881; excluded for non-attendance Aug 1882
Hamilton, Faney Granted letter June 1897
Hamilton, Feday A. Nov 9, 1884
Hamilton, Isham T. Joined Dec 1874; dismissed for profanity
Hamilton, J. Messenger to ass'n July 1870; delegate to ass'n Aug 1896
Hamilton, J.T. Asked to answer charges June 1867; forgiven for dancing June 1867; charged with swearing Oct 1867; expelled April 1868
Hamilton, Jaley Member
Hamilton, James On ommittee to wait on sister Kong; committee to wait on Joel Hamilton and Gilderoy Mains Dec 1866; to see J.T. Hamilton Dec 1867; moderator May 1875
Hamilton, James B. Charter member Nov 4, 1859; contributed 10₵ for minits July 1866; messenger to ass'n July 1868; committee to ask help of other churches Apr 1868; deceased Otober 31, 1877
Hamilton, Joel Under watch care of church Feb 1862; joined by letter Mar 1864; to be waited on Dec 1866; forgiven Jan 1867; forgiven Sept 1867; to wait on sister King Apr 1868; committee to keep saloons and huxters away from church during ass'n July 1868; forgiven Feb 1870; to keep church 4 mo. Apr 1870; excluded for non-attendance July 21, 1883
Hamilton, Joe Difficulty with Levy Mains Aug 1872
Hamilton, John Joined May 1891; forgiven for non-attendance Feb 1895; to raise preacher's salary Mar 1895; elected trustee June 1895; committee to get minister Dec 1896; delegate to ass'n July 1897; committee to get preacher Nov 1897; committee to raise money for minister Jan 1898; delegate to ass'n Sept 1900; finance committee 1901; elected deacon Jan 1903; finance committee Feb 1904; delegate to ass'n Aug 1904; housekeeper Sept 1904; finance committee Nov 1904; to see minister Oct 1905; to ask ass'n for help Jan 1906; to ask board to meet with them Apr 1906; delegate to ass'n Aug 1906; to fix church Aug 1906; to buy lumber Oct 1906; delegate to ass'n Aug 1907; council Nov 1907; to see Blant Hamilton Jan 1908; delegate to ass'n Aug 1908; finane committee Jan 1909; delegate to ass'n Aug 1910; deceased Oct 8, 1912
Hamilton, Joseph "Black Joe"; Watch care 1907; came from North Fork about Milford; was a politician
Hamilton, Lewis Son of Charles Hamilton; in fight at Samuel H. Mains; joined Aug 11, 1876; forgiven 1876; delegate to ass'n Aug 1876; excluded Apr 1878; restored Dec 16, 1890; excluded May 5, 1894 for having parties; forgiven for drunkeness Oct 1891; forgiven for dancing Aug 1892; to keep house jointly with others Sept 1892; forgiven for swearin gNov 1892; xcluded May 1894
Hamilton, M.M. Restored, forgiven for dancing Oct 1886; excluded for joining another church Feb 1904
Hamilton, Mach By baptism Nov 9, 1884; absence committee Sept 1885; forgiven Feb 1886; excluded for joining Reform church; restored Nov 18, 1896; delegate to ass'n July 1897
Hamilton, McK. A. Committee to raise minister's salary Feb 1885
Hamilton, Martha Forgiven for dancing Jan 1867; Dec 12, 1885
Hamilton, Martha G. Baptized Apr 1864; restored 1868; on committee to see Edward Hamilton Dec 1868; forgiven Feb 1870; to wait on sister King June 1870
Hamilton, Martha J. Joined Nov 1868; excluded; restored
Hamilton, Mary E. Baptized Dec 29, 1864; dismissed by letter
Hamilton, Matilda A. Nov 15, 1885; excluded for ancing Oxt 8, 1886
Hamilton, N.D.C. Charged with non-attendance Mar 3, 1882
Hamilton, Nannie Wife of John Hamilton; joined May 1891; to raise money Sept 1903; finance committee Nov 1904 & 1905; to raise money for house keeper Dec 1907; finance committee Jan 1909
Hamilton, Nick Son of Charles Hamilton; charged with profanity Mar 1877; forgiven Apr 1877; excluded Apr 1878; excluded for dancing Aug 1892
Hamilton, Otis Baptized Aug 1907; deceased May 1909
Hamilton, Priscilla Daughter of Charles Hamilton; married John T. Fields; joined Aug 1876; exluded Apr 1878
Hamilton, S.F. Member 1879
Hamilton, Salley Joined by letter Mar 1864
Hamilton, Sarah T. Wife of Joel Hamilton; under watch care of church Feb 1862; excluded for non-attendance Oct 1883; restored Sat 1887; deceased Dec 2, 1889
Hamilton, Susan F. Dismissed by letter June 5, 1897
Hamilton, T.N. Joined Aug 11 __; delegate to ass'n Aug 1876; restored Nov 2nd Sat 1887; excluded Aug 6, 1892 for dancing
Hamilton, Til (Matilda) Cause of fight at Samuel N. Mains'; excluded for dancing Oct 1886
Hamilton, Tom Excluded for having parties May 5, 1894
Hamilton, W.E. Restored and granted letter May 18, 1901
Hamilton, William Joined Nov 1868; forgiven for dancing Dec 1868; to report on Edward Hamilton Jan 1869; excluded for swearing and dancing Feb 1869; granted letter Nov 1870; restored Nov 2nd Sat, 1887; excluded for non-attendance Mar 4, 1893
Hampton, Mr. William Aug 1876; delegate to ass'n Aug 1876; excluded for joining Methodist church Apr 1880
Harberer, Janie Baptized Aug 1915
Hardin, Ellen Baptized Sept 24, 1885
Hardin, Ema By baptism
Hardin, Harret Baptized Sept 24, 1885
Hardin, J.O. Excluded Nov 1887 joined Methodists; restored Sept 1903; dismissed by letter Jan 1908
Hardin, James Excluded for non-attendance Feb 4, 1893
Hardin, James W. Rec'd by baptism; member 1879
Hardin, John Excluded for drunkeness and larceny Feb 1887; restored Apr 1887; excluded for joining Methodist churh 1887
Hardin, N.J. On revised list
Harden, Nancy G. Member 1897; deceased July 1905
Hardin, Nancy J. Baptized Sept 24, 1885
Hargett, Joe In fight at Samuel H. Mains'
Harp, Emma Granted letter Mar 1913
Hedge, Mary Joined May 1891; dismissed by letter Aug 5, ___; granted letter Nov 1893; received by letter Aug 1895
Hessler, Elisa Baptized May 13, 1894
Hill, Carlina Joined Aug 1876
Hill, Eliza J. Joined Oct 1876
Homes, J.C. To be ordained as minister June 1886



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